GAPS Intro Diet: Day Five

GAPS Diet: Making Stock
Making chicken and beef stock

The GAPS Intro Diet is tough, but it gets easier every day.

I spent 6 hours cooking and cleaning up the kitchen yesterday, plus 2 hours shopping (I had to go to two different stores). I can see why people lose weight on this diet! Not only are you eating less, you burn off a lot of calories with all the cooking, shopping and cleaning up!

GAPS Diet Sink
GAPS Intro Diet Sink

I like being in the kitchen. I love to cook, and Seth has been helping out tremendously by doing dishes, even though he feels tired and crappy. He also had the housekeeper come yesterday and that was really nice. While I work, I've been listening to Dr. Natasha Campbell McBride on my iPhone while I work (I have her lectures from last year's Weston A. Price Foundation conference).

Yesterday I made 2 quarts of sauerkraut (we're eating Bubbie's storebought sauerkraut now) and 4 gallons of kombucha (we're drinking GT Dave's now). I also made a pint of sour cream (it will be ready tonight,) roasted a duck and rendered the duck fat, and strained 2 batches of broth: one beef and one chicken.

GAPS Diet Fridge
GAPS Intro Diet Fridge -- Click the photo to see what everything is

Lots of bone broth in the fridge, plus lots of rendered animal fats. See that giant vat of beef stock (the one in the middle?) I used that WHOLE thing to make beef stew tonight — reduced it from a little over a gallon to about 5 cups. One thing people don't always realize is you CAN reduce your stock. You can reduce it some for stew, or reduce it a whole lot for thick gravy. Click here to see what everything is in the fridge.

This morning I spent about half an hour making breakfast and then we went to the farmer's market to buy 8 dozen pastured eggs.

Kate at the farmers market
Kate feeding goats at the farmer's market

For dinner, I made grass-fed beef stew. I also soaked some sunflower seeds and started two more crock pots full of broth (one chicken stock and one beef stock).

Our Progress

Kate and I are speeding through the phases of the Intro Diet and are pretty much ready to progress to the full diet. We started GAPS with no symptoms and no issues. I think this is due to the fact that I spent 2 years healing my gut and taking probiotics when I was in my 20s. Also due to the fact that Kate and I have been taking Biokult since she was about 7 months. We took it pretty much every day for about 2-3 years (and the rest of the time on and off again, whenever I remembered).

So far, Kate and I have successfully added sauerkraut juice, ghee, sour cream, kefir, egg yolks and egg whites, fruit, coconut water, kombucha, and honey. We added fermented cod liver oil today. I need to buy more Biokult for us — it's on my to do list for this week.

Seth is going slower since he has a lot of issues (allergies to dairy and gluten, hyptothyroid, etc.). So far, he has been able to introduce sauerkraut juice, sauerkraut, Biokult, ghee, sour cream, kombucha, and egg yolks. He'll start on the fermented cod liver oil in the next day or so. He is drinking a lot of kombucha. He says it really helps him.

Seth and I both had constipation but it cleared up yesterday with the introduction of sour cream. We were both able to digest store-bought organic sour cream with no problems.

Seth was having some trouble digesting all the fat on this diet but he is now taking Swedish bitters and that is helping.

No More Wine, Carb & Chocolate Cravings!

I'm also super excited because my cravings for wine, chocolate and carbs are totally gone. You can read this post I wrote a few weeks ago: How I Kicked My Wine and Chocolate Cravings. Since then, I've dropped down to just 3 amino acids that I am taking: tryptophan and melatonin in the afternoon and at night (for sleep,) and I pop a GABA when I feel stressed out.

Seth is still taking all of his amino acids but he hasn't had a drink in almost a week now. Like me, he doesn't crave alcohol anymore. And he used to drink Scotch or whisky every single night! Major progress! He's still drinking coffee but only 1-2 cups a day — he's way down from the amount of coffee he used to drink. He also hasn't had any cravings for sweets or carbs. He is still taking all of his amino acids.

