Kombucha Health Benefits? How Kombucha Damages Your Health

Kombucha health benefits are being touted by many. But is it really healthy? I recently updated this article… which used to be about why kombucha is healthy. With the new information I’ve learned, I no longer recommend drinking kombucha.

Fluoride in Kombucha? Why I Stopped Drinking Kombucha and Tea

I started drinking the kombucha several years ago when I learned about all the health benefits people say it has. Recently I found out that kombucha is not healthy after all. Why? Because it’s very high in fluoride.

The fluoride in kombucha causes all kinds of health problems. If you’re suffering from hormonal problems, migraine headaches, cysts in your breasts or ovaries, cavities, bone loss, or other health challenges, it could be the fluoride in the kombucha you’re drinking every day.

Kombucha Health Benefits? How Kombucha Can Damage Your Health

Kombucha Health Benefits? Fluoride in Kombucha Makes it Unhealthy

If you watch the video I posted above, kombucha is very high in fluoride.

Sally Fallon Morell, author of the book Nourishing Traditions and President of the Weston A. Price Foundation has claimed in her book and on her website that organic tea is lower in fluoride, but there is no evidence of that.

There is a lot of fluoride in kombucha and fluoride ruins your health. Read my post: The Top 10 Dangers of Fluoride.

Kombucha Health Benefits? Read More About Fluoride in Kombucha

Read my article about the fluoride in kombucha and about how there is no evidence that organic tea is lower in fluoride. All tea (green, black, even rooibos) is high in fluoride, and kombucha is made from tea.

What To Drink Instead of Kombucha

A great probiotic alternative to kombucha that doesn’t have fluoride is water kefir soda. You can make it at home for pennies with filtered water. I did the math — it only costs a penny per ounce to make, which costs 1/3 of the price of soda.

Kombucha Health Benefits? Why I Stopped Drinking Kombucha and Tea

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71 thoughts on “Kombucha Health Benefits? How Kombucha Damages Your Health

  1. Is it safe to drink kombucha when you have mercury fillings? I plan to have them removed relatively soon but I’m unsure if I should stop drinking kombucha until after they’re gone or if its ok to continue drinking it. I can’t seem to find a clear answer. Thank you.

    1. You might want to check out the dental detox protocol by Dr. Louisa Williams in her book and website by the same name, Radical Medicine. Be sure to do this before as well as after your mercury filling removal.

  2. I’m sorry to tell you your reasoning for benefit #2 isn’t completely correct.

    “Unfortunately, repeated laboratory analysis has found that glucuronic acid is not actually present in kombucha. Possibly it has been confused with related compound that is a metabolic by-product of glucose, gluconic acid, which is commonly found in ferments and other foods. In 1995, a small group of kombucha enthusiasts began investigating kombucha chemistry through laboratory testing. … After performing mass spectral analysis on 887 different samples of kombucha, the group concluded the compound was not present.”

    The Art of Fermentation p168

  3. Hi Jenny — I have been wondering the same thing as well… I don’t have mercury fillings in but if you are trying to detox heavy metals, there may be a conflict of interest here.

    I have been doing double duty in heavy metal chelation — I have been taking chlorella, I have been using my detox foot pads (click on my name to read more about them) and I have been using zeolite powder.

    I had my mercury fillings removed (7 of them) about 8 years ago. I do have 2 root canals and an implant in my mouth. One root canal was a result of removing the mercury fillings — the tooth was so sensitive afterward that the roots died. It was extremely painful, and a potential side effect for mercury filling removal. The other was due to osteosclerosis — my jaw bones were so dense that they were pulling on the nerves of my tooth, making the most excruciating pain I have ever experienced in my life, so that tooth required a root canal.

    I know there is metal seeping in my mouth because I taste it. But not from mercury fillings. So detoxification really is necessary for me (especially since I am hypothyroid and don’t detox naturally the way most healthy people do).

    I drink water kefir, kombucha, and milk kefir. I eat sauerkraut. My foot pads STILL test for mercury so I am at least still taking it out of my body. But I am feeling better as a result of introducing my body to fermented products, vs. feeling worse. And sometimes the way you feel is the best way to judge if something is working.

