Winners of the 1st Annual FitBit Challenge

by Ann Marie Michaels on August 15, 2013

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Join the FitBit Challenge!

It’s time to announce the winners of the 1st Annual FitBit Challenge. We used our FitBit to get 10K+ steps per day for 6 weeks. Four people will win prizes — a total of $500 worth of prizes.

In case you forgot, here are the prizes:

Grand Prize: $175 Amazon Gift Certificate for anything you want. Maybe it’s that skinny pair of designer jeans you are GOING to fit into — or how about some Vibram Fivefingers or an iPod Touch to load your tunes on? Whatever you decide to get, make sure it is something that is a special treat that you love and makes you feel happy. Retail value $175
Second Prize: 12 months of Audible membership – I LOVE my Audible membership! You can listen to audiobooks while you do your steps. Get a new audiobook every month. Retail value $150
First Prize: FitBit Aria Scale – This scale is awesome! It automatically syncs with your FitBit dashboard, so all you have to do is step on in the morning and you’ll be able to track your weight loss progress. Retail value $129.95
Third Prize: 3 months of Audible membership – You’ll never get tired of doing your steps when you have good books to listen to. Retail value $45

You guys were all awesome — I could not keep up with some of you!

Congratulations to everyone who attempted the challenge. Even if you did not meet the goals you set for yourself, the fact that you got started is HUGE. That’s the hardest part.

If you did not succeed, I challenge you to get back to it. If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again.

Check Out My Results with the FitBit

I’ve lost a total of 26 pounds in the past 4 months, using my FitBit to walk a minimum of 10,000 steps per day every day, working out, and watching what I eat (I ate whatever I wanted — just ate less of it).

I started at 168 and today I weigh 142 pounds. I was 148 when I started the FitBit Challenge, so I’ve lost 6 pounds since then.

Here are my measurements…

BEFORE (As of April 14, 2013):
BUST – 39
WAIST – 32
HIPS – 42.75
UPPER ARM – 12.5

AFTER (As of June 23, 2013 — when we started the FitBit Challenge):
BUST – 36.5
WAIST – 29.5
HIPS – 40.5

BUST – 35.5
WAIST – 28.5
HIPS – 38.5

Total inches lost in 16 weeks: 14.5! That’s 3.5 inches in the bust, 3.5 inches in the waist, 3.75 in the hips, 3.25 in the upper thigh, and 1.5 inches in the upper arm.

I was a size 16 when I started using the FitBit in April. I am now wearing a size 10/12. I tried on a pair of jeans the other day — these were jeans I used to wear before I got pregnant (I think a size 8 or 10?). I never thought I’d be able to wear them again. And I could actually get them on and zip them! Amazing!

I could have gotten further along but for 3 weeks of the FitBit Challenge (literally half of it) I was on vacation and was not working out as much as I should have and was eating lots of desserts. (Note to self: Do not launch the next FitBit Challenge before I go on vacation. 😉 )

But now I am back on track and very motivated to lose the last 11 pounds over the next 6 weeks. I’m still addicted to my FitBit, still religious about doing my 10K+ steps per day, and am now adding in workouts 6 days a week — either at home with my kettlebell or at the new gym I joined.

At the gym, I’ve been doing spinning classes (killer!), swimming laps, lifting weights, and running (YES, running — OK, only for short 30 second stints, with lots of walking) on the treadmill. I just started training to run a 5K yesterday. I have no idea how I will actually do that because I’m NOT a runner and have no idea how I could run for almost a whole hour.

I’m excited to start doing yoga and pilates as well. And I’m going to buy some rollerblades.

I have never been this active in my life and I am loving it — so I’m very grateful that I found the FitBit and it got me so motivated. And I’m glad I could share all of this with you guys.

How I Lost Weight with the FitBit

You can read more details about how I did it here.

My Before Photos

OK, I have three sets of before photos. A set of Before-Before Photos (taken prior to April) Before Photos (from April), and my After Photos from today…

First you can see how I looked before I started working out with my FitBit and limiting the amount of food I ate:

Kicking Off the 1st Annual FitBit Challenge — $500 in Prizes

Kicking Off the 1st Annual FitBit Challenge — $500 in Prizes

This is what I look like today:

Fitbit Challenge After Photo 1

Fitbit Challenge After Photo 2

Winners of the FitBit Challenge

OK so here are the winners and their before and after pictures and stats:





Bust Before: 48
Bust After: 43
Inches Lost: 5

Waist Before: 37
Waist After: 35
Inches Lost: 2

Hips Before: 50
Hips After: 47.5
Inches Lost: 2.5

Upper Thigh Before: 27
Upper Thigh After: 26
Inches Lost: 1

Upper Arm Before: 17
Upper Arm After: 14
Inches Lost: 3

Dress Size Before: 18
Dress Size After: 16
Dress Sizes Lost: 2

Weight Before: 181
Weight After: 171
Pounds Lost: 10

Total Inches Lost: 13.5
Total Pounds Lost: 10
Total Pounds & Inches: 23.5


Bobby Before_After 1

Bobby_Before_After 2

Bobby_Before_After 3

Chest Before: 44
Chest After: 44.25
Inches Lost: -0.25

Waist Before: 45
Waist After: 42.5
Inches Lost: 2.5

Hips Before: 44
Hips After: 42.25
Inches Lost: 1.75

Upper Thigh Before: 24.5
Upper Thigh After: 24
Inches Lost: .5

Upper Arm Before: 15.75
Upper Arm After: 16
Inches Lost: -0.25

Clothing Size Before: 40
Clothing Size After: 38
Sizes Lost: 2

Weight Before: 236
Weight After: 220
Pounds Lost: 16

Total Inches Lost: 4.25
Total Pounds Lost: 16
Total Pounds & Inches: 20.25





Bust Before: 36.25
Bust After: 34
Inches Lost: 2.25

Waist Before: 34.75
Waist After: 33
Inches Lost: 1.75

Hips Before: 38.75
Hips After: 36.75
Inches Lost: 1.75

Upper Thigh Before: 22.25
Upper Thigh After: 20
Inches Lost: 2.25

Upper Arm Before: 12
Upper Arm After: 10.5
Inches Lost: 1.5

Dress Size Before: 8
Dress Size After: 6
Dress Sizes Lost: 2

Weight Before: 135
Weight After: 125
Pounds Lost: 10

Total Inches Lost: 9.5
Total Pounds Lost: 10
Total Pounds & Inches: 19.5





Bust Before: 38
Bust After: 35
Inches Lost: 3

Waist Before: 34
Waist After: 31
Inches Lost: 3

Hips Before: 38
Hips After: 35
Inches Lost: 3

Upper Thigh Before: 22.5
Upper Thigh After: 21
Inches Lost: 1.5

Upper Arm Before: 11.5
Upper Arm After: 10.5
Inches Lost: 1

Dress Size Before: 8
Dress Size After: 6
Dress Sizes Lost: 2

Weight Before: 146
Weight After: 140
Pounds Lost: 6

Total Inches Lost: 11.5
Total Pounds Lost: 6
Total Pounds & Inches: 17.5

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Did you participate in the FitBit Challenge, yes or no?

If yes, what did you get out of it? Did you think it was easy or hard? Are you going to keep using your FitBit?

If no, are you ready to get started with the FitBit?

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