FitDay Journal

I posted what I ate today below. And if you want to see exactly what I'm eating, here is the link to my FitDay journal.

GAPS Intro Diet: Day Five


1 cup organic decaf coffee — [easyazon-link asin=”B001E5DZYS” locale=”us”]where to buy organic decaf coffee[/easyazon-link]
1 cup homemade chicken stock with 1/4 cup sauerkraut
2 pastured eggs plus one extra yolk, scrambled with 1 tablespoon sour cream in 1/2 tablespoon ghee


8 oz ginger kombucha
1 oz dried cherries (at farmer's market)
2 oz grass-fed cheese (at farmer's market)


1 cup homemade chicken soup with carrots, celery and chicken
1/4 cup kimchi
1 tablespoon sour cream
16 oz kombucha
2 tablespoons fermented cod liver oil/high-vitamin butter oil blend


1 1/2 cups grass-fed beef stew made with reduced homemade beef stock, stew beef, carrots and cauliflower
1 tablespoon roasted bone marrow (I set it on the table like a condiment for us to add to our stew)
2 tablespoons sour cream
1 cup decaf herbal tea

GAPS Intro Diet Tips

I've got two tips for you today!

1. Buy more than one crock pot. I used to only have one crock pot. The other day I went out and bought two more. This is awesome! Now I can have two crock pots going all the time making broth, and use the other one to render fat or keep soup or a roast warm (for easy dinners and lunches). Three crock pots makes GAPS so much easier!

2. Roast marrow bones. Marrow bones are terrific. I buy a few pounds at a time, roast them in the oven for 10-15 minutes, then scoop out the marrow and put it in a bowl. We then store the marrow in the fridge and add it to our soups and stews. I then take the bones and throw them in the crock pot to make beef broth.

GAPS Diet: Roasted Marrow Bones

Marrow tastes very savory and yummy (like meat butter) and it's SUPER good for you and has lots of fat-soluble activators (especially if the bones are from grass-fed cows or lambs). And kids won't even taste it in soup.

Share Your Comments

Are you on the GAPS Diet? Or planning to start? What are you experiencing? Are you struggling? Have you seen any benefits since you started? Are you planning to start but have fears of how hard it will be? Please share your thoughts below.

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59 thoughts on “GAPS Intro Diet: Day Five

  1. I have been delaying starting GAPS. It is very intimidating for me. Seeing what you have been eating and how you are feeling will ease the stress of it a bit. Thanks!

  2. I just love that on GAPS you can eat three square meals and have no need for snacks…..thats probably been the biggest gain for my thin underweight husband….his hypoglycemia and always hungry feeling is gone…..even though he’s probably eating less calories, they are way more nutrient dense. And i was feeding him well before, he was just eating sandwiches for lunch and having cookies and chips for a snack and that enabled his blood sugar to continue going crazy….its been the best thing for our family! And I agree on the crock pots….we have a bunch and i just ordered another one ( i want to get rid of my non- Hamilton Beach ones).

  3. Day three here. I’m the only one in my house doing it. So far I’ve introduced kraut juice, biocult (1/2 cap), beet kvass, mint tea with a tiny bit of honey – all this along with copious amounts of soup made with broth. I’m tempted to get another crock, but so far I’ve been able to work it with one and something always going on the stove. Today I’m adding egg yolks! πŸ˜‰ I’ve been back and forth with low energy and feeling ok, excess gas, lots of detox baths, and generally just taking it easy.

  4. Oh my heavens that marrow looks delicious! Makes me very hungry! I wish _I_ had some of it in my fridge right now!! πŸ™‚
    If I remember correctly, there were a couple of comments (maybe one from you?) on your last GAPS post about wanting more info on detox baths; if it would be helpful to anyone, I put together a post ( on what I’ve been doing in this arena while on GAPS, part of a series I’m doing about toxicity (particularly heavy metal toxicity). After almost a year on GAPS, I’ve been feeling like this is the next major issue I need to address, so I’m trying to do more research about it. (I’ve really appreciated the posts you’ve done about oral health, fillings, and deep bone jaw infections in this respect — so helpful!)
    Sounds like you’re doing really well on GAPS! Keep up the good work!

