Cherry Angiomas, Iodine and Detoxing Bromide and Fluoride

Do you have cherry angiomas? Ever wonder what they are? They can be caused by fluoride detox.

I started noticing cherry angiomas on my skin in the past few years. They look like small, bright red moles.

Cherry Angioma

If you search online, most sites say that they are something that just happens to people as they become middle-aged. I started seeing them a few years ago. I'm 44 now, so OK, I guess that makes sense.

But still, I wondered… could it be a sign of something wrong with me?

What Are Cherry Angiomas?

Cherry angiomas (also called cherry hemangiomas, Campbell De Morgan spots, or Senile angiomas) are small red or purple spots on the skin.

Cherry angiomas are cherry red papules on the skin containing an abnormal proliferation of blood vessels… Cherry angiomas are made up of clusters of capillaries at the surface of the skin, forming a small round dome (“papule”), which may be flat topped. They range in colour from bright red to purple. (Source)

The close-up photo of a cherry angioma above is kind of pretty, but in real life cherry angiomas are not very attractive.

Cherry Angiomas

Yuck, right?

OK, so first of all, that picture is not of ME. And also, I don't have anywhere NEAR that many.

I just have a few here and there. I have several on my cleavage and torso, and a couple on my arms and legs.

Cherry Angiomas, Iodine, and Fluoride Detox

I was curious about what caused cherry angiomas. You see something weird on your skin and it makes you nervous. Like, what are these things?

I found found some websites the other day that explained that cherry angiomas are a sign of bromide poisoning. In fact, it can be a sign that bromide is detoxing from the body.

Check this out:

Cherry angiomas are caused by bromine poisoning. Research conducted by Drs. A. D. Cohena, E. Cagnanob, and D. A. Vardya, shows the correlation between bromine poisoning and cherry angiomas.

Mysterious red moles appeared on researchers' bodies after working for extended periods of time with brominated compounds.

Bromine poisoning, stored in the fat tissues, is a halogen. It is a known disruptor which prevents the absorption of iodine in the body.

The body attempts to move the toxin away from vital body organs storing it in fat tissues and in the skin where it resides as “red dots.” (Source)

Now this makes a lot of sense to me. Because I started taking iodine back in 2007. And iodine detoxes bromide.

I took about 50 mg of Iodoral per day for about a year. It was after that that the cherry angiomas started showing up.

(Click here to read my old posts about iodine deficiency and our consultation with an iodine doc.)

What Is Bromide and How Does It End Up In Our Bodies?

Bromide is a chemical element in the halogen group (along with fluoride, chlorine and iodine). Bromide is found in many processed foods including bread made with enriched flour. It is used to make food last longer and increase shelf life. Bromine is toxic to the human body and is carcinogenic.

Bromide is an insidious, additive used in many common products, and as a pesticide. Because of the sheer amount of bromide-supplemented products, exposure to this man-made additive has caused a depletion of iodine in human populations. Studies in lab animals provide alarming evidence that even small amounts of bromide exposure can be toxic. (Source)

Bromide is a halide (in the halogen group, same as fluoride), and as a result, it competes for the same receptors that are used in the thyroid gland to capture iodine (as well as the breasts and ovaries, where iodine is stored). When iodine is displaced, it inhibits thyroid hormone production and can result in hypothyroidism.


Sources of Bromide:

  • Pesticides (methyl bromide)
  • Plastics
  • Bromated flour also called “Enriched Flour”
  • Brominated vegetables
  • Brominated vegetable oil in citrus sodas and sports drinks
  • Asthma inhalers
  • New furniture, carpeting, bedding, cars
  • Flame retardants especially in children's clothing and mattresses
  • Cosmetics
  • Hair permanents and coloring
  • Hot tub and swimming pool treatments

A bromide dominance condition may develop when bromide, acquired through environmental, occupational, iatrogenic or dietary exposure, causes bromide levels in the body to rise high enough to inhibit iodine enzyme metabolism. (Source)

We can also develop bromide dominance when we have an iodine deficiency. According to some doctors, most people today are iodine deficient. We are eating less of the foods that contain iodine (seafood and seaweed, for example). Also, many people are eating a lot of foods that inhibit iodine absorption, such as soy milk and other soy foods and raw leafy greens (think green smoothies) and other goitrogenic foods.

Iodine and Bromide Detox

Chemicals like bromide and fluoride are stored in fat tissue, as well as the thyroid gland, breasts and ovaries (where they displace the iodine that should be stored there).

Iodine detoxes bromide and fluoride out of the body.

As explained above, when the chemicals are detoxed from the body, they show up in the skin. The skin is one of our major detoxification organs.

To repeat:

The body attempts to move the toxin away from vital body organs storing it in fat tissues and in the skin where it resides as “red dots.” (Source)

As I always say, I'm not a doctor. But this is all very interesting, don't you think?

I'm thinking these red dots may very well be a good thing. I think they may have appeared as I started to detox. But then I stopped taking the iodine. I think I should have continued.

I did notice that some of the red spots (cherry angiomas) faded on my legs over the past several months since I raised my metabolism by eating more and helping my thyroid. A connection?

I also wonder if the magnesium (chloride) oil and baths I was taking six months ago were helping me to detox.

