Winners of the 2013 Kettlebell Challenge

by Ann Marie Michaels on March 6, 2013

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It’s time to announce the winners of the Kettlebell Challenge. We swung kettlebells for 6 weeks. Four people will win prizes — a total of $500 worth of prizes.

I am so proud of these ladies! You guys are amazing!

I can’t believe the results you achieved in just 6 short weeks.

Congratulations to everyone who attempted the challenge. Even if you did not meet the goals you set for yourself, the fact that you got started is HUGE. That’s the hardest part.

If you did not succeed, I challenge you to get back to it. If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again.

I did much better at the challenge this year than last year. I completed 12 workouts — just 6 shy of my goal of 3 workouts per week. But I’m not stopping. In fact, I’m going to talk to my co-workers today and convince them to join me in a regular kettlebell workout 3 times per week. I figure if I can get a few people to join me, AND we put it on the calendar as a meeting, we’ll be much more likely to make it happen.

I hope, after reading this post, you will be inspired to start doing kettlebell workouts.

Remember, we have a couple more months before beach season!

Winners of the Kettlebell Challenge

And now, to announce the winners…

WINNERS: Please email me at annmarie AT realfoodmedia dot com with your address within 48 hours so I can send you your prizes.

The Prizes

In case you forgot, here are the prizes:

Grand Prize: $200 Amazon Gift Certificate for anything you want. Maybe it’s that skinny pair of designer jeans you are GOING to fit into — or how about some Vibram Fivefingers or an iPod Touch to load your tunes on? Whatever you decide to get, make sure it is something that is a special treat that you love and makes you feel happy. Retail value $200
First Prize: 12 months of Audible membership – I LOVE my Audible membership! You can listen to audiobooks while you work out. (Yeah, you know you’re going to have that kettlebell DVD memorized.) Get a new audiobook every month. Retail value $150
Second Prize: FitBit One Wireless Activity & Sleep Tracker – Wear a FitBit and you can track your steps and activity. I love mine — it keeps me motivated to stay active. Retail value $100
Third Prize: $50 lululemon gift certificate Don’t you love lululemon athletic clothing? Use this gift certificate for anything on their website or in their stores. Retail value $50

OK so here are the winners and their before and after pictures and stats:


Winners of the Kettlebell Challenge 2013

Winners of the Kettlebell Challenge 2013

Bust Before: 55
Bust After: 53
Inches Lost: 2

Waist Before: 52
Waist After: 50
Inches Lost: 2

Hips Before: 63
Hips After: 59
Inches Lost: 4

Upper Arm Before: 17.5
Upper Arm After: 17
Inches Lost: 0.5

Upper Thigh Before: 29
Upper Thigh After: 27
Inches Lost: 2

Weight Before: 340
Weight After: 319
Pounds Lost: 21

Total Inches Lost: 10.5
Total Pounds Lost: 21
Total Pounds & Inches: 31.5


Bust Before: 44.5
Bust After: 44
Inches Lost: 0.5

Waist Before: 45.5
Waist After: 41.75
Inches Lost: 3.75

Hips Before: 51
Hips After: 48
Inches Lost: 3

Upper Arm Before: 14.25
Upper Arm After: 13
Inches Lost: 1.25

Upper Thigh Before: 28.25
Upper Thigh After: 26.5
Inches Lost: 1.75

Weight Before: 230
Weight After: 218
Pounds Lost: 12

Total Inches Lost: 10.25
Total Pounds Lost: 12
Total Pounds & Inches: 22.25


Bust Before: 40
Bust After: 38
Inches Lost: 2

Waist Before: 35
Waist After: 32.5
Inches Lost: 2.5

Hips Before: 40.25
Hips After: 38
Inches Lost: 2.25

Upper Arm Before: 12.5
Upper Arm After: 11.5
Inches Lost: 1

Upper Thigh Before: 23
Upper Thigh After: 21.75
Inches Lost: 1.25

Weight Before: 185
Weight After: 173
Pounds Lost: 12

Total Inches Lost: 9
Total Pounds Lost: 12
Total Pounds & Inches: 21


Bust Before: 42
Bust After: 41
Inches Lost: 1

Waist Before: 39
Waist After: 34.5
Inches Lost: 4.5

Hips Before: 44
Hips After: 42
Inches Lost: 2

Upper Arm Before: 13.5
Upper Arm After: 13
Inches Lost: 0.5

Upper Thigh Before: 24.5
Upper Thigh After: 23
Inches Lost: 1.5

Weight Before: 183
Weight After: 172
Pounds Lost: 11

Total Inches Lost: 9.5
Total Pounds Lost: 11
Total Pounds & Inches: 20.5

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Did you participate in the Kettlebell Challenge, yes or no?

If yes, what did you get out of it? Did you think it was easy or hard? Are you going to keep working out with kettlebells?

If no, are you ready to get started with kettlebells?

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