Grain-free Crackers

It took me a while but I finally perfected a fabulous grain-free cracker that I like just as much as my sprouted flour crackers.

If you're on a grain-free diet, these crackers are a great snack to keep on hand, or you can eat them for lunch or with a soup or salad for dinner. I love them topped with wild salmon roe, egg salad, liverwurst, or grass-fed cheese.

Grain-free Crackers

Where to Buy Soaked and Dried Nuts and Seeds

If you don't have time to soak and dry nuts and seeds, you can buy them online.


Grain-free Crackers

  • Author: Ann Marie Michaels


  • Nuts and seeds, soaked and dried — any combination of pecans, pistachios, walnuts, pine nuts, sesame seeds, almonds (10-11 ounces or 2-3 cups)
  • Sea salt (2-3 tsp)
  • Filtered water
  • Egg, large, pastured (1)
  • Coconut oil (2 TBS)
    Optional: Seeds, sea salt, chopped herbs or grated Parmesan for the garnish


1. Soak the nuts and seeds overnight in a mason jar or bowl with filtered water and sea salt (1 teaspoon per cup) for 7-12 hours. (This can be done ahead.)
2. Rinse and dry them in a dehydrator, or on the lowest setting in the oven.
3. Preheat the oven to 350 degrees F.
4. Put the nuts and seeds into the food processor and blend until it is a meal or flour. Do not overblend or you will end up with a nut butter. It should be the consistence of sand.
5. Melt the coconut oil.
6. Add the egg and salt and pulse until combined.
7. Add the coconut oil and blend.
8. Put the dough onto the Silpat- or parchment-lined baking sheet. Roll it out with a rolling pin as thin as you can get it. Smooth out the edges.
9. If you like, you can decorate the top of the cracker dough with seeds and/or sea salt. Chopped rosemary or other herbs, or grated Parmesan would also be nice to add.
10. Use a pizza cutter to cut the size of crackers you want.
11. Put it in the oven for 10-15 minutes — or put it on the lowest setting in your dehydrator (and let them go until they are very crisp — they will come out crispier in the dehydrator). If using the oven, keep an eye on them to make sure they don’t burn.
12. Let them cool and enjoy!


You can use any combination of nuts and seeds for these crackers.

It is important to soak and dry the nuts and seeds to reduce the anti-nutrients and improve digestibility and absorption.

Flax seeds are the exception — they do not need to be soaked and dried. Also, flax seeds should be stored in freezer.

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Equipment Needed for This Recipe

Food processor or blender
Baking sheet lined with a Silpat mat or parchment paper
Optional: Dehydrator(set at the lowest setting)

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Grain-free Crackers

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556 thoughts on “Grain-free Crackers

        1. Awesome, thanks ladies. I have beef tallow and ghee in abundance atm, so may try them and see how the flavors change. 🙂

              1. I just made some for the first time last week, it went really well but it was a pain in the butt to strain the solids out.. I was using what I think is called a muslin cloth and It kept getting clogged up… I just bought a cheese cloth so we’ll see how that goes next time

  1. Add another thing to my list of things to try. I want to get through this bone broth challenge first. I am getting so little sleep trying to read and keep up with all the posts, that I don’t think I can add anything new right now. Eek.

              1. Yes, I think the top 7 can take a break….but wait until later this evening…I have to leave and won’t be on my computer….hmm…I need to see if I can comment from my phone!!! LOL!!!

                  1. no that you mention it. I do feel pretty energized, too bad it wasn’t an eat more hostess cupcake challenge, everyone would be dropping like flies!

                1. ya’ll are out for blood….. give the workin’ injured gal a chance… i’m typin’ with one hand!!!

                    1. imblst – did you ever say how you chopped part of your finger off? Kitchen accident?

              1. Yes, everybody needs a 4 hour nap today and those of us not even on the list can talk to each other while you all nap!!

              1. Take long, long, long rests throughout this month. You certainly deserve it! You have worked too hard 😉

      1. Did you notice? I took a break. I took the morning off to teach my kids some math and do a little housework. I am back for only a short while and then another break from the computer to clean out my garage . . . if I can stand it in this unbearable heat and humidity. But it would be nice to be able to park my minivan in the garage again. It has gotten too cluttered in there.

            1. I just ordered their elementary book!!! Can’t wait to get it. We used RightStart but something wasn’t right. Too fancy I guess. I think I am going with Rays Arithmetic and/or Life of Fred

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      1. Oh that sounds good. I will go soak my nuts now. I have different loved ones in my life with different nut allergies so I need to remember which nuts I use.

      2. do you prefer flax over chia seed? i’ve read that flax contains phytoestrogens like soy does, so i’ve been opting for chia seed…

        1. i prefer chia.. longer shelf life.. and no taste really… flax is good 4 u.. but i just don’t like it… plus, if not eaten freshly ground, loses its nutritional value

          1. I bought a book with tons of recipes for chia seeds and had the chia gel in my fridge for a while. I got away from it because of the Omega 3’s.

      3. Sweet potato for egg? Who’da thunk? I have sweet potatoes in my garden this year for the first time. I hope they produce.

        1. I would like to plant sweet potatoes since they supposedly are easy to grow here. How are they growing for you?

              1. I had really good luck with potatoes 2 years ago. I planted red, white, and blue ones. The blue ones were my fav beacuse they were so pretty, so that is what I have planted this year. Although my hubby says he cannot eat blue food. LOL

  2. Thank you for this post as trying to make GAPS friendly crackers is on my to do list today! My husband is having a hard time without chips or crackers on GAPS

        1. It does seem hard at first, but once the mindset is changed…it is not bad…my husbands allergies are gone as well…. 😉
          My husband saw the difference in me and was ready to change…that helped!