  5. Thanks for great posts on GAPS Intro diet. It certainly makes it more ‘doable’ when we see another person going through the steps. I appreciate your transparency as you journal.
    Even if one isn’t doing the GAPS Intro, this way of eating is most certainly healthful, nutrient-dense and genuine. It really satisfies both physically and emotionally. When so much energy and thought is put into real, well-prepared food, the family is truly nourished. The children are taught how worthwhile they are when mom is providing such dishes. Keep it up!

  6. I have several crockpots too. I like the smell of simmering broths during the cooler months (here in Wisconsin) but in the summer, I found putting the cookers in the garage keeps the heat and 24–48 hour cooking fragrances out of the house. Sometimes, however, our car smells like beef or chicken broth for a while πŸ™‚ And once I forgot and the chicken broth was reduced by about half. Post-it notes on the door help with that.

  7. Your first couple of pictures look strangely similar to my kitchen. Hmm. I even have the same slow cooker! πŸ˜€

    Anyway, technically, we’re on day three- me and my four year old and my 2 year old- my husband is following the diet loosely. 2 year old is doing pretty good. 4 year old is resisting a lot. The only food he asked for all day yesterday was food he couldn’t have, like toast. It was a rough day for him until about early evening time when I made him some meatballs made w/onions and broccoli, boiled in stock. That was the first thing he ate all day (and he really scarfed it down- he ate several)! There have been lots of tears from him, but he’s the one who needs it the most. He has a mild allergy to milk, soy, egg whites and corn, plus major dog and cat allergies. (My 2 year old has a mild milk allergy).

    Anyway, yesterday, I had to make some changes to my approach…I found out yesterday morning I am expecting baby #3! (I’m still in shock, lol! But glad I found out early in the intro). I added whole eggs back in and peanut butter. I feel like I need to go slow with dairy, I’m pretty sure I have a mild dairy sensitivity/allergy. I would love some tips on following GAPS during pregnancy if anyone has any (obviously I won’t be on intro anymore). I really feel like I need to continue on it, especially since my two older children have food issues. I’m pretty sure I have some “gut sealing” to take care of. .

    Other than THAT, we’re doing great! πŸ™‚ I’m enjoying reading your progress.

    1. Congrats Becky! I never did GAPS during pregnancy but I have been doing it and nursing my 20 month old. You’re right – go to full GAPS during pregnancy and continue as you BF. I would make sure you get plenty of protein, fat and various veggies (sweeter for carbs, green for their vitamin/mineral content). Anything on the full GAPS legal list is great!! GAPS really concentrates on getting nutrition into you – I’d say even more than WAPF diet – so it’s perfect during pregnancy.

  8. I have the gaps book and the biocult on order. I have started stockpiling stock and cleaning out my fridge. The hardest part for me (besides the fact that I am a carb addict) will be adding in the fermented foods. Other than the occasional kraut dog, I do not like the taste of “sour”. I’ve never even liked sour cream. How can I train my palate to tolerate, much less enjoy something that taste wrong to me? It is not a “I don’t like that flavor” reaction as much as a “this has gone bad” reaction.

    1. Your taste buds have been hijacked by pathogenic bacteria. When we have an overgrowth of pathogenic (bad) bacteria in our gut, we crave sweets and carbs and we dislike the taste of fermented foods. Those bad bugs don’t want to be killed off! They want foods that will keep them alive. Starches and sugars is what they thrive on.

      The intro diet is designed to starve out the bad guys, and the fermented foods rebuild the population of the good guys. The good guys, when they increase in numbers, also kill off the bad guys.

