Free Online Conference: New Year New You Summit 2014

by Ann Marie Michaels on December 30, 2013

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New Year New You Summit

What are your goals for the new year? Do you want to lose weight, get in shape, learn how to live a more green lifestyle or start a homestead?

Whatever your resolutions, get ready to be inspired… On January 20th, Village Green Network is launching the New Year New You Summit, an online, virtual conference you can attend from your living room.


Free Online Conference: New Year New You Summit

New Year New You Summit is a 5-day virtual conference streaming for free January 20th through January 24th, 2014.

I am interviewing all the guests in New Year New You Summit. It features 35 health experts, authors, bloggers, farmers and activists. There are five tracks: Health, Fitness and Weight Loss, Inspiration, Harmony and Abundance.

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New Year New You Interviews You Won’t Want to Miss

  • Joel Salatin talks about the future of sustainable farming
  • Jill Winger of the Prairie Homestead tells how you can homestead anywhere
  • Dr. Kate Rheaume-Bleue explains why you need to eat more butter and eggs to prevent heart disease and Alzheimer’s
  • Josh Tickell, award-winning director of Fuel, talks about how to choose the greenest option for a car
  • Chris Kresser talks about how to get started on the Paleo diet uniquely tailored for you
  • Jackie Ritz of the Paleo Mama tells how she paid down $27,000 of debt in 6 months
  • DaNelle Wolford of Weed ‘Em & Reap talks about how she lost over 30 pounds eating a high-fat, high-carb diet — including cake!
  • Dr. Cate Shanahan tells how she transformed the LA Lakers diet
  • Carol Tuttle tells how to dress for your truth to create abundance and success (this was one of my favorites — changed my life!)

Sign up for the Summit — It’s Free

Click here to sign up for the summit — it’s FREE.

Once you sign up, you’ll receive emails with all the details on how to watch the videos January 20th-24th.


Preorder for the Summit Download Package and Save Over 85%

If you don’t have time to attend the summit and can’t spare 5+ hours per day to watch, you can preorder the Summit Download Package.

Click here to preorder the Summit Download Package now and save 50%.

The Summit Download Package includes recordings of the entire 5 day online conference (30+ interviews) and will be available in both formats, video and audio: 30+ audio recordings and 30+ video slide shows.

When you preorder the Summit Download Package, you can download all the recordings and watch at your convenience — on your computer, iPhone, Android, iPad or other tablet — even on your TV!

Hurry! This special offer ends soon!

The price of the Summit Download Package after the Summit will be $199.

Got Questions About The Healthy Life Summit?

Questions? Please comment below.

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