A Weekend with Julia Ross, Author of The Mood Cure

The Mood Cure Serotonin

Last weekend I attended a seminar with Julia Ross, author of The Mood Cure and The Diet Cure.

I'll be honest. The day before the seminar, I was having my doubts. Would the seminar really be worth the hundreds of dollars I was shelling out, not to mention the cost of airfare, hotel room and rental car?

I had already read both of Julia's books. How much more could I possibly learn from a seminar?

The seminar ended up being worth so much more than I could have ever paid. I took 20 pages of notes. It was absolutely engrossing — completely fascinating. I felt like I was on an episode of that TV show, House.

Only Julia is much prettier and nicer than Hugh Laurie's character, and she laughs a lot more. She probably has a lot more serotonin. 😉

She was handing out amino acids the whole time, advising us to break open the capsules on our tongues so we could absorb them more quickly and really feel the effects.

The first time I tried that with a capsule of 5HTP, I felt like I had had half a glass of wine. It was very mellow and glow-y.

Obviously I can't share all of what I learned here — and my blog post won't do it justice.

You're just going to get a brief glimpse into the amazing world of amino acid nutrition, neurotransmitters and brain chemistry.

I hope that you will learn some things and I hope that you will read her books, which are available at any public library, or on your Kindle or iPhone. And if you live near the San Francisco Bay Area or have the opportunity to travel there, I can't recommend her trainings highly enough.

Even though I had read her books, The Diet Cure and The Mood Cure, seeing her talk about them in person really brought them to life for me.

And Juila is just delightful. Really engaging and thought-provoking — and she has the BEST laugh! She is living proof that her mood cure works. She is truly one of the most joyful, relaxed, down-to-earth people I have ever met.

What's In It For You?

Why learn about amino acids and neurotransmitters and brain chemistry?

Do you suffer from depression? Anxiety? Insomnia? ADD or ADHD?

Are you addicted to coffee, alcohol, drugs, carbs, chocolate, sugar, or any other substances to get through the day? Do you have an eating disorder? Do you have trouble concentrating?

Are you more irritable than you'd like? Are you stressed out? Do you have trouble relaxing? Are you worried or obsessive/compulsive or shy?

Or do you know someone who suffers from any of the above?

Let's run through my notes (OK, just the first page!):

False Mood and False Appetite Epidemics

Julia said that people today suffer from false moods and false appetites. She said these false moods and appetites are caused by the non-food we eat. Refined sugar and flour are not foods. They set off a drug-like reaction.

The more we eat these non-foods, the more we deprive ourselves of the brain-chemistry building amino acids we need in whole foods (protein, complex carbohydrates and fruits and vegetables). The more we deprive ourselves and our brains of these nutrients, the more we suffer from mental and emotional problems.

Julia said this is compounded by stress (especially prolonged stress — three weeks or longer) and our genetics/ancestry. Many people (Native Americans, for example) are more sensitive to foods and drugs — this explains why so many Native Americans turned diabetic and alcoholic when they went off their native diet.

Take the Test!

Before I get into it, if you're curious about your own deficiencies, go and take the mood questionnaire in The Mood Cure book.

If you'd like to share your results, please post a comment below.

I'll share mine — I scored high on all of them — meaning I'm deficient across the board. Especially low in endorphins, next GABA, then catecholamines, and lastly serotonin. I have low blood sugar, too.


There are four major neurotransmitters:

Catecholamines (norepinephrine)

When we have deficiencies in any of these neurotransmitters, we start having emotional and mental problems.


Serotonin is the number one neurotransmitter deficiency. That's why it's listed first.

It's the feel-good chemical that makes us happy, hopeful, self-confident, and outgoing. It stops the worry and turns on the bubbly enthusiasm. Who doesn't want some of that?

Oh, and guess what is the number one enemy of serotonin? Caffeine.

That's right, caffeine depletes serotonin. So you might want to rethink that latte or cup of green tea. Or that dark chocolate they say is so full of antioxidants.

Serotonin converts to melatonin as the sun goes down, so if you're low in serotonin, you won't be able to create enough melatonin — which means you won't sleep well. If you suffer from insomnia, serotonin may help you.

I was also very curious to learn that you can give serotonin to kids to help them sleep. Yes, even infants.

My daughter, age 3, has a tough time going down at night and really craves sweets after dinner. I talked to Julia and she said to give her half the adult dose of 5HTP. (For infants, you just use a pinch.)

It makes sense because this stuff is hereditary — so if you are low in serotonin, your kids will be, too.

I've started doing it and guess what? The past few nights, she's been yawning and saying, “Time for night night!”

She even got up and turned the TV off the other night and started off toward her bedroom!


Catecholamines (the number two most common deficiency) are the brain chemicals that make us feel energized and give us the ability to concentrate. Got ADD? It's caused by a deficiency in catecholamines.

Need that cup of coffee to get going? You're most likely low in catecholamines. And if you're self-medicating with coffee or chocolate, you're doing damage to your serotonin levels in the process.

Coffee reduces blood circulation in the brain by 23%. In addition, coffee is a strong appetite suppressant. Julia says that her number one objection to coffee is the fact that most people drink it in the morning and then don't eat breakfast. And it's protein that provides the amino acids we need to build neurotransmitters.

Julia says we need 20-30 grams of protein 3 times a day.

That is JUST for maintaining your current brain chemistry — not for if you are already deficient. This is why amino acids are often necessary.

I know for a fact I went many years not getting that much. Considering that I have been skipping breakfast most days since I started drinking coffee (at age 16), that means I was only 2/3 of the way there most days.

Skipping meals (even in the form of fasting or dieting) is a big no no for mental health and brain function! And if you're just eating salads or beans and rice, you may not be getting enough protein.

Meat, dairy, fish and eggs have a lot more protein than carbs. Sure, you can eat 4 cups of beans — but I'd rather have a little cheese or fish with my beans and rice.


Stressed out? Can't relax? You might be low in GABA, the third most common deficiency. GABA is a natural tranquilizer and muscle relaxer.

I don't know about you but I tend to be a bit more cranky and irritable than I'd like from time to time. And I'd much rather reach for a GABA than a Xanax.

And interestingly, Julia points out that while Xanax initially boosts the brain's supply of GABA, over time, it often depletes it.


Most people know about endorphins from exercise — the “runner's high.” Endorphins give us the ability to enjoy our lives and experience pleasure. When we are in pain, endorphins rush in to flush and flood us with pleasurable feelings.

