MONAT Lawsuits in 2018 (The Full Story)

Have you been hearing about the MONAT lawsuits? I keep seeing the same comments on social media. It's always the same refrain: “MONAT causes hair loss. There have been a lot of MONAT lawsuits.”

We've only heard part of the story, and there are still a lot of rumors being spread online.

It's time to lay out the facts.

Note: I am updating this post due to information I have still receiving. Please search on the page for the word UPDATE for any corrections.


Yes, there were a lot of MONAT lawsuits last year in 2018. And yes, there has been a lot of press about these lawsuits. But does the press ever talk about the verdicts? Four of the lawsuits have been settled so far, in MONAT's favor.

And just because there are lawsuits does not mean the claims made are true. Is there actually any evidence that MONAT causes hair loss? The way our court system works here in the USA, you are innocent until proven guilty.

In this post, I'll tell you the whole story of what happened last year… How four hairdressers started a dumpster fire on Facebook which led to 15 MONAT lawsuits, and what the status is of all these lawsuits.

If you're not familiar with MONAT, it is a direct sales company that sells naturally based salon-quality hair care. You can read my MONAT review here.

Disclosure: I've been an Independent MONAT “Market Partner” (meaning I promote MONAT and earn a commission — similar to affiliate marketing) since September, 2017. I am extremely careful not to promote anything that is unhealthy, and as a result, I researched these lawsuits extensively to see if there was any merit to any of the claims being made. If there were any truth to these claims, I would stop promoting MONAT.

MONAT Lawsuits the Full Story

MONAT Lawsuits in 2018 (The Full Story)

Because this is a long post, I have broken it up into multiple pages so it loads faster. I am including a table of contents so you can jump down to the various sections. You can also scroll to the bottom of each page to click through to the next page.

  1. MONAT Lawsuits: The Full List of Cases
  2. MONAT Lawsuits: People Involved
  3. Definitions of Class Action Lawsuit and Defamation Lawsuit
  4. MONAT Lawsuits: Summary
  5. MONAT Lawsuits: Timeline of Events
  6. The MONAT Haters: Class Action Lawsuit Plaintiffs & Hate Group Members
  7. Status of the MONAT Class Action Lawsuit
  8. The Online Attacks Continue
  9. Are There Ingredients in MONAT That Could Cause Hair Loss or Breakage?
  10. But Aren't Some People Having Bad Reactions to MONAT?
  11. Conclusion: Are MONAT Products Harmful or Dangerous?

1. MONAT Lawsuits: The Full List of Cases

There are a total of 15 MONAT lawsuits online that were initiated between 2017 and 2018.

  • Eleven of the lawsuits are class action lawsuits initiated by consumers against MONAT.
  • Four of the lawsuits are defamation lawsuits initiated by MONAT against 4 women (3 hairdressers selling competitor products, and 1 former MONAT Market Partner).
Monat Lawsuits 2017-2018

In the chart above, you can see that the 11 class action lawsuits are in the process of being consolidated into one “Multidistrict Litigation” class action lawsuit. This is what it means when it says “Transferred to MDL”.

UPDATE: Only 2 of the cases have been settled. The cases against Mags Kavanaugh and Vickie Harrington were settled. The lawsuits against Kayla Baker and Toni Miller are still pending. I will update this post as I receive more information.

2. MONAT Lawsuits: People Involved

The 11 class action MONAT lawsuits have multiple defendants. I will cover them in a separate section below.

The defamation lawsuits were initiated by MONAT against 4 women:

  • Mags Kavanaugh, Kayla Baker, and Toni Miller are hairdressers who sell competitor products.
  • Vickie Harrington is a former MONAT Market Partner.

UPDATE: I corrected a mistake above. It said that Vickie Harrington was a hairdresser and Kayla Baker was a Market Partner. That was a typo which has been fixed.

I cover the full story of the people involved in the MONAT lawsuits in the next section…

3. Definitions of Class Action Lawsuit and Defamation Lawsuit

But before we get into the timeline and details of the MONAT lawsuits, we need to go over some definitions.

This section is a little dry… but please bear with me.


It is important that people understand why these MONAT lawsuits happened and why people are suing.

I have seen a lot of people online saying MONAT is being “heavy handed” with lawsuits. I think after you read this section, you will understand why the had no choice but to sue.

