FCLO Scandal: David Gumpert on Green Pastures’ Food Safety

Fermented Cod Liver Oil Scandal: David Gumpert

This is the fifth video in the Fermented Cod Liver Oil Scandal interview series.

David Gumpert is a journalist, author of The Complete Patient blog, and the author of three books, The Raw Milk Revolution; Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Food Rights; and The Raw Milk Answer Book.

In this video, we talk about the FCLO scandal and “WAPFGATE”. David expresses concerns about how the Weston A. Price Foundation has reacted to the scandal and how he has been attacked and criticized. In fact, WAPF chapter leaders have been “excommunicated” by Sally Fallon Morell for linking to David's blog. David also shares that some WAPF chapter leaders will be attending the conference at the new PPPF organization.

Check out David's blog (especially the juicy comments), The Complete Patient here: https://davidgumpert.com/blog

Fermented Cod Liver Oil Scandal: Video Interview with David Gumpert

Show Notes

Nourished and Nurtured original blog post about FCLO, published in January, 2013

David Gumpert's blog post about Green Pasture & Corganic published in October, 2014

Click here to download Dr. Daniel's free report: Hook, Line & Stinker: Hook, Line and Stinker!: The Truth About Fermented Cod Liver Oil

Check Back Tomorrow for Another Video in the Series

This is the fifth in a series of video interviews about the potential hazards of fermented cod liver oil.

Check back tomorrow for tomorrow's video! I'll be talking with Steve Tallent, owner of Beeyoutiful and longtime WAPF member and sponsor. They pulled out of sponsoring this year's WAPF conference in Anaheim and have published articles on their website criticizing WAPF and GPP. They also recently stopped selling Green Pasture Products in their online store.

Tomorrow Steve and I discuss his concerns with the Green Pastures' fermented cod liver oil, from sourcing to production processes to labeling. He also challenges Chris Masterjohn's rebuttal.

Read More About The FCLO Scandal

To learn more about the history of the FCLO scandal and get my take on it, please read my post, My Take on the Fermented Cod Liver Oil Scandal.

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26 thoughts on “FCLO Scandal: David Gumpert on Green Pastures’ Food Safety

  1. You’re both exactly right that Sally is behaving just like the government (and the media). I’ve been working almost exclusively for the past eight months or so on stopping forced vaccination (first alerted to this issue by WAPF, by Leslie Manookian at the Dallas conference, where she showed The Greater Good), and was in Atlanta last weekend for a demonstration and rally. What the CDC does is: 1. Shoot the messenger (call us “antivaxxers”). 2. Denigrate the message (call the clear and convincing link between vaccines, autism and a host of autoimmune conditions “debunked”). 3. Trot out pseudo-science to shore up a bankrupt policy. It is just so startling. This is why, as soon as I read David Gumpert’s blog, and Kaayla Daniel’s report, I immediately lost all trust in Sally’s judgment. And WAPF. And everything else Sally has promoted in the six years I’ve been a member. Honorable people admit when they have made a mistake. I learned long ago that skepticism toward everything is the best policy, yet I blindly trusted someone who I thought had everyone’s best interests at heart. Little did I know that the curse of ideology infected what Sally promoted. Nor will she ever back down. That’s why I’m through with WAPF and delighted with the three P’s. Thank you, Ann Marie, for these interviews. They’ve really rounded out my understanding of how it all went so horribly wrong. Cathy’s story is particularly telling about Sally’s meanness. We all owe a debt of gratitude to Kaayla for having the guts to make this mess public.

    1. “What the CDC does is: 1. Shoot the messenger (call us “antivaxxers”). 2. Denigrate the message (call the clear and convincing link between vaccines, autism and a host of autoimmune conditions “debunked”). 3. Trot out pseudo-science to shore up a bankrupt policy.”

      Wow Gary. You are so right. 100% dead on.

      Looking forward to meeting you one day. Are you going to Southbridge?

