Homemade Jello


Jello reminds me of my childhood. I grew up eating Jello made from a box. I even remember when I was about 12, I used to make it for my mom. I remember stirring the powder into the water and letting it set in the fridge overnight.

It turns out Jello is actually good for you. It's made from the bones and hides (skins) of cows and pigs. Rich in collagen, jello actually gives you beautiful skin, and strong bones, teeth, and cartilage.

The gelatin in Jell-O is what lets you transform it into all sorts of different shapes. What exactly is gelatin? Gelatin is just a processed version of a structural protein called collagen that is found in many animals, including humans. Collagen actually makes up almost a third of all the protein in the human body. It is a big, fibrous molecule that makes skin, bones, and tendons both strong and somewhat elastic. As you get older, your body makes less collagen, and individual collagen fibers become crosslinked with each other. You might experience this as stiff joints (from less flexible tendons) or wrinkles (from loss of skin elasticity). Source

Think about it — collagen — the same stuff women are injecting into their lips and wrinkles. If you want plump lips and smooth skin, make homemade jello a regular part of your diet.

Homemade Jello

Why Make Homemade Jello?

Unfortunately, boxed Jello is not a good choice since it's made from feedlot cows and pigs. These animals are fed large quantities of antibiotics and GMO (genetically modified) feed. The feed is made from corn and soy that's sprayed heavily with cryolite, a fluoride-based pesticide.

Fluoride is stored in the bones of animals, so animals raised conventionally have a lot of fluoride in their bones. Gelatin is made from bones — so it's a super concentrated form of fluoride unless it's organic (grass-fed).

Now you can enjoy jello again — just follow this recipe and make it at home.

It's a great dessert, especially in summer. You can add fresh fruit if you like, and top with homemade whipped cream (just whip some heavy cream and add a little sweetener such as organic cane sugar, honey, sucanat or stevia).

Homemade Jello


Grass-fed gelatin from pastured animals — [easyazon_link identifier=”B00K6JEON4″ locale=”US” tag=”cheeseslave0e-20″]Vital Proteins[/easyazon_link] or [easyazon_link identifier=”B0008D6WBA” locale=”US” tag=”cheeseslave0e-20″]Great Lakes[/easyazon_link] brand (2 TBS)
Organic juice, storebought or freshly squeezed — orange, cherry, strawberry, grape, lemon or lime (16 oz, or 2 cups)
[easyazon_link identifier=”B006CVNF2G” locale=”US” tag=”cheeseslave0e-20″]Organic cane sugar[/easyazon_link] (2-3 TBS, to taste)


[easyazon_link identifier=”B003R28HWQ” locale=”US” tag=”cheeseslave0e-20″]Juicer[/easyazon_link] or [easyazon_link identifier=”B004VS32HA” locale=”US” tag=”cheeseslave0e-20″]citrus juicer[/easyazon_link] or a [easyazon_link identifier=”B01688AFFC” locale=”US” tag=”cheeseslave0e-20″]blender[/easyazon_link] plus a [easyazon_link identifier=”B007TUQF9O” locale=”US” tag=”cheeseslave0e-20″]fine-mesh strainer[/easyazon_link]
Optional: [easyazon-link asin=”B004P3YJGE” locale=”us”]Jello mold[/easyazon-link]


1. Juice the fruit using a juicer. If you don't have a juicer, you can also use a blender or food processor and then strain the pulp through a fine-mesh strainer.
2. Mix the gelatin into 1/2 cup of the fruit juice in a small saucepan on low heat. Stir or whisk until completely blended and no evidence of powder remains.
2. Let cool.
3. In a mixing bowl, blend together the gelatin-juice mixture with the rest of the fruit juice.
4. Pour into a shallow glass baking pan or jello mold.
5. Cover with plastic wrap and put in the fridge for several hours until set.
6. When set, carefully unmold or cut into cubes.

Recipe Notes

I don't recommend using just any old brand of gelatin. Get the Vital Proteins or Great Lakes brand; they are made from the bones of pastured animals so there is not a lot of fluoride like conventional gelatin.

You can use store-bought juice but only if it's organic to avoid the cryolite (fluoride-based pesticide).

Photo Credit Bunchofpants on Flickr

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706 thoughts on “Homemade Jello

  1. This looks like a great idea. My only question is this… wouldn’t gelatin powder be considered extremely processed and therefore not good? (Based on WAPF and also “don’t eat what your great great grandmother wouldn’t recognize?”) I’ve always wondered this, and am wondering what other people have to say about that too…

    1. It’s not as processed as you might think. Jello is exactly what happens when you make bone broth, and the “powder” is just dried bone broth. Well, I’m pretty sure MY grandma would recognize jello, but that’s not saying much, as the woman used a lot of prepared foods for a person of her age, and she hates vegetables. However, other cultures have been using bone broth gelatin for quite some time. A quick trip through a french deli will show you the beautiful “terrine”, made with a base of bone broth gelatin, elegantly decorated with vegetables, and topped with liver pate. It is chilled, then turned over so that the lovely decorations show, and served on bread or crackers. Delicious!

      1. Chapinjs is correct — powdered gelatin is like dried bone broth. It is included in the WAPF baby formula so it’s definitely something they are OK with.

        I looked up panna cotta this morning on Wikipedia, curious about the history of it. Panna cotta is like jello, only it’s made with cream and milk (yum, right?).

        Here is what Wikipedia says:

        “It is not known exactly how or when this dessert came to be, but some theories suggest that cream, for which mountainous Northern Italy is famous, was historically eaten plain or sweetened with fruit or hazelnuts. Earlier recipes for the dish used boiled fish bones in place of gelatin; sugar, later a main ingredient, would not have been widely available as it was an expensive imported commodity. After years this treat evolved into what is now a gelatin dessert, flavored with vanilla and topped with fruit or spices, and served chilled.”


        Similarly, aspic is a savory jello made from gelatinous bones (necks, heads, feet, etc.)

        So yes, you could make jello with just bones but it’s a lot easier to use gelatin.

      1. Yeah that is not mine — it’s a flickr pic. I only had my iPhone pic (the hearts mold).

        But if you want to play with colors, get some natural food coloring. I bought some at the health food store. Lime juice should also make a nice color. It may not be as bright as this but it will be very pretty nonetheless.

        1. Do you have any recommendations for natural food coloring? I remember when I was a kid, my mom made the most beautifully decorated cakes for our birthdays. But I cannot do that for my kids because of the artificial colors. I have tried some natural colorings but the colors ended up kinda funky — mostly shades of grey. They pretty much get cream colored cream cheese frosting, and then I add a little cocoa powder to make chocolate frosting for any decorations or words.

          1. I have juiced beets and used that juice to make pink coconut milk frosting for my daughters birthday, it was a beautiful color… not really sure what to do about boys though.

          2. i make jello with 100% black cherry juice. gives it a beautiful deep red color. great with some orange zest too!

            1. Ellenp – I made that for my mother in law.. she’s crazy busy and LOVES jello so I made her some as a surprise..I got some brand I don’t remember but it was 100% cherry juice

          3. I’ve read that red cabbage can be used as a natural blue food coloring. Beets are a great idea for pink.

            1. for pink icing i steep a berry tea bag in a little hot water then add that to butter and icing sugar to make icing. lovely pink colour and beautiful flavour.