      You will find that when your gut flora changes and normalizes, your taste buds will change. I’ve stopped craving sweets. I still want chocolate a little bit (although not anywhere near as much — I can live without it now whereas before I was sneaking it) but I think that’s because my adrenals, while much better, are still healing.

      1. I used to hate kefir. I tried making it, straining it, etc. It never worked. After being on GAPS a few months I tried it again and I love it!! And sour cream WOW I used kefir grains to ferment cream for 24 hours and it was delicious! I could have eaten a whole pint at a sitting LOL

  9. Intro day three for me. My husband is also doing this with me. Yesterday was really, really bad for me. My mood was all over the place and I would find myself instantly hungry. Several times yesterday I wondered if I really wanted to do this. My husband was wonderful and kept encouraging me. Today I actually feel terrific. I’m taking advantage of this feeling good time to get ahead on the cooking a bit (chopping things) and get the house put in order and the mountain of dishes done.

  10. How do you take the butter/cod liver oil blend? I saw that you take 2 T. I have no problem taking the cod live oil straight, but I can barely get the butter/oil blend down and my children act like I am attempting to kill them when I give them a serving (and they take cod liver oil with no problem). The texture (gel instead of liquid) is a terrible barrier. I’ve tried heating it to make it liquid, but that didn’t work and I’m about to give up using this product. Any insider tips would be welcome!

    1. Have you tried the cinnamon tingle gel? We love that…not fishy at all. I actually give my son (2.5 yrs) a little sundrop (organic M&M candy) for taking his serving. We will move away from that, just like we did when potty training, but it is a good training tool!

  11. Thanks so much for these tips. We’ll be starting GAPS in January. I’ve been dreading it, but seeing how you’ve been handling it makes it seem like it’s not as hard as I thought it would be.

  12. You might want to consider Dr. Ron’s probiotics–no magnesium stearate or other additives.
    Comes in capsule and liquid forms.

  13. Check out Dey Dey’s Best Beef ever. I work for them at Sunday MarVista. There are plenty of meat vendors: Rocky Canyon, Jiminez Family Farm, ahem, Healthy Family Farms.

  14. I have been doing the intro diet for about seven weeks, and I’m currently on stage two. My staple probiotics are beet kvass, and (just recently) yogurt. I started GAPS this summer to heal from various food sensativities and other health issues, but I’ve actually been following SCD since last Thanksgiving. So far, the results have been the disappearance of my psoriasis, and an off-and-on alleviation of my nasal congestion. (right now, though, its really bad). The hardest part about the intro though, is not being able to eat fruit & nuts.

  15. @Allison I buy from Healthy Family Farms.

    I also like Rocky Canyon and Dey Dey’s. Healthy Family Farms, Lindner Bison and Rocky Canyon should all be at the HOllywood market.

  16. I love seeing all the GAPS progress you’re making, and can’t believe you’re doing all this while moving too, yikes!

    But my question isn’t GAPS related. I’m wondering how you got that cool thing to work that let’s you compartmentalize the pics and tell what each thing is????


  17. I like the idea of multiple crockpots for different soups/stocks. But have you thought about getting a bigger pot? Like a 24 qt one from amazon? They’re similar in price to a crockpot and you can cook waaaay more at once. Or check out an old-fashioned electric roaster, which also can do about 24 qts (amazon too).

    1. I have a HUGE 20 qt stock pot (Tramontina) that I ordered from a few years back. I make massive batches of stock at once so I don’t waste as much gas.

  18. I’m really on the fence about starting GAPS (I want to especially for our 9 yo with autism, allergies, asthma and eczema) but watching your progress is so helpful!

    I feel like there are a lot more resources popping up regarding GAPS, which is great!

    My 9 yo is very picky and I struggle just to get FCLO in him 3x a week. I’m scared!!

