6 Best Fluoride Filters That Filter Fluoride from Your Water

Do you want to know how to filter fluoride from your drinking water? In this post I review the top 6 best fluoride filters that are affordable and easy-to-install and will work to filter fluoride from your water.

Best Fluoride Filters: How to Filter Fluoride

Best Fluoride Filters: How to Filter Fluoride

Looking to filter fluoride from your water? Not sure which system to choose? In this post, I walk you through all the options. Whether you live in a rented apartment or own your own home, there is a fluoride water purification system that is right for you.

And these fluoride filters are all very affordable — every system is less than a few hundred dollars.

Why Filter Fluoride?

If you’ve been reading my blog for a while you’ve read about the dangers of fluoride, and how fluoride causes acne, cysts, hormonal problems, cancer, bone loss, cavities, and many other health problems.

I use water that is filtered for fluoride for the water we drink, the ice in our ice maker, and all the water I cook with. The reason I think it is so important to use a water filter to filter fluoride is because fluoride is cumulative. It’s not only in your drinking water, but in processed foods, non-organic foods, etc. Please see my post on the Top Sources of Fluoride.

How to Choose the Best Fluoride Filter for Your Family

Most water filters do not filter fluoride. They will remove lots of other contaminants, but you have to get special fluoride filters to remove fluoride from your water.

And it’s not so easy to research… when you search for “fluoride water filter” on Amazon, a bunch of water filters come up in the search that actually do not filter fluoride.

For this reason, I wanted to write a comprehensive post listing all the water filters you can use to filter fluoride.

However, I don’t want to list any fluoride filters that I don’t trust so I’m going to limit this post to the ones I know are good. I will update this post over time, as I find more fluoride water filters. But you can be sure that the fluoride filters I recommend in this post are quality filters that will work to remove fluoride, along with other contaminants.

6 Best Fluoride Filters

This is a list of my top 6 recommended fluoride filters.

You can order any of these fluoride filters on Amazon. Visit the Amazon via my links below for current prices.

1.Reverse Osmosis Fluoride Purification Systems

A reverse osmosis filter is one of the best ways to filter fluoride. It will cost you under a couple hundred dollars and stores conveniently, out of sight, under your kitchen sink. You do have to change the filters periodically but it’s very inexpensive to do so, especially when you compare the cost of buying filtered water or spring water.

We have a reverse osmosis fluoride filter in our home. You can either install it yourself or hire a plumber or handyman for not much money to help you install it under your sink.

Our reverse osmosis filter is connected via tubing to our fridge, so it also filters fluoride from the water we get from our fridge dispenser and it filters the water we use to make ice.

Please note… the reverse osmosis filter does remove the minerals from the water. Minerals are good for you! For this reason, ideally you will want to replace the minerals at least in the bone broth you make, your cooking water, and your drinking water. You can easily do this by ordering Concentrace drops.

Check current price on Amazon 

2. Berkey Gravity Fluoride Purification Systems

How to Filter Fluoride: Affordable Fluoride Water Purification Systems

Berkey water filters  are fabulous. If you are renting and can’t install an under-the-counter reverse osmosis filter, a gravity filter might bet he best choice for you.

When we rented a condo when Kate was little, we used this exact system and it worked great. For around $300, you can get everything you need to filter your water on your counter by ordering this Berkey with the fluoride filters included.  This is the perfect solution if you rent or don’t have room for a reverse osmosis system under the sink.

I also like Berkey water filters because they do not remove the minerals from the water like reverse osmosis systems do.

Another benefit of Berkey water filters is they don’t require any power to run. For this reason, I’m actually buying another one to have as a back-up (in case of an emergency). If there is an emergency and you lose power, you will have access to clean water. If you have a pool, you can literally run pool water through your Berkey! You could also gather water from a local creek or river and purify it with your Berkey. (How cool is that?)

 Check current price on Amazon 

3.  Chloramine + Fluoride Inline Refrigerator Water Filter

How to Filter Fluoride: Affordable Fluoride Water Purification Systems[/easyazon_link]

Okay, so maybe you’re renting and can’t install a reverse osmosis system. And you don’t have room for a Berkey on your countertop.

Here’s another option that will filter the fluoride from the water and ice in your fridge. This would also be a good option to get in addition to a Berkey if you also want fluoride-free ice from your ice maker.

This fluoride filter is universal so it will work with all models of refrigerators.

