FCLO Scandal: Cathy Raymond’s Story of Head-to-Toe Skin Rash & Homelessness


This is the third video in the Fermented Cod Liver Oil Scandal interview series.

Cathy Raymond has worked behind the scenes at the Weston A. Price Foundation and Farm to Consumer Legal Defense Fund for a decade.

This past winter, after being shunned by the Weston A. Price Foundation, Cathy Raymond lost her job and ended up homeless. She developed a bright red skin rash that ultimately spread from head to toe. In today’s video, Cathy tells how after she quit taking fermented cod liver oil, her rash “miraculously” disappeared. Not only that, but she effortlessly dropped 35 pounds in 3 months.

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Can’t Watch the Whole Video Right Now But Dying to Know What Happens?

Here are the Cliff Notes:

1. Skip to 14:30 in the video to see the pictures of Cathy’s horrible skin rash.

2. Skip to 43:45 to find out how Cathy ended it up homeless after she lost her job at WAPF/FTCLDF. You’ll be shocked when you find out why Cathy was pushed out… I’ll give you a hint. It starts with a “P”.

3. Oh, and it turns out, cutting out the FCLO might be a new weight loss diet. Skip to 30:00 in the video to hear how Cathy lost 36 pounds in 3 months by doing one simple thing — throwing the FCLO into the trash can.

Cathy Raymond's Weight Loss Before and After FCLO

Fermented Cod Liver Oil Scandal: Video Interview with Cathy Raymond

Show Notes

Cathy Raymond

Cathy Raymond, MS received her degrees from Auburn University in fiber arts and fashion merchandising. Early in her eclectic career, she led the continuing medical education department at a large nonprofit hospital system, conducting thousands of educational activities a year. Until, that is, alternative medicine healed a long standing health problem, exacerbated in part by conventional medicine.

No longer able to support the conventional medical model, Cathy explored alternative healing methods including becoming a Reiki Master. Next, she explored the healing power of emotional release and mindset upleveling – coaching clients in EFT, BSSF and TAT. Nutrition was her next field of interest, and she ran the outreach efforts at Weston a Price Foundation where she was tapped to start up the Farm to Consumer Legal Defense Fund.

Her work at the FTCLDF as early administrator, and later, fundraiser culminated at the Vernon Hershberger trial wherein she finally got to see the fruits of their efforts provide substantial relief to a courageous raw milk farmer and his community. It was one of the weeks of her life, right there next to being the mother of two astonishingly brilliant sons, who, wiser than their mother, hated getting FCLO in their stocking at Christmas. Go figure.

Check Back Tomorrow for Another Video in the Series

This is the third in a series of video interviews about the potential hazards of fermented cod liver oil.

Check back tomorrow for tomorrow’s video!

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To learn more about the history of the FCLO scandal and get my take on it, please read my post, My Take on the Fermented Cod Liver Oil Scandal.

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15 thoughts on “FCLO Scandal: Cathy Raymond’s Story of Head-to-Toe Skin Rash & Homelessness

  1. Cathy…wow … Am I ever glad you’re better! And super pleased to know you’re the one coordinating this new conference. I can’t thank you and Cheeseslave enough for doing this video. And you especially for being willing to tell your story.

  2. Thank you AnnMarie for putting all the time and energy into doing all these video interviews. I am looking forward to the rest.
    I have appreciated the first two, eye opening when you actually see the person and hear their voice to hear their stories.
    But Cathy’s story is the biggest eyeopener thus far. It brought tears to my eyes to see what she suffered. Thank you Cathy for coming forward.

  3. Fantastic interview! Cathy is so genuine and humble. She expressed herself very well, and I wish her nothing but the best, health and happiness in her life.

    I felt the key statement she made was ‘This product is not David. This is not he and his wonderful family. This is a product.’ People need to keep that in perspective. In truth, Dr. Kaayla and others are trying to point out flaws and possible dangers of a supplement. I am very grateful for the courage and strength shown by Dr. Kaayla, Dr. Ron, Cathy, and many others, to seek the truth and fearlessly talk about it. I’ve learned so much from each of them.
    I’m also grateful I listened to my gut and stopped taking FCLO after only 5 bottles, with each one being thrown in the trash before I finished them. It smelled rotten to me, burned my throat and made me nauseous. I kept trying because people I looked to as health experts kept saying how crucial it is to our health. But I just could not overcome my physical repulsion in order to continue taking it.

    No one person or group on this planet has a corner on the truth about diet and health. It seems that the windows have been opened, and fresh air has come in! It is a good thing. When all the dust settles, hopefully peace will be there.

    I look forward to following this issue very closely, and can’t wait to watch the next interview. The first 3 have been excellent!

  4. I do not cry often. This heartfelt interview brought tears to my eyes. Thank you Cathy for being brave enough to speak your truth. I have heard your words, I did not know that I needed to hear them.

    1. Thank you so much Cathy!! I am thrilled that your life is so much better now and I just love you, who could help it, you are so genuine and kind and good and , honorable and you have a trait I value highly, you are vulnerable, which to me means you have great empathy. This interview made my spirits soar! I am so grateful that these videos will reach lots of people so they can know the facts and at least stop taking the stuff till more research is done. Thank you so much Cheeseslave, your interviews make me feel “all’s right with the world” That there is goodness and caring out there! And thanks to both of you for being so bubbly, and excited and enthusiastic about life, I am like that too and it is reassuring to see those traits in action! I will not be at the party, except in spirit, but I did order the downloads and am proud to be a founding member.
      You two make my day, and days!!!!