  19. On GAPS Intro for 3 weeks, but have cheated some. Hoping to do strict this week. Benefits- skin looks great and skin itching (urticaria) much better. It helped me identify a walnut allergy because you introduce one food at a time. Biggest struggles- making time for planning, shopping, cooking. I have 3 kids and homeschool and just had sinus surgery (but the broths were wonderful to have in the fridge after that. Wonderful and healing!). Questions- what are your favorite meals. I’m a bit sick of soups, but maybe a different type would be good. Do you have any Asian or Mexican flavored ones you like to mix things up a bit. Also, why sour cream? Is it good for us or do you just like it? If I don’t feel like making sauerkraut is Bubbie’s just as good? One thing I’ve recently tried is using a beef bone attached to the hoof called, eloquently, a beef foot. So, I tried not to think about it as I placed this lovely thing in my Crock Pot, but as promised it yielded a super-gelatinous broth that didn’t even taste gross! I added some ginger root while it cooked and salt when I drank it, and it was actually good, if I could manage to not think about where it came from. In the fridge it had the consistency of Jell-O, probably thicker. I saw on this one video some women who made 12 days of broth from it, so I saved it (in pieces now, so not so disgusting) and am making batch #2. I like that I can reuse it. So. That’s that about beef feet.

  20. 2 more questions:
    1. any tips for peeling raw garlic quickly? I feel like I’m wasting my life away peeling so much of this stuff!
    2. Would you consider a post on ‘a week in the food life at my house’ or some such title, where you tell us what you do on a weekly basis to source/prep/cook/clean up all this cooking? I hear all the talks on whole foods and yes, I totally agree, but everything takes so much TIME so how have you (or others) worked this into your life. I read a tip somewhere about putting a pot of oatmeal on the stove in water at night before bed, then just turning the burner on in the morning to make soaking easy. That kind of thing helps me so much, just how do people practically DO all this? When I am most susceptable to fast food is when I don’t have time to make something or the fridge is empty and I don’t know what to feed my kids. I know it’s terrible! What do you do when you have run out of time/energy? Have cereal for dinner? What kind – oatmeal? because it wouldn’t be soaked (this is after GAPS). Or do you have things in the freezer? etc. thanks so much!

    1. This is the best thing ever – peels a whole head of garlic in seconds and it truly works, I do it every single day and am SO GLAD to have discovered this tip! I’m on day 10 of intro (stage 2) with my 3yo and anything to spend a little less time in the kitchen is completely awesome:

    2. I use a rubber mat that is used to open jars. Wrap the piece of garlic in there then roll back & fourth and the peel comes off so easily. I always have two peeled bulbs of garlic in the fridge at all times. And some in my chopper ready to add to my stews and soups. Hope this helps!

  21. Hi, I would love to try GAPS but just a little bit scared, lol. I have dairy issues, I get pimples about 4 days after having dairy. Do you think this diet would help eliminate my dairy problems? Oh ya I used to be able to have dairy until about age 13 when multiple food allergies showed up out of the blue.

  22. I was glad to see that your daughter has been on biokult since she was 7 months. I have actually wondered how to give it to my children. Do you mind sharing how you started your daughter on it? Do you break open the capsules? Or do they have it in a liquid form that I am unaware of? Would appreciate any advice.
    Our family is gearing up for GAPS! Thanks for sharing your journey!

    1. I used to put it in her raw milk formula which I gave her until she was almost 2. After that I just put it in her milk. Just break open the capsules. You could also put it in yogurt or coconut milk or soup (as long as it’s not too hot) or applesauce.

  23. I am starting the Gaps today. After reading all this, I don’t think I’m prepared and need help! Do you have a place to share your basic recipes?? I am overwhelmed with the thought of making saurkraut, yogurt, sour cream, marrow, soups! I wonder if I’m even doing this right. I was told I need to start with the intro 1A – meaning only meat and broth until I see some improvement (chronic loose stools), then I can move on to stage 1 by introducing veggies. I made chicken stock from a chicken carcass and am drinking that and plan on just eating meat. Can I roast the meat or does it have to be boiled in the stock?? I’m kinda lost here. I would love to have more variety, but am not sure how to make the fermented foods! Any help would be sincerely appreciated. I truly feel lost here. Thank you!