Just this morning I was reading one of David Brownstein's wonderful books called [easyazon-link asin=”B000R8ZTGK” locale=”us”]Salt – Your Way To Health[/easyazon-link] and discovered that the chloride in salt helps the kidneys to clear or detoxify the body of bromide, which is a potent poison that is stupidly used in both medicines and foods, especially the white bread you buy from a store. It is just one more reason to sustain the conclusion that magnesium chloride is more effective than other forms of magnesium.

Needless to say, I'm back on the Iodoral and I'm using the magnesium oil again. I'm betting that if I keep it up, these red dots will fade.

Learn More About Cherry Angiomas, Iodine & Bromide Detox

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[easyazon-link asin=”B000R8ZTGK” locale=”us”]Salt – Your Way To Health[/easyazon-link] by Dr. David Brownstein

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129 thoughts on “Cherry Angiomas, Iodine and Detoxing Bromide and Fluoride

  1. This is very interesting. My husband has had these spots since I met him over 30 years ago. We’ll have to check into it.

    I would just like to make a comment on iodine supplementation. I was just diagnosed with Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis this summer and have been trying to research as much as possible about it. Many, many places have said that it can be harmful for those who are hypothyroid to take additional iodine. In the case of Hashimotos, it can make things quite a bit worse. Please check things out thoroughly for yourselves before just jumping in with supplementing any isolated nutrient. There are some people who do benefit from it, but make sure which way is the case for you.

    1. I have Hashi’s too and when I started taking iodine my goiter got much larger and began choking me. Don’t believe everything you read.

      Best thing I did for my Hashi’s was to give up gluten.

        1. I was scared out of taking iodine years ago and kept experiencing hair loss and weight gain no matter what I did.
          I finally started taking Lugol’s iodine and four days later my hair stopped falling out.
          I regret not starting on iodine sooner.
          So while I see what you’re saying, I don’t think it’s a great idea to scare everyone away from iodine supplementation either. I am so thankful for my iodine.

              1. Perhaps… But taking iodine as a supplement is something that people have done for a long time, including people in Dr. Weston Price’s book, Nutrition & Physical Degeneration.

                1. They may have been eating iodine rich foods, but that is quite different from supplementing with Iodoral, with is a mix of iodine and iodide. I took Iodoral early in my healing journey and had a massive bromide detox, to the point of bromism. I went stupid and was drooling, could not speak…practically a vegetative state. This was under a doctor’s supervision and with previous urine tests to support the fact that I was iodine deficient. Apparently, he’d ramped up the dosage too quickly, and it was too high of a dosage (50 mg). It caused big problems and if Matt hadn’t caught it and started me on a salt flush immediately, who knows what might have happened. Now, iodine is necessary and for some, supplementation (through foods or supplements) may be helpful, but just willy nilly application through self-diagnosing after identifying with a few symptoms online is advised against for all of us. I am a firm believer in taking charge of your health and I do advise having a team of supportive practitioners of your choosing, knowing the possible side effects of ANYTHING and how to mitigate them quickly. In my practice, I see cherry hemangiomas often, generally in my GAPS clients. When I was training with Dr. Campbell-McBride, she addressed these and the connection to the liver. If someone is dealing with difficulty detoxing, it’s important they not overload their body with supplements (helpful or otherwise) unless it’s specifically tailored to their needs at the time and adjusted when no longer necessary (or given in combination with synergistic vitamins/minerals). Again, the information is helpful and there seems to be a connection, but I think extreme caution should be exercised when undertaking any iodine supplementation.

                  1. I agree with you! There is so much information on the Internet and I think people should work more with practitioners (that they like and believe will help them). I also think people need to take a look at both symptoms and tests.

                    I had a terrible time with both high and low doses of iodine and will not take it for awhile at all.

                    People are different and iodine supplementation can help or hurt someone.

        2. Laurel and Julie –
          What specific iodine supplement did you take? I’ve been thinking of supplementing and am thinking that there are differences with various brands. Thanks!

          1. My 7 yr old daughter does too, same place. She has had it for several years now. Unfortunately I don’t know how to get it to fade.

            1. My son used to have a big one behind his ear and it went away on its own. It showed up when he was about 6mo old and was gone by the time he was 3.

          2. Amy, one of my grandchildren had one of those from birth; it took about 18 months to completely fade away. You just tell your sweet baby that he/she is perfect and lacking no good thing…:)

      1. I have Hashimoto thyroid disease and take lugol's iodine at roughly 50mg per day
        Do some more reading about it and you will see that many with hashimoto's benefit greatly from Iodine supplements.
        Read Dr. Brownsteins book 94% of their patients benefit from Iodine supplementation

  2. A great youtube lecture capture on psychoneuroimmunology.

    I truly believe that all these “diseases” eg. hypo/hyperthyroid, cancer, lupus, etc. are directly correlated with emotions and stress. Our thoughts create disease and there is extensive scientific research to back it up. The works of Candace Pert, for example in “Molecules of Emotion” etc.

    I am fascinated by this topic and how neuropeptides and neurotransmitters are created by our thoughts. Much like Emoto, and his studies on how our thoughts influence the shape of water molecules, our physiology is directly linked to our thoughts.

    Think about multiple personality disorders and how one personality will have all the physiology of type 1 diabetes and then when that same body switches to a different personality, the diabetes disappears completely to be replaced by some other disease like hypothyroid or lupus. The mind is very very powerful.