  5. Wow, what a story! What a journey. I’m very disappointed in WAPF and particularly Sally Fallon’s treatment of Cathy. I used to think they were a force for good, and they have done so much good, but it’s starting to seem pale given some of their recent choices.

    I’m intrigued by the photos of Cathy’s rash, because it resembles redness I’ve had around my eyes and sometimes beyond for 8-9 years now. My conventional doctor, when I still lived in San Francisco, said I wasn’t washing my eyes well enough. Oh, sure, that’s it! It flares up and down, and I never correlated it to any particular food intake, including FCLO, which I’ve only ever taken sporadically. I had lots of skin inflammation earlier this year and came to the conclusion that that’s what it was, inflammation, not “acne” or “rosacea,” although now it looks like inflammation is the root problem with those skin conditions as well. Cathy’s story has persuaded me to toss out half a bottle of FCLO (I still have another unopened one, just in case, hah!) and see whether the inflammation/rash around primarily my left eye clears up now with zero FCLO (zero CLO) in my diet. We’ll see.

    I’m now more than ever interested in attending the starting meeting of the new nutrition foundation. I hope to meet you there, Cathy, and to see you again, Ann Marie!

    1. I’ve heard of others getting rashes like this too when they were taking FCLO – and when they stopped consuming it the rashes cleared up. Someone posted on my Facebook page about how she took FCLO when pregnant and the baby had a bright red rash. When she ran out of FCLO, the breastfed baby’s rash went away.

      1. Hey Cheesy,

        You've GOT to read Grant Genereux's work on vitamin A. It will make this whole cod liver oil controversy become CRYSTAL clear. https://ggenereuxblog.files.wordpress.com/2016/10/extinguishing-the-fires-of-hell2.pdf

  6. A sincere thanks to you Ann Marie. I stayed up way past my bedtime watching Archie Welch’s fascinating interview last night and woke up early to backtrack and view Cathy’s this morning.

    What strikes me most profoundly is the humility, transparency and guilelessness of both of these people. Like no doubt many other viewers, I shed a tear for Cathy’s pain and suffering, then immediately found myself redirected to a place of great inspiration by her positive attitude and beautiful ‘lightness of spirit’. The part of her story that resonated with me most was the experience she related of being opposed and even sabotaged by WAPF ‘leadership’ while attempting to share her enthusiasm and authentic gifts on behalf of the cause; to the point of being unappreciated and even chastened for her efforts!

    Sadly this was likewise my experience. I have kept silent to date– partly out of fear of the ol’ shame monster you so eloquently identify, but mostly because of the cognitive dissonance I experience in relation to this organization. Cathy, Archie, Dr. Ron and Dr. Daniel’s testimonies have afforded clarity and emboldened me to speak up at last regarding the appalling treatment my assistant Taylor Allen and I received at the hand of Sally Fallon et al. while attempting to prepare for and present a six hour lecture/cooking demonstration at last year’s Wise Traditions Conference. If not for the collective example of this group of courageous individuals, I think I would have sealed the entire bizarre episode in a mind-vault labeled “WTF?” and simply continued pulling further and further away from the ancestral cuisine education work I love. Perish the thought!

    I don’t imagine your comments section is the proper venue for my story, but if anyone out there has an interest, I am ready and willing to share it. I’m on hiatus at present, but can still be reached through my website at lardmouth.com, or my email address anniedru@lardmouth.com.

    Many blessings upon the new organization!

      1. Sure sounds like it. I probably would have encountered them a whole lot earlier if I hadn’t tried to ‘put a good spin’ on our nightmare in the first place.


        Live and learn I guess!

  7. Thank you so much Anne Marie for doing these interviews! I’m having a difficult time with how the WAPF is handling this whole ordeal, just unbelievable! 🙁 I’m upset at myself for being so trusting and not thinking through the process of how the fermented cod liver oil is produced and etc. We took the product for years, and my youngest two children, who I ate the healthiest with have the most food sensitivity issues. Eating Paleo certainly helped them, but my son still had minor excema issues, which interestingly completely cleared up within two weeks after stopping the fermented cod liver oil, which I was so faithful in giving to my dear children. Very grateful to Dr. Kaayla Daniel and all the rest of you for exposing this information!

  8. I can’t tell you how beautiful it feels in my body to read these words from all of you.

    I am so appreciative that I could say my truth without attacking…that’s been a long journey for me, and something that curtailed my expression for many years. I think we each have a lot to say and share, and we give each other space to join us in our complete and utter human beingness.

    I love this community, the women that have posted here, and especially Ann Marie who had to walk through her own fire to do this. She has my respect and appreciation.

    I feel like we are all more than friends…each on her journey into an interior landscape where we can find peace and harmony and courage unlike we’ve known before.

    Thank you for each of your sharings, you honor me. I’m sure we’ll cross paths and I look forward to that time.

  9. Thanks for sharing this powerful story. It sounds like the WAP organization is really a cult – or at least it has very cultish features.

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