    1. Hi, Maria

      I have all my recipes in my online cooking class:

      If you want to join, email me here annmarie AT realfoodmedia DOT COM. I’m just about to relaunch it with a special discount. Email me if you want me to put you on the announcement list.

      In the very beginning it is best to boil or braise the meat, not roast it.

      1. Thanks for the response. I did some more research and, after a relatively successful eating day yesterday, I think I will be able to manage. I’m coming into this already not eating grains/dairy/sugar/legumes, so hopefully I have a leg up on things. I think I was overwhelmed because there doesn’t seem to be detailed info out there in terms of recipes, etc. Why?? I already run a nutrition blog, so perhaps I can begin adding GAPS recipes (especially for beginners like me!) on there for folks that are overwhelmed with these dietary changes. Thanks again.

  24. This roasting marrow bones is a terrific idea! I love the idea of it as a condiment for your soups or stew, i think ill even drop a dollop on my veggies ;-D I need the extra bone nutrients since i have that spine bone defect. I can use all the help i can get! I cant get my hands on grass fed, Cheeseslave or anyone who can help- would it be okay to just go to the local Mexican stores (since they have the best bone choices) and just use there bones instead of grassFed? Also how high is the oven? or do i broil them? THANKS- LOVE YOUR WORK ON HERE CHEESESLAVE AND ALL YOUR HELP YOU OFFER US WHO NEED IT SO BADLY!!!!! One more Q. I bought some sauerkraut from the local store, can i use just a little of it or its juice to help mine start fermenting, im not using a whey recipe, just salt. The package doesn’t day anything about organic but since it just to start I don’t mind.

  25. Hi, I just heard about the Gaps Diet. My son is 16 and recently has some anxiety issues. I want to start us all on the Bone marrow soup.
    I am hoping to start getting some benefits from GAPS. Do not know where to start.
    I want to start slow.
    Where did you start?
    I like the Probiotic benefit of it more. Where should I start?
    Can you tell me more about how to make the soup?
    I just boiled some marrow in a pot for 3-4 hours and added salt onion and tumeric to it.
    Is there a right way or wrong way doing this?
    Victoria , Maryland.

    1. Hi Victoria,
      I’ll second Cheeseslave. The book is indispensable and a good place to start. I found my own anxiety decreased ten-fold within the first month or two of GAPS. I’m not saying it will work that fast for your son – every body is individual. But I was super pleasantly surprised! (I went on GAPS for other reasons.)

  26. I starterted the GAPS intro diet Saturday. I have lots of ear and sinus pain as well as being gluten intolerant. I am hoping to heal from some or all of these things. I feel really good today but felt pretty lousy the first two days. I even woke up last night and threw up all of my stomach contents. Today, as I said, I feel great.
    It is a lot of preparation to follow the diet but I think it will be worth it.

  27. thank you for your recipes. my family loves all that i have tried especially the egg cheese and bacon “biscuits” they are fantastic. i have also done them with sausage and they were great too. I was wondering if you could tell me how to simmer stock overnight without burning it. i have been simmering it with the lid off with enough water to cover the bones but it seems to simmer off pretty quickly so i keep adding water until the bones are just covered. i left it for only 5 1/2 hours while i was sleeping and when i woke up it was already burnt. i don’t have a crockpot either. any tips would be helpful i want to figure out these things before we go on gaps.

  28. Hi,
    I am on the GAPS diet with my family. Day 4 of stage 1. I am really struggling. Several of us are still having allergy symptoms though we haven’t added anything extra. So frustrating. Some of us are so hungry and sick of broth, meat, and soup! I feel weak, hungry, and sick of meat and meat fat. Yuck! Any tips?

