Fettuccine Alfredo

Fettuccine Alfredo is one of my very favorite pasta dishes.

If you think it’s bad for you, think again. Grass-fed butter and cream are full of fat-soluble activators A, D and K2. Most of us are low or even deficient in these vitamins.

I hereby give you permission to eat Fettuccine Alfredo again.

And yeah, that’s not my photo above. I make my Fettuccine Alfredo with a LOT more sauce. In fact, that photo is really kind of pathetic. I’ll work on getting one of my own soon.

Bottom line: Do NOT be afraid to ladle on the sauce nice and thick. That’s where the vitamins are, people!

To make this dish even more nutritious, add a pound of wild shrimp.

Fettuccine Alfredo

Equipment Needed for This Recipe

Food processor or cheese grater

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Fettuccine Alfredo

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36 thoughts on “Fettuccine Alfredo

  1. Have you ever tried it with cream cheese instead of cream? I don’t have easy access to raw cream (unless I ladle it off my milk), but I do have some raw Nourishing Traditions-style cream cheese left over from making whey. I used to use store bought cream cheese in my alfredo recipe, which was essentially the same as your’s except for the cream/cream cheese. Wondering what the result would be…

    1. You can use a turkey baster to suck off the cream from the top of your milk, and store it in another jar. Works great!

      1. Jovial brown rice pasta is organic and amazing! My fiance does not need to be gluten free, but he eats it and loves it!

        1. Tinkyada I also excellent. I no longer eat grains as I’m on GAPS but before then I was GF and everyone in my family agreed on using Tinkyada. To this day it’s the only pasta I serve (fettucine, spaghetti, penne, etc.) except for soup noodles (still use wheat for DH).

  2. Thanks for sharing this! Food For Life, of Ezekiel bread makes a Sprouted Grain Fettucine that we buy when we are in the states.
    Actually, the original Roman Fettucine Alfredo did not call for cream. It was simply lots of butter and grated parmigiano-reggiano. Many people believe that this is because the butter and parmesan cheese that were available in the United States during the 1950s (when the dish became popular) were of such lower quality than their Italian counterparts, it was necessary to add cream to give substance. If you are interested, you can read about the history of the pasta dish here: https://www.saveur.com/article/Kitchen/The-Real-Alfredo
    and if you want to skip to the recipe it is found here: https://www.saveur.com/article/Recipes/The-Original-Fettuccine-Alfredo
    It is fantastic and I highly recommend it to any cheese and/or butter lovers!

  3. Love it! I highly recommend parmigiano reggiano cheese instead of plain parmesan. Once I discovered it, I never went back! I get mine at my local SuperTarget.

  4. I make mine similar except I make a bit of roux (I use unbleached four, but arrowroot could be used instead) to thicken the sauce some (I used to make 4-6 up batches for our large family when the 8 kids were all at home) as I like mine a bit thick and not runny. I have used pasteured cream, but prefer the whole milk.To every cup of milk I add 1 plus cups of Parmesan. We like ours rich and cheesy and yummy. Mine tastes very similar to Olive Garden’s, which is what we like.
    I also add some ground pepper and sea salt, and chopped parsley (fresh or dried, depending on the season) right to the sauce when it is done, and I add a bit of turmeric to make the sauce nice and yellow. I often add a pinch of turmeric to dishes I want to color a nice warm yellow/gold. This adds some of the benefits of the turmeric to the dish.

    1. I forgot~We always add grilled chicken breasts or shrimp to ours for the added protein, I personally do not like shrimp, though the hubby does, so I often will add chicken to the batch and shrimp to a smaller portion I’ve separated out so that hubby has chicken and shrimp in his. Not always, but sometimes. I also often add sauteed mushrooms to his as he (hubby) thinks everything tastes better with mushrooms.

  5. This is your holiday gift to me!!! I got it! (Acknowledging that your own photo would be better!) Can’t wait to see the updated with your own photo of your Delicious version!