Julia says most women tend to be lower in endorphins than men — which is why there is that age-old fight among couples:

Man: “You're too sensitive!”
Woman: “You don't bring me flowers!”

This is why so many of us women crave chocolate, bread and wine. If you find yourself saying how much you “LOVE” your chocolate or wine, and overly sensitive [raising hand,] you may be low in endorphins.

The Mood Cure

So, what are we to do about all these deficiencies? Nutrition to the rescue! Julia recommends a traditional foods diet rich in protein, fresh vegetables, whole grains, and good fats.

She says to avoid white flour, refined sugar, caffeine, unfermented soy, and other modern industrial “food-like substances”.

Sound familiar? Yep, it's the same thing I preach on this blog.

The only problem is, when you're deficient to the point of becoming alcoholic or insomniac or anorexic, you can't correct the brain chemistry fast enough with real food. Which is where the amino acids come in.

Some of My Favorite Moments from the Seminar

My favorite moments in the seminar were Julia's stories. These are the kinds of things you don't get from books!

Coffee vs. Tyrosine

Julia told us that she gave a speech to 150 people in Canada recently. The people holding the seminar tricked the attendees and did not provide caffeine. They had monitors pass out Tyrosine.

Within 10 minutes after the Tyrosine was passed out, there was a din. Everybody was animated and talking. She said she couldn't make herself heard.

Later they passed out GABA. She said there was a complete hush in the audience.

Whistling and Singing

She talked about the fact that there are more stressors in our modern day — electromagnetic, pollutants, chemicals, etc. Many of these new stressors are invisible. But, she said, for the most part, emotionally and financially, we are no more stressed now than we were 100 years ago. But, she said, we used to be able to handle the stress.

“I'm 65,” said Juila, “and I remember it was really common to walk out your door and hear people whistling and singing all the the time. Nowadays I don't hear anyone whistling unless it's a drunk coming from the bar at 2 am. I know from my own experience that something terrible has happened here.”

I thought about it and she's right! You never hear anyone whistling!

An 11-Year-Old Deficient in Serotonin

She also told the story of an 11-year-old who was brought into the office by her mother.

The girl's tantrums were getting worse. She went into a rage and tried to jump out of a moving car. The parents had split up.

The father had a problem with psychosis (there's that genetic thing again). He could not have daughter visit — as a result, the daughter blamed the mother since she couldn't see her father. She as mad at her mother all the time.

Julia told the little girl that there was a part of her brain that was hungry. She said that she knew what food that part of her brain needed. She asked her if she would like to try the food — a 25 mg tablet of 5HTP. The little girl chewed it up.

About five minutes later, she got up and whispered in her mother's ear. Her mother nodded, and the little girl stood up and started to sing, “You are so beautiful in every way no matter what they say.”

After that she sat quietly while Julia wrapped up the appointment with the mother.

The mother called a week later. She had been giving her daughter 25 mg of 5HTP after school and 25 mg again in the evening.

She reported that she was finally sleeping — and that she was completely different. She said that her daughter was no longer angry.

She said, “We don't need to see you again.”

My Results with The Mood Cure

Following Julia Ross's advice in The Mood Cure, I was able to quit coffee with absolutely no effort in just a few days, taking DLPA (endorphin).

Julia teaches people to start with the worst symptom you have and fix that first.

Exception: for people who are low in catecholamines and serotonin, it's best to fix the catecholamines FIRST. Otherwise they can end up feeling very spacey and more distracted.

After I got over the coffee addiction, I started taking 5HTP (serotonin) along with GABA and glutamine (helps with cravings for alcohol and carbs) and I have cut down my craving for wine at night.

I still crave wine, but instead of my normal 2-3 glasses with dinner, I now pour myself only one glass. Sometimes I drink just half the glass. I just leave the rest sitting there — I'm just not interested in finishing it.

I'm going to up my dose of 5HTP, and continue with the DLPA and GABA and Glutamine and see how it goes.

Next I'm going to order the saliva test for adrenal function. It measures cortisol levels, DHEA, estrogen, etc. In the class I took with Julia Ross, she showed us how to interpret our results.

I'll be sure to share my progress.

Share Your Comments

Please share your thoughts and comments below — on what you think you or your family members might be deficient in or if you've ever used amino acids before.

I always love to hear what you have to say!

Photo credit: Margaret Shear, Public Library of Science

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113 thoughts on “A Weekend with Julia Ross, Author of The Mood Cure

  1. It’s late, so I haven’t given full attention to your post—because I intend to bookmark it and come back repeatedly! I just took Julia’s tests and I’m types 1, 2, 3, & 4. Thank goodness my blood sugar is stable!

    I have the book and I used the aminos for a while, and then quit for a couple of years, but I think I’ll try experimenting with them the way you did in the seminar. I’ve heard of opening L-glutamine when you have a craving so you can get the effect faster, and it tastes sweet.

    We’ll see what happens!
    .-= Sara´s last blog ..Summer Daybook =-.

  2. Hi!
    Thanks so much for the article! Is it possible to get it in a printable form?
    I have a serious problem with my neurotransmitters and it makes it difficult to read
    long articles like this online.

    1. A great product for focus and carb/alcohol/sugar cravings is called HCF (Happy Calm Focused). It has DLPA and Glutamine plus the co-factors that make it cross the blood brain barrier.

  3. I love Julia Ross! She’s so full of hope and practical solutions. Interesting side note- she has a section in her book that talks about pyroluria, well after hearing more about it, i finally got tested and come back strongly positive for it. Ahh, finally the answer to why i haven’t been getting better over the past two years of eating a traditional diet and working on healing. Good to know there’s almost always a solution if you dig hard enough.

  4. I’m very intrigued by all this. I was following your DLPA use for quitting coffee and recommended it to a few. Now I’m thinking about reading this and trying some different things for myself. I still have a bit of anxiety and addiction to sweets that is difficult to get over. Thanks for sharing such a thorough post!
    .-= Kat´s last blog ..Comment on The First Thing I Cooked by Tweets that mention Kat’s Food Blog » The First Thing I Cooked — Topsy.com =-.

    1. Addiction to sweets/carbs/alcohol can be curbed w/L-Glutamine. Dr. Atkins recommends it for sugar cravings in his popular diet.

  5. Thanks so much for posting this! I keep re-listening to any podcast with Julia Ross as a guest – such awesome info.

    I’m a little confused, though. One podcast I listened to suggested that maybe one should fix a serotonin deficit before starting tyrosine, but you seem to have learned the opposite at the conference. I need to finish reading the books, but time is so limited and I know I can’t sacrifice sleep or I’ll really be up a creek!