    1. Yea, it can get boring rather quickly and you get sick of the same ol’ stuff for days on end. However, I would not give up….changes will come. 4 days for some is really early to show the type of improvements you want, especially if the gut was really damaged to begin with. I remember feeling so overwhelmed and mentally/physically exhausted when I had to do the intro for a few days without any relief in symptoms (and to make matters worse, I was the only one in my family doing this AND I had to cook other full meals for them…it was hellish on the mind!). However, I stuck with it and voila! – improvement slowly but surely. I got to the point where I actually craved the soups/stews and didnt crave all the other stuff (as much). Fast forward to today, my digestion is better than it’s been in 10 years and I have issues resolved. I still enjoy making bone broth weekly and will have it in my stews for lunches (still!) and love making yogurt (I tasted some Greek yogurt the other day at a friend’s house and couldn’t believe how much better mine is….and i used to really enjoy Greek yogurt!). I’m going on and on….but what I mean to say is HANG IN THERE. Don’t give up! πŸ™‚

  29. Thanks for your journal. I am prepping to begin the GAPS Intro diet and I’m feeling daunted. I have severe Crohn’s disease and the only vegetable I can eat is onions and the thought of the ginger tea is terrifying. Last time I ate ginger I was in agony. .Does it serve some necessary purpose, do you suppose?
    I’m wondering if I should make bone broth and have it for breakfasts before I’m even ready for the diet. (while continuing on a basic SCD) Bone broth has to be a good idea regardless. Otherwise I can see myself waiting to start until I have a freezer full of broth and bones and a buy a chest freezer buy some big jars and a visit to the organic rancher (Even at whole foods there aren’t that many choices. The organic chicken ate corn and soybeans.) And that could be a couple of weeks, easily. It couldn’t hurt to have good bone broth while I get it all planned out..

  30. Thanks for posting this, was so helpful. I just restarted the Gaps diet and decided to do extra crock pots, boiled bone marrow to make another broth, and am working toward making my own yogurt. Anyway, was very helpful to read what you wrote, really resonating with it and appreciated the fridge pics!

  31. I am starting the GAPS diet tomorrow because of candida and digestive problems. I only eat chicken so am nervous about adding beef and bone marrow to my diet. Where would I purchase grass fed bone marrow and is it cut up already? Also, I have never made chicken broth and would appreciate some tips if possible:) I was planning on just throwing a whole chicken in a stock pot with water and vegetables. I don’t think the book gave beginners instructions:) Thanks for all of you posts! I am excited to start the healing process!

  32. Natalie,
    Go to to try locating any grassfed beef providers in your area. Ranchers and farmers that sell grassfed beef will have grassfed marrow bones. They sell the bones already cut up, yes. I bake mine first in the oven to get increased flavor but it’s not a necessary step.
    Chicken broth is really easy, especially if you have a crockpot. I always use my leftover chicken carcass after we have eaten the meat. Place the carcass in the crockpot, filled with water to the top, add 1-2 tblsp raw apple vinegar (to extract minerals) and cook for 8-10 hours. If you’re just starting early stage of gaps, don’t add anything else, unless you’re cleared to consume vegetables already. Later on in different stages, when you can add veggies, you can add those veggies along with the carcass for different flavored broth. However, the plain broth is also delicious.
    You can visit my site for clearer recipe on bone broth here:!/2011/12/healing-power-of-bone-broth.html
    Hope that helps!

  33. I have started on the introduction diet and have been following it closely, but for some reason im having a big problem with the broths, or pretty much most foods, maybe malabsorption im thinking. When i eat consume the broths an hour or so later im experiencing awfull fatigue, confusion and memory problems sometimes. The more i eat the worse it gets to be honest and im finding it real hard too achieve a happy medium, i get this effect with pretty much most foods but the broth can be kind of intense on me, its kind of debilitating too an extent. Any tips or advice on here would be great is i would like too stick with this diet as it seems to work for a lot of peope

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