Container Gardening

I've got to do some gardening today. My tomato plants are getting big and I need to move them. I also need to move all the herbs out of the garden and into containers — so I will have more room for vegetables.

I'm almost ready to move my seedlings out, too. I need room in that vegetable bed.

I figure I can put all the herbs in containers. As well as some other plants — like the strawberries.

I have about 20 feet along the wall where I could put these containers. And I could easily string some drip irrigation — rigged up from the hose. I could put that on a timer so it gets watered once or twice a day.

Problem is, I don't have enough containers. I don't want anything fancy. This is not for show — this is for food production.

I was thinking I could build some out of wood. But that's a lot of work — and it can get expensive.

Maybe recycle some plastic containers. That is, if I had a bunch of plastic containers. Where does one find old plastic containers?

Let me know if you've got any ideas. I'm feeling stumped and I need to move on this.

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7 thoughts on “Container Gardening

  1. yesterday while walking home i noticed a local ice cream place was throwing out many many used but clean plastic containers.

  2. Perhaps there is a locally-owned landscaping company who could hook you up with some pots that used to contain trees, etc. that they have planted in people’s yards?

  3. Try bakeries or your local whole foods. The manager would probably be amiable to a few buckets going out the door with you. Just drill holes in the bottom and your set!


  4. If worst comes to worst, just plant things right in a bag of dirt. It’s not pretty, but it’s functional just as long as you poke a few holes in the plastic bag for drainage.

  5. In your Mother in Laws basement!!!!!!! LOL! I had to convince her no one wanted them….I guess I was wrong! Seriously though I used the qt cont. our farm fresh food comes in. I punched holes in the bottom…but I think you need bigger cont. Our local garden store was recycling them…maybe yours might even give them away or for cheap. 😀 Have fun whatever you do.

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