    Again, thanks for the summary! I know how hard it is to try and tease out highlights from 20 pages of notes!

  6. Rebekah – This is what I wrote in my notes: “People w/ ADD, fix Cats first before serotonin – otherwise they hate you for making them more distracted”

  7. So glad you posted this. My 13 yr old son has recently had major anxiety and panic attacks. He is intolerate to heat and can’t sleep. It’s really messed with our family dynamic. I have been giving him 5 HTP as I think he definitely low on serotonin. I’ve been giving him GABA, well everything. All of them, but focusing on 5 HTP.

    I’ve gotten the idea that the supplements help almost immediately, but that hasn’t been our experience. Did she mention how long it could take before the problems begin to subside?

    We’ve had an incredibly stressful 3 years. I think he was low to begin with (from us) and the stress and going through puberty has sucked him dry.

    Your thoughts?

    1. Dr. Mike Murray recommends enteric coated 5-HTP which bypasses the stomach and gets right into the blood stream. His brand is called Natural Factors. Take it with enteric coated p-5′-p for better absorption.

  8. Hi, I’ve read Julia’s books, and have heard her interviewed. I was also toying with the idea of going to the workshop this June.

    Anecdotally, I’ve heard the amino acid therapy is indeed powerful. I’ve often wondered though if it is wise to take individual amino acids. Meaning, shouldn’t they be taken as real food, or if supplementing, in groups as they occur in real food.

    Did Ross discuss long term use of amino acid therapy or any problems with imbalances?

    Thank you.

  9. I am off to get me some amino acids! I took the test and I am a type 1 – Low in serotonin, type 3 – Low in Gaba, and type 5 – unstable blood sugar.

    Can’t wait to see how this works!

  10. Julia’s research is so exciting. It’s so doable for people, and even her advice beyond amino acid therapy is very down-to-earth. It’s all about building health from the ground up.

    I’ve used all four types of amino acid therapies at some point or another during the last two years. I have the Mood Cure book and I think I’m going to go through the questionnaire again later today and re-examine my moods to see if I need a boost! 😉
    .-= Elizabeth @ The Nourished Life´s last blog ..Learn Why Detoxification is So Imporant, Part Two =-.

  11. When you say “4” DLPA and “4” Tyrosine, how many milligrams each were the capsules? I am going to give these to my husband and not tell him what they are for and see what the results are. He is definitely adictied to his morning coffee but sleeps terribly at night. I am sure he would be glad to give up coffee if it was easy and he knew it would help him sleep better. Good thing he is a good sport. 🙂

  12. Debra –

    The amino acids should work immediately. If you don’t see a result from one pill, try two or three. Put them on the tongue to absorb faster — you should see something within 10 minutes or so.

    My husband had to take 4 tyrosine AND 4 DLPA to feel anything.

    I believe this is because (a) he is a big guy — muscular (b) he is not very sensitive to drugs or vitamins (c) he has low thyroid function. This is the main reason, I believe. And why we saw results with the tyrosine in particular (it helps the thyroid).

    If the amino acids are not working it could be other issues with your son.

    Low thyroid function is often the problem if someone doesn’t react to the amino acids. If the the thyroid is not functioning properly, the aminos don’t work. You should check his basal body temps, read the symptoms of thyroid problems (hypo or hyper thyroid or thyroiditis) as well as adrenal fatigue and, if you think he needs it, get his tests done. All of the instructions for all of the above are in Julia’s books.

    The fact that puberty has made things worse makes me wonder if it is related to his hormones.

    Another possibility is that he doesn’t react well to 5HTP. You may want to try Tryptophan.

    Another possibility is that he has food intolerances — wheat or dairy are the most common. Have you tried an elimination diet?

  13. Christine,

    Please also pick up a copy of one of Julia’s books. I really didn’t cover very much in this post and there are so many things to consider when you embarking on this journey. Food intolerances, hormone inmbalances — as I mentioned in the above comment — etc.

  14. Mickey –

    Anecdotally, I’ve heard the amino acid therapy is indeed powerful. I’ve often wondered though if it is wise to take individual amino acids. Meaning, shouldn’t they be taken as real food, or if supplementing, in groups as they occur in real food.

    Julia said that we are so depleted that it is hard to get all the nutrients we need fast enough to see real results — just from eating food.

    Now, that said, she always stresses that real food is the FOUNDATION of this. You are never to miss a meal and you are always supposed to eat 20-30 grams of protein 3 times a day. So this therapy is in ADDITION to a real food regimine.

    Did Ross discuss long term use of amino acid therapy or any problems with imbalances?

    She said that most people can stop taking the amino acids in a period of months, provided that they stay on the traditional food diet. Most people are able to correct all their deficiencies and they find that they just don’t need the supplements anymore.

    Exceptions are people who have hormone imbalances, food sensitivities, and she even mentioned one woman who was bullimic or anorexic (can’t remember which) who could not recover – they eventually found out that her problem was parasites. Once they got rid of the parasites, she was fine.

    The only other people who might take longer than a period of months on the amino acids are hardcore alcoholics and drug addicts, or people addicted to painkillers and prescription drugs — this can take up to a couple years. Some drugs are harder to wean off of than others. She said SSRIs like Prozac are relatively easy (but you DO need to be careful and wean off of them slowly under a doctor’s supervision, and using her protocol of diet and amino acids). Other drugs are more difficult and some are very difficult.

  15. Have you heard of Sabre Sciences (Dr Borkin)? They do urine neurotransmitter and saliva hormone testing and then make custom creams to address any issue found. I used them last year to treat my adrenal fatigue. Their transdermal creams cured me and I was able to stop in 6 months. Although no longer fatigued, I miss the treatment because it made me feel so centered and balanced. After reading your post, I am guessing it was the amino acids that did the trick (they also contain precursor hormones and minerals). I will have to read Julia’s book. The Sabre Sciences program was wonderful, but it was too expensive to keep up long term.

  16. I have the mood cure book at home. I read it awhile back and it was very interesting, but never got around to implementing any of the suggestions. I am deficient in all areas, though 1 was the worst by far at 33. I will have to check into the supplements recommended in the book when I get home at the end of the month to see if it helps!