[easyazon_link identifier=”B00YB2ZFCQ” locale=”US” tag=”cheeseslave0e-20″]Check current price on Amazon[/easyazon_link]

4.  Aquagear Water Filter Pitcher

How to Filter Fluoride: Affordable Fluoride Water Purification Systems

No room for a reverse osmosis fluoride filter or a Berkey and don’t have a fridge with an ice maker? Maybe you live alone, in a small apartment, or in a dorm room?

This  Aquagear Water Filter Pitcher might be a good starting place. This is also a great option for an RV or vacation cabin.

 Check current price on Amazon 

5.  ProPur ProMax Shower Filter With Shower Head How to Filter Fluoride: Affordable Fluoride Water Purification Systems

Looking for a fluoride shower filter? The ProPur ProMax Shower Filter With Shower Head  will filter the fluoride out of your shower water!

Check current price on Amazon 

6.  APEX Whole House GAC Water Filter System with Activated Alumina for Fluoride Removal

How to Filter Fluoride: Affordable Fluoride Water Purification Systems

If you are looking for a whole house water filter that removes fluoride, you can get one for only $350. Yes, you read that right. I was shocked that it is so inexpensive.

This APEX Whole House GAC Water Filter System removes fluoride from all the water in your home.

I’m actually going to buy one of these systems. We have the reverse osmosis filter in the kitchen, but I love to take baths. I want fluoride-free bath water, since we do absorb fluoride via our pores. Why do you think epsom salt bath works to absorb magnesium? And fluoride blocks magnesium absorption.

Keep in mind, this whole house filter only removes 70-93% of the fluoride in your water. So you might want to get this in conjunction with one of the other filters.

If you want to get ALL the fluoride out, you could do like I’m doing and use both the whole house filter in addition to the reverse osmosis for drinking water and cooking. I would especially recommend a setup like this if you are trying to reverse health problems caused by fluoride (such as cavities, cysts, migraines, acne, cellulite, cancer, etc.).

It looks like this [easyazon_link identifier=”B00M2IJMJI” locale=”US” tag=”cheeseslave0e-20″]APEX Whole House GAC Water Filter System[/easyazon_link] is pretty easy to install, although you probably need a plumber or handyman to help. Here’s a picture from one of the Amazon reviews showing what it looks like installed:

How to Filter Fluoride: Affordable Fluoride Water Purification Systems

Check current price on Amazon 

Replacing Fluoride Filters

For all of these fluoride water filters, you do need to replace the filters regularly (usually every year or so).

Please see the Amazon links to determine when you need to change the filters. You can also order the replacement filters from Amazon, which makes the process very easy.

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How to Filter Fluoride: Affordable Fluoride Water Purification Systems

Questions about How to Filter Fluoride?

Questions about how to filter fluoride from your water? Please comment below.

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14 thoughts on “6 Best Fluoride Filters That Filter Fluoride from Your Water

  1. Did you ever write the post about the Berkey? I am about it buy one and I would love to know what you found out!!

  2. We have a Berkey and have very hard water which I had hoped would be remedied by the filter. Instead, we have white minerals still coating everything. Is there such a thing as too much of a good thing? Surely, too many minerals in, what I've been told is the hardest water table in all of Oklahoma, can't be good for us. Also, if so, what system can filter minerals?

  3. What about people who live out in the country and don't have city water with added fluoride? Do you think it's necessary to filter for it if I have a well?

    1. What's your opinion on this option?

      ZeroWater 12 Cup Ready Pour Water Filtration Pitcher with Free TDS Meter


      1. Hello –

        I own a Big Berkey -and a pro pur pitcher to empty Berkey water into to filter out fluoride.
        I do have a pro pur shower filter that is claimed to remove 60% fluoridine. as per their test results. Some is better than none, I suppose. But I don't take long showers knowing that this poison ABSORBS thru skin! great.
        I also read a document that FLUORIDE in washed articles of clothing can be reactivated thru perspiration and you absorb even more.
        I can't find a true informational site. I contacted the FAN — Fluoride Action Network and asked many questions about this awful stuff that USA buys FROM CHINA to add to our water. To save teeth and bones? Really? What are they adding for our heart health, diabetes, lungs, etc? Seems sketch to me. BUT the LONGER you drink the "koolaid" the more you will believe anything "they" claim"

  4. Hello, Thank you for writing this. Can you tell me if you have had your water tested after installing the two systems?

    Thank you,

    Christiane Marshall

  5. Our water had a strange smell and taste in the past so I searched and installed device #2, since using it our water has become so much better, no more strange smells and tastes, I’m quite satisfied. I was surprised because it tasted better than bottled water.

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