      1. cmh – good idea… does it affect the flavor at all? My daughter literally drinks chlorophyll with a straw…lol, but I am not such a fan of the flavor

        1. Curious out the flavor too? I did beet root powder to make pink and it just tasted a little off to me. My children loved it though

          1. Yeah, I think we’re probably more susceptible to noticing different flavors like that since we all probably grew up on Duncan Hines icing and Betty Crocker cakes, that is our “norm” but our kids don’t have that base of flavors to work off from.

  2. Is there a way to make the powder ourselves? Here’s the thing: my husband is super allergic to MSG, and gelatin typically naturally contains MSG. I don’t know if there is a difference between how the gelatin is processed for the brands you mentioned vs. other brands. My husband NEVER has problems with foods processed in traditional ways, but modern shortcuts (like, hydrolyzed anything) somehow denature food in a way that causes him to react to the free glutamates. (So, for instance, gelatin capsules on supplements make him very sick, but bone broth never will.) If these brands that you recommend process the gelatin in a traditional way, then this would be “safe” for him to eat (and a fun variation since we never eat jello). If if is pastured and non-GMO, etc, but then processed in a modern way then we’d better not. What do you think?

    1. The 2 gelatin brands mention at the top are not overly processed. In fact they claim to be MSG free. I would not expect your husband to respond negatively to those brands- since he doesn’t respond to bone broth. Now knox brand- or a store brand—–TOTALLY different story

      1. Great! He’ll be surprised to be able to try this, because gelatin is something I just always assumed we couldn’t do. I think marshmallows are the only other thing that is off limits AND I don’t know how to make. But that’s because they contain gelatin. So, maybe there actually is a way to make those safe too. 🙂

        1. Here is a link to AM’s recipe for marshmallow fluff. I think if you put them in a 9X12 and let them set, you could make marshmallows. We use to do that in South America when I was a kid.

              1. That is a marshmallow fluff recipe, and it won’t make true marshmallows. If you want to make true marshmallows, you need to add gelatin.

                Here’s a recipe: https://www.joyofbaking.com/candy/HomemadeMarshmallows.html

                Just substitute honey for the refined sugar and corn syrup.

                1. I love marshmallows. I need to make some more. I wonder if stevia will work as the entire sweetener or do you need to have some maple syrup or honey?

                2. I looked at the recipe. So you are saying to swap the sugar and corn syrup with honey. Can you get to that soft ball stage with honey? I thought that was a sugar thing.

                    1. Let’s have a bonfire in your backyard in Dallas, Texas. We can sing Kumbaya while Bethany is using her new stockpot as a drum. While she continuously bangs the end of her stockpot with a wooden spoon, we can have marshmallows with graham crackers and Farmer Kim’s favorite chocolate melted over the fire. Then all the animals can come out and they can sing Kumbaya along with us. 😉 It will look like the Lion King!

                3. Oh yum and GAPS friendly! For the honey a direct sub would be 3 cups or do we reduce a little bit. Wowza that’s a lot!

            1. I just noticed Great Lakes actually has a whole page explaining it in detail. Looks like it is probably worth trying.


  3. This recipe will make some STIFF gello! I’m not fond of it with that much “bite”. But the kids like it anyway possible 😀

      1. ok- I switched to making it with your measurements. I put it in the fridge to set up, but then leave it out at room temperature before consuming it. That way it’s got lots of gelatin, but I like the texture better 😀

    1. lol my kids love stiff gello…. but it’s all they have ever had since I introduced jello for the first time last week in their lives…. and I was all about finger jello when I was a kid…. later when I can have berries, I will do some other softer jellos, but for now it’s stiff jello 🙂

      1. I didn’t used to like the stiff jello but being on intro GAPS I miss chewing things and this helps LOL

    2. Heh heh, isn’t it better to overdo the gelatin so as to be sure it sets…?! 😉 Better stiff jelly than a pool of gelatin fruit.

      1. I wonder if you can just throw it all in the blender and add more gelatin, doesn’t it just melt the juice when it’s not cold?

        1. I did it! I had some drippy jello (because I didn’t dissolve the gelatin in hot water) and I threw it in the blender with dissolved gelatin and it worked! You too gave revive your drippy jello:)

            1. I am confused. If the gello doesn’t solidify, you can put the mix in the blender and add more gelatin and try again?????

              1. mine didn’t solidify because I didn’t dissolve the gelatin in hot water, SO I threw it all in the blender, dissolved more gelatin in water, blended it in and put it back in the fridge AND IT WORKED GREAT!

      1. i do that too. if you process your smoothie in increments, you have to add the gelatin last. otherwise, you’ll get weird little lumps of jello-like substance in your smoothie!

        1. Hmmm…that “boba tea” has been popular on and off for years (also called Bubble Tea, I think, in some areas). So a smoothie with gelatinous lumps in it is just the next big thing! 😉

  4. I remember making lemon jello with pineapple, and cottage cheese as a treat for Christmas, but gave that up years ago because “Jello” had so much sugar and coloring.

    1. wait? cottage cheese added to the gello before it set up, or mixed with finished gello afterwards?

          1. No- I think she meant that because she’s on GAPS intro- and can’t have it……then the forbidden aspect makes it sound even MORE appealing!

          2. no you can’t have cottage cheese on into… I was just saying I like it and am looking forward to having it again some day…..

                1. It’s funny- my kids are so used to real food – they are having a hard time right now. Since I’m supposed to me staying off my feet- friends have been bringing meals over. Well – my NEVER picky eaters have not been fond of the food being brought over. It’s been VERY Standard American Diet- and it’s just another example that tastebuds are trained 😀

                  1. That is neat to see that your kids prefer real food though ! And it makes sense why you have SO much time to be on the computer 🙂 I almost just want to bow out and let you win… there I got with my tender heart again 🙂

                    1. LOL- yeah I have plenty of time on my hands right now……although at this point I’m going stir crazy!!!!

                      I have NO idea how you keep so far ahead! 😀 You rock this contest 😀

                    2. haha… rock the contest… lol…. it’s called determination. My kids will be happy when it’s done… so will 1…..10 more days.

                      I can see why you would go stir crazy… sounds nice to have an excuse to just sit and chill but once it’s forced or for an extended amount of time it’s no longer that fun….

                2. oh my word… I am soooooo sorry. I can’t imagine, I had a friend who lost her baby during delivery and the hardest thing was to find words to express your sadness… I know we’re not tight but I am a mom and feel for you….. You are a strong woman, I hope the Lord gives you a peace and strength. I will remember to pray for you and your recovery !!

                  1. I’m with Bethany- I am so sorry for your loss. I’ve had an early term miscarriage, yet can only imagine the pain that would come with one as far along as yours. Then again, a loss is a loss at any stage. You and yours are in my prayers as well…

            1. I ate tubs and tubs when I was pregnant with my son. With my daughter I couldn’t get enough cream cheese. Unfortunately I didn’t know about GOOD dairy back then SO I suffered through some miserable allergies while preggo.

    2. I never heard of mixing cottage cheese with jello. Maybe another item for my list of things to try.

      1. Here is the link to a similar recipe I think we had as kids. I looks easy enough to duplicate to make if GAPS friendly.

  5. Thank you for posting this as I’ve been wondering about this exact food. When my teens were little, I went the homemade route, but with Knox and fruit juice. How do you research things such as the 2 brands you recommend are made from pastured animals? I’m hoping I can locate one of these brands as my family would like to enjoy jello again.

