Get Your Gravy On! Take the Bone Broth Challenge

Chicken Consommé

The other day I posted on Facebook about how bone broth prevents and reverses wrinkles and cellulite. I thought, why not do a Bone Broth Challenge on CHEESESLAVE?

So here we go, people! Are you ready to do an end run on wrinkles and cellulite?

For the month of July, we're going to motivate and inspire each other to consume more bone broth. I'm giving away over $250 in prizes to the winners.

So here's how it works. Drink bone broth, get points, and win prizes! Details below.

Enter to Win Over $250 in Prizes

The top five people with the most points will win the following prizes:

Grand Prize: Le Creuset Enameled Steel 12-Quart Stockpot – retail value $130
First Prize: Hamilton Beach 33967 Set ‘n Forget 6-Quart Programmable Slow Cooker – retail value $60
Second Prize: Le Creuset Gravy Boat, Blue – retail value $36
Third Prize: Deep Nutrition: Why Your Genes Need Traditional Food – retail value $20
Fourth Prize: China Cap Chinoise Strainer, Fine Mesh, Stainless Steel – retail value $18

How to Participate

1. Enter your email address below to join my mailing list. You must be on my mailing list to qualify for prizes.

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2. Next, leave a comment below telling me why you want to take the Bone Broth Challenge. This will earn you your first 50 points.

NOTE: You will need to register on the site in order to comment (just for this month while we are running the challenge). It only takes a second to register. (You will be able to keep track of your points when you are logged in.)

3. Once you're logged in and entered, you'll get 50 points every time you eat bone broth. Just leave a comment on this Challenge page, letting us know what you ate.

For example, leave a comment like this: “I just drank a cup of beef broth!” or “I just had biscuits and gravy!”

Each comment on this page during the month of July gives you 50 points. You can comment as many times as you want per day on the Challenge post, but only if you really are eating broth. (Don't just leave random comments — they will be deleted.)

The broth you eat can be chicken stock, beef stock, or fish stock made from bones. Vegetable broth does not count! The broth can be in the form of plain broth, soup, or stew. It can also be in the form of gravy or a reduction sauce made from stock, or brown rice or beans or meat cooked in stock. You can also count gelatin in the form of homemade jello or aspic. (I don't recommend eating storebought JELL-O or most brands of gelatin — most have MSG. Look for Bernard Jensen or Great Lakes brands of gelatin.)

4. You'll also automatically get points just for visiting my blog each day (100 points per visit). I'll have lots of recipes using broth, and articles about the health benefits of broth for inspiration and ideas to keep you going.

5. In addition, you'll get 20 5 points per comment — anywhere on the blog. So every time you comment on another post, you'll get 5 points per comment. (Comments on this Challenge page get 50 points.)

How to Get Even More Points

1. Blog about this contest and link back to this Challenge page from your blog. Comment below with the link to your blog. (50 points)

2. Sign up for my email updates. Leave a comment below telling me that you signed up. You will also get an entry if you already subscribe — make sure to leave a separate comment! (50 points)

3. Like my page on Facebook. Leave a comment telling me that you “liked” my page on this Challenge page. If you are already a fan, you'll still get credit. (50 points)

4. Email 5 friends about the contest, with a link to this Challenge page. Leave a comment below telling me that you did. If you want to email more than 5 friends, you can leave a comment for every email you send per group of 5 friends. (50 points)

Contest Rules

The contest will run from today, July 1st through July 31st at 11:59 PM PST. The winners will be announced on Monday, August 1st on my blog. Winner will have 48 hours to contact me with his or her full name, address, and phone number. No purchase necessary to win.

Comments on the Challenge page will only be accepted if they are: (1) the first entry comment (2) a comment about eating broth or (3) one of the above 4 extra point comments (blogging about the challenge, email subscription, Facebook, or emailing friends about the challenge). Random comments on the Challenge page will be deleted.

Cheaters or people trying to game the system will be disqualified.

This contest is open to readers anywhere in the world. If you live outside the United States, you will receive an Amazon gift certificate good for the prize amount.

Got Questions?

If you have questions, please don't comment on this post. Just email me at annmarie AT realfoodmedia DOT com or post your question on my Facebook page.

Photo credit: Chicken Consommé by FotoosVanRobin on Flickr

UPDATE ON THE RULES FOR POSTING COMMENTS ON THIS PAGE: If you are drinking broth, that counts as 50 points (one comment). Adding gelatin to it does not count as an extra 50 points.

If you are going to eat gelatin, you should be eating at least 1 TBS or a serving of jello. Not just ONE gummy worm or ONE ounce of broth. It's not fair to someone who ate a bowl or a cup of soup to have someone else get to comment for one gummy worm or one melted (1 oz) cube of broth.

If you are eating gravy, you need to eat half a TBS to 1 TBS or so — the normal amount of gravy you would eat in a meal.

I will be going through and deleting comments (like those above) that are obviously gaming the system. I don't want to have to disqualify anyone so I'll just delete some comments. I don't know if I will get to all of the comments but I will delete as many as I can get to (I'm in the middle of moving right now and I don't have a lot of time).

The rule of thumb is it should be a SERVING. Please use common sense.

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6,062 thoughts on “Get Your Gravy On! Take the Bone Broth Challenge

  1. yay! i’ve been reading your posts on FB about this and it sounds fun! i have a few quarts of chicken stock in my freezer so i’m prepared!

  2. I want to take the bone broth challenge because I just recently read the book Cure Tooth Decay by Ramiel Nagel, and read how bone broth can, not only improve your health, but encourage tooth mineralization. Getting rid of cellulite will be a bonus!

  3. I’m entering just to test this… but I’m not going to count my points! I want to see if I can get the cellulite on my thighs to go away so I plan to have at least one cup of bone broth per day for the next 3 months.

