Fermented Cod Liver Oil Scandal: Video Interview with Dr. Ron Schmid

This is the second video in the Fermented Cod Liver Oil Scandal interview series.

FCLO Scandal: Dr Ron Schmid

In 2012, Dr. Ron Schmid was hospitalized for advanced congestive heart failure and given 3-6 months to live. In this video, he explains why he believes it was the fermented cod liver oil he had been taking that caused his heart failure.

Dr. Ron says it was Dr. Kaayla Daniel, former WAPF Vice President and whistleblower that gave him the courage to tell his story. In August, 2015, Dr. Daniel published a report with the data from 5 independent labs that show that the fermented cod liver oil is rancid, contains trans fats, and is made from pollock.

Dr. Ron and Dr. Kaayla have since been ostracized by the Weston A. Price Foundation and attacked by many in the organization for coming forward with this information.

Click here to download Dr. Daniel's free report: Hook, Line & Stinker: Hook, Line and Stinker!: The Truth About Fermented Cod Liver Oil

Fermented Cod Liver Oil Scandal: Video Interview with Dr. Ron Schmid

Show Notes

Dr. Ron Schmid's Bio

Dr. Ron Schmid is a naturopathic physician, owner of a supplement company, Dr. Ron's Ultra-Pure, and the author of two books, The Untold Story of Milk and Primal Nutrition: Paleolithic and Ancestral Diets for Optimal Health. He was also a longtime member, sponsor and honorary board member of the Weston A. Price Foundation, which actively endorses the Green Pasture Products fermented cod liver oil.

Check Back Tomorrow for Another Video in the Series

This is the second in a series of video interviews about the potential hazards of fermented cod liver oil.

Click here to watch yesterday's video interview with whistleblower, Dr. Kaayla Daniel.

Check back tomorrow for the next video, my interview with Cathy Raymond, longtime WAPF member and staff member of WAPF and FTCLDF. Cathy shows her shocking before and after pictures of a head-to-toe skin rash. She was rushed to the emergency room and the dermatologist told her the rash was caused by the fermented cod liver oil she was taking. Cathy also tells the shame she felt when she was pushed out of the Weston A. Price Foundation after she spoke up to try to include more Paleo members.

Read More About The FCLO Scandal

To learn more about the history of the FCLO scandal and get my take on it, please read my post, My Take on the Fermented Cod Liver Oil Scandal.

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16 thoughts on “Fermented Cod Liver Oil Scandal: Video Interview with Dr. Ron Schmid

  1. The more I hear the more disturbing this becomes. Once again thank you AnnMarie and especially Dr. Ron. Without your story, Dr. Ron, I doubt I would have been able to piece together my health problem. I’m very grateful for your willingness to step forward. First I reduced the fermented cod liver oil after your story last spring and finally stopped it in August. Things are slowly improving and I’m hopeful it will resolve. (And your new book sits right in front of me for more ideas to speed this up).

    1. Thank you, Lynn. I’ll be discussing in depth (as summarized below) how I recovered at our upcoming conference. I hope you will be able to attend, but if not I think you will find our On Demand Videos to be both compelling and helpful in solving your health problem.

  2. Thanks for putting this interview together. I have a question unrelated to the controversy though. Does Dr. Ron have a testimony about exactly how he healed his heart after his crisis? What did he do (besides stop taking FCLO). I’d really like to read what he did as a protocol. Thanks!

    1. Iori, there is no protocol but rather a set of principles that must be applied individuslly. That is what my new book Primal Nutrition is about. I’d like to point out that while stopping FCLO was critical, it was by far not the only factor in my recovery from advanced heart failure. My cardiologist had no expectation that I would recover, because the condition is considered to be irreversible, with a prognosis of three to six months to live. Yet he wrote in my medical records a few months ago that I have made a “miraculous recovery.” I am now functioning normally, for me, which means an hour or two of singles tennis at a high level several times a week – at seventy years old. The basis for this recovery is the strength of the dietary principles I have studied and applied for some fifty years. These principles incorporate what Weston Price taught us, but go far beyond the usual WAPF teachings. I have seen in thousands of people that the application of these principles can enable most people to recover from most medical problems. This is what I will be talking about at our upcoming conference.

  3. I am really enjoying the videos you are producing here and am looking forward to more. This is a great service you are providing. I used to be a Chapter Leader for the WAPF and though I want to always give them kudos for the work they have done and the tremendous information they have provided for us, and their support of farmers. I ultimately left because I was seeing some changes I wasn’t happy about. I have always gotten a lot of beneficial information from the Paleo and Primal worlds. This business about fermented cod liver oil is shocking. I will continue to be a member of WAPF, but I am VERY excited about this new organization that blends all the best of these three dietary investigations.

    1. Sarah, I hope you will keep up with what we are doing and come if you can to the conference, but if not register for the On Demand Videos. We would love it if you decided to become a chapter leader and let the people in your part of the world know that we are doing our best to build a foundation that they will be happy to be part of.

  4. Thank you again for this wonderful interview. Thank you Dr. Ron for sharing your incredible journey to health with us. 🙂

  5. So Dr. Ron, Sally said you can’t be friends because you said on your website that FCLO contributed to your heart failure? That’s messed up. She basically confirmed that it did in her Q&A on the subject attributing it to too much (which is kinda the way Dr. Ron put it (if I’m not mistaken) with the title of “Too much of a Not-So-Good thing.” So too much FCLO caused heart failure, Sally confirms that too much FCLO caused heart failure, but because you felt the need to give that warning on your website, she can’t be friends with you? I don’t even have words to say how screwy that is.

    I’m still wondering what component of this “not rancid”, “perfectly safe”, “sacred food” that Sally and co. think causes heart problems in too high of a dosage. Heart problems are not symptoms of hypervitaminosis A or D, biogenic amines, or omegas 3 or 6. On the other hand if you look at the symptoms of consuming rancid (in this case “oxidized”) oils, trans fats and FFAs, well, that’s kinda revealing.

    1. Very astute, Steve. I am very much looking forward to meeting you and the many other enlightened individuals who are coming to our upcoming conference. I’m truly excited to be part of what I think will be an incredible and unforgettable gathering, a beginning of the coming together of what I think of as “our tribes.”

  6. I had the pleasure of meeting Dr. Ron and his wife at their booth in Atlanta in 2013 (my favorite conference because of the food, the culture of the South, and Dr. Wakefield) with a question about CoQ10. Though I won’t be able to attend the conference, I’m a founding member, and so pleased about the new foundation. I never understood until this scandal why Sally treated the Paleo people so poorly. Now I understand. Makes me wonder if one of the side effects of RPLO is rigidity of mind.

    1. Gary, first, thank you for your kind words about meeting Elly and I. That was a few months before her shark bite on her foot (80 stitches and four severed tendons, pretty hairy, but she is fully recovered and beating me at tennis half the time). And Dr. Wakefield, what a hero. We hope to have him at a future conference to update his incredible story. You know, I too have wondered about the effects on my own mind when I going downhill, before I stopped FCLO. I was certainly not thinking clearly. How could I when my circulation was so compromised that my heart was failing? The brain needs an optimal oxygen supply! Certainly worth considering when we see rigid and irrational behavior in advocates of FCLO….

  7. So sad, the whole issue of leadership and the lack of integrity. That has been the fate in many communities and organizations – a one man/woman dictatorship brings all kinds of problems. I remember hearing a podcast in which Sally Fallon praised Rudolf Steiner (the founder of antroposophy) and hailed him as a seer/prophet, and I could not trust her much after that…

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