    1. Eileen,

      You can read more about them here:



      Also the WAPF recommends Bernard Jensen.

      Ann Marie

                    1. I tried but I couldn’t sleep and I hate wasting time just laying there when I have so much to do…ya’ know like be on the computer..

                    2. actually I have a pile of groceries I need to put away, and I need to clean the kitchen up, oh roast some beef bones for broth tonight….but alas… I am sitting her on the couch pecking away 🙂

  6. Yay! You were reading my mind! I just recently bought the gelatin packets too b/c I did not want all of the stuff in it like the other pre-made brands have. I am glad you talked about the honey because I was wondering if the juice would have made it sweet enough or if I needed the sweetener. Thanks!

      1. It’s amazing how that happens… I used to eat a lot of sugar, and now I eat almost none… only the tiny bit in my kombucha and it tastes very sweet and I remember when I first tried it almost a year ago it was definitely not very sweet to me.

        1. Are you sure your not eating sugar, Bethany? Take a closer look at where your located on the top 10 user chart!

          1. I don’t get it Erica… why does me eating sugar or not have anything to do with the top 10 chart? I do drink G.T’s kombucha so yes a tiny bit of sugar and I don’t know how much of that is fermented out… but that is it for me… I couldn’t give up kombucha and had not yet learned how to make it.

            1. Sugar keeps people awake for long hours, and gives them lots of energy before they crash. I went to bed around 11 last night. But, when I woke up this morning, I found tons and tons of email coming from these posts all throughout the night and into the early morning hours. Many of the posts were coming from you, Riceroni, and Farmer Kim!

              1. Thanks for the clarification! I kept reading and re-reading that statement. I couldn’t figure out for the life of me what you meant 😛

                  1. LOL- I understood the ricearoni part- that’s not a new one 😛

                    I couldn’t understand why erica was talking about you and sugar and first place……her train of thought was outside my grasp- but now I understand 😀

                    1. lol her train of thought is frequently out of my grasp as well… Eskimos… South Africa…. ???? nuf said. haha

                    2. I think the more random she makes her train of thought the more she has to say, so she can comment more. Perhaps it’s lack of sleep…it used to come out a little more intelligent

                    3. OK I apologize that wasn’t very nice. I think I read too many comments today and it got a little sorting through the nonsensical ones. STILL no very nice, SORRY

                    4. UGH I DO actually wish you could retype a comment or edit it. It got a little ANNOYING and NOT very nice

                    5. it’s alright ofthec…. things “said” via written word don’t always come across the way they would in person…. you’re alright !

                    6. Is Erica really 19? If so, no wonder she has so much energy for all her commenting!

      2. that is so true. sugar almost if a put-off. I always cut sugar in baking, I don’t know why people want things screaming sweet. 🙁

          1. Strangely I read your original post, coconutfreek and did not detect a typo! Knew exactly what you meant! 😉

          1. I used to eat poptarts for breakfast and when we were on Bee’s diet (extreme GAPS) lemons started to taste sweet!

            1. yeah I will make muffins and only use lemon zest, vanilla and lemon juice for flavoring and they are fine to me, I know a “regular” person would thing they probably tasted like card board but they work for us !

            2. I have not heard of Bee’s Diet. How do I find more info on it? Is it more extreme than intro?

              1. It’s a little more extreme just because no sweets at all except a tiny bit of stevia. She has you take more supplements too. I’ve gotten the most healing from her diet.

            3. I have found lately that I can suck on a lemon or lime wedge when before I would have found them too sour.

                1. tell em the proportions you use for lemon gello. My kids are requesting lemon gello. I have a bag of organic lemons.

                  1. Well, what I actually made was more of a gello gummy bears thing……

                    Here’s what I did- but I’ll still be playing with it. I took 1 cup of lemonaid kefir (you could sub lemonaid), 20 drops of sweet orange oil, and 4 Tbs of gelatin.

                    For anyone that wants to make lemonaid kefir- it’s 1/4 fresh lemon or lime juice with 1 Liter of water kefir.

                    1. what proportions of sweetener, water, and lemon should I use for the lemonaid? could I use honey for the sweetener?

                    2. No- I just put it into a shallow container and then cut it into strips. LOL- I hung out on the couch chewing on lemon gummies.

                      I would sweeten as little as possible- to let the lemon flavor shine through. But I think honey would be a great sweetener to use!

                    3. lol…. I need to make these for my kids… I looked on amazon for some little molds but I don’t want to pay for them right now.

            4. I thought when I first read that, ofthec, that you were eating poptarts on this diet and thought, what?!

              1. yeah, it’s her vice… pop tarts… I used to love those… actually just the inside. I would break off the crust since it tastes like card board

                1. I think i had one awhile back in a fit of madness and they didn’t taste as good as i remember. now think you mention it, frosted cardboard is a good description

                  1. Yes it’s like when I quit drinking coke. My son had been home and left a can in the fridge. It beckoned to me. When I finally opened it and took a sip it was the most nauseating taste. I couldn’t believe it because I used to love it so much and thought it the one thing I could never give up.

                    1. it’s amazing how you can taste the chemicals in fake food and then a nice depth of flavor in real food.

              2. lol no just craving poptarts and pizza. I never eat them anymore. Even if I want one I just read the box and I’m good:)

                poptarts and broth, interesting combinatio

      3. Yea, I don’t crave a lot of sugar either. I find even GT’s kombucha kind of sweet and it has been fermented for 30 days…. Where’s the sugar?

        1. that is the kombucha I drink… the mango one is very sweet to me, I don’t even buy that one, but it does taste good !

                  1. Oh no! Now you’ve done it…….you’ve gone and opened the door to get farmerkimberly talking about chocolate!

                    Dangerous game you’re playing- we’ll never get the chocolate discussions shut down!

                    1. HEY HEY HEY. Be nice. I just saw this line of commenting and I take offense. At least I am not typing generic comments just for the sake of commenting.


                  1. I think she has enough magnesium…. She has been having loose stools since the beginning of the broth challenge!

      4. That is completely true! When I ate less sweets my tastes totally changed. I used to like milk chocolate and now I prefer dark and I only liked sweet pink wine and now I prefer dry whites and reds. I was a sugar fanatic and I don’t like super sweet things anymore. I had not realized that sugar is an acquired taste.

      5. Hi Cheeseslave,

        I’ve heard that our taste receptors have a life span of only 2 weeks. Therefore, our taste buds will change very quickly.

              1. ACK! You figured out my secret plan! yes- I have perfected a computer program to give me double points by randomly posted my comments twice- at the same time!~ *insert evil laugh*

                  1. Hey, I seriously wasn’t even doing it on purpose either. I tend to write fast, and often don’t re-read what I write.

  7. I am bummed to learn the bottled juice is a no go. My kids and I really liked the organic Knudsen’s used to make gello yesterday.

    1. Is the Great Lakes Gelatin better or the Bernard Jensen?
      My broth does not always get solid, especially with chicken. If I use those powdered gelatins, I will not need to worry about getting chicken feet and cow’s hooves and heads and still get the same benefits?
      And if I use those powders a lot, will they keep me wrinkle-free? *yay*

      1. Now that I have more practice, I am getting good results with both BJ and GL. The GL is less expensive at amazon.com.

    2. farmerkimberly,
      use kombucha…. my kids love it… I will do 16oz kombucha and 16oz of water with some lemon and or lime juice added it’s good…

        1. I want to start kombucha. I already have a jar, I just am looking for a mother. Anybody know anybody in Orlando with a baby kombucha to spare?