  4. Hello! I am SO excited about this bone-broth challenge! I am currently on a low-carb weight loss journey and just started my very first blog ( to record my progress. I am going to write about this challenge on it at some point today. I had some lemon jello with homemade whipped cream last night. Thank you so much!

  5. I want to take the challenge to help fix my teeth! The reduction in cellulite and wrinkles is of course an added bonus!

  6. I just had a cup of beef broth before reading your post on facebook. I had frozen some broth in ice cube trays the last time I made it, so I just heated a few of the cubes in a mug and drank it. One cube didn’t dissolve all the way but I bit into it and it actually tasted fine partially frozen, which surprised me.

  7. I’m entering this challenge to help me as I get ready to do the GAPS diet. I keep meaning to drink more broth, but often forget. This should give me lots of motivation!

  8. Hmm I’m still testing this and it looks like people are not getting points yet. I need to have you guys log in for this to work… I will fix and update the instructions. And I will email those of you who have already entered and will assign you your points.

  9. Im subscribing…probably wont “win” but its a good challenge and I appreciate it. Im not using bone broth today, but will roast bones with dinner (meatloaf) tonight and get a pot going by bedtime for use in a couple of days. I like to cook 3-4 pieces of meat at a time in the roaster and that way I only have to heat up the house 1-2 times a week to have good protein based meals 7 days a week. Will be interesting to read what everyone uses their broths for….a hot beverage, soups, stews, sauces & gravies…cant think of anything else.

  10. OK guys I got it working…

    I’m going to email everyone who has already entered. I’ll also adjust your points accordingly.

    You have to actually register and login to the site. I’ll change the instructions above.

    It just takes a second to register and then you can track your points once you’re logged in!

  11. I will enter because I am trying to get healthy. I am willing to try different things and even bought (shudder) chicken feet to make a stock already, so might as well sign up.. LOL

  12. I’ve been drinking broth and cooking with it more often over the last few months. While I knew that it was good for bones and teeth, I hadn’t a clue that it would reverse wrinkles and cellulite! I’m excited to “test” it by drinking it daily for 3 months. Any prize that I may win would be a bonus, but my real desire is to see results! 😉 Thanks for the encouragement!

  13. I have a quart of beef broth defrosting for soup tonight. We don’t usually eat it every day, but I am going to try drinking it – I love that idea and the idea of a smooth derriere too.

  14. I would like to do this challenge because since having a c-section I have a hanging apron of cellulite and stretch marks that weight loss alone isn’t touching.

  15. Hi, I’m taking the bone broth challenge because I think it will help me stick to my goal of eating and drinking more bone broth and animal fats so as to support my healing from nerve damage sustained during surgery.

  16. I’m in because it’s time. Three kids under three has made for little time for mama. I’m ready for mama to be back in the game again!

  17. I blogged about it…

  18. I just subscribed to your email newsletter and registered for the website so that I can participate!

  19. I had a cup of broth with some sea salt and a little bit of thyme & sage from my herb garden at lunch.

  20. I love bone broth and I want to consume more for gut healing, and overall nutrition. Thanks for hosting this challenge!

  21. I don’t have much cellulite, but I want to keep it that way! Preventing wrinkles is a goal of mine too. I’m looking forward to this challenge!

  22. I am joining this challenge because my daughter has Crohn’s, and we are trying to incorporate more broth into her diet. She claims she doesn’t like soup, so we’ve been getting creative. 🙂 Looking forward to your ideas.

  23. I already like your Facebook page, although I head about this through my email subscription.

  24. I get your emails, am on your FB and Twitter pages. I’ll also retweet the info and share it on FB. The reason that I want to do this bone broth challenge is to have stronger collagen, less wrinkles and I also love the taste.
    Today I mixed my yogurt and berries with gelatin. I’ll cook my rice in homemade chicken broth for dinner tonight.

  25. i want to take this challenge because i have always struggled with cellulite, not to mention skin and digestive issues. even when i lost a TON of weight (thank you, celiac!), i still had cellulite. i know it’s not “just fat” because I was a bag of bones with dimples. i can tell this will be the summer of jello!

  26. Oh pants! I was supposed to tell you why I’m doing the challenge first. Well, the timing is right. I’m starting GAPS because I’m not feeling well and want to heal! And bone broth = staple food on GAPS. :O)

    There. I think I did that right. ;0)

  27. I am making dinner right now–ground beef cooked with lots of veggies (using a couple of frozen broth-cubes to add more moisture to the pan) and a bit of sneaky liver and marrow served with rice cooked in beef broth.

  28. I am entering because I am a former vegan as of about 10 weeks ago and have SO many health issues I am sick of being sick and on the road to healing, I am starting GAPS intro on Wednesday and am already drinking broth at every meal and some in between so this is a PERFECT contest.

  29. This is a great challenge! We all need more bone broth.

    I will be joining the challenge, as I am on the GAPS diet and still struggle to get enough in! I am trying to heal IBS type issues and a dairy allergy. I have lots of chicken broth in the freezer..Need to make up some beef.

  30. I “liked” you on facebook….wish the had a LOVE button!!! 🙂

    question: do we come back to this exact blog post to report our broth consumption or do we just do it on the most recent blog post? Don’t want to miss out on any points !!!!! thanks for this contest !!

  31. I have severe osteoporosis, hormonal imbalances and acne in addition to my cellulite and wrinkles. Lovely. My entire family is on the GAPS diet – but I confess, I have been lax on the bone broth lately. Feels too warm out to cook stock. So, I am doing this to get fired up about broth again! Thanks for the motivation!

  32. Hi, I am joining the challenge because I know it will help me get better. I have autoimmune thyroid disease and have recently started including broth in my diet. But the challenge will help me be more consistent in its making and consumption. Thank you. Also, just liked your face book page.

