Joel Salatin on Spermicides in Genetically Modified Crops

by Ann Marie Michaels on March 2, 2009

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Dow Chemical's GMO team putting spermicides in grain

Would a chemical corporation knowingly put spermicides into genetically modified crops? Joel Salatin says they do.

From Joel Salatin’s Polyface Farm Blog:

So last Friday I had dinner in Minneapolis and met a fellow and his family who are farming north of the twin cities. He had attended Purdue University in Indiana, was an excellent student, and Dow Chemical hired him right out of college. He described the fancy trucks, the fancy dinners, the fancy resort conventions that the company supplied.

His team was working on GMOs and he found out one day that they were putting spermicides into grain to ship strategically to countries around the world where U.S. foreign policy wanted population control. This is part of the U.S. foreign aid package. Appalled at this discovery, he asked the other team members if they had a problem with what was going on — everyone else was fine with it. He handed in his resignation that day.

I find this shocking and hard to believe. But Joel Salatin is a person I trust.

So I googled a little and found these two articles:

GMO Corn Makes Men Sterile
Spermicidal Breakfast Cereal

If they will put spermicides into crops, what else are they doing? Scary, eh?

Photo credit: World of Oddy on Flickr

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