    Good luck! 🙂

  4. #8 – Hangover Cure

    Not that anyone should overindulge on a regular basis, but if you do get carried away, Kombucha before bed and first thing the next morning will set you right.

    1. Yes. A lot of healthfood stores and Whole Foods carry GT’s Englightenment Kombucha. However, GT has changed their formula in recent years so some think it may not be the same as what you brew on your counter at home. Where I live (Iowa) we have access to two other brands, one local, called Shaktea (which sometimes explodes on opening, leading me to believe it is the same as what I brew at home) and another one called Kombucha Wonder Drink, which comes in cans and bottles both. There’s also another brand called Clearly Kombucha from California, which is available on Amazon (As is Kombucha Wonder Drink, but KWD only comes in cans, which I would avoid). Our local farmer’s market also has a kombucha stall, so we can get it there too — that’s who gave me my first SCOBY. If you have a farmer’s market, that might be a good place to start.

  5. It’s so easy to grow your own scoby from a bottle of storebought and brew your own Kombucha, and so much cheaper than buying it repeatedly, too. I just like to add a big splash of booch to my water for extra flavor.

  6. The word, ‘konbucha’ is a Japanese word. If you have friends in Japan, or are visiting Japan, you can get them cheap there. There are ‘ume (plum) kobucha’ too! yum yum. I also love ‘shiitake cha’, yep, the mushroom! it tastes like Japanese soup!

    1. The name kombucha isn’t a Japanese word in itself. It’s named after the doctor who coined it and the Japanese word for tea.
      I’m half Japanese 🙂

  7. Would it benefit someone with osteoarthritis? I know it’s a degenerative disease, but if it helped someone with regular arthritis maybe there’s hope for me. I have it in my left knee and currently control the pain with turmeric and fish oil. I work in retail so I’m on my feet all day and skate in roller derby so I’m not letting it slow me down, but I do pay attention to my body and accept my limits when I have to…

    1. I think it can. I also recommend reading “Grain Brain if you haven’t already. The premise of the book, besides most disease starting in the gut, is that inflammation leads to most of our modern diseases which are created mostly by our grain diets along with other carbohydrates and sugars, including Osteoporosis which I believe is similar to osteoarthritis. To fight inflammation in my own body, in addition to taking fermented cod liver oil, turmeric and masticated liver, I make and consume bone broth and make and eat fermented vegetables and kefir. I also make beet kavas which is tremendously dense in nutrition and easy to make. I have noticed a big difference, my arthritis is virtually gone. It doesn’t happen over night and requires sticking with it. I believe it is well worth it thou…

  8. I can attest to the benefits of kombucha. I have been brewing my own for 2 years. The most dramatic effect I’ve experienced is with arthritis. I injured my knuckle above my right pointer finger gardening years ago. It swells up and aches but if I am drinking kombucha the swelling goes down and the pain goes away. I have experimented with this several times by not drinking the kombucha and sure enough the swelling and pain return. It really is amazing.
    I love the stuff and can’t stand to be with out it.

    My only concern, which I have been unable to resolve in my mind, is how much sugar I am really consuming… Anyone have any input on this?

    And btw, I have scoby’s coming out of my ears…

    1. Hi Cindy. I was reading up on K on some other website and saw that there are sugar test strips that are similar to those used for testing wine and beer brews. There may be others that are better.
      This is also important to me so I was happy to know that there is a way.

      1. Hey there! I used to brew it myself and know that the longer you let it brew, the less sugar remains. It was recommended to me to do a max brew time of 30 days (because the sugar would be mostly depleted after that and the scoby would start to die without the sugar for food. This leads me to believe that very little sugar remains if you let your batch brew close to the timeframe of 30 days.

  9. What about the sugar you use to make kombucha at home? I made it for about a year and then got burnt out. Now I am ready to start again but am concerned about all that white sugar. I have read that making it with other kinds of sugar doesn’t taste good.

    1. The scoby consumes the sugar. There really isn’t very much left, if any 🙂
      I know, sugar is a toxin and a concern for me too. Thought that might comfort you 🙂

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  11. I would like to know how much Kombucha should be drank in a day? Or how much is too much to drink? Thank You.

