Raw Eggnog

by Ann Marie Michaels on December 22, 2010

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Raw Egg Nog

Eggnog is a sweetened holiday beverage made with milk and cream, sugar, eggs, and optional liquor — usually brandy, rum, or Bourbon. Nowadays, most people do not make their own eggnog, and instead buy it in grocery stores in the dairy aisle. Popular throughout North America, eggnog is usually only available in stores around Thanksgiving and the Christmas season.

Commercial non-alcoholic eggnog is typically made with poor quality ingredients, ranging from “modified milk ingredients” instead of milk to all sorts of fillers and gums to produce a thicker beverage. And of course, all the eggnog purchased in stores is made with pasteurized or ultra-pasteurized dairy from cows in confinement.

Eggnog came to America from Europe in the 1800s. According to Wikipedia:

Eggnog may have originated in East Anglia, England; or it may have simply developed from posset, a medieval European beverage made with hot milk. The “nog” part of its name may stem from the word “noggin”, a Middle English term used to describe a small, carved wooden mug used to serve alcohol. However, the British drink was also called Egg Flip.

Another story is that the term derived from “egg and grog”, a common Colonial term used for the drink made with rum. Eventually that term was shortened to “egg’n’grog”, then “eggnog”.

Recipe Notes

This recipe uses raw, grass-fed milk and cream, and raw honey or maple syrup in place of refined white sugar.

It is easy to make, and does not take more than a minute or two. Eggnog is a great way to get in a lot of extra raw dairy and high-quality saturated fats from the raw cream, as well as raw egg yolks during the winter season. (For other ideas of how to increase the fat in your diet, check out my post 100 Ways to Eat More Fat.)

You may use this recipe as a base for Eggnog Ice Cream.

Raw Eggnog


Raw whole milk (2 cups) — where to buy milk
Cream, ideally raw & from grass-fed cows, at the very least not ultrapasteurized (2 cups)
Large egg yolks (pastured or at least free-range organic) (8) — where to buy milk
Raw honey or Grade B maple syrup (1/4 cup) — where to buy honey
Vanilla extract, organic if possible and make sure to avoid ‘artificial’ (1 tsp) — (click here for recipe)
Freshly grated nutmeg ,you can also use dried ground nutmeg but the flavor of fresh is superior — where to buy nutmeg
Optional: Good Kentucky Bourbon or rum (Note: disilled liquor is not good for you but once or twice a year can’t hurt too much)


Nutmeg grinder, if using fresh (click here for the nutmeg grinder I use)
Blender or food processor


1. Blend the milk, cream, eggs, honey and vanilla in blender or food processor until smooth.
2. Pour into glasses. Add Bourbon or rum if you desire.
3. Grate fresh nutmeg over each glass.

This post is a part of Real Food Wednesday at Kelly the Kitchen Kop.

Photo credit: Egg Nog by iriskh, on Flickr

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