  33. I just sent out info on the broth challenge to my client list of 122 people. Don’t know if that counts

  34. I have 2 1/2 gallon jars of lamb/pork bone broth in my refrigerator. Today for lunch I packed cooked pastured beef/pork, kale into my good stemware quality canning pint jar (haha, a co-worker has a matching good stemware set!) and covered it with broth. Delicious!

  35. I want to take the bone broth challenge because I had been doing GAPS, had to take a break due to my house being on the market and such, anyway, hoping to heal my gut and also I don’t need to worry about cellulite but have lots of stretch marks and cracking joints that I’d love to see reversed by all that good collagen in the broth! Plus I’d like to make it a lifelong habit of consuming daily!

  36. Today I had a mug of chicken broth with butter and sea salt. Also steamed my veggies in broth and served them in a bowl to make sure I got all the broth!

  37. Hi,
    I am taking this challenge because it is a fun way to keep track of all the broth I am eating since I am currently on the GAPS intro diet.

  38. I cooked our quinoa in beef bone broth and added them and as well as more broth to my lazy cabbage rolls for dinner tonight.

  39. I’m so excited about this challenge. I’m pregnant with my 3rd and want to make sure I get all the nutrients possible~ Bone broth is a great way to make that happen!

  40. Yay! I’m so excited about this challenge. I’m doing the GAPS diet but because I’m nursing, I jumped right into the “full diet” without doing the “intro diet”. And I don’t think I’ve been eating nearly enough bone broth. So this challenge is going to be a great help!

  41. For lunch I had spaghetti squash in chicken stock, with cheese melted on top. (It was yummy!)

  42. I’m joining so all those pesky little cellulite bumps go away. 🙂 My husband laughed when I said I was going to do it – “Great, it’s going to be 90 -100 degrees for July. Go ahead and eat soup every day.” 😉

  43. I want to take the challenge to keep myself eating plenty of bone broth now that I am not eating soup for every meal on GAPS. Thanks!

  44. I’m wanting to do this challenge to kind of force me to get in more bone broth. I know how good it is and try to get some into by 10 month old every day. Now it’s time for momma to do better, too.

  45. I’m joining the challenge – Several books I’ve read lately have mentioned it and I know I need to eat it more often.

  46. I signed up, subscribed, and registered.. and all that good stuff!!! i’m ready to eat/drink some bone broth!!!

  47. i ate beef broth in some gravy i made tonite to go with “creamed eggs”, bacon & french fries!!! YUMMMMMMMMMMMM!

  48. i wanna get rid of the cellulite on my belly, legs, .. and other various locations… that’s why i’m here!

  49. I made my broth last week a stock pot full of chicken broth and a crockpot full of beef broth! I started yesterday by drinking 8 oz of chicken broth. I want to heal my gut so I can lose all the symptoms I have suffered with for the past 6 yrs.

  50. I would like to enter the bone broth challenge because 1) who wouldn’t want to win great prizes? 2) I love bone broth and 3) I just made a huge pot of beef broth!

  51. I made homemade sloppy joes for dinner tonight and instead of adding water, I put in beef broth. 🙂

  52. I ate lentils cooked in bone broth for breakfast (4HB! – with two fried eggs and kimchi, yum)

  53. I ate lentils cooked in bone broth (chicken bone broth) for lunch, again, with eggs and kimchi (LOVING IT)

  54. Yay! I need a bone broth challenge right now. 🙂 I am drinking way too much hot chocolate as I love something warm in my hand, so bone broth will fill that hole quite nicely!

  55. I had chicken stock soup at my daughters house for lunch today and a nice cup of bone broth this evening.. getting off to a good start to strengthen my bones and improve my skin.

  56. I want to take the challenge because:
    1. I want my cellulite to go away!
    2. I just bought some Bernard Jensen gelatin, and want to get it into my daily routine
    3. I’ve been trying to grow out my nails & hair, and I think this might help.

  57. I am joining because I’ve been trying (and failing!) to get into the habit of drinking broth regularly for a couple months now!

  58. I’ve had cellulite since my early 20’s (and I was thin then). I am excited to see if drinking broth everyday will help it go away!! And if a few wrinkles disappear too, even better!

  59. Already subscribed to the newsletter and the blog and liked you on Facebook. My pressure cooker bone broth turned out very nice and gelled nicely over night. I heated up a cup of broth to have with my lunch and I’m also having a cup right this very minute. Even gave some to my elderly schnauzers with their dinner. They approved. I’m hoping the bone broth will help our stiff joints (schnauzers and myself).

  60. Having a second cup of broth and about to sit down and read Deep Nutrition which just came in the mail today from Amazon.

  61. I’m so excited to get started on this challenge. I made chicken broth a few days ago to prepare. I am having a cup right now and look forward to seeing the effects on my health. Id like to say goodbye to cellulite!!

  62. just took beef bones out of freezer to make stock tomorrow! tried on clothes today at macy’s and wow, i have some cellulite starting to appear, never had it my entire life, figure this is a good time to give my body a boost!

  63. I probably won’t win because we will almost certainly be moving back with the parents in Colorado (and dealing with my mom’s crazy allergies). We will be packing and using up what we have but I don’t know if that would win. Tonight we are doing chicken, zucchini and potatoes, with the zuke and potato cooked in turkey stock.

    My question, though, is this. I think I’ve sufficiently excited my mom about beef stock. (she’s allergic to poultry). But she’s also allergic to onions. Can you think of a way to cook the beef stock **that does not require the use of onion**??

  64. I found a it to be a great morning beverage. I heat up some chicken broth and then add some Himalayan salt and cream. delish! Coffee eat your heart out!

