Q & A: December 30, 2012

by Ann Marie Michaels on December 30, 2012

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Welcome to CHEESESLAVE Q and A!

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1. Question: Did I Kill My Kefir Grains?

Hi Ann Marie,

Just wondering what I should do if I rinsed my kefir grains in tap water??? The kefir I made with them seems to be normal looking (as far as I can tell!!) but wondering what I should do with them now!

Thanks for your help and wonderful blog!



If the kefir grains still look OK, and if they are still producing decent kefir, then don’t worry. Just don’t rinse them with tap water again.

2. Question: Which Probiotics Do You Recommend?

In your latest Q+A, you said that it is most important to get the right probiotics in the gut and only some of them work. Which probiotics will help restore normal digestive wall/immune system? Id like to reverse my allergies/intolerances if it is possible. I have gluten, lactose, casein, tannin intolerances and also noticed that I have reflux (same as leaky gut) because their dietary provisions, no tomatoes, no uncooked onions (cooked is fine), no mint, no chocolate, citrus fruits, or spicy foods seem to apply as well. thanks in advance for your help,

Chelmsford, MA


Hi, Dennis,

I cover this in my free e-book — click here to download it.

3. Question: Gluten-free Sourdough Starter + Bread and Dealing with Funghi/Yeast & Parasites?


I was hoping you maybe could answer a question for me… I’m dealing with funghi/yeasts/candida and various other parasites/bad gut flora/allergies and hormonal imbalances. Over the past couple of years I’ve developed such issues regarding food/food types/macro’s, (having to) gaining weight/fat, meal frequency, exercise vs sitting too much etc. (adrenal/thyroid issues? diabetes/metabolic issues? etc.

According to my energetic therapist it’s best for me that I’d follow the classic ‘anti-fungal’ diet(yeasts/funghi feeding products such as dairy, bread, starch/sugars or carbs for that matter etc.)… but I really really start to miss bread (part also bc of it’s convenience and because it’s considered normal to eat over here.)

But even sourdough bread is considered a no-no bc of the natural yeasts/candida that form into the sourdough.

So I was wondering, since you did GAPS which is no grains, if it really is that bad in regards to feeding the wrong organisms? (I know I should make broths to consume to heal the gut lining, however I’ve tried it a couple of times after watching YTvids but I always ended up throwing them away and now I can’t muster up the willpower/patience anymore to try all the work/it once again, just as with fermenting veggies, as I’m a total cooking noob. Yet I must somehow seem to close/heal the gut lining…..:( )

Question 2: Do you maybe know an easy way/recipe to make gluten-free,at least wheat-free, sourdough starter & bread and how one should make it?

Like I said I’m really a dummy when it comes to cooking,everything always fails/goes wrong….:'(



I did not actually do GAPS. It did not exist when I healed my gut in the mid-90s.

I gave up sugar and gluten and took strong probiotics and some other supplements including adrenal support. I still ate non-gluten grains and honey and fruit.

I followed that diet and supplement protocol for about 2 years and after that I found that I could consume gluten and sugar with no adverse reactions.

I cover this in my free e-book — click here to download it.

As far as gluten-free sourdough, I haven’t tried making it but you can google it and find recipes.

4. Question: Earthing Shoes?

Hi Anne Marie,

My wife is reading the book Earthing: The Most Important Health Discovery Ever? and we got curious about shoes to see who sells good shoes like it was described in the book and we found your website talking about –- we followed to your resources page but didn’t find anything!

Very nice and easy readership you got going,



I don’t know of any good companies that sell shoes with leather soles off the top of my head. I’m sure my readers can recommend some in the comments.

5. Question: Low Body Temperature While Healing Gut?

Ann Marie,

I have had a very difficult time since having my son three years ago with feeling “right”. I have been diagnosed with leaky gut, all kinds of food allergies, adrenal fatigue, I had a cyst drained from the thyroid two years ago. I am SO tired, suffer major insomnia, have bursitis in my shoulders, low blood pressure and I suffer from horrible headaches. I have been trying so hard to figure this all out.

My naturopath has me on an elimination diet which excludes gluten and dairy and of course she has me taking all kinds of supplements and tinctures and going to an acupuncturist. My body temperature is generally low but since I have changed my diet I am FREEZING and my insomnia and fatigue have gotten worse for the most part. I am very concerned with healing my gut but I also know I need to raise my body temp. What do you think the right route is?

Do you think there is a way to combine Matt’s 180 degree protocol with a gut healing elimination diet? Help!

Thank you for your time.



Hi, Krista, I empathize with you. However, I don’t know the right route for you because it is really a very personal situation.

For me, eating more food, specifically carbs, and getting more rest helped me bring my body temperature up. See my post here on my experience with Matt Stone’s protocol.

6. Question: Dental Work Before Pregnancy?

Hi Cheeseslave,

My husband I would like to try to conceive in the near future and I am concerned about a few issues I have with my teeth.

I always have heard that you should go to the dentist before conception to deal with any issues you have, so as to avoid dental work while pregnant. I haven’t gone to the dentist since learning about the WAPF way of life almost 2 years ago. Just before that time I started a root canal process on a molar. What is left to be done is to put a filling into the actual tooth part.

They told me if I did not come back soon for a filling that my tooth might crack, which it has and is missing a piece. I haven’t gone back because I am not sure if the damage has already been done to me in terms of what has already been put into the canal or if I am saving some more damage by not having a filling put in.

Also I had a gumboil form below another molar and wasn’t sure how to handle that but I kept taking my cod liver oil and after about 6 months has disappeared. However the molar is now chipped from biting into a really hard cookie. I am just looking for any advice you have on these matters because I am not sure what to do.

Thank so much for the excellent blog you have. It had helped out so much on my real food journey 🙂


I am really not sure how to advise you because I am not a dentist. I would consult with a WAPF-oriented dentist.

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