  17. Wow this is really interesting!
    I had a total score of 24 on serotonin and guess what, I have been taking xtc in the past, you know that drug that releases serotonin!
    I am also low on bloodsugar, I knew that allready. Eating according to WAPF helped a lot, but still there are things missing I think.
    Thank you so much for sharing, it is a shame she doesn’t do seminars in Europe or can the book be enough?

  18. Iris – I think the book can be enough if you follow it closely. I think you may need to work with doctors for some issues like thyroid or hormonal issues.

    Please feel free to share on this blog your experiences.

  19. Elizabeth – I haven’t heard of that. How wonderful that you were able to recover!

    Julia said that she hasn’t personally found that saliva or other tests work to test for neurotransmitter deficiencies. That’s why they go by the questionnaire.

    She also said that stress depletes the neurotransmitters. So if you’re eating a really good diet, if you are under stress, you may need to supplement again for a time.

  20. Janice –

    I did the exact same thing! I got both books from the library about a year and a half ago. Read them both, bought the supplements, and then didn’t get results right away and gave up. We tried again about 6 months later — same thing.

    But of course, I don’t think I was using the supplements in the right way. I think if you follow her approach of correcting one thing at a time, it is the most effective way to do it. If you try to do too much at once, you have no idea what is working and what is not.

    This is how I used amino acids successfully — one thing at a time. First I went after the coffee. Now that coffee is completely in check, I’m going after the wine. Next, I’ll be getting my hormones tested (just ordered the test today!) and working to correct those imbalances.

    I just want to say how thrilled I am to be able to share this information with you all. It’s so exciting to have you guys share what you are going through. I just got off the phone with a friend and she told me that after reading my blog, she finally got herself off her 2-3 cups of coffee. Next she is going to work on her wine habit. She also has super low adrenal function — and she’s been working on correcting that.

    I feel very blessed to have so many friends who share my love for good health and nutrition.

  21. Since the Sabre Sciences protocol worked so well for me, I wonder if transdermal supplements are more effective than oral supplements. I certainly noticed a change right away.

  22. By the way, all day I’ve been thinking about supplementing with amino acids for kids. It never even occured to me, but it makes a lot of sense because children do take after their parents in physiological weaknesses, too! I’ve known this to be true in adrenal health but I never put it together for amino acids. Maybe I should go through the questionnaire for my kids, too.

    Ann Marie, is there anything else one should know before trying this with kids?
    .-= Elizabeth @ The Nourished Life´s last blog ..Learn Why Detoxification is So Imporant, Part Two =-.

  23. This is all so interesting, Ann Marie. You sure have my attention about the coffee, and other items. Was wondering if she mentioned anything about cigarette addiction. I have a son who drinks and smokes. I know he hates the behavior, but in himself can not overcome it. After reading this it all makes sense why he can’t quit. I think his body is screaming for something.

    1. Regarding your son’s addiction to alcohol: I have learned that “alcoholism” is a genetic suseptability to alcohol and other mood altering drugs. Alcoholics are really “self medicating” because they cannot seem to feel good without alcohol. This is also a family DISEASE, transmitted through the DNA. (not a “theory” but factually proven). Investigate your family tree and you will see…..Alcohol depletes the amino acids, but also every single nutrient, vitamins, minerals, all of it, and alcohol is notorious for depleting B12, so B12 shots have proven effective in safe detoxification. B12 shots also help the person to regain their energy and mental clarity, and this gives the “feel good” that they need to quit drinking. I read an article years ago about a treatment clinic in California that uses NUTRITION, including the amino acids to correct the brain chemistry for recovery. They demonstrated a 75% long term recovery rate compared to conventional treatment programs (medical) which only have a 3% recovery rate. Regular synthetic multi-vitamins do not work because the body recognizes food nutrients, not chemicals. The best I have found in 20 years of research is Garden of Life products, made with organic food nutrients, online at 40% discount. I get a lot of our supplements from Swanson Vitamins, including the amino acids under the Swanson label, which are a bargain….otherwise buying all this at the health food store can cost a fortune.

    2. FYI- consider L-Glutamine for alcohol and marijuana addition,
      l-Tyrosine for aspartame addiction and to detox
      L-Taurine for MSG
      L-Phynalenaline is the body's natural pain killer

      I used aminos as my daughter went off cold turkey four prescription pain killers. They helped with symptoms of withdrawal and detox. It took four days. She went from next step wheelchair to pain free.

      Once you eliminate the addiction, I'm thinking you would be eliminating the deficiency and can just use the amino acid periodically to detox.

      Again I use Now Foods Amino Acid Complete, a multiple along with the singular. As someone mentioned Vitacost.Com is a great place to shop.

  24. I am thrilled to death. My friend recommended that I check into amino acids for bipolar disorder. We have been going to the same support group for years, and she stopped coming. I ran into her at the store one day and we had a long conversation about amino acids. She is now completely stabilized and her psychiatrist is amazed and let her discontinue her medications slowly. She is now drug free for the first time in 15 years. wow!
    This makes me think that may I’m not bipolar, so much as i am deficient in amino acids. I took the score and am 20 in Serotonin and 9 in Norepinephrin. I will talk to my doctors and see what they have to say about trying this out. I would love to lower my dosage of mood stabilizers, the side effects are killing me!

    Keep doing the research my dear, you are helping so many people. Thank you!

  25. The books are in my amazon cart and I’m ordering them tonight. Any info. you can offer right now on taking these during pregancy or while nursing? Thanks.

  26. can you provide a link or info regarding the saliva test for adrenal function?

    love this post. 5-HTP got me out of my cycling thoughts of despair just last night.

    I hope Julia starts a distance training program soon as I’m on the east coast. The Mood Cure showed me that my emotional turmoil was not personal but chemical. Priceless to learn.

    thanks for sharing your experience!
    .-= elise abrams miller´s last blog ..unexpected =-.

  27. Our family worked with Julia for about a year. After a while it got frustrating because we were taking a ton of supplements and although we were better and off coffee and other stimulants, we still had issues and the supplements were costing about $500 per month per person. Then we began to work really hard at our nourishing traditional diet. Bone broth at every meal, 60% or more of calories from fat, and one to three fermented foods with every meal. That was the ticket. Everything clicked and we were able to get off the supplements and be really well. My hormones, which we had yet to work on at Julia’s clicked right into place when we got the diet right. These supplements are great to jump start healing or to move the brain to a place where it you feel up to doing the work you need to do. However a nourishing traditional diet with plenty of quality protein, fermented foods, and lots of healthy fats is the most critical component.