  65. I’ve just been taking bone broth (chicken) to a friend in the hospital this past week after she was in a car accident. She’s been drinking it as a warm beverage. Though I cook veggies and rice in bone broth every day, I think I want to start drinking it as well…particularly after seeing that blog headline about wrinkle reversal and cellulite reduction….of course I’ll have to get started on a new batch. I’m also interested in making fish broth. I’ve only made chicken, turkey, and beef thus far.

  66. I want to take the bone broth challenge! I’ve just been taking bone broth (chicken) to a friend in the hospital this past week after she was in a car accident. She’s been drinking it as a warm beverage. Though I cook with bone broth every day, I think I want to start drinking it as well…particularly after seeing that blog headline about wrinkle reversal and cellulite reduction….of course I’ll have to get started on a new batch. I’m also interested in making fish broth. I’ve only made chicken, turkey, and beef thus far.

  67. This sounds really fun. I have been trying to incorporate more bone broth into our diet. One for our teeth and two I have been considering the GAPS diet for our family and am trying to get into the habit of making broth and EATING it 🙂

  68. Didn’t even realize that the contest had started and had chicken piccata for dinner with extra stock in the reduction; actually a little too much stock and a little too reduced because it turned into kind of a sticky goo. It was delicious and I ate it all 🙂

  69. I just linked to this post in my most recent blog post:

    Seriously, this contest is so perfectly timed!

  70. I want to take this challenge! It comes at the PERFECT time for me!! I am so committed to eating more broth. I pressure canned a bunch of broth and I have a freezer full of local stewing hens. I really needed this motivation.

  71. I just had a big mug of chicken broth with tons of ginger in it. It’s one of the only things I feel ok about eating without brushing my teeth again.

    Thanks again for this contest, it certainly motivated me today! I’ve got big plans for tomorrow!

  72. i like your face book pg
    i have subscribed
    i have emailed 5 friends
    and i am doing this challenge because i have a number of health issues and i am in a wheel chair. i want to get out of it.i drink bone broth 3 times a day for the past 3 days and ive started this ever since 2-3 weeks back.ever since i read on the healthy home economists blog that it was good. i am also doing the reversing allergies ecourse.

  73. i am drinking beef broth right now… i also added my gelatin.. (it arrived last nite, what timing!!) i’m also gonna try my hand at some GEL OH! 🙂

  74. I am exciting about this challenge.
    This is a good way for me to concentrate on eating more bone broth. I hope I can use this to inspire my friends as well.
    I’m exciting to see the great ideas for using even more of it!

  75. Wow! I feel like a dope. I’ve been trying to get logged on for this challenge since last night. I needed my dear son to show me what I was doing wrong. Ann Marie, please disregard the 2 emails I sent and my plea for help on your facebook.
    I subscribe to your newsletter.

  76. i just emailed this link to 5 friends. i have LOTS of friends. i’m pretty in to this… (so far)

  77. I forgot to say why I want to do this challenge. I know homemade broth is so good for you and I like making it. I just hadn’t lately because I didn’t know what to do with it in the summer. Now I have some good ideas to try. I will be making that chilled cucumber soup today.

  78. Just made spicy collard greens that I cooked in beef broth. The bones really added to it. It was a full lunch.

  79. I am so excited for this challenge! I love bone broth and I eat it all the time. Although consistency is something I struggle with. So having a challenge is going to help me a lot. I’m all onboard!!

  80. I just had a cup of broth with benard jenson gelatin in it with my lunch. This really is a good idea!

  81. Lunch was a big salad of greens from the local CSA, goat cheese from the farmers’ market, and a cup of chicken broth to wash it down with.

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  83. roasting marrow bones right now- broth will be ready by tomorrow morning! love this challenge, i would never be this motivated to do something like this on my own.

  84. Bone broth meal
    Hi I make chikcen bone broth all the itme ( every time we eat one of the birds we raised and butchered ourselves) so I had chilled pumkin soup made with bone broth and Grilled cheese on sprouted wheat and the bread was spread with the fat topping off the bone broth, boy was THAT good!

  85. had a cup of chicken broth as a nice mid afternoon snack…. I need to make some more broth !!! 🙂

  86. what kind of fish is best for fish stock? My husband is leary of me trying it since he thinks it will make the whole house stick…does it?

  87. I want to take the bone broth challenge because I have cellulite on my thighs. I am pregnant and can’t do weight loss right now but am drinking bone broth and want to keep track of any changes.

  88. Had broth with brunch! It was amazing- here’s what I did. I cooked veggies in bacon fat, set aside. Reduced 1 qrt of chicken stock down to about 1 cup. Set aside. Then I scrambled eggs in butter with the cooked veggies. When done, I served with the naturally thick reduced chicken stock over the top. Flavor was out of this world!

  89. just ate some Gel Ohhh (blueberry) made with Great Lakes gelatin, with my lunch. gotta tweek it,,, but not bad for starters

  90. My experiment with freezing homemade juice gelatin into popsicles was not a total flop. Most of the popsicles broke apart when I tried to unmold them to serve. So I had to use a spoon to scoop them out. And they had a strange texture, as the water seemed to separate out from the gelatin. But everyone agrees that they were still really good – the perfect post dog walk/scooter snack for a hot day. Good thing, too. Because I made more for tomorrow.

  91. I ate egg drop soup today for lunch, which I made using homemade chicken stock. It’s one of my favorite meals these days!

  92. Hi! I would like to take the challenge. I am interested in the health and possible cellulite reduction aspects of bone broth! I am collecting my ingredients this weekend and will start making stock on your birthday! Thanks for many interesting and thought provoking posts.

  93. I love this challenge! I always have bone broth in my freezer! I make big batches and freeze them in freezer safe jars. You’ve inspired me to get back to the beef broth, as well as inspiring me to eat more soups. I fully understand the benefits of broth and that is my main reason to do the challenge…to get back in the habit of making it weekly and having it daily. And the prizes are a welcome incentive!!

