I Heart Texas Chili

I grew up in Texas, and chili is still one of my favorite meals (nachos is number one). Here's a Texas-style (no beans) chili recipe that is GAPS legal and incorporates organ meats — namely, heart.

It was delicious — and I swear, you can't taste the heart.

This made just enough for 2 1/2 — a meal for Seth, me and the baby. Now that I know it's good, next time I'll double the recipe so we'll have leftovers.

Texas Chili


Grass-fed beef or bison (1 pound) — where to buy
Beef or bison heart (1/2 pound)
Chicken or duck fat, beef tallow, lard, or butter, I used beef tallow, which I rendered from my beef stock (3-4 TBS) — where to buy fats;
Large yellow or white onion, chopped (1/2)
Garlic clove, smashed or minced (1)
Minced oregano (1 tsp) — I used fresh from my garden, but you could use dried
Ground cumin (1/2 tsp)
Good quality chile powder (1 TBS ) — I got mine at Whole Foods
Large tomatoes (3) — it not in season, you can use peeled whole tomatoes in a can — where to buy canned tomato
Tomato paste (1 TBS) — where to buy tomato paste
Homemade chicken or beef stock (2 cups) — click here for my homemade chicken stock recipe; click here for my homemade beef stock recipe
Sea salt to taste


1. Bring a medium saucepan full of water to a boil. Set the tomatoes in the saucepan for 20 seconds. With tongs or a slotted spoon, remove them and place them in a bowl of ice cold water (or under running cold water).
2. Peel the tomatoes, then cut in half. Squeeze each half and scoop out the seeds with your fingers. Discard seeds and chop tomatoes.
3. Cut the beef or bison heart into chunks. Blend in food processor until ground.
4. Heat the fat in the saucepan over medium heat. Add the heart, ground beef or bison, chopped onion, and garlic. Cook until lightly browned.
5. Add the rest of the ingredients except the salt and bring to a boil.
6. Lower the heat and simmer for 1-3 hours (longer if you like — this would actually be wonderful in a crockpot). The longer you simmer, the more concentrated it will become, and the better the flavors will be. If the chili gets too thick for your liking, just add more stock.
7. Season with sea salt to taste.

I served this with buttered warm almond meal bread (made with almond flour, eggs, and butter).

If you're not on GAPS, you could add beans (black or pinto) to this recipe and it would make a lot more food (just add a little more onion, garlic and spices).

Modified from a recipe by Chef Stephan Pyles, “The New Texas Cuisine” (one of my favorite cookbooks).

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18 thoughts on “I Heart Texas Chili

  1. I’m so glad you are sharing these recipes. I’m loving the smoothie recipes you posted a while ago.

  2. AM,

    What recipe did you use for the almond meal bread? Would you mind posting it when you get a chance? I am trying to lower my carbs right now.

    Thanks 🙂

    Christine in Canada…who is STILL waiting for my lumiscope, iodoral, and adrenal/thyroid glands

  3. Hi Anne Marie,
    Package arrived safely. Thank you for the grains, and we can’t wait to start listening to the cd’s.

  4. I made this tonight, and it was amazing! I used some ground heart, but also some cubed heart and cubed T-bone steak left over from the other night. My family ate it all up and didn’t even wince when they ate the whole cubed heart. It totally tasted like regular beef to me! Delicious!!!

  5. Carrie — I know! It was good, wasn’t it? Delicious, really.

    Doesn’t it feel good to know you are feeding them organ meats? And so painlessly!

    Henriette – I posted the almond bread recipe.

  6. What perfect timing. Just a short while ago I was looking in the freezer at the package of beef heart in there and thinking I need to find a low carb stew or something similar that I can use it for. This looks delicious!

  7. Sounds yummy! But I want to use up the black beans I have in storage, so I am going to soak my beans in water with ACV first, and then cook them in stock. Should be a great dinner tomorrow!

  8. Dude- I am so digging looking through your old recipes!!! I was wondering- i have a meat grinder- could I use that instead of a food processor?

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