FCLO Scandal: Archie Welch on Cases of Pulmonary Embolism


This is the fourth video in the Fermented Cod Liver Oil Scandal interview series.

Archie Welch as been a member of the Weston A. Price Foundation and Farm to Consumer Legal Defense Fund for a decade. In recent years, Archie has worked with fellow WAPF member, Dan Corrigan as a partner in the company, Corganic which was founded to help provide nourishing foods and supplements to people who need them, especially children on the autistic spectrum. Corganic sold fermented cod liver oil for a short period of time (about 8 months) but when they got too many complaints from their customer base largely comprised of “canaries in the coal mine,” they stopped selling the Green Pasture products.

People on the spectrum are greatly helped by cod liver oil, so they wanted to find another form that they could sell. In the process of looking for an alternative, Archie did extensive research on the history of cod liver oil and published a pamphlet which he distributed at the WAPF conference in 2012. The information in that pamphlet is now published on their website.

Archie's wife, Dee died in childbirth with their son Jack in 2008 of a pulmonary embolism. It turns out that Dee was “religiously” taking fermented cod liver oil before she died. Archie said he never suspected a connection until more information came to light just within the past year. Archie tells their heart-breaking story in this intimate video.

Fermented Cod Liver Oil Scandal: Video Interview with Archie Welch

Show Notes

Read more about Archie Welch and his history with the WAPF here.

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This is the fourth in a series of video interviews about the potential hazards of fermented cod liver oil.

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Read More About The FCLO Scandal

To learn more about the history of the FCLO scandal and get my take on it, please read my post, My Take on the Fermented Cod Liver Oil Scandal.

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14 thoughts on “FCLO Scandal: Archie Welch on Cases of Pulmonary Embolism

  1. You said something toward the end of the interview about Dr. Ron being fired from WAPF because he could not (or could no longer) support the FCLO product. That does not seem to be the case from what I’ve observed. The problem, again from what I’ve observed, was that Dr. Ron had actively been (and planned to continue on) making negative claims AGAINST the product – unsubstantiated negative claims at that. But as far as I can tell nobody, who is or was involved with WAPF, was ever required to promote or support any specific product.

    1. And why shouldn’t he be able to criticize a product like the fermented cod liver oil? Since when are people required to do double blind studies before criticizing a product based on personal experience? And why should someone be expelled from the WAPF for making those complaints? How can you not see the difference? “Oh, it’s ok if you stay just so long as you keep your opinions and complaints to yourself. We wouldn’t want to keep people from purchasing this product. It’s more important for people to keep their mouths shut and tow the party line than any sort of open discussion or concern for people’s health.” Damn this makes me so mad.

      1. Marcella – I didn’t say that he should have to perform double-blind studies before criticizing the product, but there should be more concrete evidence to back up his claim than just a loose correlation… otherwise it’s just a hunch. For that reason alone it would be unwise, from a legal standpoint, for WAPF to allow these shaky claims to be levied against one of their sponsors at a WAPF event. Not to mention that it just doesn’t make sense to have sponsors attacking one another’s products at the conference, so I get why WAPF has a policy against that sort of thing.
        With that said, I do not understand why people are under the impression that they must “shut up and be quite” about their opinions on FCLO. We had a very open discussion going on our local WAPF Chapter Facebook page about the FCLO controversy, where some people (including our chapter leader) were very defensive of Kaayla and not defensive of WAPF… and you know what? We were not told to delete our page or end the discussion or “tow the party line” (whatever that is). In fact, our chapter leader didn’t hear a word about it from Sally Fallon or anyone else in WAPF leadership. Perhaps this was due to the fact that our discussion was not all one-sided against WAPF, but that’s just a wild guess. Furthermore, as a WAPF member myself I have not experienced the “cult-like” censorship that you allude to.

        1. Just a guess, but since Sally Fallon Morrell is not omniscient nor omnipresent, has 2 foundations, one business, and a farm to run, I’m guessing she didn’t see it. She doesn’t even regularly read David Gumpert’s page. It would be hard to imagine her taking her time to monitor all of the comments on all the websites and Facebook pages of all of the chapters. I suggest an empirical experiment, especially if you think that she will respond reasonably. You tell her it is happening. See what the response is. Let us know.

