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by Ann Marie Michaels on June 23, 2010

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I don’t know about you but lately I’ve been feeling the need for some inspiration and self-renewal. We set our new year’s resolutions back in January and now we’re at the mid-year point. While I’ve come a long way in meeting many of my personal goals, lately I’ve been feeling a bit drained and worn out. I’ve been working very hard. I’m exhausted and wondering if this is all worth it.

It doesn’t matter whether you are starting a business, writing a novel, trying to lose 50 pounds, or just working hard to raise the very best children you can. We all need some renewal now and again.

I’m not talking about a massage or a piece of chocolate. I’m talking about real inspiration. This isn’t just motivation — something that makes you work harder, driven out of fear and stress. This is true inspiration — the feeling of passion and excitement you get from the clear vision of where you are headed in the future. It’s only when you feel excited and really inspired that you can make positive changes in your life.

And sometimes, for me, as a woman, hearing another woman say something that inspires me means that much more. I love men, and I learn a lot from them, but hearing an inspirational, uplifting message from another woman makes it somehow easier to relate to — at least for me.

Renew You 2010

A few weeks ago I got a call from Andrea Ramirez, a WAPF nutritionist and holistic health coach. Andrea told me about a package she had put together called Renew You 2010. She found 16 women from various fields and interviewed them on the internet. Everyone from celebrity fitness trainer, JJ Virgin to Connie Bennett, author of Sugar Shock.

I’m very excited to tune in this weekend. I’ve written before about how I love podcasts and mp3 recordings of books. They really help me escape and recharge. I can’t wait to listen to the interviews on weight loss and exercise, the one on “hot sexy hormones,” and the ones on money and finance. Oh, and the one on “Defining Your Personal Style from the Inside Out” — that sounds like so much fun!

These recorded interviews will be streaming live this weekend from June 23th at 9pm until June 28th at Midnight, EST.

Here’s the full list:

* Karly Randolph Pitman: The Self-Care Pathway: Four Practices to End Emotional and Overeating
* JJ Virgin: Five Insider Secrets to Boost Your Energy, Shrink Your Waistline and Feel Your Best
* Brenda Kinsel: Defining Your Personal Style from the Inside Out
* Christine Arylo: Dare to be loved: Get the Love You Want by Loving Yourself First
* Connie Bennett: Break Free of Your Sugar Addiction with the Author of Sugar Shock!
* Rose Cole: The 3-Day Beautiful Skin Diet: Food for a Clearer, Younger & More Radiant Complexion
* Karen Russo: Discover a New Money Reality: The Love Path to Abundance
* Leanne Ely: Nurture, Nourishment and Nutrition: Saving You and Your Family One Meal at a Time
* Mary Tedesco: Inspired to Exercise: Get Active and Fit in 5 Fun Steps
* Laura Klein: The Smart Pantry: Time- and Money-Saving Foods for Health and Flavor
* Stephanie McWilliams: Your Space for Success: Designing Your Dream Environment for Greater Purpose, Passion and Profits
* LiYana Silver: Bringing Sexy Back: Decoding Desire, Attraction and Connection
* Melanie Dodaro: The Psychology of Permanent Weight Loss
* Alisa Vitti: Hot Sexy Hormones
* Jennifer Louden: Ending the Pain of Perfectionism

Tune In

Here’s the link to get access to the recordings: Renew You 2010

Andrea is doing a kick-off call tonight, Wednesday June 23, 8pm EST. The topic: 5 Very Simple Strategies to Jump-Start Your Transformation

In this call, Andrea will discuss in depth the 5 moves that create the most profound changes for her clients, over and over. If you know you need to fall in love with your body again, but you don’t know where to start, or you’re yearning for inspiration and reaffirmation to continue your journey, then you can’t miss this call!

You’ll learn:

* The power of the smallest changes over the long haul
* How to tackle new habits without feeling overwhelmed or disappointed
* Five key lifestyle habits that will propel your health, beauty and inspiration

Enter to Win the Full Set of Recordings

Not everyone has time on the weekend to listen to streaming interviews on the internet. Wouldn’t it be neat if you could download them to your iPhone or iPod and listen on the go? You can — Andrea’s going to be offering the full set for sale.

Andrea also offered to give one full set of the mp3s away to my readers.
I’ll be announcing the giveaway in the next few days so check back!

Photo credit: KayVee.INC on Flickr

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