Raw Milk Victory in California

by Ann Marie Michaels on June 25, 2008

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I Heart Raw Milk

I cannot even express how awesome it was to watch the victory for raw milk at the state capitol in Sacramento yesterday.

Here’s my photo essay of what happened:

Annie was at my house at 5 am sharp, her kids buckled into their car seats in the back seat. I got Kate loaded into the car, with all of our gear and snacks and strollers, and we headed north on the 5. (Those are Annie’s sweetie pies, AJ, 13 months, and Cara, 2 1/2, and Kate is on the right.)

Road Trip to the Captiol

We reached Sacramento around noon, got checked into our hotel, and then walked with our strollers over to the capitol (about 10 blocks away from our hotel). We met up with our friend Angelique on the way to the capitol (she had driven up from San Francisco).

The State Capitol of California

The Governator's Office

The first person we saw when we got to the second floor was Mark McAfee, owner of Organic Pastures Dairy. He said, “You guys have raw milk written all over you!”

I said, “We drove up from Los Angeles!”

He thanked us profusely for coming.

I put my hands in his and said, “We wouldn’t miss it. We are so grateful for everything you do.”

Meeting Mark McAfee

Kate and Mark McAfee

When Kate met Mark McAfee, I know this sounds odd, but she did not want to let go of him. I think kids are the acid test for how genuine adults are. Kate hugged and hugged him, and he hugged her right back. He didn’t want to put her down.

He said, “This is why we do what we do. It’s for the children.”

Kate and Mark McAfee

We got our t-shirts and pins and head toward our seats.

The next two hours were grueling — due to babies who would not nap. Annie and I paced the halls with our babes in slings, trying to bounce and soothe them to sleep, while Angelique worked tirelessly to tire out toddler, Cara.

Finally the raw milk bill came up. We were asked to stand and show our support of raw milk. It was amazing how many people showed up. There were so many kids in attendance!


When everyone was done testifying, the voting began. I had been watching the bills come up before this one, and many good ones had been shot down. There were bills about taking the lead out of lipstick and BPAs out of baby bottles, and allowing surveillance cameras to record what happens in factory farm slaughter houses. We saw industry take these well-meaning bills out — due to lobbyists and money.

But when the raw milk bill came up, to our amazement, everyone said, “Aye.” One after another. It was unanimous. They said, “You can go ahead and applaud now.” And the whole room erupted in applause.

We all cried. It was that emotional.

You Gotta Love Mark McAfee

Here we are celebrating… we had Guinness and Dungeness crab and Guinness (I had a vodka martini). After dinner, we went out for ice cream!

Raw milk victory!

Celebrating our raw milk victory

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