Real Food Wednesdays

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Real Food Wednesdays

Every other Wednesday on, I host a blog carnival called Real Food Wednesdays. On alternating weeks, it’s hosted at Kelly the Kitchen Kop.

We started this carnival to exchange ideas and recipes for real food. We’d love for you to join us!

You probably have some questions right now… like:

What’s The Heck Is A Blog Carnival?

If you don’t know what a blog carnival is or why you’d want to participate in one (I didn’t know until a couple of months ago), please read this excellent article on 5 Minutes for Mom: “About Blogging: Carnivals, Memes and Mr. Linky”.

What’s Real Food?

Real food is whole, natural, and nutrient-dense.

* Organic
* Humanely raised (animals on pasture, not in factories)
* Grown locally when possible
* Whole and unrefined (real maple syrup instead of high-fructose corn syrup)
* Processed as little as possible (raw milk instead of pasteurized and homogenized)
* Nutrient-dense (enzymes, vitamins, minerals, and probiotics)
* Free of additives and preservatives
* Free of synthetic and chemical ingredients
* Not genetically modified
* Traditionally produced and prepared

In other words, butter or lard instead of shortening or vegetable oil. Real milk from a cow instead of soy milk. Real sprouted flour (ground fresh or purchased) instead of refined white flour. Real, natural sweeteners like honey or unrefined cane sugar (rapadura or sucanat) instead of white sugar.

If it’s highly processed and/or doesn’t come from nature, it’s not real food!

We’re not saying you have to be perfect (nobody is) but try to feature real foods in your recipes and minimize the junk like vegetable oil and refined sugar and additives.

OK, are you ready to join us?

Here are the Real Food Wednesdays guidelines:

1. Real Food Wednesdays (RFW) is open to anyone with a blog who wants to join us by linking up to a post about real food on his or her blog.

2. We will have different themes each week. Please post according to the theme (i.e., Low-Carb Real Food, Gluten Free Real Food, Real Food on a Budget, etc.)

3. Please link to your individual RFW post instead of to your home page.

4. Please let us know if you are new to RFW (so we can come visit your site and welcome you) by adding “I’m new” after your name in Mr. Linky.

5. Although you are not required to use the RFW badge above, you are more than welcome to do so by right clicking, saving to your hard drive and uploading to your post (just like you would do with any image). Please do not create your own badge.

6. Please mention Real Food Wednesdays in your post and link back to my weekly RFW post here at Cheeseslave (or at Kelly the Kitchen Kop, if she’s hosting that week).

7. Please do not host your own RFW “Mr. Linky” at your site.

8. I will be putting up my RFW post and the Mr. Linky every other week on Tuesday evenings usually by 10 PM PST. (You’ll have to talk to Kelly about when she posts hers on the alternating weeks — should be around the same time — Tuesdays nights.)

Still have questions? Please comment below.

See you on Real Food Wednesdays!

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