  94. I already receive your newsletter and feedburner updates.
    I already like you on facebook and e-mailed 5 friends about this.
    When I start my blog (this is another good incentive for me….), I will let you know!
    Thanks again!

  95. I made the chilled cucumber soup for dinner tonight with a salad. This soup had 1 cup chicken broth in it. I’m glad somebody suggested it.

  96. Leftovers for dinner, which was lazy cabbage rolls where I used broth to cook the quinoa in and added broth in with the tomato sauce.

  97. Had a cup of chicken bone broth with my meal instead of a glass of water…. dinner was sauteed green beans, asparagus, leeks, onions, purple cabbage mixed with ground beef deglazed with merlot ! With a side of mashed turnips topped with copious amounts of butter of course !!!

  98. I want to take the bone broth challenge because I’d like to see what it would do for my health and the health of my exclusively breastfed 4 month old,

  99. I am making a big crockpot of chicken bone broth for the next few days. mmmmmm! smells yummy!

  100. just had some Gel Ohhhhhh.. with supper (yummy homemade all the way pizza).. sorry, i put this in the wrong blog previously.

  101. I want to try this to get rid of cellulite! I hope it works!! I’ve been low carb for 8 weeks and have lost 15 pounds but the cellulite is still there. Fun contest and good for us too! Thanks!

  102. had some more chicken broth as a snack before bed, along with some baby tomatoes….now I need to go put my kids to bed !!

  103. I had whole wheat couscous made with chicken broth as part of dinner. It gave it great flavor!

  104. I want to do the challenge because my gut is in desperate need of some bone broth healing and I’m feeling mineral depleted. I’ve also noticed a bit of cellulite on my butt. It would be a bonus if it goes away.

    A friend of mine who is an herbalist said that cellulite is linked to stagnation in the lymph system (which is tied to poor circulation) so lymphatic massage can help. We were studying red clover specifically and she mentioned that massaging with red clover oil can be beneficial for the lymphs (always up toward the heart) and thus cellulite. I have some red clover oil steeping right now and plan to get massaging in a few weeks.

  105. I love broth! This challenge is quite timely for me – I recently had a tooth pain & ran to the dentist to find that my teeth were demineralizing, so I decided I need more broth – instead of the prescription fluoride he wanted me to use. Also, I’m not a milk drinker & have pretty low dairy intake in general, and we are about to start TTC, so I definitely need to increase my calcium stores!!

  106. I had cold, salted chicken broth for breakfast (accidentally left this post on another page).

  107. We made gummy bug “candies” today for a snack with Great Lakes kosher gelatin (half a cup!), juice and honey. They’re mighty chewy. I’ll be eating those frequently, lol.

  108. Just remembered that yesterday I had leftover honey baked lentils cooked in chicken broth. So rich and yummy with all that broth 🙂

  109. Loving this whole reducing broth to a gravy thing!!!! Dinner was a mushroom stroganoff served over mashed potatoes. The sauce was a beef stock reduction!

  110. Watching the fireworks from the comfort of my bedroom, while drinking a cup of warm beef stock.

  111. Drinking one more cup right now to stave off some cravings. I dropped a pastured egg in this one!

  112. I just made (and I am eating) a tomato oyster soup with fish broth! I bought the broth from whole foods but it has a good ingredient list. I’ll make my own in a week or so.

  113. I had a large cup of broth this morning before heading to the farmers market. I was so thrilled to find chicken feet to add to my next pot of stock.

  114. Ok, I have some catching up to do. For Breakfast I treated myself to a cup of lukewarm chicken broth mixed with whey.

  115. We are on GAPS and in the heat of summer have slacked off in the broth department- this will really help get us all back on track! I also love the idea of improving my dental health (and losing some bumpy areas would be great too)! Fortunately I have lots of broth around!

  116. We had soup today- my husband says I make the best soups he’s ever had- I know the secret is the broth/stock that I start with!

  117. oops, I meant to comment here, accidentally did it on the other page. I’d like to join the broth challenge!

  118. I want to take the bone broth challenge because I think it’s one of the best food — great taste, easy to cook. use everywhere

  119. I want to enter the challenge because I want that stockpot! And also I need to drink more bone broth because of digestive issues.

  120. just before bed last nite i drank a cup of water and added a tablespoon of gelatin. there was other stuff in the water too…. some tinctures and other goodies.

  121. There was gelatin (NOW Foods) in the mayo (homemade) in the egg salad we had for lunch. Definitely need to try making homemade jello!

  122. Cooked up some local lamb sausage (with feta and sun dried tomatoes), and some of our pastured eggs, and put them in a quart of homemade chicken broth. Soup – It’s what’s for breakfast!

  123. Yesterday I had bone broth simmering for several hours – I steamed some beet greens together with onions and garlic and blended them up together using the both broth to make a creamed soup. quite tasty – had 3 cupfuls of that !!

  124. Good morning to all. For breakfast I made coconut flour muffins and hollandaise sauce to top them with. I decided to add some bj gelatin to it as well for that little extra. I had never made hollandaise and it was delish!

  125. Yikes! I am already behind. I did start on June 30. Have had a cup of broth just now for part of my lunch. I also had a salad with fermented mayo, and am moving onto strawberries and raw cream for dessert.
    This is a great challenge for me. I have lots of cellulite to get rid of; I think I can actually complete this one.

  126. I am going to take the bone broth challenge, because it is hard for me to make bone broth and drink it during the summer time. This challenge will help me do that. Plus, can it really reduce the cellulite on my thighs? I want to find out!