            1. Here is their website. The starter is about $12: https://www.culturesforhealth.com/starter-cultures/kombucha.html

              1. I tired to grow my own SCOBY but it’s not growing…. so I think I will end up buying one, perhaps from that site, I keep hearing good things about it.

                1. Getting a scoby going from a dried state is painstakingly slow 😛

                  I’ll share mine. I’ve got LOTS! Email me and we can get it set up

                    1. Yes, I got it, sorry I have not responded, I had tons of errands to run this morning and then I got started on this blasted blog… ha. I will give you my info and send you a check !

                2. Bethany,
                  Here is a link to see if there is some one in your area that is willing to share a SCOBY https://www.kombu.de/suche2.htm. I did find one guy who is willing to share one. I think most people end up throwing their baby away each batch so it makes sense to share them.

                  1. I got my scoby on ebay for about 2 bucks from a guy who had excellent ratings and who people raved about! thought I’d give him a try and my SCOBY is fabulous! 🙂

                  2. Thanks… I am going to go with riceinmay… I know her… well…as well as you can know anyone bantering back and forth about random topics everyday…. lol But I do trust her and where it came from… but thanks a bunch for the info

      1. oh that sounds so good. I have 2 bottles of kombucha in the fridge. I think my next batch will be kombucha gello. Big smile.

          1. I wish it made it a bit bubbly sort of but it doesn’t, all the carbonation dissipates unfortunately

        1. yeah… they have been totally off fruit and grains, so any kinds of sugar (except for any in veggies like squash) for a few months now and we never used it much, we just used to eat tons of fruit… I still use vanilla flavored stevia in things like my yogurt, but that is it…later when we’re on full gaps we’ll do more fruit.

          1. Kefir Gello!!?? Do Tell!!! 🙂 Do you make it just like you would the kombucha or other clear liquid??

            1. I take a portion of the kefir and sprinkle the gelatin over the top to soak up the kefir (let sit about 5 min). Melt the kefir over heat – and then add to the remaining kefir. You can use the same proportions that Ann Marie uses in this post.

    3. I’m lost…why can’t you use bottled juice?

      I saw her note at the top- but it doesn’t explain why you can’t use it. I use bottled juice to make kefir- and then use the kefir to make gello……

        1. Also store bought juice has been found to contain molds and fungi in it which can be really hard on an overloaded system.

          1. Just like antibiotics, pasteurization wipes out all the good bacteria making room for more bad bacteria to grow.

        2. I wonder if it’s ok to use it for my water kefir? I use organic bottled juices. It’s not dead when it’s kefir”ized”. I’m assuming it’s like using pasteurized milk to make milk kefir? Not ideal- but not harmful?

          1. i have a friend who used pasturized store bought milk to make kefir… surprizingly, the grains multiply like crazy!

          2. That’s it. You have too many cool things that you need to teach me, riceinmay. Get ready for a house guest!!!

                1. let me know when… Riceinmay will be having another guest and two kids…ha. I promise I will pay for room and board while I am there as to not clean you out ! haha

              1. Sounds like a party!!!!

                I’ve asked a couple times- but if anyone is answering- keep missing it.

                Are any of you guys planning on/hoping to attend the WAP convention here in Dallas in November?

                1. riceinmay – are you going? If they had it in Grand Rapids MI I would find some way to go…. for sure.

                  1. I’m sure planning on it! Last year is was in PA – but I didn’t find out about it till about 2 weeks before. I so desperately wanted to go 😀

                    Glad it’s in Dallas this time!

                  1. That would be awesome! How about all three of us to one room! I can sleep on the floor; I honestly don’t mind at all.

                    1. seriously that would be sooo much fun…. I am so different than all the people I know with the way we live life and my interests that I don’t really connect with people that well… I am not a social misfit, it’s just you can only talk about surface type topics for so long… I would love to have a good friend who I could cook for and with and make ferments together and actually get excited when I start talking about the most recent book I am reading… usually on God, parenting, or health… Perhaps someday.

                    2. are you guys all odd to your friends or do you have ones that really understand and relate? If so you are blessed…. and in the meantime I am thankful to have gotten to know all you ladies !

                    3. I understand what you are talking about Bethany!!! It’s hard to find a kindred spirit these days!!!
                      I’ve really really enjoyed you ladies too!

                      I look forward to keeping up communications with you after the contest is over 😀

                    4. Bethany, I am odd to all my friends.
                      The only thing I have in common with most people is CHOCOLATE!!! Phhht.

  8. I can’t find on the Great Lakes website where they specifically state they use pastured animals. I’d prefer to order this brand because it is available on amazon.com so I can use my prime membership but I don’t want it if it is made from commercial beef and pork. Can anyone, anyone at all help answer this? 🙂

    Many thanks!!

    1. I did just see that Dr. Thomas Cowan recommends the Great Lakes gelatin, though… https://fourfoldhealing.com/universal-resources/.

        1. i’m not sure, but i think i actually called them to find out they are pastured and grass fed. i use great lakes w/confidence i’m eating a good thing!

          1. I know this is a little late, but on this page, they do state that their cattle are grass-fed. I’d only use the kosher stuff anyways, so I wanted to know about the beef gelatin!

    2. After your comment I simply called them to ask. ALL their bovine gelatin is made from 100% grass-fed Argentinian and Brazilian cows. I don’t know why they don’t advertise this on their website. Seems like it would be a great selling point…

    1. I would like to know this too. Although I bought some other brand just to try making jello with I’d love to try a “good” brand

          1. Shipping to Canada is ridiculous. :/ More than the gelatin itself.. and Amazon.ca does’nt carry it

          2. Oh and that was for the BJ brand the great lakes ships directly from amazon and they dont’ ship that to Canada 🙁

              1. Ok total heresay but some posted on the web that they contacted NOW foods and they are MSG free. You could contact them and ask about pastured animals. I use there’s but am a little unsure.

                1. Hi Ofthec,

                  I wonder how the NOW foods brand is, too. I’m not forsure if the gelatin is from cows raised on pasture though.

                  1. Just wanted to let everyone know that I found an Organic Gelatin supplier here in Canada.


                    1. Yay! I am glad you found one. So does that mean you cannot order from Amazon in Canada?

                    2. Yea, Barefootmystic. You should try Amazon, too. I think they are much cheaper, and you can get free shipping with orders over $25 (I think).

      1. I see that Bulk Barn carries gelatin in Canada. https://www.bulkbarn.ca/en-ca/products.html?product=1757&search=gelatin
        Does anyone know if this is good quality? I will email Bulk Barn and post a response if I receive one.

  9. This looks super yummy! Motivation to find some good gelatin – anyone know a good place to order it online in Canada? Or where to get these brands in Vancouver? Thanks!

  10. My mother used to make a jello dish for holidays that was made with lime jello, canned pink grapefruit and avocado. She made a sauce mixing a little sour cream (or mayonaise) with the grapefruit juice (I think) to pour over it. I just loved it! I have tried using Knudsen’s lime juice and it was just gross! Do you have any suggestions on how much fresh lime juice and any dilution with water needed to make it a palatable lime jello? I would love to have this as a healthy dish again. I hate to waste the fruit with failed experiments because its not that easy for me to get limes. (I did get 35 wild red salmon yesterday though. Yay!)
    Thanks for any help.