    1. Hi Ruby, I probably drink an 8 oz glass a day. I also add it to ice tea during warm weather, so I can get the benefits throughout the day. Hope this helps…

  12. I drink 1 bottle of organic kombucha everyday and sometimes 2. There are 4 g of sugar but the kombucha itself out weighs the sugar.

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  14. I do my Kombucha and use coconut or cane sugar.The Ph suppose to be around 3.Have lately kidney problem.Is it good idea to drink kombucha ?

    1. Lola – for kidneys and bladder issues: drink juiced lemons with water, as tart as you can stand it. 😉 Per my homeopathic doctor. If you must use sweetener, use honey – as it has antiviral and antibiotic properties where as other sugars do not.

  15. I just had my first bottle of store bought Kombucha which was Hibiscus which I loved. I loved the taste of the zingy Hibiscus which I have always appreciated in chewable vitamin C. I want to make my own Kombucha but the “link” on your page here to the Village Green didn’t have a starter Scoby on it. Can you please direct me to a starter or does anyone who is on your page care to share?


    1. Cindy Jatras (above) says she has extra SCOBYs coming out her ears. Maybe you can contact her. Also, I have read that you can start a SCOBY from the chemercially made KT.

    1. Hello Tina, I have always used one cup of sugar per gallon. The process of the Kambucha converts sugar. It can be made with honey, but it is lots of work. I hope this helps ☼

  16. I have been using Kambucha tea since early 90’s. I found that it really boosted my energy. I have been making it with 5 year aged Pu-erh tea and really like the taste. I try to harvest the Kambucha tea in about 9-10 days. I have just started a new 5 gallon batch. I grind up old mushrooms and add them to a peat moss slurry that I use as a fertilizer for garden. The plants really respond well to it’s benefits. Yes, I am 999% sold on the use of Kambucha. It has many healing properties to it. It is not a cure all, but a good healthy state of mind will allow it to do wonders ☼

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  19. I don’t eat any cane sugar if I can help it. I steer clear of all artificial sweeteners, also. I use moderate honey, fruit sugars, maple syrup, and organic vanilla liquid stevia from SweetLeaf. This said, I mainly only have water, tea, and coffee or chicory to drink, and that gets BORING. Kombucha gives me health benefits and also makes me feel less like I’m deprived of a “sparkling” or “carbonated” beverage, and it tastes mildly alcoholic for those people out there that used to enjoy the taste of wine coolers or beer (fermented pear or apple juice from IKEA also has this flavor). It also is sweet, so it doubles as a juice substitute that is worth drinking. I just love it. I haven’t been able to make it at home as good as the bottled Synergy or GT flavors, though. My fave is the passionberry one.

  20. I made my own kombucha and drank it (but not in large quantities). I will still drink it occasionally. But the key word is *occasionally*. I think the problem with the “sacred cow” is that people think that they NEED some kind of soft drink to replace the soda that they used to drink. So, because they’ve been told that fermented drinks are SO good for you, they guiltlessly guzzle large quantities of kombucha so they don’t feel “deprived”. I feel that kombucha should be viewed as a sort of “condiment” or supplement, something you use in small quantities for its health benefits.

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  22. Hi, I woke up one morning at 6.30am with a UTi. Hadn’t had one in a long time. I couldn’t go back to sleep as it was too uncomfortable. So I decided to drink lots of water and Kombucha mixed with water. It took 9 hours doing this but the discomfort finally subsided and I was able to rest. I did this as my daughter’s friend had tried it previously and said it worked. Hope this helps someone. Usually I would have gone to the doctor’s for antibiotics. I didn’t need to this time.

  23. Hi Ann, I see that you started drinking Kombucha six years ago. How often do you drink it now? I recently started drinking it (I discuss my experience here: https://itsambersimone.com/2015/03/20/kombucha/ ), and am already seeing results, but I’d like to know if they continue over the years, or does your body get used to it eventually.

    Thanks for a great article!


  24. Read Cheeseslave’s post stating that there are high amounts of fluoride in kombucha tea. No documentation was provided, nor was the fluoride source identified (did it come from the water, was it produced by the fermentation?). How was the fluoride discovered and what levels were found?

    More detail would helpful; unsupported assertions just add more ‘noise’ to the discussion.

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