      1. Ann Marie: Unfortunately no; can’t afford it. I’ve had some unexpected and very costly house and pet expenses this year. But next year I will be wherever it is (and I joined as a founding member). I had signed up for Anaheim very early, as is my usual practice, and could have pulled out, but didn’t (it’s driving distance). Now that they’ve published the speaking schedule, I realize there won’t be much of interest for me, though I have wide-ranging interests. Tragic this is, but we’ve got to get them to stop giving varnish to babies (I make and finish furniture, so I understand what Rudi Moerck says about the ultimate fate of oils, that they congeal, and on furniture to a durable film). Can’t believe Leslie Manookian agreed to join the board. She’s the one who first alerted me to the dangers of vaccination, when she showed The Greater Good in either Dallas or Santa Clara, and I respect her. The pendulum swingers have moved upward, as well.

  2. You have a very bias approach, how about you interview someone who doesn’t have the same views as you, so you can get both sides of the story. You are only seeing things from one angle, and this leads to the mess the community is in. No one pay enough attention to the details, and people get mislead….sigh…

    1. This is a very good point Craig. Would it be safe to assume that you have approached other pro-FCLO bloggers like The Healthy Home economist, accused them of bias, and asked them to post more information referencing the other side of this coin? Have you approached WAPF, and told them that they have a bias and asked them to post a Q&A with Dr. Kaayla Daniel? Have you approached GPP and accused them of a bias, and asked them why they have only published positive results from taking the oil and not any of the testimonials of negative reactions? Yeah. Everybody has a bias. Why are you only asking certain people to give a hearing to both sides? Oh. Right. Because you too have a biased approach . . . .

      1. The difference is that WAPF are the ones being accused, so naturally they have responded on defense. This is why it was such a poor decision for Kaayla to have written her report in that snarky and accusatory fashion, which she said was for entertainment value… but this is not an entertaining situation, and precious few people are amused. A little tact goes a long way.

        1. WAPF was accused of very little. Almost nothing. WAPF was accused of not pursuing further testing. Which was true. The rest of the report had nothing to do with WAPF. Sally went far beyond that in her Q&A and before, and presented only one side of the GPP/Daniel story. So, why then can’t they be asked to give both sides of the story?

          Pro-FCLO bloggers were not accused of anything. I haven’t seen a comment from a pro-FCLO campaigner asking them to present both sides of the story, have you? And there are a lot more of them than of the anti variety. Anybody that posts anything negative is accused of making money off of Rosita, which in some cases (like this blog) is not true, but of course, none of the pro crowd cares that their pro-FCLO bloggers all make money from FCLO. Apparently that doesn’t really matter.

          I’m OK with asking Ann-Marie to seek out some pro-FCLO interviews, but where are the requests for Sarah Pope to interview Kaayla Daniel? Where are the requests for any of a number of others to post links to Gumpert and to these interviews. Maybe they exist, but I haven’t seen them. Ann-Marie has already done more than any pro-FCLO blogger that I have seen, posting every single link that Sandrine Love digs up that will put a positive spin on FCLO.

          So, I kinda get what you are saying, but I think it only applies at most to GPP – unless you are equating GPP with WAPF, which is kinda/sorta the way they are operating. If true, then yes, they were accused by the Daniel report, but then again, the statements Sally made insinuating little to no conflict of interest would be so much manure, right?

          1. Well, as far as I know none of the WAPF bloggers have interviewed anyone on either side of the controversy. They have simply offered their own take on the issue. Ann Marie has done both of those things, but she chooses to interview only those who will confirm her own stated opinions… all the while claiming her mission to be seeking out the truth. Well, don’t you have to explore all sides in order to find the truth, which is usually found somewhere in between? She isn’t doing that, and I think that’s why people are accusing her of being one-sided.

            1. Let’s assume that your assertion that truth cannot be found without exploring all sides. Based upon that assumption, we can conclude that none of the other bloggers are actually interested in the truth and neither are GPP or WAPF. Or maybe, to put it another way, NONE of those parties are interested in you and me knowing the truth.