    Neuropeptides/neurotransmitters are almost identical in chemistry to seawater. This means that our bodies produce neurotransmitters effortlessly. SSRI’s can also boost the production of specific neurotransmitters however, studies do show that we can create, almost effortlessly, just by thought, the correct neurotransmitters to create a feeling of well being. In others words, we create our own serotonin, endorphins, etc. just by thinking.

    Diet hacking, hypochondria/orthorexia is very stressful on our bodies. All of this obsession over what we are eating and how it affects us, our weight, and self image is harmful. These thoughts are wreaking havoc on our homeostasis. We become out of balance. The worry over weight gain, belly fat, body shape, what we eat etc.

    The theory behind RRARF and why it works is that we have released the negativity and stress associated with obsessing over what we eat and how it affects our bodies.

    Stop obsessing. Believe that the food that you are eating is nourishing your body. Once the belief sets in, you are well on your way to true health. Intuition is your friend. It will guide you to the right path. The point of life is to be happy and to experience joy, and that, my friends, will not come from the outside.

    1. @Vivian

      I’m a big believer in RRARF! However… I also know that pesticides and chemicals in our environment DO make us sick.

      I am not orthorexic, we eat out often, and we don’t worry about pesticides etc. when we do. But I do try to buy organic food for the majority of our meals, and I do try to avoid beauty products that are toxic.

      I think it’s a balance. You shouldn’t stress about it or make yourself crazy with it. But just as I wouldn’t buy a house next to a nuclear reactor, or bathe in sewage, I also also do my best to avoid putting toxic chemicals into and on my body on a daily basis.

      1. I agree with you. It seems doing our best most of the time, and not obsessing about food ALL of the time, is the easiest way to live a healthy life. If we spend all of our time obsessing over something we eat when we go out occasionally, it causes stress that all of that good food we eat at home has to work overtime to overcome. Moderation works best for me.

        And btw, Lugol’s changed my life in wonderful ways. I was always very thin until I had a hysterectomy. Menopause symptoms and obvious hormonal imbalances arrived immediately, and I gained weight along with a host of other not-fun symptoms.

        I read about iodine supplementation for a LIST of symptoms and ailments, many of which I had. I tried it cautiously, planning to see how I felt after a day, a week, a month, etc. My hair stopped falling out immediately, and after using it for several months, I am thinner and more energetic, plus I sleep more normal hours now. I am one of the individuals that iodine supplementation did help. 🙂

    2. Are you an idiot? Seriously.

      Did you get your degree in neuroscience from the Oprah Winfrey school of the ill-advised?

      You need to get to a science class quickly or maybe you’ll just live in perfect health forever with your naive and ridiculous non-science crap. We have birds that can no longer fly or remember their migration pattern. We have fish in Canadian rivers, ponds, lakes sporting tumors the size of golf balls. We have chemicals pouring into our environment that do not break down in the body. Have you ever seen someone with mesothelioma? If you don’t know what that is, look up pictures of what it does to the human body as a result of that once deemed harmless asbestos.

      Right now, we have hydrogen sulfide leaks beside daycare centers. If you don’t know what that is, go to a library and off google. Ever hear of PCB’s?!? Or how about DDT that nearly wiped out the bald eagles? Or were they just paranoid and depressed? Do you think the fish in my lake have bad attitudes? Maybe I should ridicule them into health!

      Do you think all the oil that has been spilled has no impact in our long term health picture? Have you investigated the effect of plastics in the environment or in human bodies? Have you seen or read about the plastic that has actually changed the chemistry of the oceans? Most of the world does not have strict, enforceable environmental laws (including North America) and use the water supply as a toilet and dump. Do you think Chinese production waste is being nicely recycled? All of the pets that died from the chemicals dumped in their food were just crazy I guess! How about the baby formula they tainted and babies died? We have childhood cancer rates exploding. Babies, just 1-2 years old with rare cancers. Are the kids supposed to eat acesulfame and aspartame (that is banned in some countries)?

      Have you considered that instead of kids getting food, they are getting chemical versions of things we call food but could never grow in a billion years. We can’t even raise animals to be healthy to eat!

      You are extremely misinformed if you don’t understand what we have done and continue to do to ourselves and the future generations. There are proven, researched, double blind studies the show we have serious threats to our well-being. Besides that, being a chemistry geek and working in a lab where everyday we test our local environments for toluene, benzene, VOC’s, pcb’s, pesticides, etc. and those chemicals, are now in us. We look to the environment to see the very first indications of what those chemicals could do to us.

      In anything, Before you are so quick to judge, maybe you should educate yourself. Patronizing always helps people change their mind, don’t you think?

      1. Thank you – I am mercury poisoned and this is not me being ‘upset’ about that causes my problems (particularly with sleep). I’ve had two acupuncturists, whom I like, that told me ‘if’ I stopped my focus on this, I might do better. Uh, no.

        I get it. Sure my mind plays a role. But there is NO WAY I will ever think my way to health.

        The best example if anyone wants one for me: sweating. It took about 50 rounds of ALA (Cutlers protocol 3 day rounds so 150 days) to begin to sweat like a normal person. And that is healing. The real kind. Today I sweat like a normal person. His protocol failed in other ways but at least was safe and helpful.

        The point is that this damn poison (thanks to the ADA and the vaccine makers) mercury created MS/Fibro in me and the only way to health is to REMOVE IT. It’s a long, slow process with the addition of candida overgrowth.

