Real Food Wednesday: Bone Broth Recipes

by Ann Marie Michaels on February 10, 2009

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Real Food Wednesdays

It’s that time again — Real Food Wednesday! This week our theme is bone broth recipes.

What is bone broth? It’s any kind of broth made from the bones of animals. There’s chicken stock, duck stock, beef or veal stock, fish stock, and even shellfish stock.

Bone broth is chock full of minerals and extremely good for digestion and absorption of nutrients. It’s also very healing to the digestive tract. It’s also the traditional way to give food more flavor — instead of modern day MSG.

So this week, we’re sharing recipes and tips for making bone broth — OR recipes incorporating bone broth (soups, stews, sauces, chili, beans, rice, risotto, you name it!).

How to Share Your Recipes and Tips:

I had been going with Mr. Linky but that’s over. He’s a nice guy but I had to end it. The main reason is he doesn’t give link love. Doing it this way benefits all of you much more in that you’ll not only get traffic but you’ll also get links (at least this is what people tell me).

So from now on, here’s how we’ll be doing the Real Food Wednesday posts on Cheeseslave:

1. Post your recipe or tip on your blog and be sure to link back to this post.
2. Email me at annmarie at (@) with the link (the URL to your specific post), your name, and the name of your blog.
3. Non-bloggers – post in the comments!

I’ll keep posting until Thursday at noon. So get your links to me via email before then!

For all the details on Real Food Wednesday, please see this page.

Oh, and just a reminder — next week’s Real Food Wednesday will be hosted at Kelly the Kitchen Kop. The theme: Favorite Coconut Recipes.

Now on to the recipes!

I’m sharing two recipes this week.

The first is a recipe I made for the first time just the other day: How to Make Lobster Stock. I can’t wait to make shellfish risotto with it.

My second recipe is for plain old Homemade Chicken Stock. I make chicken stock about every two weeks. Not as fancy as lobster stock, perhaps, but it goes with just about everything!

Now it’s your turn!

1. Chicken Bone Broth by Henny at LaFianzoo (NEW – Go visit and say hello!)

2. Moose Broth! by awesome Alaskan frontierwoman, Paula, of the Steve & Paula Runyan Blog (NEW – Go visit and say hello!)

3. French Dip with French Onion Au Jus by Kelly at Kelly the Kitchen Kop

4. Kidneys, Hearts & Kitchen Sink Soup by Kimberly at Hartke is Online!

5. Thrifty Chicken Broth in the Slow Cooker by Carrie at the Thrifty Oreganic

6. Crock Pot Chicken Stock by Shannon at Nourishing Days

7. Simple Homemade Chicken Soup by Charity Grace at her blog

8. Beef Pie made with highly nutritious bone marrow stock (and the crust is made with beef tallow – yum!) by Megan at the US Wellness Meats blog

9. Kimi from the Nourishing Gourmet blog, shares her thoughts on how Broth Saves Time and Utilizes Leftovers

10. Christy at Chaotic Bliss shares this easy and nutritious grain-free recipe for a One Pot Dish utilizing bone broth, eggs, vegetables and chicken or ground beef.

11. Chicken Couscous Salad by Stacey at Mom Must Write

12. Shannon at All Things Health shares the following recipes incorporating bone broth: Braised Butternut Squash, Pasta with Butternut Squash, and Curried Sweet Potato Soup

13. Polenta with Smoky Chicken Burgers by Vehement Flame

14. Primal Chicken Gumbo by Erica at Great Health from Real Food

You’re next!

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