It’s Moving Day!

Hi everyone, I wanted to start by telling you how much I appreciate you for supporting me on Patreon. 

As I always say, I don't do anything until God tells me to take action. 

A week ago, at the Clay Clark Reawakening America conference in San Antonio, God gave me the vision to start writing books. Actually, He has been telling me this He wants me to write books for a while. I even started a couple of the books last spring.

But now I know it's time.  And today is the day!

What Is Happening?

I spent the past week setting up the new site where I will be writing my books. Yes, that's write, I'll be writing my books online in excerpts, and my subscribers will be able to read each new chapter as it goes up. 

I probably won't publish whole chapters — just literally paragraphs as I write them. Because often that's all the time I have to squeeze in writing. 

But you will be able to read the full books before I publish them as ebooks, print books and audiobooks. And I will of course offer my subscribers good discounts on all my books.

Why Are We Moving? 

My Cheeseslave blog has been under attack. Between spam bots and deplatforming, my old blog is just a big pain. You can't even share links to my Cheeseslave on Facebook, Instagram or even Pinterest.  And it's running super slow which is probably related.

Where Are We Going?

I just set up a brand new blog at 

It's fresh and clean and absolutely beautiful. The perfect place for me to start my new chapter in life. Cue the Elvis Costello song,  Every Day I Write The Book. 

What Will Happen?

I will post free content on the new site, and I will also post exclusive content for my subscribers. This includes articles, videos and book excerpts. Exclusive videos and book excerpts will only be available to paying subscribers.

The new platform is called Ghost and it is a competitor to Patreon. I like it better because they don't take a percentage of my earnings like Patreon does.

What Do You Need To Do?

If you want to just stay with Patreon, that's totally fine. You don't need to do anything. I have imported you over to the new site. 

However, I will be phasing Patreon out eventually (after the holidays). So it's better if you move but there is no rush. 

If you'd like to move over to the new platform, you can open a new account over on Ghost. 

Black Friday: Save 50%

Click here to read my first 2 posts and get links to save 50-58% on subscriptions. 

Just head over there and click the links in the articles. You can subscribe for only $2.50 per month or $25 per year ($2 per month).

After you sign up, you can cancel the Patreon account.

If you have any trouble with duplicate emails or moving out, please just email me at

Thank you again for your support. These past few years have been the hardest in my life and I appreciate you more than you can know.

Got questions? Email me at

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