      1. The red run has started in the Kenai River and for the first time in 20 some years we were able to get there at the right time and dipnet and get our limit in one day for our family. Then you have to clean and process them! I don’t know for sure how many pounds, but we did take 10 filets (5 fish) in to a processor and those came in at a total of 19.2 pounds so we have probably 3-4 pounds per fish. We are blessed to have an abundance of clean protein up here in Alaska. If only my husband liked to hunt!

        1. Wow, that is absolutely fantastic. My husband’s grandfather used to go to Alaska every year for the salmon run, but he is passed away many years now. He liked to hunt as well, but my husband didn’t inherit that passion unfortunately.

  11. Wow, this is brilliant. I nixed the idea of ever eating jello again years ago. Might have to give this a try!

  12. Gelatin, especially kombucha gell-o, is my favorite new thing. I’m not sure if I love it because of the raw cream, or because it’s just good.

          1. Waaaa 🙁

            He forgot the cream at work!!!!! No panna cotta for me
            At least it’s in the fridge- so it’s not getting ruined- but i sure wish He would have brought it home!

            1. mmmm!!!! I wish I had some cream from grass-fed cows!! ;( WOW! I wonder where i can get some! The dairy farm where I get my milk doesn’t do it.. and I can’t figure out how on earth to scrape mine off in a gallon jar! Then it gets all mixed up! Lol!

              1. We get ours from a local health food store. It is low heat pasteurized, and grass-fed!

                I don’t know where you live- but maybe you could find this brand near you?
                It’s called:
                Kalona Super Natural Organic Whipping Cream

              2. I let the gallon of milk sit until the cream floats to the top and then I use a turkey baster to get the cream off the top. It is not perfect, but it is good enough for most purposes. Another thing I have tried it pouring the milk into a gravy separator and letting it sit in the fridge until it separates and then pour off the milk.

                1. turkey baster… that is a good idea… I don’t know that I would have thought about that…I would have tried a spoon probably. I am going to kefirize some cream since I can have that pretty soon on GAPS… I need the high fat dairy…not the high protein dairy 🙁 for now anyway

  13. Will bottled juices (Santa Cruz, or Knudsen’s organic) cause the recipe to fail (not set, etc.), or is the prohibition against the bottled juices just that they have had the dickens heated out of them and are nutritionally bankrupt compared to their fresh-squeezed compadres?

    1. I think it’s because canned stuff doen’t have much if any food value. 🙁 BUt, the gelatin is still good for you. 🙂

    2. Sarah, the healthy home economist explains the benefits juicing your own juice from fresh apples here on this video. https://www.thehealthyhomeeconomist.com/2010/08/video-healthy-jello-dessert/

                1. however I feel like riceinmay is going to just kick my broth filled butt… lol So in my darker moments I considered throwing in the proverbial towel.

                  1. LOL- don’t throw in the towel. Sides- I can’t see to get any closer than 3000 points away. I swear – it’s like you are a jackrabbit……close one moment- gone the next!!!!

                    1. lol when I looked at the points after dinner I thought to myself “self…… you just need to be up by 3000 pts and then riceinmay will feel defeated again” or something like that…haha

                    1. it’s all that broth… it goes through you like crazy… I have doubled my toilet paper usage this past 2 weeks… I tell ya’

    1. i don’t think you would have to remove the pulp. i’ve made gello with applesauce..(homemade)… and it worked. sooooo i’m thinking pulp would work too. i don’t like to strain if i can avoid it.

      1. I pureed strawberries in the blender with coconut milk and it made great gelatin. IT is just not clear (translucent) like the gello in the picture.

        1. man! I’m going crazy! It seems like there is an official name for gelatin made with cream – but for the life of me- I can’t figure out what it is 😛

          Sounds yummy non the less!

          1. My aunt makes ribbon jello. She layers different colors of jello (Jello brand) in a 9X13 pan with a white gelatin layer in between ( I think sour cream makes it white or maybe cool whip). I know that she has to wait for each layer to set before she makes the next, so the colors remain distinct from each other. I want to try to recreate this dessert the healthier way.

            1. that sounds like a super fun idea. You could do red, white, and blue for the 4th or different colors for different holidays. I love pretty food:)

            2. My grandma used to make this too. Hers was called Christmas Ribbon Salad, and we had it as part of Christmas dinner. The layers were red and green Jello with white in the middle (which is actually lemon jello and salad dressing and I forget what else.)

            1. Actually I think it’s the other way around – you keep posting on my post- and then asking me a question. It would be quite rude to ignore you 😛

          2. I was thinking of panna cotta. That’s cream/milk with gelatin. So it sounds to me like you made a variation of coconut strawberry panna cotta 😀

        2. i did the same with raspberries and coconut milk and it was so yummy. It did have little seeds throughout

  14. Dang it. I’ve been eating little Sugar Free Jellos lately as my low carbing diet snack.
    But I do have some gelatin (not as good as you recommend) that I can use until I can afford the good stuff. I eat Jello every day as a “palate cleanser”. So I will definitely start making my own with some good organic frozen fruit, etc. Thank you for the recipe. I was reading Sally’s jello recipes last night out of Nourishing Traditions since its so hot out right now.

    1. Me, too! It is hard to evem get raw milk where I live. You have to be a part of a cow share program, and there are waiting lists!

      1. it’s a real shame we have to fight for the right to get raw milk. i have raw milk and cream available just 10 minutes away.

        1. I know. It’s so frustrating. I can get raw milk- but even so, there is so much harassment for the raw milk dairies. It’s hard not to get worked up!

        1. I just recently found grass fed cheese and was all excited. I will have to broaden my scope to see if raw is available.

            1. I will have to make the trek to Whole Foods to see what they have. Last time I was there I was focused on coconut flour and ghee. That was before I read up on all this other stuff.

          1. Ya know what drives me nuts? There is an unused empty HUGE lot (1-2 acres) behind my house. I find myself dreaming about sneaking a cow onto the land to graze. Hey, then the owner wouldn’t have to pay to have someone come and mow!

        1. Ok I just lol’d at that. The neighbors might balk, the husband would balk, and (would need to verify) I’m thinking not allowed in my neighborhood. Or I certainly would. I’d be into having a chicken coop too!

          1. if she lives in the middle of the city… hmm….. she could just build a really big dog house and pretend she has a dog… the neighbors might get suspicious with all the mooing going on but she could just make up a new inbred gene spliced breed of dog !! 🙂

            1. It would be like Clifford… sorry… my son and daughter love clifford…ya’ know the big red dog !

            2. oh my goodness Bethany you are too funny. I am not just saying that to leave a comment I think it’s the 3rd time I have literally laughed out loud at something you said. Perhaps I am just delirious with all the broth!

      1. I am able to get raw milk here in Pa, I do skim the cream off. I wish I could buy cream by the gallon…hoping this will happen soon!

    2. We live in UT and I called every dairy in the state to try and find raw cream last year. Turns out, it’s illegal to sell raw cream in UT. (Also turns out, one dairy does anyway.) 🙂

  15. I have a hopefully not too stupid of a question. I’ve been trying to get away from plastic and aluminum. I noticed you have jello in a plastic mold. Is it not dangerous if it is cold stuff?

              1. LOL- cast iron is safe for cooking in-
                but if I had cast iron implants- and those started leaking- that would be really bad for my health too!!!!!