        2. oh same for my husband and daughter… they are both sensitive to gluten… hoping GAPS will heal that and then we can have the occational sourdough bread now and then

      1. It is not hard at all living without grains. I’m not too crazy about preparing them, especially the sourdough bread (If you have ever read “Cure Tooth Decay”)!

      2. My husband is VERY resistant. He even fought converting over to organic and that doesn’t make very noticeable changes. I won’t buy him pop tarts anymore, so he just buys them himself (and takes up my valuable cupboard space with them.) Luckily my kids stopped asking for them after I stuck to “no”. My husband wants pizza, spaghetti, noodles in his soup, stroganoff with noodles. He won’t touch brown rice and insists on white. I don’t eat rice any more, but the rest of the family does. Hard to tell the kids they cannot eat so many things that Daddy does.

        1. Oh, and did I mention that growing up, the only “vegetable” his mom ever served was corn. When we were first married, he would literally act like I was killing him when I served vegetables. Now he just quietly picks most of them out. I finally got him to like broccoli. He will eat lettuce and onions.

          1. The most shocking to me is that my husband doesn’t like fruit!!! Even conventional kids like fruit. He doesn’t like apples nor grapes nor oranges nor melon. Weird, huh?

            He is a pasta, bread, meat, potatoes, and corn guy.

            1. I know a girl like that, she pretty much only eats from the brown, yellow, white foods (i.e. starches). Although she does like lima beans and sauerkraut so for her baby shower (it was a cookout) I brought Bubbies and sent the jar home with her. The thing that kills me is that she didn’t even know she was pregnant until she was almost 20 weeks along because she didn’t have a bit of morning sickness or fatigue. How does that happen?

              1. Yes, my husband never gets sick but he eats lots of junk food. He used to eat fast food every day for lunch. Now he just takes lunch meat sandwiches (which I also do not think is healthy, but maybe it is better than Burger King and Wendys). I am wondering if he just has a great constitution that can survive anything . . . or if it will catch up with him one day.

                1. I am laughing even tho’ this is serious. My husband walked in from work an hour ago and said “Why does it smell like Burger King in here?” I said “What?! I’ve been roasting bones!!”
                  I thought he was the only one like this. He only would eat corn for a vegetable and maybe green beans. But no corn on a low carb diet!
                  We battled for the dietary souls of our kids, of course poptarts etc. winning out. They are 19 and 21 now and certainly know what healthful eating is, but it is their choice now. DO NOT GIVE UP!! Keep giving your kids healthful alternatives, so they know what they are. I can’t imagine that we could have collectively gone grain free or anything else 15 years ago.

                  1. My husband wins on a few food items with the kids, but i win on most, because my son has experienced how he feels eating junk vs. not junk. My son has Tourette’s Syndrome and eating artificial colors, flavors, and preservatives intensifies his tics. While sometimes he yearns for the treats Daddy has, he often says no, because he knows how he will feel after eating them. Now my other son is a different matter. He is tougher to convince because he doesn’t experience the immediate reaction to bad food choices.

                    1. Wow, Farmer Kim. Has your son been on GAPS? I’ve heard Tourette’s is caused by an imbalance in gut flora.

                    2. That is hard to deal with, Farmer Kimberly, and it is good that your son knows that what he eats affects him. I have been thinking about your predicament and all I can say is keep doing what you are doing and maybe your husband will come around.

                    3. win him over with a meek and quiet spirit about food. once he starts seeing changes in you he’ll want to change too. Just do it bit by bit. Keep serving lotsa veggies and find ways to make his favorites a little more healthy each time

                    4. ofthec – that is a great attitude to have and probably the only one that would really work.

              2. Also, Bubbies products are actually heat treated, though not considered pasteurized. I wouldn’t say Bubbies is truly raw. I would go for the Real Pickles brand, something similar, or just making your own.

          2. FarmerKimberly, My husband was raised on many good vegetables and to this day will still gag when eating cooked veggies. He doesn’t mind, if I hide them, but if he can see them it is hard for him to eat. He loves a tossed green salad with tons of veggies though.

            1. I got all of my family to eat brown rice, even though they were resistant at first so that is nice. My husband will also eat green beans cooked.

              1. riceinmay, that is what I thought. I thought it was ridiculous how he was overreacting to veggies. One time we were eating dinner with friends and I tried to get him to take one bite of my sauteed zucchini. He gagged and shook his head and refused to taste it. I swear he looked like his head was going to spin off his shoulders. Well, the friends all sided with him and said I was mean for wanting him to try a vegetable. Yeesh.

                1. Kim I’m so on your side but unfortunately it’s a tough spot your in because he’s an adult AND he’s your husband. We’ve had a little of this battle but the more I backed off the more my husband was willing to listen and now HE won’t let ME buy junk food. It’s a little maddening when he does it too, so now I know what it feels like to be on the other side!

                2. actually zucchini makes my husband (32, i think:) and daughter (4) gag too. On GAPS I’ve been pureeing it with cauliflower and they like it just fine! Have you tried zucchini bread for him? Does he want to improve his eating habits?

              2. My 50 year old sister in law physically gags over fish/seafood. I know, I couldn’t believe it. My mother forced me to eat everything and now there is very little that I couldn’t eat if presented with it. Apparently that was not my MIL’s philosophy!

          3. LOL!!!! You can tell your hubby it’s a good thing he’s not married to me! I have no patience for pickiness. My hubby loves all sorts of food. So my kids were raised that way. They have never even had chicken nuggets. My kids LOVE things like pate and sushi.