        But I will get there USING my mind to think for myself. Peace all and best with your health.

    3. “I truly believe that all these “diseases” eg. hypo/hyperthyroid, cancer, lupus, etc. are directly correlated with emotions and stress. Our thoughts create disease”

      I “truly believe” that you do indeed believe all those things. Whole heartedly. And with great conviction. That is why you are an irresponsible tool of the worst kind.

      Dawnriser already replied and addressed much of what I would have said in response to such incredibly foolish and outrageously delusional claims from this unfortunate type of person.

      If it wasn’t so pathetic and sad, the words of Vivian would have been comical.

  3. Hello, thank you for an interesting post. I have a question.

    My son has a rare epileptic disease, Dravet Syndrome. For 5 years only 1 out of 20 different medications has worked: Potassium Bromide, sold under the name Dibro Be:

    Do you know if this drug has any similarities with the Bromide, you are mentioning in this article?

    Thanks! Best from Mie, Denmark

  4. So, i have had the same suspicions for the past 6 months myself! My mom started using magnesium oil on her back and then I saw 3 or 4 cherries. appear on that spot..And I started drinking beet kvass, morning and night, and now I notice 1 more cherry. My mom and I both suffer from a vitamin D deficiency…I am currently on prescription for….wonder if there is a correlation? I say this because my mom and I have both had a cherry on our bellies as long as I can recall…and then more with the mag oil and beet kvass….I am bewildered to say the least.

    1. I have also been using magnesium oil for the last year or so and have seen a rapid increase in the number of my cherry hemangiomas. I attributed it to aging, but maybe it is a detox happening.

  5. Thanks for this post! I am also 44 an have seen these show up in the last few years. Mainly in cleavage area. I remember when I was a child, that my mom had them, too. I also thought it was just part of getting older. I purchased some liquid iodine a few weeks ago, but haven’t been using it. I had read conflicitng information about using iodine and have stayed on the fence since then. Not sure what to do… This post makes me think it could be something I may benefit from.

  6. Makes sense! How did you figure out your Iodoral dose, and does it have a taste? Do you take it with juice? I’ve had some in my pantry for months and need to start taking it.

    1. I started with 50 mg per day but it made me feel sick/exhausted from detox symptoms so I’m now taking 1 capsule (12.5 mg) per day and I will work up. I’m also going to start doing magnesium choloride baths a couple times a week, and I’m doing sea salt in water. I may also add the vitamin C.

      1. Vitamin C is really important. It helps to support the adrenals during the detox (among other things). Selenium (a non -ate or -ite form) and magnesium are also important to the protocol.

    2. Some natural health practitioners feel that it’s best to paint a small patch of the liquid iodine on the skin and the body will absorb what it needs.

      1. Putting iodine directly on the skin, unless using a carrier oil such as coconut oil, can cause dermatitis which can be hard to get rid of. That said, there are benefits for both topical and internal applications. But topically, there should be a carrier oil used.

  7. OMG! This is so timely. Thank you for posting this. I swear, it seems like everything I’m going through in relation to diet and health always seems to pop up on your blog.
    I noticed a red pimple like spot on my arm a few weeks ago that wouldn’t go away. Now I realize it’s most likely a cherry angioma. I’ve also been supplementing with tons of sea salt for my adrenals and magnesium. So based on this info, it would appear that I’m bromide detoxing. Wow! This makes me not want to detox for fear that more will crop up. Plus, my adrenals don’t need the stress.
    Thank you for sharing!

    1. That’s probably a birth mark. I had a large red one at birth on my chest – about the size of a quarter. It went away completely by the time I was a teenager.

  8. I was born with several of these and they haven’t changed at all. Even when I was taking Iodoral and detoxing lots of bromide I never got more of them, and they never got bigger.

    There is probably more than one explanation for these angiomas. My dad had a bunch of them so maybe I just inherited mine.

  9. I also have these and got my first one in my early twenties. Never really took notice of it. In my mid 30’s started getting more (once again not as many as the pic) but still enough to get me worried. They seem to come in spurts, more so when terribly stressed (was self employed during that period, but battling to make ends meet). Recently started a new job and as a result am less anxious about income and finding that no new ones have appeared. I think Vivian makes a very important point about stress and our thinking patterns and how it relates to disease.

    P.S. A good way to get rid of them is to use a cheap hobbyist soldering iron. Heat it up real good and lightly just touch the skin, they disappear never to return. They basically just scab over and within a few days you would never even have known they were there. Anyway my two cents worth. Greetings from South Africa.

      1. Not at all…Worth the slight discomfort…They basically just melt off. Permanent solution to an unsightly problem…

        1. Awesome! I have tried everything to get rid of cherries, from painting them with iodine (removes warts) to freezing with liquid nitrogen (removes everything!) and they always come back the same! I have a hard time believing they are caused by any kind of detox as mine have never changed in form or size or number. I think my husband has a soldering iron… I know what I’ll be doing tonight 🙂

  10. An important thing to know about iodine supplementation is that you do not take iodine by itself. It is part of a protocol (as per Dr. David Brownstein). The other supplements are very important.

    There are people with Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis who take iodine successfully and who have reduced their symptoms, but taking iodine alone may not be a good idea.

    It is also important to know that for several reasons, going by TSH levels alone are not always the best way to guage thyroid function.