  127. First step in my bone broth challenge is to make some of your beef stock. I usually make chicken stock and often forget about making beef stock, but today I’m making beef stock and will let it simmer for at least 24 hours to get all the benefits.

  128. Pot roast made with beef stock. Used the stock as au jus and drank the rest. 🙂

  129. and……. i just drank a tablespoon of gelatin in my fruit smoothy.. (i guess that’s lunch)… i gotta cut back a little on the food…. i’ve been havin’ a bit of trouble gettin’ into my clothes. 🙂

  130. Breakfast today was chicken stock and coconut milk, warmed up slowly on the stove. We were out late at a wedding last night and ate things we normally woldn’t, so the broth and milk was perfect to calm our digestion.

  131. I’m on the INTRO GAPS diet that requires bone broth for every meal. I would love to not feel so weird and be connected to others who are drinking bone broth!!!

  132. eating another cup of fish bone broth! my chicken bone broth has been in the crockpot for a day and a half now. it’s smelling good!!!

  133. Last night I had mussels and clams cooked in chicken bone broth, coconut milk, and curry. So yummy!

  134. i’m drinking a second cup of bone broth! the first one made me feel so much better, i had to have a second cup!!!

  135. breakfast was last nights leftovers, smoothered in a broth reduction (have I mentioned how much I love the reduction- gonna go broke trying to keep up with my new addiction!)

  136. Ate a few chewy gelatin “bugs.” They remind me of when I reduced a few quarts of chicken stock down to a cup.

  137. Homemade gelatin dessert (my first ever without the aid of Jell-O!). Pretty proud of myself. Half water, 1/4 organic blueberry juice, 1/4 organic cherry juice (pasteurized, but hey, one step at a time), 1 tbsp BJ gelatin. Raw whipped cream and a pinch of Rapunzel sucanat on top. Ohhhh yes.

  138. i just finished the last of my Gel Ohhhhhh. and i’m making some more… i’m experimenting with frozen fruit and water and stevia.

  139. Egg drop soup for my husband and me again today. Time to make some more stock, we’re almost out!

  140. I’m having broth with dinner and getting my next batch going! I’m determined to have a constant supply ready so I can have some on a daily basis.

  141. Maybe it’s the glutamate, maybe it’s the fructose, but…2 hours (and dinner) later, I’m having another homemade BJ jello with whipped cream.

  142. had a cup of nice warm chicken broth just now…along with my kids… my son cried when his was gone and I “had” to get him some more…poor kid lol

  143. Oops, I posted on the wrong page. For dinner we had leftovers from last night, a big salad and the chilled cucumber soup with the broth in it. I hope it didn’t count on the other page. I’m not trying to cheat.

  144. I want to be part of the broth challenge because I’ve been trying to do more broth anyway. Since I have been doing more broth, I have noticed less pain in my knees! Yippee!

  145. Love it! Got my chicken feet from the farmer’s market (special order) a couple weeks ago, so this is very exciting! Thanks! Already loved you on FB, glad I popped over here!

  146. i ate a couple servings of jello today. made with gelatin, 100% cherry juice, a pinch of stevia, and poured it over blueberries. served with a dollop of full fat greek yogurt, it’s perfect red white and blue dessert for the holiday!

  147. Just had another mug of bone broth with butter, sea salt and kelp! It’s becoming my new bedtime routine!

  148. Had another cup of chicken bone broth while sitting on the couch with my man watching the show “suits” sweet show by the way 🙂

  149. My husband just brought me a cup of bone broth (that I am drinking) and himself a rootbeer. He said I couldn’t have any rootbeer because it wasn’t worth any points. Thanks. Thanks a lot (j/k)

  150. Dinner was butter braised bok choy, pan seared salmon with herbed pesto, and garlic risotto cooked in chicken bone broth. So much flavor 😀

  151. Just had a late night snack! Homemade probiotic grape jello! Today was the first time to make “real” jello- I’m impressed with how easy and yummy it was!

  152. I am not sure if I posted this or not- can’t find it in my previous comments, sorry if it’s a duplicate- I already subscribe to your blog! 🙂

  153. hi there… i want to join, too! on the 1st i filled a cup with broth for breakfast. yesterday i made broth again (both chicken) in my cast iron caudron (oh yes.) it got kind of weird and rusty because i put the lid on, but i suppose it is filled with iron as well as all the other stuff good stuff. i drank it instead of whatever i might normally drink in my cup on the way into town in the morning. i’m just finishing another cup as today ends. thanks for the challenge.

  154. Ahhhh I love this challege…..I have soooo much brooth froze from stews…..Have to admit I’m excited!!!!

  155. a cup of still-simmering broth with eggs and collards greens for breakfast. I feel like a champoin!
    Happy Birthday Anne Marie!

  156. i’m not sure can you count it but last night i made stew veggy with meat and used beef broth instead of water

  157. I warmed up one cup of leftover bone broth I had from last nite which I am having this morning

  158. I was talking with a friend about a month ago and we were discussing the benefits of bone broth. I had been using it when a recipe calls for it but I thought having some daily would be even better. About a week ago, we bought some small ceramic cups at the
    Asian Market and we each have about 1/4 cup at dinner. I know it is not a lot of broth but for what I can produce, it works for us.

  159. I want to take the bone broth challenge because I have already seen how much I have healed on the last 3 months of GAPS. I have a cup of bone broth 3 times a day!

  160. having a second cup of chicken bone broth today so far. wow. it’s like my body is craving it.

  161. had another cup of chicken bone broth as a mid day “snack” I think I am addicted…. at least it’s a good addiction !!

  162. hesitent to try broth with raw egg yolk…. can anyone tell me what it is like… does it have a slimy texture, how much broth do you use per yolk? thanks for your info !!

