Road Trip to Three Stone Hearth

by Ann Marie Michaels on August 12, 2008

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Jessica Prentice, author of the cookbook, “Full Moon Feast”, is kind of a rock star in the local food arena. She is the person who coined the word, “locavore”, which is now an actual word in the dictionary.

She’s also co-owner of Three Stone Hearth, a community supported kitchen in Berkeley, California.

What’s a community supported kitchen (or CSK)?

It’s like a CSA (community supported agriculture), where you become a member of a local farm and getting a weekly box of vegetables.

Only with a CSK, you become a member of a local community kitchen and get a box of entrees, side dishes, beverages, desserts, and other prepared foods. For those times you don’t feel like cooking but don’t want to eat out. Or for young single people who don’t have time to cook.

It’s kind of like Dream Dinners. Only with healthy, nutrient-dense food made with organic produce and pastured meats and raw dairy products from local farms.

Ever since I heard about Three Stone Hearth, I’ve been wanting to go visit. So this weekend, a couple of friends and I are going to make the trip. On Friday, we’ll volunteer in the kitchen and eat lunch there. Then on Saturday night, we’ll attend the Full Moon Feast.

I promise to take lots of pictures and blog about it next week.

Photo credit: Jessica Prentice at “Eating the Right Way” Panel, originally uploaded by Photo by Beth Byrne.

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