    Another place for information on this topic is the iodine users discussion group at Yahoo.

      1. Very true.. when I am out of my other supplements I do not take the iodine. After 4 years of Lyme Disease and not getting any better with antibiotics I began looking for the reasons why I was not improving. Cherry angiomas have always been with me since I was a child.. I noticed at a very young age (10 or so) that they would appear on my arms if I had been sweating with long sleeves on. I remember the school nurse examining my arms after a fall day’s long distance run where my arms were covered. Moving on to age 45, these spots would just appear all over and larger plus they wouldnt go away as the ones of my youth did. When I started taking the iodine I noticed that the new ones stopped appearing. My energy levels were greatly improved and I was sleeping much better. I lost 15 lbs the first month and within 6 weeks my doctor was relieved to finally take me off the antibiotics. Then I noticed my hair falling out.. I would touch my hair and it was coming out in clumps. I stopped the iodine as this was the only thing that I could think of that would do this. My weight came back up, fatigue levels too.. My doctor hesitated to put me back on the antibiotics and I came home and read .. read ,.. read. I was NOT taking the correct amount of selenium and some days none. That was my problem. I am now taking the iodine at 12.5 mg. per day, every other day. Oh yea, the angiomas for the most part are gone.

  11. Hey cheeseslave!

    First of all, I wanted to say that I love your website! I’m german, a 22 year old student and I live in Berlin.
    I really can’t rememeber how I found your website in the first place (must have been a year ago or so), but I’m so glad I did. I’m kind of stalking your website everyday…hope you don’t mind having a german stalker 🙂

    When it comes to iodine, I use a sea salt that has algae added. It’s from Rapunzel. Have you ever heard of it? It’s really good, I can only recommend it.

    Hope you’re having a nice day!
    best wishes from Berlin!

    1. Hallo Anna

      How are you? Can you please tell me the name brand of this algae sea salt it sounds exactly what i need


      Christa 🙂

    1. The issue with kelp is the very real possibility of it being contaminated with heavy metals. Since the reactor blow-up in Japan, the iodine in kelp may also be contaminated.

      There are, apparently, contaminant-free sources for kelp but I’d be very careful. Even then you’d probably have to eat a lot of kelp to get enough iodine.

  12. Very interesting. I have teensy tiny red dots the size of the head of a pin all over the inside of my upper arms and my cleavage. I have a few on my thighs as well. They are just under the skin, and if I scratch at them, it seems to open them up a bit, but I wouldn’t consider them to be “raised bumps.” I can’t decide if they are cherry angiomas or petechia. I have had them for a couple of years (I am 26 years old). I can’t figure out in my case what the cause could be…everything I have read recommends seeing a doctor, but I hate conventional medicine and have not ventured out to see a naturopath yet. They haven’t seemed to have gotten any worse since I changed my diet/lifestyle about 1.5 years ago, but they haven’t gone away, either. I keep hoping they’ll go away eventually or that I will read something that clicks so I can figure out what the cause of them is…

  13. Hi Ann Marie,

    Thank you for this post. I have read other things about these bumps – that they are related to estrogen dominance, or a way for copper to be stored outside the body. This is the first time I have heard about bromide, but generally the whole idea of the body finding a “safer” place for toxic compounds makes sense.

    I want to point out that I believe for some people these cherry angiomas do not look red. Mine, which are the same in size and character, are brown, because I am African-American. There is no mention of this in any of the literature (this is very common – the normal medical model is not a person of color), but I thought I’d point it out in case any of your readers are not pale-skinned. I notice that as I clean my liver my spots fade a bit, and they proliferate when I feel my liver is “clogged”.

    Thanks for your inquisitive mind!

  14. Interesting article! I have Hashimoto’s and have the red spots which started appearing after having kids. What’s amazing is that I have pretty much every symptom listed in the article you linked to about bromide toxicity. I’m on the fence about taking iodine though as I have had issues with any thyroid supplement that contains iodine and have a fear that it makes the antibody attack on my thyroid worse. I would love to find out if I’m low in iodine but sadly up here in Canada they have yet to introduce a lab test for iodine levels.

    1. I recommend you join the Yahoo group for iodine users. There are a few Canadians on the group, including me.

      If you are interested in starting iodine, but apprehensive, you can hear from others with Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis who have done well with iodine, and you can read the research they have in their files. The list owner is a naturopath who has worked with Dr. David Brownstein.

      It is important to know that taking iodine alone is not recommended. It should be taken in conjunction with other supplements such as selenium which help with iodine uptake and the elimination of toxins such as bromine.

      I have not tested my iodine levels but I believe that you can order the tests through the mail. I have done another test through an American company without problems.

  15. Does anyone know of a good practitioner in the Denver/Boulder area? I had a couple of these but suddenly little dots have popped up all over my upper arms and thighs! I have hypothyroidism and estrogen dominance (oh joy). If I can’t get rid of them naturally, I feel like I will need to get laser treatment before these things get out of control! Thanks in advance.

  16. Hi Cheeseslave!

    I’m a board certified dermatologist who sees tons of cherry angiomas on most of my patients. Much of what I do is dermatology on elderly patients. I came across your post while trying to find some photos for a presentation.

    The fact is that most people will develop at least a few cherry angiomas in their lifetime, some perhaps as young in their twenties or thirties, and most by their 60’s or 70’s. I have not yet noted anyone give me a correlation with iodides and bromides. Most of the medical literature around bromides centers around acne-like dermatoses.