  28. I love Julia Ross as well and use her books in my wholeness coaching practice as well as in my own life. However, I’m currently pregnant. I went off all my amino acid supplements because I could find no information about whether they’re safe or not for pregnant women. I’m betting that they’re safe, but I can’t find anything conclusive. Does anyone know?

  29. Carol, Your story is really interesting! Could you elaborate? Which fermented foods, and how much at each meal? Also, how much bone broth at each meal?

    The Sabre Sciences creams were about $120/month, but he also wanted frequent urine testing (every 2-3 months until progress is made, then every 6 months, then yearly) at $200 per test. The first round of testing included a saliva test (along with urine neurotransmitter) and cost me about $350, but that included a 1 hour phone consult with Dr Borkin. I think it would have cost $500 if I had included the hormone testing. He does not do that at first because he says that the adrenals affect your hormones, and that if would make more sense to fix the adrenals first, then test the hormones. I never got that far, because just fixing the adrenals did wonders for me.

  30. Okay. I gotta get hubby on 5-HTP. He’s had insomnia since college and has been on Ambien continuously since they hit the market (yeah, I know.) When he goes off the pills he simply does not sleep to the point his health fails. I have been hoping and praying and researching for an alternative for years. So, today’s stop: the library for The Mood Cure and the health food store for some 5-HTP.
    .-= Peggy´s last blog ..An Ode to Strawberry Kombucha =-.

  31. I REALLY appreciate this post (as well as your previous post on quitting coffee). I am making that (quitting coffee) my summer project. 🙂 I have tried to quit before, but found that I was a terrible, exhausted mother without the caffeine, so I just reverted back to coffee figuring that I owed it to my kids, even though I was aware that I required too much of it for it to possibly be healthy for me.

    I would love it if you posted a list of what you bought in what doses, etc. I have trouble figuring pill-buying out.

    Also…I know that I have low-thyroid function (my thyroid was damaged by Lyme Disease that I had years ago). Does this mean that I will require higher doses to notice something, or is the fact that my hormones are supplemented (by natural hormones that my pharmacist extracts from pig thyroid and compounds for me, incidently) mean that I should respond like a normal person?

    I am going to get these books–or at the very least The Mood Cure–in my next Amazon order. Sounds like something that would benefit our whole family!
    .-= Brandy Afterthoughts´s last blog ..Lessons from Charlotte: Babystepping Our Way to Good Habits =-.

  32. I bought The Diet Cure last night and also picked up some 5-HTP.

    I have been having issues since I stopped breastfeeding a few months ago: excessive weight gain (40 lbs), trouble falling asleep, and no sex drive. I have the Mirena IUD and plan to have it taken out when I get home since these issues can be related to the Mirena too. I am not sure whether I should wait to try any other supplements until its out, or see what I can get adjusted now.

    I tried the 5-HTP last night, but I didn’t feel different and I still struggled with falling asleep. I will try increasing the dose tonight to see if that works.

  33. I just ordered “The Mood Cure” from the library because I found your post fascinating, Ann Marie! I haven’t taken the test yet, but I know I am deficient in something, because I have major caffeine and sugar addiction. The funny thing is, when I drink afternoon coffee, it doesn’t even wake me up until much later in the day, yet I still crave it and drink it when I know I shouldn’t!
    I worry about our 7-year-old, who seems to have inherited my sugar cravings. I plan to up our family’s protein consumption, in addition to checking out which amino acids I might need to start addressing one issue of mine at a time! I’ll check the book when I get it, but I’m wondering about contraindications…
    Thank you for all this great info.
    .-= Ellen@BodyEarth´s last blog ..Giveaway! Real Food Starter Books =-.

  34. Ann Marie – what’s going on with Real Food Media? There hasn’t been a new post since June 8th. It’s my all time favorite website!

    Carol – that’s awesome that diet worked for you. Were are on GAPS diet and it’s helping us too! I would love to read more about your experiences with supplements and diet. Do you blog?

  35. Wow, that’s really interesting stuff. I really appreciate it, and sure every one else does, you taking the time to write it all up!
    I just took the questionnaire, and found I was most depleted in serratonin, though I was over the cut off in all the others too. I suffer greatly from insomnia and unfreshing sleep. I have severe chronic fatigue syndrome, and in the last 5 years have been through so much emotional, and physical pain. It’s just hard knowing what the right things to take are! I think Julia Ross gives a good guide! I definately am going to see if my library has her books in stock.

    Kylie in NZ

  36. Nevermind, I found the info about amino acids during pregnancy on Julia Ross’ website FAQ: https://www.moodcure.com/faq.html

  37. Hi,

    Inspired by your initial post on quitting coffee with the help of amino acids, I have been trying DLPA and others. The effects haven’t been very profound, but I may have taken too weak doses. In any case I have been successful in cutting down on coffe to near zero by merely drinking just enough each day to rid myself of the worst withdrawal symptoms. (I might for instance drink half a cup of espresso and then skip the rest, and then repeat one more time later in the day.)

    Even if I’m not yet down to zero caffeine the change in how I feel has been to the better.

    (I blogged on this here: https://blog.modernpaleo.com/2010/06/de-caffeinating-my-life.html .)
    .-= Christian Wernstedt´s last blog ..The Paleo Rodeo #013 =-.

  38. Oh, wow. I took the quizzes–I’m down in cats and serotonin due to stress and grieving (our dog passed away from lymphoma a month ago). I felt really apathetic and weepy and wanted to totally isolate myself the last couple of weeks. I bought 5-HTP and l-tyrosene when I was out running errands today. About 5 minutes after the first dose, I felt focused and mellowed out.
    I tried taking 5-HTP some years ago, but took it too close to bedtime (and probably too high a dose). I thought my dreams had been hijacked by Terry Gilliam (of Monty Python fame) ;).
    .-= Fran´s last blog ..Next Issue Due Out June 21 =-.

  39. It is probably safer and much less expensive to repair your mental state by eating a wholesome traditional diet, much like the Paleo Diet, based on the foods your ethnic heritage is familiar with. Julia Ross seems to promote this idea, but then further recommends the consumption of amino acid supplements on top of this.

    There are risks when ingesting lots of manufactured / isolated chemicals, even if normally found in the human body. I recall a problem with a product precursor to 5-HTP a while back causing 30 some deaths and many more ill in the the USA. The supplement wasn’t properly filtered due to a change in manufacturing processes and people died as a result.
    .-= Dave C.´s last blog ..You Can’t Do Both Low-Carb And Low-Fat =-.

