Rent a Goat to Mow Your Lawn

by Ann Marie Michaels on February 23, 2009

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Rent a goat from Hidden Springs Farms, goat farm

Did you know that you can rent a goat to mow your lawn and eat your weeds? This small goat farm in Tennessee rents goat to do your mowing and weeding for you!

From Hidden Springs Farms just north of Springfield, Tennessee, will bring goats to rid your lawn and garden of weeds.

Here’s what they say on their website:

Goats are a natural approach to land clearing. Using goats to clear away unwanted weeds and brush is better then using chemicals or physical labor for several reasons:

Hand clearing is time-consuming, physically draining, and if you have to hire men to do the work it can be expensive.

Chemicals, if not used properly, can do more harm then good and can be dangerous to the environment and animals.

Goats work cheap, leave natural fertilizers, and eat what other animals won’t.

Goats don’t need workers compensation, insurance, or lunch breaks.

Rent a goat from Hidden Springs Farms, goat farm in Tennessee for garden weeds

Hidden Springs Farm’s “Rent a Goat program” is the cost effective way to get the job done. We set up solar-powered electric mesh fencing around the area you want cleared. We provide a guardian dog to keep other dogs and coyotes away. And, we bring and care for the goats on your property.

What do goats like to eat? Here is a small list:

Poison Oak and Ivy
Vines such as trumpet vine
Sage brush
Sapling trees (such as pine, cedar, oak)
Broom Sage

I don’t know about you but I LOVE this idea! I wish we could rent goats in Los Angeles. I just hate the sound of weedeaters and leaf blowers. I’d love to have some goats eat some of our overgrown ivy. Plus you get the added bonus of free natural fertilizer.

Way to go, Hidden Springs Farms! What a great idea!

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