    You can easily remove cherry angiomas with very light electrocautery in the office. Most dermatologists have the equipment to do it, and it can be very cosmetically satisfactory if done by someone who does it all the time. Since it is often not covered by insurance, I recommend negotiation to bring the price down, especially if there are only a few that are bothersome.

    Hope this is helpful!

    1. Hello Saif,

      You said….” I have not yet noted anyone give me a correlation with iodides and bromides. Most of the medical literature around bromides centers around acne-like dermatoses.”

      Can you give us any indication why these appear other than simply aging or genetics? Something must be happening in the body to have these little red bumps appear. I would like some more scientific information, but I don’t think there is much of anything. I think the idea of detoxing is interesting and there may be something to it. We all are certainly taking in many chemicals including bromides even if we try to eat clean food.

      1. All I know is that on most individuals over the age of 60 will have a few of these, and many adults over the age of 30 have these lesions as well. There are generally no health problems that these individuals complain of. Pregnancy may cause more of these lesions, as well as moles, to appear, as the hormone fluctuations and increase in growth factors to help the developing fetus also help to grow these benign lesions.

        Some individuals have noted crops of lesions coming on all of a sudden, in which case diet may have an impact, and I can understand the interest in “detoxing”. We are just learning the impact of high dietary sugar, weight gain, malignancies and other correlations that have been suggested as contributing to more of these types of benign growths. There is so much that we don’t understand in medicine and much of what is known is really somebody’s best guess. I wouldn’t pretend to know all of the answers.

  17. “Yuck, right?

    OK, so first of all, that picture is not of ME. And also, I don’t have anywhere NEAR that many.”

    Really? You’re writing about a skin condition using the word “yuck” and caps for emphasis?
    Way to make other sufferers FEEL BAD and make yourself look INSECURE.

  18. I’d love to hear if you have an update at all? I’ve just been noticing these lately and I was worried, so I googled and found this. I’ve been taking Iodine quite regularily lately in the hopes of helping my Thyroid, so perhaps they are related? Would love to hear from you if you have an update on if it helped at all? Thanks!

  19. Hi all!

    I have many of these coming up on around my chest and on breasts and have been on and off detoxing. I have an autoimmune disorder ITP with about 70k platelets and also have been told im hyperthyroid now. i am 28 years old i am i guessing its all linked. i read also chinese garlic has loads of bromide and i was consuming lots of garlic at one point! eek

    take care x christa

  20. I have these too. They started when I was extremely stressed out and restricting my diet heavily because my nursing baby was reacting to everything that I was eating. They are on my arms and chest. Some are tiny, like pinpricks, and some are slightly bigger, like a red freckle or very small mole.

  21. What would be awesome is if we didn’t have to find the cause for them ourselves!!! If there was actually a natural doctor who knew the reasons for them and had been successful in healing his patients cherry angiomas! I know they aren’t from getting older… I’m only 30…one very ignorant np told me they were. The first few appeared for me in the beginning of my extreme postpartum insomnia (followed by 12+ thyroid disease symptoms). I hadn’t slept in about 8 days. I remember freaking out noticing them. The only place I had ever seen them was on my dad, who was in his late 60’s, very unhealthy, and basically covered in them- chest, arms, legs…probably 50 or more on his body. I didn’t see many more for the next few years. Until a few months ago, when my menopausal symptoms got severely worse. It seemed to coincide with my thinning skin, wrinkling, developing of age spots, etc. I’m assuming they are thyroid disease or hormonal related for me. But if hormonal, which hormonal deficiency is it?

  22. Hi I was impressed by this article and the responses but I was curious about more information on the magnesium oil and bath you were using and how the application was done. If you could email me and let me know those details I would be appreciative.

  23. At least in Canada iodine supplementation in salt has the average Canadian well supplied with dietary iodine. Deficiency definitely happens but not common. People who are iodine deficient usually have bigger problems that caused it such as inability to eat or absorb iodine and the primary problem needs to be addressed.

    A quick caution on detox. Make sure you know what you are doing. Many people use the term detox for many things from bowel irritants causing diarrhea to chelation therapy to the above suggestions. Each has risks. Just remember detoxing from fat stored toxins makes you sicker (increases blood concentration as toxin released from fat) which can be dangerous. This is why birds die in winter as they lose fat and stored pesticides are released to toxic levels. Toxic levels otherwise are rarely reached due to slow absorption of toxins and safer storage in fat.

    1. Dr. David Brownstein has talked about how modern iodized salt is not that effective at providing adequate iodine. I think partly because of how it’s absorbed and also the way iodine is processed – I can’t recall the exact reason. You could look more into this and I believe I heard it in a video lecture from Dr. Brownstein I found online.

      1. Here is a link to the info and talk from Dr. Brownstein where he talks about the iodine in salt not being bioavailable (was shown in a study). Though iodized salt is usually sufficient to prevent goiters, it’s not sufficient to provide adequate iodine for most people (the majority of people (North American) are iodine deficient even with having years of iodized salt).

        Very good to watch all these videos of the presentation by Dr. Brownstein about iodine:

  24. I think someone should be more interested in the viral origin of these red spots. I have not had until I started hanging out with a girl. After than I infect my current wife.

