GAPS Snacks

by Ann Marie Michaels on September 4, 2008

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Date Coconut Rolls

We’re getting ready to get back to GAPS. I found these Date Coconut Rolls at the health food store. They’re really good! A sweet healthy treat that is totally GAPS legal.

I think these would be easy to make. All you have to do is put some dates in a food processor, process them into a paste, add some shredded coconut (make sure there is no sugar or other additives), then roll into balls or rolls — and finish with an almond.

Homemade Bison Jerky

Another great GAPS snack is beef jerky.

I made this bison jerky from grass-fed bison — I used the bottom round cut. Kathy Lindner of Lindner Bison was happy to sell it to me. She says it’s a perfect cut for jerky — and it’s something she doesn’t really know what to do with. So I think you can usually get the bottom round cut cheaper.

I marinated it in raw honey, naturally fermented soy sauce, and jalapeno pepper sauce (just jalapenos, water, and vinegar). I know, the soy is not GAPS legal. I think you could just use sea salt instead and it would still taste good. If anyone has any suggestions for GAPS-friendly jerky marinades, let me know.

Here’s a recipe for beef jerky with detailed instructions that I  posted a while back.

Seth and I both love having jerky around — a few bites really nourishes and keeps you going.

Crispy Nuts

“Crispy nuts”, from Nourishing Traditionsis another great nutritious snack. It is important to soak raw nuts in order to remove the enzyme inhibitors.

Making crispy nuts is easy. Buy raw nuts and then soak them in mason jars or seed sprouting jars. Add 1 TBS of sea salt per 2 cups of nuts, and fill with filtered water. let soak overnight and then dry in a dehydrator or in your oven on the lowest heat setting with the door ajar.

I think having healthy whole food snacks around is essential, whether you are doing GAPS or not. Portable foods that you can take with you. Otherwise it’s too easy to fall prey to temptation when you’re out and about.

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