            1. I used to be annoyed with my husband’s picky eating and terrible diet, but I decided to go about my business and if he eats what I cook, great. I let him pick around the vegetables. Hilariously he has been eating cauliflower recently and not knowing because I have baked it into a low carb pizza crust and “chips” both of which he loves and agrees to not ask what they are made of !

                1. The same woman- Cleochatra- came up with the chips. Her site is Your Lighter Side. I think she calls them cauliflower doritoes. Sorry I am not adept at linking websites!!

              1. Cauliflower pizza crust and chips?!! I’ve made both with butternut pumpkin/squash… please share the recipes!

            2. I think my husband would just go hungry if he were living with me and had vegetable issues… I have a good man 🙂 Not saying yours is not farmerkimberly, everyone has their issues they struggle with

            3. Mine love pate and sushi too. Those are some of their favorites!!! They have had chicken nuggets but I made them!

        2. Wow! That would definitely be difficult! I would have alot of trouble having a good attitude if my hubby was always bringing junk into the house!!!!

                    1. she is too. it happens with split personalities. Hey Erica I hear GAPS is good for that. Oh wait Sorry. that was your line!

        3. When I did eat grains I always had to cook brown and white rice, we had ezekiel and wonder bread in the freezer, and much protest at whole wheat pasta and pizza crust. I did a lot of double cooking!

        4. That would be hard…sounds like he may have yeast in his body and it craves the junk…..if he ever gets a taste of how much better he would feel, he would change in a heartbeat….

          Try some recipes that are really good and let them try them…not replace his junk, maybe he will start to like the better real food. It is a process….sometimes a slow one… 😉

        5. hmm that’s one tough cookie. You gotta find his weak spot. Is he open to slow change, does he want better health, is he balding (ok sorta kiddingabout that one) you can lovingly find a way to get through to him. And Prayer LOTS OF PRAYER!!!!

  3. looks interesting…I’m not on a grain-free diet but it’s good to know that if/when I try it, or when family/friends come to visit, that there are some good recipes to try. Thanks!

    1. Before I was on GAPS, I was on Paleo which is basically meats and veggies with small amount of sweet potato and fruits. I love this website for wonderful recipes She has great large color photos which are inspirational.

      1. How long have you been on GAPS? I’ve been thinking on going on it- but only for 3 months- and I was wondering if it was even worth it for such a short time…..

            1. I’m not worried about transitioning in. If life goes as planned- I’d only be able to do intro for 3 or 4 months. So I was asking sewpretty13’s opinion about the length of being on gaps

              1. I have been on Gaps since Mar 1 and plan on eating this way for quite a while…I love the way I feel…more energy….just a feeling of wellness….

                  1. I did start with intro, but went through it very fast, 1 day for each…then my husband wanted to start eating this way with me so I went full GAPS…..I didn’t have any major issues so thought it wouldn’t hurt….

              2. I was originally only planning on being on the intro for 5 days per stage, really hoping it would heal us all that quick, and it’s gone really well for my husband and kids but I have needed to be on it longer… I don’t know how long it will take but I figure now is as good a time as any to start… later in the fall there will be thanksgiving then Christmas and newyears….so there is always something that will make it harder. But thankfully my husbands family is awesome and I don’t have to worry about adjusting meals when we go over there it’s just what we do… my family however is a different story, so we’re just avoiding any food related things with them.
                I know NCMcBride said that unless you have serious digestive issues you can and should move through it pretty quickly so I suppose it all depends on your current condition. Then once you have moved through the intro stages I don’t think it would be very difficult to be on full GAPS and have a social life…. you’d have to make and bring dishes and such, but I have been doing that for years since we ate GF for quite some time.

                1. also…. if you eat like you already do, coming from an excellent diet already you will probably heal faster and thus go through it quicker.

                  I am more than willing to take as long as I need and endure any criticism from my side of the family that is sure to come because I feel SOO much better right now, and I don’t want to go back to the way I used to feel just 2 weeks ago… and I am only on stage one still basically….almost two actually.

                  Just some thoughts

                  1. Bethany,

                    How do you feel much better? Do you have more energy, more tolerance to stress, etc.?

                    1. my digestion is WAY better, before i would eat in the morning and not be hungry till later in the evening…. and I felt a yuck, heavy sore full feeling, I have a bit more energy, I take shorter naps every day, I used to sleep for 1-2hrs every day but now I can get away with 20-40min normally. Emotionally I feel like I have balanced out a bit as well…. I am naturally a very patient person but I had been so edgy and emotional and I hated it, it just wasn’t me… I felt depressed about life and I was just miserable. I am not totally better by a long shot but in 15 days I have had noticeable improvement and am excited to really be the me who I used to be !!

                  2. there’s no room for criticism if you tell them how great you are feeling. Just be on the offense and talk about all the wonderful changes that are happening to you and when you have a rough time with something just don’t talk to THEM about that:)

                  1. It would be wonderful if Cheeseslave had a post or a book on all of the testimonials that have been posted on her blog 🙂

                  2. n/p but I want to tell you that yesterday I introduced FCLO…I had it before but ran out and just bought more, so it was the first time on GAPS that I took it) it totally messed me up inside 🙁 Which I hate because I really need to rebuild my teeth!! My point is that while I have had some great progress I have a long way to go I fear and I just don’t want you to be overly optimistic in case it takes you longer than 5 days or so on each stage… but like I mentioned before, you are coming from a much better diet than I did before!

    2. even when we are not doing the whole grain free thing WE LOVE nut crackers. Plus you get an extra boost of protein.