  25. Thanks SO much for this article! I have been searching off and on for YEARS trying to figure our their origin and what to do. Have yours faded? If so, can you tell me what exactly you did to fade them? THANK YOU! <3

  26. Hi Everyone, I have been researching this topic most of the day (that’s how I found this site)and would like to share the sites I have found to help me understand this whole subject(I am still learning!) I hope you don’t mind cheeseslave! All of his articles on this topic as well

    A study on Bromism

    This site has many more articles about getting Bromide out of your body with a concentration on Breast Cancer…

    I hope this helps everyone understand the Iodine Bromide connection and stay safe and under guidance from a QUALIFIED healthcare practitioner.
    With much Love,

  27. I just started to have one on my left upper chest. it started as a pimple, and which I thought it was just a pimple at the first, I kept peeling it off and every time I do that it bleeds even more, I started to notice that I’ve been having this for about a month now and no matter how much I try to peel it off it wont go away besides just bleeding. and I notice that maybe its not a pimple anymore because it starting to turn into a little red bump but very small like a pin hole. so as I googled it up, it sounds like it could just be a cherry angioma like some of you guys that had it too. if cherry angioma isn’t anything I wouldn’t mind it being there but it just bothers me a lot.
    Any advice?? Should I atleast go see a doctor?

    1. Hi Mary;

      I am a dermatologist who sees patients with these symptoms. I would be concerned that this may be a basal cell carcinoma. Please see your doctor about it and consider seeing a dermatologist if you can.

      Saif Syed, MD

  28. I got some of these with each of my four pregnancies, especially the first one. I wonder now if it was the pregnancy, or if it was due to rapid weight/fat loss afterwards. I EBF and lost my baby weight really fast naturally after each of them.

    1. U know what since u mentioned that u got some of these with each if your pregnancies, I’m starting to wonder could it be pregnancies that cause these things for some of us. Because I just had my first baby and then this happen.

    2. Hmmm, that’s when mine happened too! Lost weight super fast after my 2nd kiddo (although probably bc I had a very limited diet due to her reacting to things in my breastmilk). I noticed them start when she was a couple of months old. Unfortunately, they have continued. Sigh.

  29. I was shocked to see this post, because I just noticed one of these things the other day; I have never been one to have any kind of mole, but I have been taking Lugol’s and magnesium oil for almost a year – and I definitely won’t stop now!

  30. This is interesting info! I recently had an MRI and was injected with iodine in order to assist the radiologist in reading the results (at least I think that was what it was for). Not long after, I had a proliferation of these! I had had one or two before but am now seeing them everywhere I look. I have no doubt that it was the iodine that expressed them, although I believe it was likely excessive bromine that caused them (in lieu of any other good explanation). I am looking into laser therapy to have some of the more prevalent ones removed! Thanks for your research and explanation!

  31. But what if you are allergic to iodine? I’m allergic to that & shellfish, the 1 time I was swabbed on accident at the dr, my skin swelled/welted up horribly, scaled & shed later…I only have 1 of these little red guys on my chest & always assumed it was a birth mark, it’s been there my whole life.

  32. Have you ever seen the body detoxing through the skin via small bumps all over the forehead and sides of the face? (they’re not red, nor are they filled with anything)

  33. I’ve had Cherry Angiomas for years! I must have hundreds of them on me by now. I have tried everything to remove them from Peroxide, bleach, nail polish remover, vinegar, Epsom salts and many more things. NOTHING WORKS!!!! Except large amounts of Salicylic Acid which is used for the treatment of Acne. If you rub this into the red spots everyday and then put some kind of concealer over the spots they evevtually go away. But I would need a hundred bottles to remove all of them. THis proves that Laser and other very expensive treatments are not the answer. I know there is something you can do to stop them & treat them but no one will help me! PLEASE can you help me. I have them all over me!!!! Cheryl DeVieau .home phone#661-949-1484.

  34. Ugh. I have these all over me! Mostly teeny tiny, like I stuck myself with a pin. But some not so tiny on my chest. I had a doc tell me once that he had no idea what they were but if they got worse I might have lupus. This is why I have come to like bloggers like you and my own common sense better than most of the traditional medical community.
    Thanks so much for your post! I feel armed with the tools to deal with this issue!

  35. Thanks for sharing. For everyone reading it is important to remember everyone’s body is unique. You have to find your own individual nutrition blue print. Not everyone has thyroid issues caused by the same factors. This is why this is such a hard topic. What works for one person doesn’t always work for another. I personally was scared to try strait up iodine supps so I moved to iodized salt, began using sea greens like spirulina and chlorella daily in my smoothies and started managing my stress better to help my thyroid. I was already gluten free but it didn’t really help me with the thyroid problems. My hair was falling out and I had lost my right eyebrow. That all came back after 6 months on daily green smoothies and a high alkaline diet.

  36. I would suggest keeping your iodine intake to around 200mcg a day. Iodoral type dosing will cause problems long-term. Do not believe the iodine worshippers, I’ve been there, done that. We need some iodine, but taking massive doses is going for a drug-like effect (and drug effects always come with side effects). Places with high iodine intakes are associated with very high rates of Hashimoto’s.

    1. Dr. Smith

      Can you give citations for the high iodine/high Hashi’s connection? I have not been able to come up with much.

      Also, it’s important to note that the ‘iodine worshippers’, as you refer to them, do not usually recommend using iodine in isolation.