Let's first cover the definitions of a class action lawsuit and a defamation lawsuit.

What is a Class Action Lawsuit?

A “class action” lawsuit is one in which a group of people with the same or similar injuries believe the injuries are caused by the same product or action and they sue the defendant as a group (as opposed to one individual suing another).

Other names for lawsuits brought by a number of people who are claiming to have suffered similar harm or losses are “mass tort litigation” and “multi-district litigation” (“MDL”). (Source)

Class action lawsuits are a way for consumers or other groups of people to protect themselves from dangerous products, unethical business practices, etc.

What is a Defamation Lawsuit?

“Defamation of character” is a term for any statement that damages someone's reputation.

When you make a defamatory claim in writing, it is called libel. Spoken defamation is slander. Defamation is not a criminal offense; it is a “tort” (a civil wrong, vs. a criminal wrong). (Source)

Defamation lawsuits are a way for individuals and organizations to protect themselves from having their reputations damaged by malicious gossip and lies.

MONAT lawsuits

What Does a Victim Need to Prove to Establish Defamation?

According to the Nolo legal website:

“The law of defamation varies from state to state, but there are some generally accepted rules. If you believe you are have been “defamed,” to prove it you usually have to show there's been a statement that is all of the following:

  • published
  • false
  • injurious
  • unprivileged”

Let's go over these 4 elements of what defines a defamatory statement:

1. Published

This means that a third party heard or saw the claim. In other words, someone other than the person who made the statement or the person the statement was about.

“Published” doesn't mean that the statement was printed in a book or newspaper. It just means it was made public through social media, television, radio, or gossip. The claim can be made verbally, in written form, pictured, or even gestured.

Written statements last longer than spoken statements. For that reason, most courts, juries, and insurance companies consider libel to be more harmful than slander.

2. False

A defamatory statement must be false. If the statement is true, it's not considered defamatory.

You can say mean or disparaging things, as long as they are true, based on facts and evidence.

For this reason, most opinions are not considered defamation because they can't be proven to be objectively false. For example, if a critic writes a review online and says, “That was the movie I've ever seen,” he's not defaming the filmmaker. This is because the statement can't be proven to be false.

However, if you say “this product damaged my health,” you would need to prove, with evidence, that the product did in fact damage your health.

3. Injurious

The statement must be “injurious” or damaging. Someone suing for defamation must be able to show how his or her reputation has been hurt by the false statement in order for the claim to be considered defamatory.

For example, a company lost sales; someone lost work or was harassed by the press. Someone who already has a bad reputation will not likely collect much in a defamation suit. They must be able to show that their good reputation was damaged.

4. Unprivileged

The offending statement must be “unprivileged.” Privileged speech can include a person is offering testimony as a witness in court, lawyers and judges while in court, and government officials' statements made while in session.

Under these circumstances of “privileged speech,” if someone who gives damaging testimony about someone else, those statements will be protected from civil liability for defamation. Lawmakers have come to the conclusion that in these and other situations, which are considered “privileged,” free speech is so important that the speakers should not be constrained by worries that they will be sued for defamation.

Okay, with that groundwork laid, let's take a look at how all these MONAT lawsuits played out…

4. MONAT Lawsuits: Summary

I will use this section to give you a summary of what happened.

In this section, I cover MONAT's background and their exemplary 4-year history in business.

I will also discuss the competitors who were likely threatened by MONAT's stratospheric growth, and how an online dumpster fire escalated into an online witch hunt and whole lot of lawsuits.


MONAT was founded in October 2014 by the Urdaneta family, American citizens with roots in Venezuela. It is actually a subsidiary of the parent company, the Alcora Corporation, founded by Senor Luis Udaneta.

MONAT lawsuits

Alcora also owns L’EUDINE Global, which was originally established almost 2 decades ago, in 2001, as a direct sales company specializing in beauty and wellness with offices in Maracaibo, Venezuela and Miami, Florida.

MONAT's Growth

MONAT, their ground-breaking naturally-based salon-quality hair care line quickly became the Uber of hair care brands.

In 2017, in their third year of business, MONAT grew 700%. That year they did $300 million in sales in US and Canada, and were projecting one billion in sales revenue in 2018.

To give you an idea of how huge that is, and why I compare them to Uber, MONAT's annual revenue is 3 times that of the biggest US hair care company (OGX, owned by Johnson & Johnson).