  40. Dave –

    Yes, Julia does recommend a traditional diet. She only recommends the amino acids for short-term use — usually anywhere from 3-12 months for most people. People with hardcore addictions like heroin or cocaine may need to take the aminos longer for like 2 years.

    She addresses that issue with 5HTP in both of her books and she talked about it in the seminar. The amino acids are totally safe to take now.

  41. I had my first caffeine free day in 25 or so years today. Worked like a charm.

    Though I prepped by going to bed early the night before; taking a magnesium citrate drink before bed; taking Acetyl-L-Carnitine and Alpha Lipoic Acid in the morning; making sure I ate breakfast and lunch (I usually skip one on paleo); drinking some rooibois tea in the afternoon.

    (I’ve also been prepping for this through successively cutting back on caffeine over a couple of weeks.)
    .-= Christian Wernstedt´s last blog ..The Paleo Rodeo #013 =-.

  42. Congrats, Christian! That is great!

    I think I cut down over a period of a few days (half a cup, 1/4 cup and so on).

    What do Acetyl-L-Carnitine and Alpha Lipoic Acid do for you?

  43. Frankly, I’m not sure what ALCA and ALA do for me beyond placebo.

    My current theory is that as a paleo guy, I probably don’t have severe deficiencies in these, or I would have to take the amounts that Poliquin recommends which is 3-7 grams of ALCA per day, which I hesitate to do. I already scaled back from two grams to one gram as my urine begun to smell like asparagus, telling me that excess stuff got excreted.

    I’m on my second caffeine free day today, and I feel like a million bucks.
    .-= Christian Wernstedt´s last blog ..The Paleo Rodeo #013 =-.

  44. Really interesting about consuming 20-30 grams of protein three times a day. If you recall, this is what the dietician from the Dairy Board mentioned over lunch at the Calif Milk Board event. I’m not guilty of refined sugars and grains, but I’ve been trying to up my protein and this information has added to my motivation. Thanks much and I’ll look for Julia’s book!

  45. Hiya, Rosemary!

    It was great meeting you this week! I am still full from that lunch. 😉

    Thanks so much for commenting and linking to your blog! I’m off to go check it out now.

    Are you on Facebook? You can add me here: https://www.facebook.com/annmarie.michaels

    Ann Marie

  46. Thank you for posting this. I was just up in Marin and heard Sally Fallon-Morrell speak on traditional foods for fertility, pregnancy and lactation diets. I too was like, well, I’ve read the books and blogs, why do I need to go? But it is really inspiring hearing people speak in person, and like you said you get the anecdotal stories, etc etc etc.

    I took the test and am deficient mostly in seratonin, then the others. I will definitely read “The Mood Cure” and maybe meet with Julia Ross when I’m up visiting the family! I think I’ll hold off on the supplementation until I deliver my baby, due in 8 weeks!

    I too have a toddler that fights sleep and craves sugar. THANK YOU for the recommendation for seratonin. I can’t wait to try that.

    I too am waiting for my adrenal saliva test to get back. Please post on your results and what you plan to do!!!
    .-= Kristen´s last blog ..Power Smoothie =-.

  47. So I’m curious, with the supplements, is it sort of a… you need to keep taking them forever, or you fix the deficiency, and then you just need to eat enough normal protein? I have serious reservations about replacing being on drugs for my whole life (or told I need to), with any other kind of pill. (Eating this way has definitely helped get me so I’m actually off the anti-depressants anyways, and doing fine, but not my absolute best.) If it’s sort of a get your levels back where they should be thing, I might give it a try.

  48. @ Kristen

    Yes, wait to supplement until after you have your baby and are done nursing.

    Please report back and let me know how your adrenal results turn out!

    I meant to respond to the others who asked: Julia said if you are pregnant or nursing, she does not advise taking the amino acids. She did say that an amino acid blend is fine.

    1. What are the amino acid blends? I failed in all four of the tests, but am currently nursing so I can’t start the normally recommended aminos.

  49. Caroline –

    No you don’t need to take them for a long time — this is temporary to help you stop the cravings for the junk and start eating real food — go up and read the comments above.

  50. synchronicity: talking with my therapist today she asked if I have ever considered/been on antidepressants. um, yes, but I don’t like to stay on them, only for periods of deep stress (like now, facing a new addition to the family!) and especially not now because of pregnancy (oh the irony of being a low-serotonin and pregnant woman). But then I mentioned the possibility of taking 5-HTP later on after baby is born and she said, oh, like in The Mood Cure which we sell downstairs. I couldn’t believe it and she went on the tell how it has helped so many people she knows. Love it. Bummed that it is not recommended during nursing, but I already have a nutritional plan in place.
    .-= Kristen´s last blog ..Power Smoothie =-.

  51. Kristen

    Julia showed us some studies that were done in which people really got better – and they were only using the amino acid blends. If you are depressed, the blends can help while you are pregnant and nursing.

  52. I have never posted on your site before, but read it regularly….

    I just have to say that Julia Ross’s suggestions in the Mood Cure changed my life! It practically saved my marriage, and turned me into someone reasonable again! I thank God everyday that he prompted my husband to ask “is there anything you can EAT that would help with this??” which prompted me to look into it and find this book. God is so awesome like that!

    I also lost 35 pounds without trying to after starting her program with traditional foods, and amino acids.

    In fact the change in me was so great that my mother decided to try it too, and she is just getting weaned off her antidepression meds to give this a go.

    SUPER books, glad you wrote this post.

    (one thing that you might think about, the post seems to somewhat make light of the usage of amino acids, almost too light, they are serious stuff and can have side effects and serious complications in certain people, you might want to mention that there are counter indications and such.)

    your avid reader,

  53. Thanks Ann Marie for reminding me about the amino acid blends. I forgot to ask my doc this morning. I did get my adrenal stress results back and the good news is that I am not in adrenal fatigue but have significantly elevated cortisol levels at each testing period. So glandulars would be a bad idea because I need to stop stimulating my adrenals, not rev them up! I’ve gotten specific recommendations from my doctor (can’t take certain things because of the pregnancy) and also am commuted to eating better (also found insulin resistance). Please write a post on adrenal saliva testing and let us know your results. It will help so many women. I am glad I did it and hope to feel better soon, if not to have extra support during the final stages of pregnancy and of course, post-partum!
    .-= Kristen´s last blog ..Power Smoothie =-.

  54. Mrs. Logan –

    That is fantastic! Thank you so much for posting. I’m sure it will encourage someone who finds this post.

    And yes I agree you have to be careful with amino acids.