    2. All the references I’ve found, including Dr. Brownstein’s work, cite iodine supplementation as directly correlated with optimum health. In Japan, as an example, their iodine level consumption exceeds Dr. Brownstein’s recommendation, and yet they remain among some of the healthiest cultures in the world. Can you help me understand, Dr. Smith? The conflicting information leaves me scratching my head????

  37. See this link for a great information source regarding iodine. It explains symptoms of too much iodine, not enough iodine, food sources of iodine, cooking tips for increasing iodine, and daily recommendation amounts.

    Anyone using a supplement as a stand alone nutrient should consult their primary care physician first in case if you have a complex situation. High doses of iodine (especially without selenium), can cause damage to one’s health and cause similar symptoms as an underactive thyroid.

  38. Please- Cheese slave would like to have a 2014 update on your progress with getting rid of those cherry angiomas with the protocol you started.

  39. @ Dr. Garrett Smith, all the references I’ve found, including Dr. Brownstein’s work, cite iodine supplementation as directly correlated with optimum health. In Japan, as an example, their iodine level consumption exceeds Dr. Brownstein’s recommendation, and yet they are among some of the healthiest culture in the world.

  40. Have you tried Dry Skin Brushing? It’s a DIY method to speed up the detox through your skin. It’s inexpensive and effective in my experience.

  41. I really enjoyed reading about the red dots. I have them all over my body but the ones I am more concerned about are the ones on my face. I think I will have them removed just for the cosmetic reasons. The others are no bother. I remember my grandmother used to have them like me so I guess I just got lucky. Thanks for the info.

  42. Hello, I was wondering if the keeping up with iodine caused these dots to fade? because Im having the same problem myself and hoping iodine will make them disappear x

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  44. I came here for a related issue, and i’d like to leave you with some advice and a word. to get rid of the cherry angiomas apply iodine *tincture* to them, they dry instantly, within 3 minutes, and they eventually fall off. i’ve continued applying iodine after they dried, but this *might* not have been necessary. as for the word: IMO it takes a particular mind and mindset to notice a negative reaction as a result of the assumption of a substance, to turn it into a positive effect and resume taking the substance. how about a different and more plausible explanation? if indeed the iodine assumption and the appearance of the cherry angiomas are in fact linked, perhaps the cause is an excessive intake of iodine. i would suggest you drop the supplement and simply modify your diet to obtain iodine, in a more appropriate amount, from your food. after ending up in hospital as the result of taking incompatible supplements, i now recommend caution with all of them and remind everyone that a healthy, balanced diet provides mere fractions of the substances of which we regularly take massive doses, and the practice is not without risk. all the best.

  45. Looking for an update as well. Also interested in know if anyone else has had any experience with the above stated treatment “apply iodine *tincture* to them, they dry instantly, within 3 minutes, and they eventually fall off.” I would LOVE to know more about how to remove these things!

  46. I have had these little red smooth topped dots like they are under my skin and looks like skinny red cracks like a spider spreading from it.and I’ve had these since I can remember. I am now 28 years of age and am now noticing more which I had 2 on my hand and at least 3 to 4 on each I have way more. I’ve never had any concerns about them.but I’m noticing more and more.i never had went to doctor about them.and they are very noticeable (not pretty to look at).and I mind you I’ve had them since at least a teenager and they’ve always been not even sure mine relates to this topic. And should I deep medical??

  47. Didn’t you say that the cherry angiomas starting showing up AFTER you started taking Iodoral? Wouldnt that lead you to believe that the Iodine caused the angiomas?

    1. Thanks Brenda!
      I thought I read it wrong, but you’re right. Even thorough this is an old post and no one will probably see it, I saw the same thing and realized that the author never responded which makes me wonder if this is a valid site for any TRUE/REAL information.

  48. I am having issues with the red dots too, but I’m not particularly surprised about it. When my mother hit middle age, she started getting them, too. They only increased as she got older. My grandmother was covered with them, as well. While bromide may be one factor, we clearly have to consider age and genetics. I had a couple when I was younger, but then I hit my mid-thirties and they just started popping up everywhere (particularly my cleavage). I have Hashimotos, like several people on this thread seem to have, but I was diagnosed at the age of 13 and the cherry spots didn’t really start to come out until I hit my mid-30s, which still leads me to believe that age must be a factor.

    1. My mother, myself and my two sisters all have them. We all started getting them in our 30’s. A doctor told my mother they can be genetic, especially in people of Scandinavian descent, which we are. I think for some it’s definitely genetics.

  49. Hi,
    Thank you for your article, I am having the same problem with the cherry anigomas , could you pls update us on the results of your treatment and what worked or didn’t work for you?

  50. Hi Ann Marie Michaels, I have 30+ angiomas and have just discovered the idea of bromine poisoning. Thank you for the article.

    Would you care to share an update now that you have been taking the Iodine supplement for a while again? I’ve heard of many people starting the detox, but not as many follow up stories and am curious of the success people have had.


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  52. I have many of these. Don’t think they are caused by sunlight. Must be some kind of poisoning or hormonal issue. High insulin too?

    I used a magnifier glass to burn a few of the on my arm. You just need a sunny day and a good aim to burn only the red spot. Practice burning other things with magnifier glass sun beam before you use it over your skin. Be careful you may get small scars from burning the skin, but they should disappear in few years.

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