1st Annual FitBit Challenge: Week 6

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Welcome to Week 6 of the 1st Annual FitBit Challenge!

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Last Week!

It's our last week! It's gone by so fast. The challenge ends this coming Saturday.

I'm doing so much better since I've been home from vacation. Thanks to my treadmill desk, I've been averaging over 11,000 steps per day. What I'm especially proud of though, is how much I have increased my daily Very Active Minutes. I've been averaging 30 minutes a day this past week — hooray! This is typically my daily 30-minute kettlebell workout.

I actually RAN one day this week — YAY me! I haven't run since high school. Of course, it was only for like 5 minutes. I did a HIIT walk/run thing — where you walk for 1-3 minutes and then you run for anywhere from 30 seconds to a minute. I'm going to keep adding those interval running sessions in until I can go for longer and longer. (At this point 45 seconds is my absolute maximum.)

I lost the 2 pounds I gained over vacation within the first few days back, plus one more. I'm now weighing in at 146.5 — just 11.5 pounds over my goal. I am wearing a size 12 (I can fit into a size 10 but it's snug). When I started this back in April, I was wearing a size 16!

I've been hovering at 146 all week so I'm ready to kick it up a notch and challenge myself a little more. Today I'm going to move up from the 10 pound kettlebell to the 15 pound one for my 30 minute workout. (If it gets too hard, I'll alternate.)

I wanted to lose 5 pounds this month but I only lost 1 so far due to vacation. But at least I didn't gain! And considering I ate a TON on vacation (lots of restaurant meals, wine and desserts), I'm just glad I'm maintaining. Also, as I build in more fitness activities and build more muscle, I think I will lose more.

I'm starting workouts at the new gym I joined this Friday. I plan to swim laps, do weight training, do pilates, yoga and spinning classes, and maybe even work with a trainer. They have a free intro session so I'm going to see how I like it. If I do, I will invest the money. I've come this far — I'm ready to go the last mile!

I definitely think walking with the FitBit is the “gateway drug” for fitness! I am so jazzed about working out these days — it's definitely addictive!

Don't Forget to Send Your After Photos

Remember, you have to send me your after photos next week, no later than August 5th:

When the challenge ends on August 3, send me your AFTER photo along with your measurements, dress size, and weight to annmarie AT realfoodmedia DOT com. After photo and measurements must be received no later than August 5th.

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How's It Going?

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2 thoughts on “1st Annual FitBit Challenge: Week 6

  1. Love your blog, love the fitbit challenge. I didn’t join because I started before you but that’s okay. I too am on a weight loss/get healthy lifestyle change! I enjoy reading your progress, stages and issues. Tomorrow marks the 1 yr. I embarked on my lifestyle change. I am VERY proud to have kept it up all year and hope to be repeating this next year! I have lost 25 lbs and now wear a size 6 — so I am maintaining now. I wear my fitbit E.V.E.R.Y. day and log A.L.L. my food and activity on myfitnesspal. They have been extremely helpful in keeping me on task!

  2. I really want to share because I know this is a common problem with people who lose a lot of weight…. extra saggy skin. I know that working out can help this problem but it can take a long time. NeriumAD has done wonders for the extra lose skin from weight loss. I believe that working out is VERY important but it’s nice to have something to help things along.
    I loved your challenge! It has been so motivating and has inspired me. Thank you!

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