    1. Hi sewpretty13.

      I believe Whole Foods carries it, though I don’t have that store near me. I believe I did hear from others that they do carry it.

    2. Also,

      If you are going to try a grocery store, I would look at the ingredients first. Sometimes, dyes and other additives are added to the fish eggs. Also, you may want to contact the company of a brand you like to get if you are buying fish eggs in jars. Often. fish eggs in jars may have been pasteurized or heat treated to all a longer shelf life.

      1. Thinking about those reminded me of my daughter! I served the roe by spooning it over a swiss cheese and tarragon omelet with sour cream. It was good, but to my daughter it was amazing. She would sit and pick every bit of roe off the omelet – and then ask for more!!!!

            1. I will try your omelette this week, Riceinmay, as we bought some salmon roe today and am looking up all the recipes I can find for eating it. My children are 6, 4, 3 and 8 months, so gotta start them young! 🙂

        1. riceinmay – do you like roe? I have heard that kids like it many times but adults not so much? I would like to buy some but it’s expensive !!

          1. It was strong flavored. I liked it with the sour cream- but I wouldn’t want to eat it on my own. My daughter would just eat it by spoonful if I let her 😀

              1. i can make myself eat it on top of sushi, you barely taste it if it’s the really small eggs, those are the ones i like. Are salmon eggs big?

        1. Hope it helps AM. It is a healthy food all the way around. Have you heard of
          Chris Kresser? He is helping me with my health issues( not conception LOL) and he just put out a series on healthy baby for a price, though.

          1. Love Chris’s blog. I’ve been thinking about contacting him for guidance as well. Have you found it to be worth the money?

            1. Yes, at first I was upset wondering because the testing was so much money, but now, that I am feeling better I feel it is so worth it. My body is taking a while to heal, but we are heading in the right direction.

          2. is the link for Healthy baby, but his blog has tons of articles that are free. He just did two podcasts on sonograms.

            1. LOL! Since I’m 19 1/2 yrs old, I figure I would prepare myself for when I get married within these next five years.

                1. No, I haven’t even found a decent man yet, lol! I figure though that I would be married within those years.

            1. Well, I eat a lot of liver, probably about 6-8 oz a week. I eat other organ meats too, like kidneys, tongue, and heart. The tongue and heart taste really good! Regarding the kidneys, I have to cut it up into small pieces and mix it in with lots of veggies to hide the taste of it, lol. I’m getting used to the kidney taste though.

              1. Tongue and heart aren’t really organ meats though, since they’re both muscle. But definitely worth eating and I suppose if you wanted to make a raw dish out of heart it could be a really good source of coQ-10 which can be hard to get from food sources.

                1. Cheeseslave had a taco tongue recipe here The photo of the raw tongue is hard to look at.

                  1. LOL!! I made tongue recently and when I opened the package..that is exactly how it looked!!! I just took a deep breath and went in and cooked it! I barbequed was actually pretty good!

                2. Thanks! I guess I have to do what I have to do. I’m storing up my nutrition stores for future children.

                  1. I’m actually following the pre-conception/pregnancy/nursing diet that is in the WAPF site:

                    I remember Ramiel Nagel stating in his book “Healing Our Children” that people can start the pre-conception diet 2-5 years before they plan on getting married or conceiving. This is good for those who didn’t grew up on a traditional diet.

                  1. liver pate is the way to go. Whenever my children get to choose an airplane snack my son always asks for liver pate and crackers!

                    1. liver pate and cucumbers… that is a good idea… I have not made it yet because I don’t have anything like crackers but my kids really like cucumbers… heck they would probably eat it off a spoon if they liked it… they used to do that with hummus back when I bought that

                    2. Yeah- I normally eat the pate off a spoon!

                      So I made “sandwiches” for my kiddos. Softened butter on 1 cucumber slice, then pate on another cucumber slice- then put them together.

                      The other thing he loved (and me) was radishes with butter and salt. So good 😀

                1. Our favorite is Pate

                  We also eat once a week liver and onions. Key is LOTS of bacon, cook the onions really really slow to caramelize them, red palm oil, and balsamic vinegar!

                    1. You are blessed and it’s great that you are continuing that blessing on to your kids…

                      My mom had 6 kids also… not quite the from scratch cooking though.

            1. I have thrown away a heart and a piece of liver recently because I just couldn’t get myself to cook them. I was going to grind them up and put them in meat loaf but time got away from me and they rotted. I felt badly.

                1. I eat liver, heart, and kidneys raw sometimes. It is usually partially frozen because it is easier to cut it up this way.

                  1. do you take it like pills? i did this for a while, but often got metalic, bloody tasting burps which turned me off!

                    1. Wow, I wonder if it is a detox reaction you are having with the liver pills. Do you react like this to cooked liver?

                    2. Sorry, sewpretty13! i think it’s because i would take them between meals, and it wouldn’t sit in my stomach well. i bet if i made a point to take it right before a meal, it would be OK. I just froze the liver, chopped it into little ~1/2″ cubes and would swallow the raw liver whole. I’m just NOT a fan. :/

                    3. Wow, Ellen, taking the liver raw frozen. You are committed to good health. Hmm I will think about it.

                    1. Hi Sewpretty13,

                      I usually just eat about 2 oz raw. It is partially frozen to limit the amount of chewing I have to do, lol.

                    2. I think I’d just rather eat 6oz of cooked, wonderfully flavorful organ meat and pate, twice a week- than chew 2 oz of raw liver daily!

                    3. riceinmay,

                      I’m looking for a dairy free grain free pate recipe. Do you have one that you know of? Anybody know of a recipe?