    One trick Julia told us about — if you have any negative reactions to amino acids, just down a glass of water with a packet of EmergenC. The vitamin C flushes it out and you won’t have any bad reactions. She said it works every time.

    1. I have taken all of the amino acids recommended, and have had no side effects, except for improved brain chemistry. I have also taken SAMe, which is prescribed by medical doctors in Europe instead of anti-depressant drugs. Since I am chemically sensitive, which does make me sensitive to drugs and even some herbal products, it seems to me that if I can take the amino acids, most other people should not have a problem with them. Although, if they do, I agree with you, EmergenC stops many types of reactions and also restores electrolyte mineral deficiency, including heat exhaustion. [it is even better to take it to prevent heat exhaustion, than to have to fix it after the fact] One thing about taking nutritional products instead of drugs, no one dies from nutritional products, but every year over 100,000 people die from “properly prescribed drugs”. [The medical reporting rate is recognized at only 10% of actual deaths, so multiply this by 10, you get a MILLION deaths per year.]

  55. I’m making my way through The Diet Cure (only one available through my library, I’d prefer The Mood Cure) What do you make of the basic recommended supplements? Are you going to/are you taking them? I am already taking a prenatal but I know WAPF frowns on vitamin supplements in general and would prefer us to eat our nutrients from food. I think that is all well and good but I am not eating an all WAPF diet just yet. I wanted to know if you are doing the basic supplements, or just going for the “special repair supplements”?
    .-= Kristen´s last blog ..Power Smoothie =-.

  56. Kristen –

    I am taking a multivitamin from Standard Process (Catalyn).

    I’m also taking zinc (since I tested low doing the zinc tally test), extra vitamin C, extra magnesium, and I’m taking two SP supplements with liver and adrenal glands — since I just got my test results back and my cortisol is low.

    I think if you are in the process of trying to heal, if you are preganant and/or nursing, and if you don’t always have an optimal diet, vitamin supplements can be helpful.

    1. I am enjoying reading this article and the comments, especially yours which are very informative. I am searching online for info to help convince my daughter’s friend to try the amino acids and nutritional products since the psyche meds are only making him feel worse….so I copied all of this into a document for him and will recommend The Mood Cure book. I first learned about amino acids for brain chemistry issues 20 years ago, reading a book “The Anxiety Epidemic”. Anyway, I am glad that you mentioned Standard Process supplements. I have taken alot of different nutritional products, but in 40 years I have found nothing to compare to them for regenerating damaged organs. My chiropractor started me on “Cardiotrophin” and “Cardioplex” along with Vitamin E and Cal-Mag to recover my severe heart damage from Rheumatic Fever. That was 40 years ago so I had no idea back then that this was even possible. To my amazement it worked. Then my father had a massive heart attack, and he took these products. My chiro also recommended that we read the book “Vitamin E and Your Heart” (author; Shultz I think) His cardiologist was so amazed at his improvement that he wrote a medical paper about this, naming the book and Standard Process products, but he discovered that he couldn’t get it published in a medical journal because of their extreme preference for only drugs, not nutritional products. I am currently recovering from a heart attack with this same protocol. I am night and day improved compared to 6 months ago.

      Also I had thyroid deficiency which SP “Thyrotrophin” and organic iodine cured, and I had hormone imbalance caused by taking birth control pills for years, but thankfully SP “Symplex F” fixed that problem. That was years ago, but I started taking Symplex F again for “old lady hormone deficiency”. I also am taking Standard Process for adrenal exhaustion, and it has really improved that in a short period of time: Drenatrophin, Adrenal Dessicated, and Drenamin.

      I hope that posting this info helps people who need to know about Standard Process, since these supplements are not available in health food stores, although some chiropractors and naturopathic doctors carry this line. My chiropractor’s wife is still seeing clients for nutritional therapies, and she is almost 90 years old now. I asked her “how does she do it?” and she said “Standard Process and juicing”. I just received my bi-monthly order from her….$200 and worth every dime!!! (averages $100 per month)

      1. I love my amino’s. And that said, I was diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue syndrome well over 10yrs ago, my traditional Dr’s office wanted to put me on prozac, I decided to go alternative and found Dr. Tedde Rinker, who I realize now put me a therapy very similar to Julia Ross’s Amino Acid Therapy. (may have been her Therapy) which I did for several months, tapered down and fast forward I recently certified as a Health Coach and would have read both the Mood Cure and Diet Cure and love to further study with Julia Ross spend a weekend with and perhaps a couple of others. I’ve read your article several time and love it. Thank you for sharing.

  57. Thanks! WAPF and Julia Ross tempered with common sense! Looking forward to your adrenal post and let us know how you’re doing after starting the protocol.

  58. Thank you for this post – just what I needed 🙂 Tomorrow I will not drink coffee. I have replaced coffee with yerba mate before which supposedly has 15 amino acids in it (and other goodies) – do you have any experience with it? It definitely makes me feel good (which coffee does not really, it just “kicks” me awake) and why did I ever go back to coffee? It is hard to let go of cherished traditions/bad habits… 🙂

    I was also wondering what dosage of the 5HTP you are taking – I have some 50 mg around, do you think that would be a good dosage to start with?

    1. My daughter and I both got off the coffee with Yerba Mate tea. We are now “addicted” to this: Wisdom of the Ages Yerba Mate Royale instant powder. I buy this online for $7 and it actually costs less than buying the tea bags. Who can wait for tea to brew when they are having a coffee withdrawal??!!

  59. Thank you for this post. I have a couple of questions. On the mood test, what herb is she recommending for the second set of questions; I was a bit confused by that. And is the 5HTP providing the Serotonin or the GABA?
    Thanks so much!

  60. Thx for the post. Have been reading THE MOOD CURE. Considering going to Julia’s clinic so googled and found your blog. Does anyone here have experience with their in-house program? Was it worth it? How much does it cost? Greatly appreciate any input from those who’ve done the program.

  61. I’m sure my dad could benefit from this but I don’t think he has the follow through. He is on such a SAD diet 🙁

  62. I asked this in a reply, but it may have been overlooked so I’m asking again 😉

    What are the amino acid blends? I failed in all four of the tests, but am currently nursing so I can’t start the normally recommended aminos.

  63. I’m with Cat – I don’t see any info on the blends. Could someone please respond? I’m nursing a 3 month old, just finished reading the book “The Diet Cure” and desperately want to get things started to get me on the healing track as I’m deficient across the board. I’m trying to eat a whole foods diet, but the cravings and lack of energy keep derailing me. Any help would be GREAT! 🙂 Thanks!