  163. Breakfast is leftover Risotto (cooked in broth) – turned into a fried rice with eggs and bacon grease

  164. I just took a mug full of chicken broth, and added two of my favorite things: salsa and cheddar cheese. Spicy, yum!

  165. The reason I want to do the Bone Broth Challenge is because I know how healthy I feel whenever I consume bone broth 🙂

  166. I just emailed five members of my extended family to tell them about the bone broth challenge. They already think I’m crazy, so might as well. 🙂

  167. and i had a bowl of chicken noodles for lunch
    (i’m posting this the second time today, who knows why it didn’t go through earlier)

  168. I boiled my potatoes for my potato salad in chicken broth and then drank some of the broth! Now I’m working on some potato leek soup using up the rest of the broth and potatoes.

  169. Lunch: I finished the cold cucumber soup with a slice of very buttered toast and chicken liver pate.

  170. I started a new pot of bone broth this morning – this time I roasted the bones first. It is not ‘done’ yet, as it has only simmered for about 5 hours, but I put a couple of potatoes in it to simmer and am having the potatoes and a couple of ladles full of the broth for my lunch…. added a pinch of herbs for better flavor.

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  172. I want to do the Bone Broth challenge because I believe in the cause. Bone broth is extremely nourishing. I’m also entering because there’s a good chance I might actually win considering how much I consume, haha!

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  174. Made a recipe from Wednesday – used up leftovers from yesterday’s party, plus chicken stock and a few other ingredients, to create a one-dish supper. Very yummy, and with fresh veggies, stock, and shredded liver to augment the ground bison, very healthy too! Never would have done it without the Challenge recipes – thanks!

  175. I’m reading about the GAPS program and plan on doing it to help with my auto immune disorder. I already have chicken bone broth in the fridge. This will motivate me to drink more broth.

  176. I’m going to drink a half a cup of stock for dinner. I need to make some more stock tomorrow 🙂

  177. The hardest thing for me to give up on the GAPS diet has been Chai Lattes. I just love the creamy taste. So warm and comforting in the winter, or cool as an Iced Latte in the summer. So, I decided to try something crazy – I am drinking two cups of chicken broth, mixed with two cups of milk and a dash or garam masala. It’s not a chai, but it’s a great way to get more broth in me.

  178. I made a salad dressing with beef stock, honey, tamari, ACV, olive oil and ginger to put on our CSA Chinese Cabbage.

  179. Homemade BJ jello with whipped cream…again.

    I promise I’ll make straciatella or something this week. But this jello is just so good.

  180. Hi- my name is Nicole, and I’m a homemade jello addict 😀

    Dinner will be late tonight- so I’m enjoying a bowl of grape jello

  181. After 24 hours of simmering, I cooled my beef stock, strained it, poured it into a big bowl, and placed in the fridge. I did have to try a cup of it seasoned with sea salt, as I had been smelling it’s goodness for the last 24 hours. It was tasty, although a bit greasy, since I hadn’t taken out any of the fat. Still really good! I’m looking forward to drinking it every day.

  182. Cup of bone broth as snack.
    Apparently (I’m reading Gut and Psychology Syndrome and in the Intro phase) I’m supposed to be snacking on this stuff every hour…I need to make MORE BROTH if I’m gonna do that! There is a crockpot running now. Whee!

  183. Snacking on cucumbers and cheezy ranch! Made the ranch with gelatin and nutritional yeast flakes (plus all the normal ranch ingredients)

  184. Wow, someone already has 3700 points and I am just starting . . . . but hey, Why not, I will take the bone broth challenge.

  185. Do I need to make a separate post for each of the bonus points? If so, here goes. I already like you on Facebook.

  186. I am joining the challenge to help start healing my gut lining! This is a great way to help me to remember to have broth everyday!

  187. I finished making a batch of stock yesterday and used it to make a big pot of soup that I will be eating this week! Had a bowl for dinner last night!

  188. since it was still simmering away – another cup of bone broth with my supper, which was just a half an avacado mixed together with my homemade sauerkraut

  189. Totally looking forward to this challenge. Signed up for newsletter, updates and was already a fan of facebook!! Looking forward to some recipes!!

  190. Reading about everything that bone broth is good for is making me think its the new miracle food discovery! going to get my family on this bandwagon!

  191. i’m taking the bone broth challenge to help my nails, skin and hair. 🙂

    i had rice w/broth on sat.
    1 c. broth on sat.
    jello on sat.
    baked chicken w/natural juices on sun. (?)
    jello on sun.
    broth w/beans & onion on mon.
    1 c. broth on mon.

  192. I had cauliflower-leek soup (made with chicken broth) with my bison burger (just the patty) for dinner tonight.

  193. I signed up for the challenge, not because I’ve never drank bone broth, indeed, I drink it with each meal, and as a night cap each day. But, because all the changes I’ve had to my body over the past several months, I did not attribute to the broth, but several changes I’ve made. Now, I want to specifically see if it’s the broth. I just now realized I HAVE lost a lot of cellulite on my legs! I know my face is younger, in look and feel. I was raving how my 40th birthday I got to look and feel younger than I did on my 39th!

    And, of course, I wouldn’t mind winning something, I always enjoy that, lol.

    I shared the link on my wall for this challenge, and I have over 300 friends. Can’t say how many will take the challenge, but I know several will, lol.

  194. I prepared and enjoyed awesome gravy that I made for my pork tenderloin. Waiting for my wrinkles to disappear!!! yay!

  195. I registered for this challenge because I just finished at 2 week cleanse and I want to continue reaping the health benefits that bone broth and mineral broths afforded me. That and they taste really good!

    I also signed up for the newsletter, liked you on facebook, and shared the challenge on FB with my friends.

    I’ve got a quart of chicken bone broth that I just made in the fridge. Non consumed today, but tomorrow is another day!

