Consultation with the Iodine Doctor

We had our phone consultation to go over our test results with Dr. Flechas yesterday. He said that Seth and I are both iodine deficient and we should both take 50 mg of Iodoral per day — for a year. He said in one year, we'll do the tests again and see where we are.

He said the Iodoral will help us excrete the heavy metals from our system — and he said that in a year's time, all our heavy metal numbers should go down to zero.

He asked me if I knew how I could have gotten so much arsenic. I have no idea! He said I should look into that. Seth doesn't have high arsenic — so it must have been something I ate or consumed before I met Seth. It's not something that is affecting us now (i.e., not in our drinking water), otherwise Seth would have high arsenic too. But he doesn't.

Seth has high aluminum. Not anywhere near as high as my arsenic levels (this explains the tingling in my hands). After that call, he agreed to throw away his mainstream deodorant and start using my “hippie” deodorant from Terressentials.

We are both high in uranium. Dr. Flechas said it would be a good idea to have our water tested. We have been drinking distilled water only for months now, but I am curious to know what is in the water supply. I asked Dr. Flechas if we can absorb water through the bath or shower, and he said he didn't know.

Dr. Flechas also told us to take something called ATP Cofactors, because it helps the Iodoral “stick” better. And I asked him about giving Lugol's to Kate. He said absolutely — 1 drop per day. He said this is really important because iodine has a lot to do with intelligence in children (iodine deficiency is associated with mental retardation and cretinism) and by age 2, her IQ will be set. So we started giving her the Lugol's yesterday.

I forgot to ask him if it is safe to breastfeed with this much arsenic in my system if I'm taking the Iodoral and excreting it. I know it gets dumped in the breast milk. I will email the lab and ask the assistant to ask him.

I have a feeling though that I won't be able to breastfeed for a while. It takes a while to get all of this junk out of your system. And, as wonderful as it is for Kate to drink breast milk, I don't like the idea of her getting a bunch of arsenic. Thank goodness we have the homemade raw milk formula.

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11 thoughts on “Consultation with the Iodine Doctor

  1. Just wanted to say thanks for sharing. Also wondering if you have healed from arsenic toxins and your husband from aluminum? Do keep posted. I have iodoral iodine from Byron J Richards – do you know anything whether this is safe?

    PS. Sorry my note comes so late, but just bumped into your blog.

  2. Speedmum –

    Yes, I did heal from the arsenic. I think it was actually a liver supplement I was taking at the time that was the problem.

    We have not been tested again — supposed to have it done last spring but life got busy. We take a maintenance dose of iodine now. I’m going to do another test soon and see if I need to take more or if I have sufficient levels of iodine.

    I have never heard of Byron J Richards. I use Iodoral.

  3. Did you follow up? I can’t wait to hear more? Did you stop breastfeeding all together after that test?
    Did you have any detox reactions?

    1. Yes, I’m wondering too if you ever did a followup urine test to see if your arsenic levels dropped, using the iodoral?

      I hope you see this and can reply.


  4. Hello! Did you ever find out if it is safe to take the Iodoral while breastfeeding? I’m in the same boat and don’t want to stop breastfeeding, but also don’t want to carry on without Iodine. Thanks!

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