  64. Wow, that was such an amazing read. I’ve only just been recommended The Mood Cure and your blog and just reading this post I am fascinated by it. I suffer with awful depression and am fed up of meds and how numb I feel, still with the depression in full swing so I’m looking at a natural way to cure it. I will definitely be reading the books and keeping up with your blog. Thankyou so much. Off to take the tests!

  65. Thanks for educating us with this article. I have eaten my way to pre-diabetes and PCOS and still can’t stop my sugar and chocolate addiction. Yesterday I chanced upon someone discussing glutamine for carb addictions and went out to get some yesterday. I hope and pray that it will be my answer. How can I get more info regarding your day with Julia Ross?

    Thanks again!

  66. Has anyone actually gotten wired at night taking the 5-htp or L-Tryptophan? That has been my experience. I have chronic insomnia and have been trying to get off Ambien & Clonozepam.

    1. Hi Craig, Its 10 months since you posted your request so I hope you have worked it out by now. My sister had the same problem, she gets the best results by only once per day, just before she is ready to go to bed, she gets a good sleep then but still wakes very early, you could potentially try another dose then, or experiment with excluding as much light as you possibly can from your bedroom to try to slow the melatonin – waking response.

  67. Hi Ann Marie,
    My son is showing some really difficult psychiatric problems, and I was wondering if you had any feelings at all about Joan Mathews-Larsen as compared with Julia Ross? It might be easier for us to go to Larsen since my sister lives near her clinic, but I have been extremely impressed with Julia Ross’s books and what you have said about her. My son desperately needs help and is (at this time) non-compliant and not interested in doing dietary changes with me, but I believe he would listen to a doctor. (He is taking some amino acids and we see some small improvements.)
    Thanks for any help.

  68. Pingback: clean-coming, control-freaking & cortisol soup | elise a. miller
  69. Wow. I just took the 5-HTP powder from a 100 mg capsule, put it under my tongue and am positively flying here 10 minutes later. Feel like I just took a happy pill. Practically giddy, actually. I’m going to have fun experimenting with the other aminos : )

    I scored a 31 on Julia’s questionnaire for serotonin. She says to review that section of her book if one scores above 12.

    I can see this is going to have a profound impact on my life. I can also see I’m a bit spacey now (feeling very high) and so I understand the reason for what’s stated above so far as boosting the catecholamines FIRST if low on those too (I scored 14 on that).

    Thanks for the great article.

  70. hi i am looking into Julia Ross and AA’s have experienced depression/anxiety and now was suggested I might have ADHD I just turned 50! I want help and prefer natural vs drugs

    Need to read the mood cure book. When I clean up my diet I feel better but stress sends me to sugar to medicate myself yesterday I had 2 dougnuts & 2 chai lattes to soothe myself ( which I know does nothing good for me) Family history of alcoholism, depression too.

    It may be difficult to go to her clinic in CA are there other practitioners else where?? thank you Linda

  71. thank you for the article on Julia Ross and her conference. I am on antidepressants and my Dr doesn’t know how to help me off them I know I would benefit from some of the treatment supplements. I am afraid to mix prescription drugs with the supplements. thanks for the comments.

    1. Please let me know if you found a way to use aminos to get off meds. I too am confused about using both at the same time. Thank you.

  72. I recently read the book The Diet Cure and was planning on starting the supplements soon! I ended up having all 8 issues (yikes) and I have a hard time keeping track of all supplements I should be taking. Does anyone else have all 8 and could maybe tell me a list of the supplements I need to buy? I know the main 4, but it’s just hard to keep track of.


    Email: holley.kellie@yahoo.com

  73. I just read the Mood Cure and could have sworn it said you can start addressing all the issues at once, but now I’m reading here that I shouldn’t? I understand how trying to fix serotonin and the cats at once is counter productive, but what about the others? Other than not being able to tell if one amino is bothering or working for you and others aren’t, is there a reason I shouldn’t start addressing all the issues at once except serotonin? I scored really high in all the areas except blood sugar, and honestly I’m a bit desperate. I’ve been trying to heal my adrenals for years with adaptogens (I have a mix of high and low cortisol levels) and doing the diet similar to hers (Whole30, because I’m intolerant to just about everything!). I’m just at my wits end and sick of being sick. I’ve had these problems for over a decade and I’m only 26! If I do have to do these one at a time, how would I choose which to start first? I’m pretty much equal on the Blahs (tyrosine) and Over Stressed (GABA), and then closely followed by the low endorphins and low serotonin.

  74. I’m curious as to whether anyone has found one particular amino acid supplement that covers the full range of neurotransmitter increase that Woods recommends.

    I’d love to hear from those of you who have.


    1. All you need are these two products: NeuroReplete and CystReplete to keep your neurotransmitters in balance for long term use.

      1. What are these products? I noticed in another post above you mention something calm
        Just wondering about your recommendations and validity?

  75. Just ran across this blog while reading people’s experiences with DLPA. I ordered some which arrived today. I have chronic pain and depressed (mostly because Im in pain.) I am that person with the coffee in the morning who doesn’t eat. I did eat eggs and sausage this morning, having read about the protein thing elsewhere. What is going to be hard for me is giving up my coffee. Thanks for the blog – very informative!

  76. I would like to come to your clinic. I tried to submit my request but it did not take it.
    Please call me at 602-390-8123

  77. This has been a very helpful post. Thank you so much!!

    How do you buy catecholamines? Where do you order the saliva test for adrenal function? I ordered DLPA to quit coffee and start it tomorrow – very excited to see the results! I’ve been trying to quit for 3 years now!!

    Have you read about Rhodiola? I’m going to start taking that tomorrow as well.

  78. You mentioned giving kids the amino acids so it’s safe to do so? I suspect some deficiencies also and wondering how to dose it for 7,13,25 yr olds. You mentioned 25 2x a day for 11 years old. So that’s half a 50 pill. How do we know how to dose for kids??

  79. Hi I just recently stumbled into the work of Julia Ross and I wonder whether the effects she has talked about are so tremendous and fast.
    I experimented with 5htp and now tyrosine. Well it is pretty hard to tell.
    Do you know any updates since 8 years ago?
    Is it more placebo? Do you take additional vitamin b6 for that or I was told betaine for your stomach is essential so that your digestive system can absorb the aminos? Looking forward to your answers
    Greetings from Austria 🙂

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