              I would say, yes, she is being one sided. She has her opinion, just like the other bloggers. But she has linked to everything the other side has brought up as objections, which would allow any of HER readers to see both sides and find the truth in the middle. As you say, none of the other parties have done that. The conclusion we must reach based on your assertion that truth is not found on one side or the other, but in the middle: they don’t WANT you and me to know the truth – just propaganda.

              1. Actually, what I said was that none of the other bloggers have *interviewed anyone* on either side of the controversy. That isn’t quite the same as re-posting links that she has already made an effort to invalidate on her FB page.

                And I agree that there’s nothing wrong with Ann Marie being one-sided in her own opinions. But, again, you can’t claim to be investigating the truth if you’re only looking in one direction. I don’t believe that the other bloggers have made this claim, nor is it their job to redirect the focus of their blogs onto this controversy day after day after day.

                So, I think my point still stands.

                1. If your point is that it is hypocritical of Ann Marie to say that she is seeking the truth while having thus far only interviewed people who are in your opinion giving “one side” of a multi-faceted issue, let’s assume that is true for a moment. It also makes something else true. Though we cannot find hypocrisy with other bloggers and GPP and WAPF for their one-sided coverage of the matter, if the truth is indeed found in the middle as you contend, then it still stands that they are not seeking the truth, don’t care for anybody to know the truth, and in the case of WAPF, is actively trying to keep people from discovering the truth by threatening them if they link to information that isn’t in line with their propaganda. Wouldn’t you agree? Or would you like to change your contention about where the truth is to be found?

                  Personally, I think Ann Marie is seeking the truth. Where she is seeking the truth might not be the first place another person would look, but she’s not done. I’m of the opinion that many WAPF and GPP supporters don’t actually want to know the truth, because this exploration of the truth is pulling their heroes off of their shiny white chargers, and making them mortal and fallible and even sullied. They would rather not know. That’s why they aren’t seeking the truth. They would rather call what they already know, or what they are being told “truth” to protect their idols, both human and material.

            1. @Amanda

              “Also, which bloggers are making money off of FCLO?”

              Pretty much all of them with the exception of David Gumpert and Kaayla Daniel.

              If you see affiliate links on their blog for Radiant Life Company, they are making money selling Green Pasture Products. I know Sarah Pope said on her blog that she does not make money from GPP. She pointed out that GPP does not have an affiliate program, which is true. But it was disingenuous because she did not disclose that she does have affiliate links to GPP via Radiant Life.

              I changed my links to Carlson’s on Amazon back in 2013 when I stopped taking FCLO due to my concerns of rancidity. Right now I believe all my links go to VGN which is currently down… so as a result, right now, I don’t make any money from any cod liver oil company. When I do put links back up, I will put affiliate links for Corganic’s Rosita brand, because that is the brand I take and that is the one I trust. Not because they pay me, but because I have done the research and I think their product and their process is the best.

              1. @Amanda

                “The difference is that WAPF are the ones being accused, so naturally they have responded on defense.”

                WAPF was not accused. GPP was accused.

                Why “naturally” did they defend GPP? Why not listen to the accusations and respond to them?

                “This is why it was such a poor decision for Kaayla to have written her report in that snarky and accusatory fashion, which she said was for entertainment value… but this is not an entertaining situation, and precious few people are amused. A little tact goes a long way.”

                Her tone has nothing to do with the facts. Ad hominem logical fallacy.

                1. WAPF absolutely was accused, not of the same things that GP was accused of, but they were accused nonetheless of having ignored the concerns that Kaayla presented to the board, which is simply not true. In fact, I don’t know how you can even say with a straight face that WAPF was not accused when you yourself continuously refer to Kaayla’s report as an act of “whistleblowing.” Either you have completely misunderstood what the term “whistleblower” actually means OR you agree that her report accused WAPF of wrongdoing… which is it?

                2. @Ann Marie – I meant to address this before, but got side-tracked. This is important though, so here goes…

                  You said: “Her tone has nothing to do with the facts. Ad hominem logical fallacy.”