  2. And for the record I found the WAPF in spring of 2000 when I was unable to nurse my son. But I had negative dealings early on with Wetzel and was seriously unimpressed with the man. The first type of cod liver oil he sold was great. It cleared up nearly a decades worth of depression taking large doses. Then he started the fermented stuff and the quality was drastically changed and I wondered why I could never get similar good results. His first butter oil was also a vastly different quality than the stuff he’s been selling for years now. I found a 2 year old jar of butter oil in the fridge once and finished it up. It tasted good and then bought the new stuff that was nasty and rancid tasting from the time it arrived.

    I found a very interesting online discussion once with a local farmer who knew him for years and used to sell product to him for the butter oil. Till Wetzel dumped all the local farmers to buy cheap butter from overseas. But I learned early on you were not allowed to question or criticize anything about his product or him. It was cult like. I and many others I know gradually distanced ourselves from the WAPF over this kind of garbage.

    1. I agree about the move toward fermentation of the CLO being unnecessary and could likely be problematic health-wise. For those reasons I have decided to stop buying the FCLO and I’ve expressed to Dave that I won’t be purchasing this product from him anymore unless and until he goes back to the original CLO formulation. I feel that this is the right way to get him to change his product, by voting with our dollars.
      The butter oil, on the other hand, I’ve had no issues with. I have never noticed any “off” or rancid taste/smell coming from GP’s HVBO product, despite Kaayla’s report claiming it to be rancid (which I find questionable). I also don’t find it concerning that the butter oil comes from Argentina. I mean, is there something wrong with the cows in Argentina that I should know about?

    2. I originally belonged to the Santa Monica Chapter when Victoria Bloch and Hollie Greenwood were chapter leaders. I’m still a member of WAPF, and so far intend to stay a member. I’ve been reading these articles about the FCLO issue for some time now and decided to wait awhile before formulating an opinion. I’ve seen many unsubstantiated comments that I don’t intend remark on yet in some of the articles and videos on this FCLO issue. I’m going to wait awhile before forming an opinion. However, I do feel I need to make a comment here. For one thing pretty much everything I have read on the WAPF site has been about trying to present factual information. It does not the venomous feel that some comments have coming from the other side. Maybe before making comments you need to consider that there may be a reasonable explanation for what you are about to ASSUME is something negative.

      This is really something very simple and straight forward that a little questioning, or even just a little bit of thought would clear up. The butter oil needs to come from rapidly growing spring grass. Most people are well aware of this if they know anything about the issue. How are you going to get enough to last the entire year UNLESS you get some of it from the Southern hemisphere which has it’s spring at the opposite time of the year. You people seem to be so eager to villify someone I have seen people seemingly grasping at straws to be able to interpret something in a negative light.

  3. Just out of curiosity, do you happen to have a link to this “online discussion with a local farmer who used to sell product to him for the butter oil” that you speak of?


  4. So is there a good cod liver oil or are ALL of them unsafe? I would think that any oil would oxidize the minute you opened the bottle.

    1. Most companies add vitamin E and/or rosemary oil to their products. These are powerful antioxidants. They won’t completely stop oxidation, but it will stop the chain reaction and GREATLY extend the life of the oil. Keeping the product cold and dark does that too. I heard one company recommends using the product up within 80 days of opening. That’s not to say that it would be completely oxidized and unsafe at 90 days, as there is usually a good margin for error built in, but that way they can ensure freshness for their customers.

      Our family is using the Rosita EVCLO and that’s the one that my company is selling. We’re looking into other brands right now. EVCLO is expensive. But when you read about their process or you hear Archie talk about it, wow! You probably don’t need to use nearly as much to get the same benefit as ones that use heat in their process.

  5. This is the first post I read on your blog. I watched the entire interview too. I must say I respect you for the way you think and act.

    The fact that at the end of the interview you said that you wrote a post bashing paleo some years ago and then apologized because you you thought you recognized your errors says a lot about who you are. I don’t know you but I respect you for that. Thank you very much.

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