  196. I want to do the bone broth challenge so that I can keep on top of my broth consumption while doing full GAPS.

  197. I had coconut chicken soup for lunch (a la Nourishing Traditions) made with a fresh pot of chicken broth

  198. I want to take part in this challenge to help me get better at preparing food according to NT, and create the new habit of consuming broth daily.

  199. Okay, a bit late on the bandwagon (in holiday mode!), but here comes a bunch of posts… 😉

    I want to do the Bone Broth Challenge as we are doing GAPS as a family, but I reeeeeally need to increase our broth intake… thanks for spurring me on!!! 🙂

  200. I’m signed up for your e-mails (although, I must admit that I don’t seem to get them all the time…???)

  201. I had “whatever I could find in the fridge” veggie soup with lamb bone broth for lunch. Mmmm. 🙂

  202. Oh, and I just drank a cup of hot lamb broth straight from the slow cooker (added a touch of sea salt)… my lips are all fatty. Mmm. 🙂

    (PS Thank you once again for starting this challenge. My 4 yo daughter (that was diagnosed as autistic) just got upset at me because I snuck some stock without her having some! Heh heh, I gave her a cup, too. It is such a blessing that she enjoys her stock/broth, FCLO and all these things that are healing her little tummy. So happy.)

  203. Heated up my beef broth, threw in some kale, and a pinch of salt, and put into a thermos for either a snack or part of lunch.

  204. Just tried a mugful of my chicken bone and feet stock with a little sea salt and pepper. Using the feet does give it a really good flavor!

  205. Just served myself and the girls a cup of lamb bone broth before they went to bed… man, it’s great having it warm in the slow cooker, but I do hope there will be some left tomorrow to freeze! 🙂

  206. Gelatin yesterday for dessert. NOT the icky boxed, stuff–not even my children can stomach that. The fruit juice is plenty sweet for us.

  207. Stir fry made with chicken stock for lunch. Leftover, but it still counts, right?! 🙂

  208. I am going to have 1 more cup of broth with master tonic. Got my beef broth bones out of the freezer as I will be finishing up my chicken broth soon.

  209. Oh, I’m starting late… Poop! But, I’m taking this challenge because I know how wonderful bone broth is for my body. This challenge will encourage me to keep a batch of fresh broth made so I have some to eat/drink at least 3 times a day (I hope!). I really want to heal my gut and my gums plus get rid of pesky wrinkles and cellulite -bonus!

  210. Oops, forgot to mention that I follow you on FB, Twitter and I’m subscribed to your email.

    And just had a lovely cup of broth!!!

  211. Before breakfast I had a cup of cold chicken broth with salt and kelp. The bones are from a chicken my husband had smoked and I have to refrain from drinking it all at once, lol.

  212. It may be breakfastime for everyone else logging on, but it’s (past!) bedtime here for me. Just drank a hot cup of lamb broth after putting the bins out for the garbage guys in the morning… SO COLD OUTSIDE! Broth in winter = THE BEST! 🙂

  213. My boyfriend told me about this yesterday. I have always heard that once you have stretch marks they NEVER go away. I even paid $150 for this cream a few years ago that said it worked. I’ve used it everyday and yeah they may be a little lighter but they are still just there. I have really bad stretch marks on my belly from my pregnancy. I was 115 before I got pregnant, when I was 6 months pregnant you couldn’t even tell, then literally overnight I jumped to a full fledged 6 months pregnant! When I gave birth to my son a little over a month later I was at 166 pounds 🙁 so I want to try this to see if my stretch marks will go away. I already lead a healthy lifestyle but if this fixes the stretch marks, I’d be overly thrilled because I am so self concious about them.

  214. Breakfast: Eggs fried in chicken fat with a big mug of beef and butternut squash soup using beef broth.

  215. had a second cup of broth. i am noticing that i am feeling much more hydrated! interesting!!

  216. Just had a glass of cold chicken broth mixed with whole milk. Saw that here somewhere, otherwise i would never have thought of it.

  217. I want to be a part of the bone broth challenge because I’ve wanted to eat more broth lately, as I’ve been reading about it’s benefits and recommending it to ill friends. Perfect timing, as I just started the first batch this morning before I even knew about the challenge. : )

  218. I drank a cup of beef broth this morning! Missed yesterday, darn. I’m traveling for business this week so I think it will be tough to find bone broth. Might try to pick up some gelatin if I have time.

  219. Good morning, and Happy July 5th! Right now I’m sipping a bowl of chicken bone broth with a little Penzey Shallot Salt. YUM!

  220. I cooked some squash and beet greens in chicken broth for lunch. I decided to add a little coconut oil with the coconut taste to it.

  221. I just signed up! I have been making beef and chicken stock since I saw your post about it curing wrinkles about 2 weeks ago or so. I didn’t even freeze any me and my dog, Luci have been drinking it everyday. It has really helped with her itching.

  222. This challenge is just what I need! I have been wanting to increase my bone broth intake especially since my daughter fell on her face and injured her tooth (it is starting to turn a little bit darker). This is more of a personal challenge, but I really want to win the book : )

  223. I got ahead of myself and didn’t explain why I wanted to take the broth challenge. Well, I am always in search of foods that are good for my skin. I want to stay young looking through taking care of myself instead of spending a fortune on skin creams, plus I love to cook and make things from scratch. I am also giving broth to my dog, Luci, she has terrible skin allergies and between the 2 of u last week we went through 6 quarts of chicken broth and beef broth.

  224. I already like your facebook page and have for some time! Btw, my dog is drinking more broth than anyone on here 🙂 lol. I have had a cup this morning and so has Luci. It’s amazing how it has helped her skin – sure I have already said that.

  225. lunch was chicken simmered in rich chicken stock with lots of chopped onions and herbs and veggies.