My Favorite GAPS Treat

by Ann Marie Michaels on July 2, 2008

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Jennie's Coconut Macaroons

If you’re doing GAPS, or just trying to avoid sugar and grains, and you miss cookies, I’ve got a solution for you: Jennie’s Coconut Macaroons!

I found them at the health food store (I’ve seen them at Whole Foods in Dallas, and our local Co-Opportunity in Santa Monica). Anytime I see them, I snap them up because they are so good. And totally GAPS legal!

I can even feed them to Kate because they are not made with grains or sugar.

Ingredients: coconut, honey, egg whites.

Just to clarify… Baby Kate is not doing the GAPS diet. I mean not officially. She’s just doing the WAPF baby diet, which turns out is very similar to GAPS. She gets lots of whole raw milk (I still make her the raw milk formula, which is designed to closely simulate breast milk), raw butter and cream and other good fats (duck and chicken fat, beef tallow, and coconut oil). She eats eggs and organ meats almost every day (usually liver, sometimes heart).

And muscle meats: chicken or duck with the skin and the fat, homemade roast beef with bone-broth-based gravy. Oh, and lots of soup made with bone broth. I like to put it in her sippy cup.

She also gets fish a few times a week: pole-caught tuna (with plenty of homemade coconut oil mayonnaise), salmon, shrimp, or soup — Thai lemongrass soup (made from Thai snapper fish stock) or miso soup (made from bonito fish stock). I think I’m also going to start giving her salmon roe. And of course, she gets her daily dose of cod liver oil.

She does eat vegetables and fruits — all organic and usually served with either butter or cream. She also gets lots of lacto-fermented foods (kefir, sauerkraut, yogurt, lacto-fermented ketchup and pickles, etc.)

For something sweet and nourishing, I feed her homemade ice cream (made with raw cream, egg yolks and a little maple syrup). She does not eat white sugar — but she does get maple syrup or honey. In her ice cream or yogurt. And in her macaroons!

I’m not feeding her grains until she is around two years old. I know, it seems odd if you’re not familiar with the Weston A. Price diet, especially the thing about waiting on the grains. But it turns out that babies do not have the enzymes needed to digest grains until they are around two years old. Around the same time they develop the molars needed to crush and grind grains.

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