                    4. I Sewpretty13,

                      Tongue and heart are still considered organ meats. According to the dictionary:

                      organ: “A part of an organism that is typically self-contained and has a specific vital function, such as the heart or liver in humans”


                    5. Sewpretty13

                      Just use an animal fat in the butter’s place. Bacon fat and chicken livers is really good! Can you use Ghee? Lard is another option 😀

                    6. Hi Sewpretty,

                      If you are going to eat beef or pork liver, be sure to consume it with lard or other good sources of vitamin D. Beef and pork liver contain low amounts of vitamin D, but very high amounts of vitamin A.

                    7. You have to be sure to balance the right ratios of vitamin A and vitamin D. The ideal ratio is 10:1.

                    8. Erica, don’t make it too complicated. Just eat a high percentage of, and a wide range of fats, and real foods .The ratios work themselves out.

                    9. Hi Riceinmay,

                      I remember Sally Fallon Morell stating that this is important to consider if you are eating beef liver or other foods high in vitamin A, but very low in vitamin D. She said that people traditionally consumed beef liver with bacon fat or lard.

                    10. I’m certainly not saying to eat liver without the fat. In fact I said to make sure and eat a high percentage of a wide range of fats. My point is- it is unnecessary to worry about/ or track ratios. If as a general rule- you eat alot of fat then the ratios work themselves out. I try to make sure that it stays simple. Otherwise people get overwhelmed and just go with what is easy and processed!

                    11. Hi Riceinmay,

                      Not too many sources of fat contain enough vitamin D to balance out the large amounts of vitamin A found in liver.

              1. Same with me. I had a chicken liver and heart from a recently processed chicken . . . and it just went bad as I procrastinated.

                I also recently gave away all my cow liver that was in my fridge for a year, because I couldn’t bring myself to attempt to cook it. 🙁 Not much support to even try since my husband said he refuses to even try it. 🙁

                1. You should at least try chicken liver. It tastes really good, and has a mild flavor unlike beef and pork.

                  1. I love chicken liver, especially in pate with bacon and sauteed mushrooms in onions (in bacon grease, of course). I think there’s some mayo and other seasonings in it but it’s GFCF. I can’t, however, stomach pork or beef liver. I’ll have to do those as frozen pills.

                    1. Beef and pork liver are much more stronger in flavor. Pork liver is actually the strongest out of the two. My father absolutely loves beef and pork liver.

                  2. I need to go to a healthy food boot camp where I can learn to prepare and eat organ meat and water kefir and . . .

                    1. do you have the nourishing traditions cookbook. her liver pate recipe is really good. Just do it for yourself to start out with maybe that will take the pressure off.

                2. Maybe we should have a challenge on eating organ meats!! HAHAH I wonder, if we would be challenged to consume more!!

                  1. You just took the words out of my mouth, and splattered it on this post! The organ meat challenge is a great idea!

                    1. Hmm, I sure would have to change my ways!!! At least on the bone broth I had been consuming it already!!

            2. me too so far only liver pate and I can disguise it ground up in chili by mixing it with ground beef

            3. grind it up in the food processor and hide it in your ground beef. Grind it fine enough, and use about 1/4 pound organ per pound of beef- and they’ll never know it’s there 😀

              Spaghetti, Meatloaf, even hamburgers!

              1. That’s what I do, Riceinmay! However, I use a higher percentage of organ meat… about half the weight of the minced meat. 🙂 We use it for meat patties/meatballs and we all enjoy it. Gotta do it more often.

                1. Does your family notice the liver? Mine doesn’t really mind/ even enjoys liver. So I always tell people to mix it at a 4:1 ratio. I’ve always wondered if it could go higher though without being detected.

                    1. If you noticed what I said- you would see it isn’t a problem for my family. I was wondering what sheridan’s family thought- if they noticed the stronger flavor. I coach other people on nutrition- and so I don’t want something that will turn them off of organ meats.

                    2. Riceinmay,

                      Have you tried giving a highing ratio with the organ meats for your family?

                  1. Never an issue with the higher ratio for us. Only thing is that your burger patties can get a tad squidgy, so make sure the mince isn’t also processed with everything else to keep more of a texture.

                  1. lol I will let both of you know how my forays into organ means go… we’ve only had liver once so far, but am going to try to get it in once a week…. in burger would be ideal since we all LOVE burgers.

                    1. Bethany,

                      Dr. Natasha Campbell McBride stated that for people doing the GAPS, they should include organ meats, like liver, on a regular basis. She says to not do too much with the muscle meats. I would focus on the meats surrounding the bones, and include some organ meats, especially liver, regularly.

                    2. I just read Kelly the Kitchen kop say she grinds heart into her ground beef and cannot taste it

      1. Hey Erica, you didn’t post your typo correct!!!
        Don’t worry, I’ll do it for you. 😉

        1. LOL!!!

          Thanks for the correction. It seems like I’m stacking up lots of points just by correcting myself, lol!

          1. You just wait until cheeseslave goes through and deletes all non-essential posts and you drop to half your points and some unknown to the leader board wins the whole contest!!! We will all be like “whoa, what happened?”

                1. You just made several more non-essential posts. If I am really lucky, I made less non-essential posts than you did and . . . well, . . .

  4. These look great. Silpat mats are perfect for rolling out and baking crackers. I highly recommend them.

        1. I have resisted getting the silpat mats because 1) they are expensive and b) I worry about the material they are made of. I am still not convinced that silicon is safe. Just sharing my thoughts.

          1. HMMM all very good insight. I guess we could just roll it out by hand. Yes, I avoid all man made materials if possible as well.

