New Book: Real Food Fermentation

by Ann Marie Michaels on June 18, 2012

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Alex Lewin, author of Real Food Fermentation

My friend Alex Lewin is a officially a published author. Alex, fellow Real Food Media blogger, is author of the Feed Me Like You Mean It blog.

The book is called Real Food Fermentation: Preserving Whole Fresh Food with Live Cultures in Your Home Kitchen.

Real Food Fermentation is a photo-illustrated cookbook that shows you how to make fermented foods.

This is an absolutely gorgeous book with beautiful photos. Alex sent me an advance copy and I’m really impressed with the design, the photography and the amount of information he has provided.

There are other fermentation books out there, but this one is so much more visual. It really shows you step-by-step how to make fermented foods — everything from sauerkraut to corned beef to ginger ale.

If you want to buy it, please order today on Amazon! Alex wants to create a spike in Amazon traffic, which will help his ranking in Amazon.

Real Food Fermentation is currently on sale on Amazon for $15.83 — you’ll save about $9 off the retail price of $24.99.

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