                    1. How would you stand up with CAST IRON implants. LOL LOL LOL. Now you did it, I woke my son.

                    1. lol!!!! Sagging- um ya!!!! Can you imagine the back pain?????

                      Brings new meaning to “over the shoulder boulder holders”?

                    2. hahahaha I have never heard that before… you would probably use them as self defense if it were ever needed… pow-wah take that clink, clang, klunk… you’ll think twice about messing with me again!

                    3. My son keeps saying “what, what?” because I’m laughing so hard I’m crying. How do I explain this to a six year old?!?!?!?!

                1. Too funny, There can always be too much of a good thing. I LOVE LOVE LOVE my cast iron. It’s the ultimate non stick

                    1. ofthec – what brand cast iron do you use? I have not bought one yet, but would like to…eventually

  16. THis sounds good. I have only used juice, canned, in the past, although it has been organic. I bet this has a much fresher taste.

  17. I gotta try this on my 4hb cheat day! This might make yummy popsicles too. My mom made popsicles with jell-o and kool aid when we were growing up. This sounds like a better idea and might work well too. I’ll have to try it!

  18. My grandmother encouraged jello eating to make nails strong and when I was young I wanted those strong and long fingernails so badly!

      1. grandma knew!

        Seriously- I think back to some of the things my great grandmother did, and suggested with awe. At the time I thought she was just silly- but now I understand!

        1. yeah it’s like common sense skipped a generation and we’re the results having to learn it all over again.

          1. LOL! So true, Bethany! It’s pretty sad that we have to learn everything again. I’m glad we have the internet!!!

          2. It’s not that common sense skipped- it’s that we gave up critical thinking and instead just accept the word of the “authorities”. Ridiculous!

        2. I only have to go back to my grandmothers on both sides of my family since they all grew up in different countries, and ate their traditional diets.

          1. Oh wow! That’s a blessing. Both my grandparents are seriously overweight- very unhealthy and unquestionably buy into all the low fat, sugar free garbage!!!!

            1. So I’ve seen you several times say that you live with the Eskimos in south america. What does that mean? Where is that? I didn’t know of any Eskimos anywhere near the equator……

              1. LOL! Do you really think i live with the Eskimos? Do you also really think the Eskimos live in South America? Think about it…..

          1. Oh yes, my mom always made knox blox for picnics. We loved them. I also remember throwing them up at the ceiling and they would stick there. LOL (It was jello made with extra gelatin, making them hard and rubbery. you would make a 9×13 pan of them and cut them into blocks.)

              1. Hey, we were kids, my cousins and I would throw them up in my grandma’s kitchen and they would stick . . . for a while. Then we would wait and watch (and giggle) while the unsuspecting adults came in the room. And wait and watch. . . . and wait and watch . . . and then plop, one would fall and land on someone’s head. hee hee. Then Grandma would yell and chase all the kids out of the kitchen. Ahhhh, those were the days.

          2. Yes and in remembrance of those tasty knox blox, i just tried making similar with red zinger tea. Will have to wait to see if they get firm like that.

            1. Oh brilliant!

              I don’t use fruit juice- cause I don’t want that much sugar. But I never even thought of herbal teas. I’m loving this idea. I’ll have to give it a try! Thanks.

              1. Sometimes I get a good one! 😉 I just tasted a piece. Yum! and it is totally unsweetened. I’m thinking my yogi green tea with goji berry next. Also, dipping herbal knox blox in cream!

    1. I noticed this week that my nails are growing like crazy and that my thumb nail that never needs cutting is now in need of cutting! It must be working!

      1. that is awesome, I will be looking forward to my nails getting stronger, they have always been a bit weak

    2. My great grandma and great aunt made all the healthy foods. And modern society took them and tried to mass produce cheaper and faster, ruining them and making them non-food.

                  1. ahh but it would…. cause you would be the target then… I am worried at the end you are going to pull an all nighter and just comment away!!!! lol

  19. It seems that I need more gelatin to make a firmer jello with fresh squeezed juice than store bought. Have you found this to be true and why?

    1. hmmm- I don’t know why. But that might be the difference in the amount of gelatin used my Ann Marie, and what I’ve been doing? (I’m not using fresh juice- only kefir)

  20. Oh! I also just do this in the blender. I get the juice going and just add the gelatin then you don’t have to heat your juice OR you can just dissolve the gelatin in a little bit of hot water and add this to the juice.

  21. Thanks for the info on these two brands Bernard Jensen / Great Lakes, I had never heard of them. Been ions since I’ve ever purchased Jello brand jello and don’t help myself to any when at potlucks, etc… Over the years I’ve made my own homemade jello using Knox gelatin but will check out these 2 brands now. I would use only unsweetened fruit juices, bottled or freshly squeezed with a little honey added if any to the gelatin. Gelatin made with real fruit juices may be missing the “bright” rainbow of artificial colors – but the flavor and nutrition is healthier for you.

    Curious Ann Marie…….the reason behind being a registered user to comment on your site? Is is for security reasons or what?

    1. I’m sure you could just like you could kombucha. I think it is a matter of whether you like the taste.

      1. yeah hat would be key… I used to not really like kombucha much but we love it now, its really grown on us.

              1. I’ve done both. I recommend either growing your own, or getting on from a friend. Buying the dried ones take sooo long to get up and going. Well, I’m a little biased cause the first one I bought didn’t even work. I had to get a second one (although the company was great- and I didn’t have to buy the second one)

          1. Sewpretty13….right now I am buying G.T. Dave’s brand of kombucha and going through way too much of it at 3.45 a bottle but it’s like our only indulgence… but I am currently trying to grow a SCOBY to make my own, it is not growing and this Friday will be 2 weeks…. so I think I will just buy one.

            1. Wow, Bethany, that is expensive. I have never bought any Kombucha.. That is cool that you are trying to make your own. I have heard that it is possible.

              1. Hi Sewpretty13,

                It is definitely possible to make Kombucha. I’ve heard that the homemade version tastes even better.

                1. Homemade kombucha tea is DEFINITELY better than the store bought stuff!

                  Plus you can affect the flavor by your choice of tea. Everything from English Breakfast to Oolong tea.

                  1. Hi Riceinmay,

                    Do you think the GT Kombucha is still ideal for now until I wait for the mother culture to explode in the gallon jug?

                    1. Totally! If I was you I’d grab a bottle of plain GT kombucha and add that to your mix. It’ll help get your scoby up and going quicker 😀

              2. Here is a video on how to get started:

                Part 1: https://www.thehealthyhomeeconomist.com/2010/03/video-thursday-how-to-make-kombucha/

                Part 2: https://www.thehealthyhomeeconomist.com/2010/03/video-thursday-how-to-make-kombucha_26/

            2. Bethany,
              Here is a link to see if there is some one in your area that is willing to share a SCOBY https://www.kombu.de/suche2.htm. I did find one guy who is willing to share one. I need to go get it now.

              1. really like you would sell me one? how much? Here is my email spinachandsprouts@gmail.com you can give me the details there if you want…

                1. sure! If you could cover shipping cost that would be plenty 😀
                  My pleasure to get another kombucha culture started up in another area! I’ll shoot you an email too 😀

                    1. I HIGHLY recommend using a continuous brew method for the kombucha. I did NOT have good success using that method with Kefir

                    2. also, riceinmay… do you have a certain book or books that you would recommend on fermenting?

                    3. the most common type of brewing – is to brew the sweet tea, mix with scoby and starter, and then let brew (takes about 7 days).

