First Seedlings of Spring

First Seedlings

I was gathering Italian parsley and oregano for my spaghetti sauce tonight, and I was thinking, “There isn't anything better than this. Being able to just step outside and gather herbs for your dinner.”

Then I realized there is one thing that is better. And that's the first seedlings of spring.

I was so excited to find these seedlings this afternoon. I actually jumped for joy. They are baby chamomile plants. I love chamomile tea, so I figured I'd grow my own. It's also great to plant chamomile around the garden, in between other plants.

Amazingly, I only planted these seeds less than a week ago. It was last Sunday — on Kate's birthday.

Here's my set up:

Starting Seeds

I got some stainless steel shelves from the restaurant supply store (I figure I'll use them in the kitchen or pantry later). I'm using shop lights with fluorescent bulbs and the lamps on the sides are for warmth. And I have everything hooked up to a timer so they get light 14 hours per day.

Those are egg crates. In the ones that are flat, I used cut-up cardboard rolls from toilet paper and paper towels.

I didn't put plastic wrap over them. I haven't gotten around to it. Actually — I just can't figure out how to put plastic wrap on them and still water them. I need to water them every day — and trying to get the plastic wrap off and get them watered seems like a big hassle. Anyone have any ideas?

I planted lots of seeds — including a few different kinds of tomatoes, basil (for sandwiches, pesto, tomato sauce, and lots of other things), nettles, dandelion, jalapeno (for my salsa), bell peppers, a few different kinds of lettuce, hosta and impatiens (for the shade garden), and something called blue shrimp plant. There's a whole lot more — can't remember off the top of my head.

This is so much fun. The best thing is — the fun doesn't have to stop. I can't keep planing all summer. I think I'm going to order some more seeds.

Heck, I live in Southern California. I can plant all year long.

I'm going to plant a bunch of other stuff directly in the garden this weekend. Watermelons, various kinds of flowers — including sweet pea and lavender. I forget what else.

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4 thoughts on “First Seedlings of Spring

  1. I MIGHT have an idea for watering….I put my window garden, which doesn’t even compare with your massive nursery, on plastic IKEA trays and watered from the bottom. Then you only have to lift the plastic at the corner and fill the tray…they suck it right up. But on some I did with plastic they started to get moldy…so I think they didn’t get enough ventilation. The ones that did best were in a plastic thingie that fitted loosely but gave the greenhouse effect. HTH

  2. I tried to use egg trays like the ones you have here, but I had too much trouble keeping the dirt evenly moist. It seemed like the heavy cardboard was wicking away too much moisture. Watering from the bottom is a good idea, I think, to resolve that problem. I gave up the idea and got some peat pots instead. My chamomile seedlings (which were in the egg trays) died, but I figure I’ll just plant them directly outside when it gets warm enough. Your nursery looks great! Hope you have good luck with these seedlings. 🙂

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