          2. I also use parchment paper. It seems nut flour and coconut flour baked goods are super sticky and need either the mat or parchment. I even have to use parchment in between the rolling pin and the dough in order to roll stuff out on the mat. Did that make sense?!

              1. FarmerKimberly, I must admit I have never dehydrated! But I would think take it off. You would then slice the crackers (right on the mat or parchment) and bake or dehydrate (?) Sounds cool! A whole cookie sheet fits in one?

              2. You’d leave them on the parchment paper for the first part. Then once they are partially dried, pop them off the parchment to finish the drying process.

                1. you don’t need the top layer of parcment paper in the dehydrator….dehydrators are WONDERFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have 4!

                    1. can you not get them in australia? there have been times when i have all 4 going. i have two excalibers and two american harvester.. 2 are square; 2 are round

                    2. Hopefully you see this comment, imblst, as there was no “reply” under your comment! Anyway… yes, we have dehydrators here in Australia, but the Excalibur I’d like is almost $500…. :/

                1. yeah especially since it’s evident that everyone is working very hard for their respective places 🙂

  5. These look great! If I wanted to just use sesame seeds do I need to soak those? They seem so tiny…

    1. soaking is always better, you can just use a fine mesh strainer to drain. Or you can do without soaking anything it’s just better for you to soak:)

  6. Oh my goodness!! I’m soooo excited!!!!! I’ve been looking for a good grain free cracker!!! Something I can eat with my pate. I LOVE crackers!!!!! But I’m not doing grain right now- Can’t wait to try this!

    Thanks Ann Marie!!!!!!

  7. Hi Cheeseslave,

    This is totally off the topic, but yesterday I drank 6 glasses (8 oz each) of GT’s Kombucha within 4 hrs. I don’t normally do this. I was sooo thirsty because it was too hot outside. Does this sound horrible?

        1. Hi Sewpretty13,

          Whatever caffeine is left seems to not be a problem for someone who’s sensitive to it. I remember Sarah of the Healthy Home Economist blog stating that she does fine with kombucha even though she is sensitive to caffeine.

    1. my kombucha love affair has been tainted by 2 things:

      1. the flouride content of tea
      2. the fructose content of the resulting product.

      thoughts, experts?

      1. Hi Ellenp1214,

        If you are using organic tea in your kombucha, you shouldn’t worry about the fluoride. Regarding the fructose content, there is very little sugar in the kombucha after it has been fermented for at least 2 wks (or probably less) depending on the temperature of your environment.

        1. Using organic tea makes me feel better, but there has actually been little testing done to prove that this results in lower fluoride content. And my water is already fluoridated…

          1. Hi Ellenp1214,

            Since your water is already fluoridated, I highly recommend a reverse osmosis water filter or using gallons of spring water for drinking.

            1. i would love to, but RO filters aren’t cheap, and I’d need to get one for my drinking water, shower, ice maker, etc. I’m working on it! I did see that Costco sells them, but it simply says that it “reduces fluoride”. I don’t want to spend a lot of money and still be consuming it at all. I just need to move to a house with well water!

              1. Hi Ellenp1214,

                If you absolutely can’t get the RO filter, then go for spring water in gallon jugs. I would go for Poland Spring or some other brand similar to it. I’ve called the company already and asked questions, so they seem like a trustworthy company. I don’t have an RO filter yet either. However, I will be getting one soon.

                  1. I am glad I have a well. Although, I guess that brings other worries with it. Like farm run-off.

                    1. You may want to filter your well water with a RO system. Fluoride may be in the water due to the pesticides.

                1. Also, I’ve contacted Sally Fallon Morell regarding fluoride in shower water. She stated that she wouldn’t worry too much about it as long as you have good skin. I believe what she means by “good skin” is probably thick skin.

                    1. Hi Riceinmay,

                      I believe it has more to do with needing to heal the gut. If someone has sensitivities to certain foods, their gut may not be in the best condition.

                    2. Ellen1214,

                      Have you tried consuming more animal fats? Having very dry skin could mean that you are not consuming enough fats.

                    3. oh yes, i’ve done a lot of experimenting w/my diet to eliminate allergens. i’m currently gluten and sugar free, which does the trick as long as i don’t cheat at all. i recently bought BioKult because I know the main issue is beneficial bacteria. I use whole milk yogurt and coconut oil as moisturizers and it clears up any rashes!

                    4. I’m not totally on GAPS, eating sourdough buckwheat pancakes or sprouted rice about once a day. it is just really hard for me to go so low carb. i’ve got adrenal fatigue, and the low carb aspect of GAPS exacerbates it. I follow most of the tenets of GAPS, however, which I think does some good. Primary source of dairy is grassfed yogurt, lots of eggs, broth, etc.

                  1. Hi Ellenp1214,

                    You don’t have to eat low carb on GAPS. You can eat starchy veggies, like squash, carrots, etc. You can also include honey and fruit when tolerated.

                    1. I know what you mean though about low carb. My body tends to like moderate amounts of carbs, and nothing too extreme.

            1. Is it an RO system? I’m really trying to find a good one that will get rid of the majority of the fluoride in the water.

              1. No it’s not. It’s a super powerful gravity fed water filter. It even makes river water safe to drink. It does not remove minerals, but does remove heavy metals. Ideally a whole house system would be great- but that’s not financially feasible. My system with the extra fluoride filters was $300.

              1. not trying to be the “correct my typos queen” but I think that one may actually not be understood….eited = excited

                1. In context, I could figure it out, but at first glance I thought “edited”. Besides, you don’t have people to chat with, so you might as well chat with yourself. What time zone are you in that you miss being on when the rest of us are?