                      The other is called continuous brew. You start with finished kombucha. You siphon off a portion (example: I have a 5 gallon batch- I draw off 1 gallon) and bottle. Then you add the same amount of fresh sweet tea (using normal kombucha proportions). This batch will finish much quicker, because it’s a higher ratio of fermented tea to sweet tea. So I bottle every couple of days, and at the same time if you miss a day or two it’s more forgiving.

                    4. Bethany- I’m really fond of wild fermentation. I am not a fan of whey fermenting (ect for fruit ferments). I think they give the finished product a funny off flavor. Reading wild fermentation gave me an understanding of how to ferment. I don’t follow the recipes- but I have great success just creating ones. I believe it’s because I learned some basic rules from WF.

                    5. thank you riceinmay… I appreciate it… i will be emailing you later… or just reading your blog when I get my grains and scoby !

                    1. Well not nearly as much lately!!!!! LOL- broth is taking up most of my thirst 😀

                      My husband LOVES kombucha. I love that drinking it seems to have cut his beer cravings to almost nothing. Since he doesn’t drink cheap beers (only Belgium ales and the such) – Kombucha is waaay cheaper 😀

      2. Well I haven’t tried kombucha but I definitely like water kefir. 😉 I’ll have to give it a try

        1. Sonia, I did water kefir for a while, but couldn’t keep up with it, since it was only me drinking it. I couldn’t get the others to be interested, probably because I didn’t add the right flavors at the end. Do you add anything to your water kefir Sonia?

          1. I’ve found that pretty much anyone likes either grape soda kefir, or apple juice kefir.

            I add 1 cup of grape juice to a 1 liter bottle, and fill with finished water kefir. Let sit out an additional 4-8 hours (to build carbination- too long and you’ll be cleaning kefir up 😀 ). Then put in the fridge!

                  1. me, too. I am going to check it out. . . . as soon as this challenge is over and I am not spending hours reading and commenting on Cheeseslave.

                    1. Yes, I looked at it briefly to see if you had contact info. . . . I didn’t want to keep posting personal messages to you on Cheeseslave’s blog.

          2. I usually add the juice of one lemon and let it ferment over night again.. I would do another 24 hrs but we drink it too fast to wait that long. lol I have 2 batches going at a time each with 48hr regular ferments. So one is ready every day. If I don’t have any lemons at the time I’ll just put a strawberry or 2 in it to flavour it that way.. both ways are yum!

        2. Hi Sonia,

          I think you’ll absolutely love Kombucha! Try GT’s or other good brands of Kombucha first, and see if you like it.

          1. I definitely want to try it first, never thought of just buying a bottle to taste though! Thanks! 😉

            1. Also,

              Unless you don’t mind a pasteurized kombucha, I wouldn’t get the brand called “Wonderful Kombucha.”

              1. Yeah- and now celestial seasonings is making a kombucha. It is becoming a processed food! The additives they are starting to put in those things!!!

                1. what ??? for real??? crazy, I agree Erica… just leave it alone so it doesn’t become a super over processed product!

        1. Yup 😀

          I really love it! I’m using kefir fruit “soda pop”. I’ve done grape soda kefir, pomegranate soda kefir, and black cherry soda kefir

            1. It was okay.. BUT I had used palm sugar and white sugar for this specific batch of kefir which gives it a stronger taste that I’m not that fond of. I think it’ll be better if I make a batch of kefir with just white sugar for a milder taste.

        1. Oh wow! I misread your question. I thought you were asking which made a better gello.

          Kefir and kombucha are both excellent- for different reasons. I personally believe that they work great together. Kombucha is a detoxer and contains glutaric acid. Kefir contains powerful probiotics. Powerful enough to retard salmonella and ecoli in lab test 😀

            1. i drink um both… and sometimes even mix um together… also… add in a bit of milk kefir for a nice touch too!

  22. Have you called the two gelatin makers to verify they are pastured products? I couldn’t find anything on either site to indicate they were from pastured animals but I’d be interested in definite confirmation.

    1. My local Publix (grocery store) has a huge huge natural foods section, but no natural gelatin. I did find some lamb neck bones and pork hocks. Almost bought the pork hocks but kept visualizing all the bad stuff that was given to pork, so didn’t buy them.

      1. yeah she’s probably contacting all her advertisers and showing them how much traffic she gets so she can up their rates…lol

  23. Hi everyone,

    I had saved an email response a while back from the NOW Foods brand, and forgot that they said that they don’t monitor if the cows are on pasture or not. The gelatin comes from cows from USA, Brazil, Argentina or Mexico,

    This is what they stated regarding the processing:

    “Processing: Obtained by the alkaline or lime processing of a collagen derived from the skin, white connective tissues and bones of animals. The details and temperatures are kept proprietary.
    MSG does not form in Gelatin. Natural Glutamic acid can become freed in the processing but this is of no consequence.”

    1. I’m not too fond with the fact that they don’t monitor their cows. However, I’m glad they don’t add any MSG to the gelatin.

      1. Yeah- but I guess if you really don’t have an option to get one of the other brands- then it’s a good back up

        Kinda like eating conventional meat is certainly not ideal- but better than being vegan

  24. Hi everyone,

    Since my Kombucha starter from Cultures for Life has remained in its plastic baggy it came from for months and is unopened, is it still good to use? Do you think the chemicals in the plastic leached into the Kombucha mother already?

  25. Ok- this is too funny!

    I went to buy more gelatin from amazon. They are down to 6 left???? HMMMM- think that has ANYTHING to do with Cheeseslave’s contest 😀

      1. It would be sooo funny if this competition was featured on CNN or FOX news due to the unbelievable increase in sales!

            1. Pretty soon we’ll be seeing advertisements on Cheeseslave’s blog for Bernard Jensen and Great Lakes 😉

              1. yes, a sample contestant code name: farmerkimberly has reported to have had loose stools during the first phases of the broth challenge, there was also a reported rise in addictive behavior during the course of July 2011…..thanks to our over paid scientists at Monsanto and their diligent investigative work we have seen a direct correlation of broth and gelatin intake and addictive behavior so the FDA is now warning that all bone broths and gelatin should be avoided, instead they are recommending a replacement of wholesome GMO soy milk, and JELL-O brand gelatin because we all know it’s loaded with chemicals anyway and has no resemblance to real gelatin…so it’s SAFE (this report brought to you by “just say no to broth”….stay safe ladies, stay drugged…err I mean healthy) that is it for tonight report tomorrow, a special investigative report on a little known blogger making waves that much be stopped…dun dun dun…. the CHEESESLAVE !!!!!!!!

                  1. lol thanks I had fun writing it… unfortunately it’s not too far from the truth… and I am not just referring to Farmerkimberly’s loose gello !!

                    1. OK. you tell me it ok to talk about personal stuff and then you make it into a freak show. Not instilling confidence that it is ok to talk about personal stuff. AND you have probably discussed my loose gello way more than I have mentioned chocolate.

      1. Oh goodness- I have NO idea how many “batches” it made. I’ve used it in so many random places, and made everything from gello to gummy bears. I haven’t used it 100% yet- but I’m about 6/8 finished. I didn’t wanna run out totally before I got more in 😀

      2. I’ve used it up now! Since I ate almost 100% of the gelatin I’ve made- that means I’ve consumed almost 1 pound (dry weight) of gelatin- all by myself!!!!!