  6. Delicious! My husband and I make a similar pasta, but make our own “pesto” to add to the pasta prior to adding the alfredo (so it stirs in better). We end up using 10 cloves of garlic and fresh basil in the “pesto”. Now it is endearingly termed “garlic pasta” πŸ™‚

  7. Hi, I’m new to this and read about sprouting and soaking grains. Does this pasta need to be soaked or anything before making it? Or is it already sprouted or soaked by the manufacturer?

  8. Thank God that “heart attack on a plate” moniker can be abandoned. I spent most of my growing up feeling fat and guilty for enjoying a good fettucine alfredo.

  9. I find brown rice pasta to be incredibly hard to digest. I used to buy the Trader Joe’s brand but would notice that I felt extremely tired, almost at the verge of falling asleep, each time I ate it. One time I almost fell asleep at the wheel after eating TJ’s brown rice fusilli. I tried regular white-rice pasta and didn’t have that problem.

    If grains are hard to tolerate for you, I would recommend trying white rice pastas instead of brown. Yes, they are simple carbs, but if its easier to digest I would say the trade off is worth it.

    If you can’t tolerate grains whatsoever, you could always make alfredo sauce to go on top of zucchini “pasta” or cucumber “noodles”. Just julienne them real thin like pasta noodles and blanch for a second or two and it takes on a very convincing pasta-like quality.

    Just my $.02

    1. Alfredo over zucchini “noodles” sounds like a fantastic way to use up the amazing amount we get from our garden! Yum! I make alfredo with equal parts cream, butter and cheese and that’s all the recipe I follow. Makes it very creamy and thick. And we use a corn/quinoa pasta that is a dead ringer for “real” pasta. My whole family eats it and I’m the only one who has to avoid gluten. My Italian hubby says he can’t tell the difference and may even like it better!

  10. Your recipe is about the same as ours. We use Potato Gnocci though since at least one of us is gluten free. It’s a family meal night where mommy only has to make one meal and SUPER popular!! =)

    Cream RULES.

  11. Ooh, I forgot to ask in my previous comment. What is the benefit of using brown rice pasta? Isn’t it a source of phytic acid? We try to use sprouted or sourdough noodles.

  12. I made this for dinner last night after reading this post! It was really really good. I can’t find heavy cream that isn’t UHT processed here in WV, so I used half and half and added some extra butter. I’m sure the cream would be better, but it was delicious and my husband LOVED it.

  13. I must have done it wrong, because I followed the recipe and cooked it on medium and mine looked like liquid with cottage cheese in it. I had to pour it out and start again. I was NOT happy about wasting so much raw butter and cream – incredibly precious around here since it is only available every two weeks and I must drive an hour each way to get it then. πŸ™

  14. Oh, my. This is the absolute best Fettucini Alfredo I have ever made. Made it for Christmas Eve dinner. Added sauteed chicken that was cut into bite-sized pieces. My DH who absolutely loves Fettucini Alfredo declared this better than what we get at our favorite Italian restaurant. Also, I knew that the ingredients were FAR BETTER than anything we’d ever get at a restaurant. Had never used brown rice pasta and could not tell the difference at all. Every single one of us thought this dish was amazing. Thank you, thank you for sharing such an outstanding recipe!

  15. Can’t wait to try this tonight with my homemade, raw grassfed butter and raw cream! I am pregnant and have been craving butterfat and whole milk like nobody’s business! I am faithfully listening to my body and trying to eat what it is wanting, which tonight is alfredo! So happy to run across this whole foods, from scratch version. I still had an old packet of the mix to make it in my pantry, and the list of ingredients in it is horrifying! Thanks for providing an alternative……….

    1. This made me smile. I too craved pastured dairy fat when I was pregnant. I ate fettucini alfredo every day for two months. Usually topped with bacon. πŸ™‚ If we were going somewhere else for dinner, I would make it for lunch. Or a snack. But I had to have it. And raw Gouda. And homemade ice cream. And butter on everything… πŸ™‚

  16. I have been making this every Christmas Eve since this recipe posted, and tonight is no different. It is wonderful! I do add two chicken breasts, cooked and cubed, as well as 1 T. vodka and a splash more cream. Served with cooked broccoli and Caesar salad, it is truly a family favorite. Thank you, Ann Marie! Merry Christmas!

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