                  1. I think I remember that she’s in Singapore. That’s an 11 or 12 hour time difference from Texas (depending on whether we are on daylight savings time)

                  2. Lol Kim I thought I WAS chatting with you all, it’s just delayed!!! Singapore time zone, I think we are directly opposite each other when you look at the globe!

            2. How long have you had your Berkey? I am thinking about one. But I am hesitant, because so many companies make big claims.

      2. I have been hesitant because of the fructose as well. But people say it is good for those with candida if fermented well.

        1. Hi Farmer Kim,

          The content of synthetic fluoride is very high in non-organic teas because of the pesticide sprays that the farmers use, which contains fluoride.

        2. “Camellia sinensis, the tea plant, produces what can be called “true teas” such as green, black, and oolong (Parkinson). Accumulation of Fluoride in the tea plant comes from its natural ability to absorb Fluoride from surrounding soil. It is estimated that up to 98% of the Fluoride content in the tea plant is deposited in its leaves, particularly the old ones, following the release of Fluoride from [aluminum] Fluoride complexes initially formed at the roots (Lu, et al., 2004)”


            1. Here’s an excerpt from an article
              Researchers looking at the toxic effects of fluoride have recently raised concerns about kombucha because most commercial tea is very high in fluoride. Fortunately, kombucha made with organic tea contains very little fluoride. We had fluoride levels tested in organic black tea and in the kombucha made with the tea. The levels in the tea were only slightly higher than those in the filtered water from which it was made and actually slightly lower in the kombucha than in the black tea. These results suggest that the process of fermentation actually removes some of the fluoride from the tea

              here’s the whole article if you wanna read it :

              1. It’s certainly a difficult situation. Here’s my take:

                Use organic tea, and filtered water (I use a filter that removes fluoride). Then judge your own health! Only you know if there are extreme health issues that would create a need to extra vigilance.

                Kombucha is a traditional food. It’s not a processed food. I’d be hard pressed to be convinced it’s not good for us.

                1. Well said, Riceinmay!

                  By the way, it is July. Have you thought about changing your username to Riceinjuly? Wow, you must really love rice!

                  1. Cute, ofthec. 🙂

                    I feel bad that you are not on when the rest of us are chatting, so I am trying to go back and read your comments.

                2. do you use the fluoride filters??They add aluminum, which is worse for you? You can just filter rain water but what a pain. I picture small children dumping out buckets of carefully collected rainwater

                  1. Hi Ofthec,

                    I believe i did see a chart showing fluoride to be even more toxic than aluminum. However, they are both still toxic.

                  2. Also Ofthec,

                    Have you heard of a man in a certain state in the U.S. being fined for collecting rain water? I know this sounds crazy, but it’s very true.

                  3. I do use the fluoride filters. I feel that any potential aluminum added to the water is worth getting all the fluoride out. I’ve researched it some- but I haven’t seen any charts showing how much aluminum goes into the water, or articles talking about how bad fluoride filters are. Mostly- just how harmful fluoride it.

                  1. Hi Sheridan,

                    You think decaffinating tea yourself is a actually better option:

                  2. Thanks Erica and EllenP. My hubby is South African, so we drink a lot of rooibos tea here… much more than black tea. We drink organic rooibos, too. 🙂

          1. Here is the fluoride content in kombucha:

            “Fluoride in Tea and Kombucha

            Tap water 0.86 ppm
            Filtered water 0.62 ppm
            Organic Black Tea 0.94 ppm
            Kombucha 0.90 ppm

            Testing by Soil Control Lab,
            Watsonville, CA (831) 724-5422 ”


              1. Yea, I know. I wonder if the tap water they’re referring to is unfluoridated. It would make total sense then.

                    1. Yes- it does. Because Kombucha has the fluoride from the water plus the fluoride from the tea itself. But the fermentation process reduces some of the fluoride too. Look at black tea compared to kombucha

                      But if you are reducing the fluoride load from the start, by using organic tea and fluoride free/removed water- then it’s less of an issue.

                    2. Erica, I think that’s a very personal call. I think you should start off slow. Then if you aren’t having detox symptoms- then drink the thirst.

                      As a side note: I wouldn’t guzzle. Drinking a bunch a fluid of any kind at one time is not good for your body. It sends a signal to your body to flush fluids in an effort to avoid water intoxication. It’s better to drink a small amount, and then drink more in 5 min or so.

                    3. Hi Riceinmay,

                      What is weird is that when I drank those 6 glasses of kombucha yesterday, I didn’t have any negative reaction to it. I just drank it because I was sooo thirsty.

    2. i drink LOTS of kombucha and water kefir. i seriously don’t think you have to worry ’bout overdoing it.

          1. i do have a whole house filter AND an ro on my drinking water and ice maker..but, i’m thinking i read to boil water to remove bad stuff…. like if there is not another option…. is it at least a little better once boiled?

            1. Unfortunately, boiling will kill bacteria and pathogens, but not remove flouride, heavy metals, etc. If anything, it would concentrate them as water evaporates.

  8. Thank you!! The thing I have been missing the most are crackers and chips. Tough not to have anything to put cheese, dip or salsa on.

  9. yum! i am, admittedly, a bit of a cracker addict. i don’t buy them myself but if someone puts (gluten free) crackers in front of me, i have trouble resisting. I should really make some of my own!

  10. Nobody has asked this yet?! Please, please share your liverwurst recipe! Or at least tell us where you get quality liverwurst.

    1. I buy liverwurst online from US Wellness Meats or I buy pork liverwurst (antibiotic free) at Whole Foods. We also bring back liverwurst whenever we go to Europe.