          1. I don’t think so: https://www.westonaprice.org/childrens-health/1380-vitamins-for-fetal-development-conception-to-birth

            1. If you are pregnant or even nursing, it is best to have a balance between foods high in glycine and those high in methionine. In other words, you need to provide proper balance for the amino acids.

            2. However, I believe if you are sick or on the beginning stages of GAPS intro, you may need more gelatin since your body is needing to heal.

    1. That is funny!!! I know I was watching an auction online and wondered if any of you ladies were going to bid against me…but, no, I got it!!! Whew! 😉

      1. LOL!!!! Alisue- I never would have even thought of that. Too funny though- the idea of cheeseslave fans everywhere snatching up, and bidding on all good forms of gelatin!

      2. Lol I do the same kind of thing with my homeschool yahoo groups, I keep thinking I need to respond to EVERYTHING!

  26. I’ve eaten 8 TBS of gelatin today!!!!!!! That’s not even including the bone broth!!! Whoopy! Can’t wait to reap the health benefits on this one!

    1. 8 TBS lol wow…. that is a bunch… Great Lakes and Bernard Jensen are going to wonder why they had such large sales in the month of July…. and then a mysterious drop off… if all else fails blame Obama…lol

      1. LOL, Bethany!!!! Yea because by August 2nd or 3rd, they have to come up with something for the budget crisis.

      2. No not Obama, they always blame Bush but really we should be blaming Clinton. Oh who am I kidding they are all evil politicians

        1. “In politics, nothing happens by accident. If it happens, you can bet it was planned that way,” President Franklin D. Roosevelt.

  27. imblst

    I noticed you had elderberry jello posted on the challenge page. I am collecting wild elderberries in our neighborhood. How did you make your jello?

    1. what a brilliant idea! I’m assuming it would have the same health properties as taking elderberry?

      If so- that would be awesome! A cold and flu fighting gello????

          1. I think “grow them” is too generous a term. 🙂 If a bird poops, I have a new tree bursting from the earth in my yard! zone 5, eastern Iowa.

    2. I can’t remember the exact recipe… they do have to be cooked in a bit of water… this is the one time i broke my “don’t cook fruit” rule. then, i’m sure i added something to make it sweet… oh yeah, i did add some cream to the mix too. just use your basic recipe… and go with it.
      I have had these in the freezer for a while and finally used them up! I purchased them at my local farm store.. they were locally grown.

  28. Hi Cheeseslave,

    I, Bethany, Farmer Kim, Riceinmay, and Imblst (though she is way behind in the contest) have come to the conclusion that you should probably have some stock in gelatin sales. You’ld probably be a millionaire once this contest is over with.

    P.S. Don’t forget to share that lovely fortune with us!

    1. yeah as in do more drawing for things like stock pots… vita-mix and other relatively affordable items…ha. Seriously though I am grateful for her generosity

    2. well…. thanks for including me in the fortune!!! even tho i’m waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay behind in this contest… i’m pretty competitive, but you guys are ROUGH!!!!!!!!!!!!

    3. I never said such a thing. Please don’t include me in having said things or believe things when I have made no such comment.

  29. Thank you so much for posting this! I was looking into making homemade jello and found only recipes with tons of sugar……thanks for the recommendation on the Great Lakes gelatin–mine just arrived today! Off to make jello!

  30. Ok you guys! Here’s my latest updates to my lemon gummies

    3/4 cup lemonaid kefir
    1/4 cup fresh squeezed lemon juice
    4 Tbs gelatin
    20 drops of sweet orange essential oil
    a drizzle of honey (just a tiny bit- like 1/8 – 1/4 tsp)

    These are awesome! I pop them into my mouth and let them melt 😀

  31. i just now came to realize that great lakes has pork or beef gelatin… hmmmmmmmm. i’ve written them as to the source of their pork… will let you know when i get the info.

    1. all they could tell me was they were raised on u.s. farms…

      sooooo….. the beef is a probably a better choice

  32. I’m having a hard time figuring out the difference between “gello” and “jello”. Sorry if this has already been addressed! Is it just a regional thing like “wash” vs “warsh”? 🙂

    1. LOL- no it’s not a regional thing. It’s a rebellion thing 😛

      Jello actually refers to a brand. Those of us using the term “gello” want to distinguish between our real food nutrient dense dish, and that pumped full of chemicals, flavors, and colors, artificial food product.

      So basically it’s a made up term that caught on 😀

    2. or it could just be we got a duplicate comment warning because we were eating so much of it that we had to get creative

  33. Hooray! The Great Lakes gelatin that I ordered on Amazon finally arrived today. While I was waiting I checked at Good Earth and Whole Foods and NEITHER carried good gelatin. Both had Knox, though.

  34. i just made some lemon gummies. this gelatin thing has opened up a lot of new possibilities for me and my small business. i make healthy treats and sell them… mostly at our local farm store where they sell raw milk and country eggs and a whole host of other great products!

    1. Gummies recipe? My kids love them and I’ve let them have the Yummy Earth brand a few times, but still wary of the gelatin source for those. I’d love to make some homemade gummies for them!

  35. Since I thought of making tea jello I have tried peppermint herb tea which was extremely tasty and ginger tea (organic Yogi tea variety) which smells good and is still gelling. Now I am considering testing coffee and cream. (I know coffee is bad!) Maybe it will turn out like Jello 123. Anybody remember that?!

  36. I just wanted to let you know that I contacted both Great Lakes and Bernard Jensen to find out the details of their gelatin. Great Lakes was able to confirm their gelatin comes from grass-fed cows. Bernard Jensen said their gelatin comes from a combination of farms from Canada & the US and that it cannot confirm what kind of cows their product comes from, however he did say it comes from the commercial cattle industry (therefore grain-fed).

    From these responses I will definitely be purchasing from Great Lakes.

    1. Aebader, thanks so much for your comment. That definitely puts Great Lakes up a the number 1 choice. 🙂

  37. I’m a huge bone broth fan (wish I’d known about the challenge earlier!), but it never occurred to me to get gelatin as well. I’ve got a ‘brew’ setting up right now, using the gelatin from GoBio in Canada. Using a Toasty Almond tea (almonds, beetroot, apple, cinnamon) from a local tea company.

    Thinking of trying a panna cotta-type recipe but using my homemade goat yogurt… anyone tried it?

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  41. The recipe doesn’t specify how much gelatin to use for the amount of juice. I know it’s an old post, but if you see this comment, maybe you could update the recipe? Thanks!

  42. My daughter and I have been looking for a homemade jello recipe. She is allergic to food coloring and the pre-made jello at the heath food store just does not taste good. I am so glad we found this recipe. I have one question, when and where do we add the honey? During the dissolving process if we need it?

    Thank you

  43. I have tried making this jello twice and it never works for me. Do you think it is because I am using the gelatin with the orange label that can be dissolved in cold water? I have tried using your cooking method, and tried not heating it up at all.

    Any ideas?


  44. Is there a reason you suggest only fresh squeezed juice? I wanted to use a 100% cherry juice but it is from concentrate.

    Is pasturized juice a problem?

    What are the reasons and or science regarding the juices?

    I’d like to make healthy lemon/lime jello for a remake of old family favorite. It was made with the boxed stuff and contained grated carrots, cabbage, pineapple, mandarins, green apple and walnuts. We just called it “green jello”. But it was the best. Now I want to make it really the “best”.


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