                  OK, but that’s beside the point. Logically speaking, no, her “tone” may not have anything to do with the facts, but it DOES have everything to do with people’s PERCEPTION of the facts and the situation as she has presented it. Why? Because people are driven by emotion, not logic. We know this. There are entire industries based upon the concept of persuasion via appealing to people’s base emotions (hello marketing!). We see this very thing being accomplished in the media on a daily basis. Tone matters. It is the very reason why so many people (myself included) had dismissed her report outright as a smear campaign, and why you are now having to do ‘damage control’ by airing these interviews to correct the bad taste that her report initially left in readers minds. Tone matters. I can tell the same story to two different people, changing only the “tone” in which I present it to them, and get two opposite reactions as a result. Tone matters. Not only does it matter, but it almost always matters MORE SO than the facts themselves. “Perception is reality” as it were, so lets just get over this silly idea that her “tone” is somehow beyond criticism. It’s not.

              2. Oh, come on! Radiant Life is NOT Green Pastures, and just because they happen to sell GPP among a vast array of other products by a number of different companies does not equate one with the other. She makes money off of Radiant Life. Period. Whether they sell GPP or not.

                1. Both bloggers that I mentioned below endorse GPP products. When they make their endorsements they include the affiliate links to the products on Radiant Life website. As I show below in another comment, both of the REFERENCE fermented cod liver oil in their resources along with an affiliate link to Radiant Life. So that fact is that these bloggers make money by endorsing Green Pasture Products whether they are paid directly from GPP or not. I’m not really sure how this is not readily apparent???

            2. “Also, which bloggers are making money off of FCLO?”

              “I order superfoods and supplements like fermented cod liver oil, probiotics and more from Radiant Life Catalog. Click here.” – affiliate link

              https://www.thehealthyhomeeconomist.com/resources/#supplements – affiliate link to radiant life.
              ” Fermented cod or skate liver oil is the #1 superfood supplement. ”

              These were the first two pro-FCLO google results that I found. I think the bigger challenge is to find a pro-FCLO blogger that does NOT make money on FCLO. Ready, set, GO!

      2. Perhaps GPP would be willing to perform detailed freshness analyses of their oil from start to finish of their putrification, sorry “fermentation”, process. Measure peroxide, anisidine, FFAs, and TBARs every week throughout the entire fermentation process so that we can trend the oxidation curve as it slowly progresses and watch it wildly rise to unsafe levels and then gradually fall back down to “non-oxidized” levels.

        Oh wait, that would be ACTUAL science and would provide actual data, data which would vilify GPP. Therefore, it will never happen.

    2. @Craig

      I agree I am biased. Everyone is biased. I’m suspicious of FCLO and I think everyone should be.

      We have evidence of harm, we have lab reports showing VERY serious issues (mislabeling, lies about sourcing, etc.) and we have very little transparency from David Wetzel. If you think we should just blindly trust him, then you are a fool.

      We demand transparency from our raw milk farmers, from pretty much everyone we purchase products from… so why wouldn’t we demand it from David Wetzel?

      It is unfair to say that I won’t interview both sides. I haven’t said I wouldn’t interview Sally or Dave Wetzel — I’m plowing through the interviews one by one. I started with the whistleblower, Kaayla. Then we heard from Dr. Ron and Cathy Raymond, who told their stories of adverse health reactions to FCLO. Then we heard from David Gumpert who was reporting… and today will be Steve Tallent, a sponsor who pulled out.

      I’m just going to keep plowing through the evidence and hearing different sides of the story until we get to the bottom of this.

  3. This should clear up any confusion. As tested by outside labs, the Green Pastures Cod liver oil is completely safe!


  4. And right on cue, Craig and Alexa, poster children for CDC ethics, doing a fine demonstration of just what Gary is talking about.

  5. Right above your video with David Gumpert it says, “Fermented Cod Liver Oil Scandal: Video Interview with Archie Welch”

    Thank you for these videos, so educational!

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