      I will have to post a recipe soon but it won’t be anytime soon — we are in the middle of moving!

            1. Yes, that is so true! Sometimes we can all get too caught up in trying to be perfect in what foods we buy and eat. Just eat real food!

            2. Sometimes it’s wores for your health to eat healthy when all you do is stress about ingredients. There is definitely a balance. So nice to know you’re not ALWAYS perfect:)

                1. Hi Riceinmay,

                  It is still important to take into consideration that eating foods very high in vitamin A with foods very low in vitamin D will be detrimental long-term.

                2. I definitely appreciated your point, but tomorrow be prepared to make the same point again with hellojello:)

              1. agreed…. that is something I struggle with…. once I have knowledge it’s hard for me to allow certain things in order to live life and not be so ridged.

      1. I have such a hard time trusting any food produced elsewhere. I like growing my own meat in my backyard. But I need to get brave and eat organ meat.

          1. Wow, please tell me you like vegas more than CA too? do you have a plan for homeschool? (Just curious, we homeschool too)

      2. Cheeseslave,
        I can’t believe you are moving, posting on this blog every day and answering all of our questions. That is over the top busy!!

  11. I’d love to try this.. I can’t find very many raw nuts though.. does anyone know if a nut is blanched how long do they blanch it and if its a short time would it still be considered partially raw?

    1. Surprisingly I once found a huge bag of raw nuts at Sam’s Club. I guess you never know where something might turn up. A lot of times I find some in the produce section of Walmart.

      1. Hi Karen A.,

        Many of the nuts in stores that are called “raw,” are not really raw and are usually pasteurized.

          1. Hi Sewpretty13,

            No, they pasteurize other nuts, as well. I would call the company you are buying from first before you try them.

  12. I have a question… Does it do any good to soak the nuts if your going to bake them anyway? Doesn’t baking them at 350 kill the enzymes released by the soaking anyway?

    1. Hmm good question. But I think if you grind the grains when they are wet it turns into one giant wet mess. If you dry the nuts, then grind them, they will grind into a dry flour consistency that is easier to work with and will taste better.

    2. You don’t have to bake them. You can dry them in the dehydrator.

      And soaking them also reduces the anti-nutrients like phytic acid so yes you do still need to soak them.

  13. Could I use pumpkin and/or sunflower seed? I am allergic to nuts (though I can use peanuts and pistachios).

    1. I was going to use pumpkin seeds too. They are high in zinc and magnesium. I think sunflower has lots of vitamin e

  14. You dont use whey to soak your nuts? just water and salt? is that enough to release phytates?

  15. cheeseslave, every time I post it adds points to you. Are you adding points to mine too? I hope so!! 🙂 fair is fair….LOL I don’t care, but curious why that’s happening……..

        1. How in the world would that happen? You wouldn’t get points for me unless you were logged in as me… unless there is some error in the system. I’ll check the totals

            1. I see what happened….. too funny. THe box that says “MY POINTS” is mine, I thought it was yours. LOL It didn’t match up before, weird, but yesterday it did, and I thought, how strange…….why would we have the same amount of points. Maybe there was a glitch before and it is no more. Oh, well….. either way, I have my running shoes on and here I go.

                  1. I can’t stop laughing over this one. That was awesome THANK YOU SO MUCH for the good laugh. I DO NOT mean that in a mean way!

        2. LOL that’s your box silly not Cheeseslaves. LOL I went to try to find the box and saw the one that says “my points” and realized the confusion. coconutfreek when you look at that separate box “my” means YOU:)

        1. pau d’arco is an herb w/ wonderful qualities.
 here’s a link if you want to read some about it…….

        2. it’s tea that is supposed to be a good antifungal I got it for my sons warts but it tastes really good too

  16. A friend of mine from church brought these crackers for snack and they were a HUGE hit, especially with the kids.

  17. OK guys, way too many friviolous comments!

    I have changed the rules. You only 5 points per comment now.

    You still get 50 points for commenting on the Bone Broth Challenge page. But that must be a post where you’re actually eating broth.

  18. Made these today with my girls. Very yummy by itself or with salmon caviar. Works well with cookie cutters, too. 🙂

  19. I’m going to purchase the ingredients for these crackers tomorrow so I can make some to take on our trip to Pittsburgh next weekend.

    1. You’ll enjoy them, Karen. I only made them two days ago and am planning to make more tomorrow as we’re all out! Have to wait for my cashews to dehydrate…

      Enjoy your weekend away!

      1. I am always trying to make snacks for travel so I don’t end up eating junk. Last trip I made some of the gaps almond bread (Cheeseslave has the recipe on this site) and put together little apple butter sandwiches with it. Anyway, thanks Sheridan. I hate to fly!!! But we will be driving home in our daughter’s Honda Civic. (Which isn’t great either!)

        1. Mmm, apple butter… gotta make some of that. 🙂 Well, these crackers taste great with just plain butter, cheese & caviar, boiled egg & caviar, boiled egg & avocado, tomato & pepper, honey… it seems to suit sweet or savoury, so very versatile. Perfect for travelling!

  20. Okay, this recipe looks really good. I’m going to try it because I’m getting a little bored with the raw flax crackers in the dehydrator. 🙂

  21. I made these tonight for a party – a friend was coming over who just found out she has a gluten intolerance. They were a hit, though they came out a bit crumbly and not too crisp. Next time I will try them in the dehydrator to see if I can get them crunchy! Also, about how thin do you roll them? I rolled mine very thin, but in the picture yours look a little thicker. Would that help them keep from falling apart?

    Thanks for the recipe!

  22. Beginner grain-free baker here! Could you guys share some of your combinations for inspiration?


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