MONAT lawsuits 2018
Sales listed in millions of dollars (Source: Statistica)

To give you an idea of what the industry looks like, and how literally all the brands are controlled by a handful of companies, take a look at this graphic below (this isn't just hair care — this is makeup, skincare and perfume as well):

MONAT lawsuits 2018
Business Insider: These 7 companies control almost every single beauty product you buy

OGX, the best selling US hair care brand after MONAT, is not listed on that graphic but they were bought by Johnson & Johnson in 2016.

For MONAT to take a massive bite out of this market, with huge billion dollar companies controlling everything, well, they must be doing something right.

MONAT's Commitment to Science

MONAT is no slouch when it comes to science. The quality of their products as well as their remarkable growth has attracted respected leaders in the beauty industry, as well as highly esteemed scientists.

Last year MONAT hired Alan J. Meyers as its Chief Science Officer. With 30 years of experience in the beauty industry, at companies including L'Oreal, Revlon, Elizabeth Arden, and Avon, Mr. Meyers holds 23 patents and is the recipient of the Human Biology Association Lifetime Achievement Award.

MONAT lawsuits 2018
Alan J. Meyers, MONAT Chief Science Officer

Also, last year, Dr. Antonella Tosti, MD, Professor of Dermatology and Cutaneous Surgery at the University of Miami, and the author of over 700 scientific publications, joined the MONAT Scientific Advisory Board. 

MONAT lawsuits 2018
Dr. Antonella Tosti, MD

Dr. Tosti is a Founding Member and past President of the European Hair Research Society and Secretary and Treasurer of the North American Research Society. She is the Founding Member and Secretary of the International Society of Trichoscopy. (Trichoscopy is a method of hair and scalp evaluation and is used for diagnosing hair and scalp diseases.)

With Fast Growth Comes Competition

For MONAT, their explosive growth got them a lot of attention… which in turn, bred competition.

What competition, you ask? Hairdressers selling competitive products. Why would hairdressers be threatened by MONAT, you ask? I think it was because it was threatening their income and the way they've always done business.

Hairdressers make money in a few different ways:

  • Servicing clients with hair cuts and color treatments
  • Teaching classes
  • Sell hair care products

Because MONAT is a direct sales company, their products are not sold in stores or salons.

MONAT sells their products via “network marketing” which means anyone can sign up to be a distributor and they make commissions recommending it to their friends. (You are probably familiar with this distribution model because you likely have friends or family members who sell Amway, Herbalife, Young Living or the like.)

When MONAT's sales started blowing up back in 2017, a few hairdressers who were selling competing products started trashing it.

Why? I don't know. But here's my guess: because it was threatening their income from the products they sold in their salons.

This was very similar to the way existing cab drivers were threatened by Uber when it took off.

Let's get into what happened…

Go to the next page to continue reading…

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69 thoughts on “MONAT Lawsuits in 2018 (The Full Story)

    1. Thank you for this article. These “women” who started this dumpster fire 🔥… well, no words. I can’t imagine being such a miserable human that you just spew nonstop lies. Very sad. Very sick.
      Thank you again for all of your great research and this very well written article.

  1. I haven’t used Monat but my neighbor sells/uses it and obviously loves it.
    I’m glad to hear Monat is winning/settling. I’m sure they’ll overcome the bad publicity.
    Thanks for all your hard work.

  2. Hmmm..lots if pieced together and misleading information here. Not to mention the fact that you claim how "Safe" it is. It's loaded with toxic chemicals. Those are facts. Fragrance alone is a huge red flag as it can contain 100's of toxic chemicals. Not to mention PEG's and others. Keep on using and selling it if you like it but stop the misleading info. This entire article just complains about other people "unfair" complaints. They have every right to their experience and opinion- Just as you do.

    1. Hi, Kim,

      Thank you for your comment.

      Please list the chemicals in MONAT that are "toxic".

      I covered PEGS and fragrance in my other posts, and in this one I linked to it. See the links to my blog posts above in section #9.

      I will include some excerpts below pertinent to your concerns:

      1. PEGS: MONAT does not contain PEGS.

      "Steareth-21 and CETEARETH-20 Are Only PEGs if They Are Contaminated
      Are you following? Therefore, there is no proof that Steareth-21 and CETEARETH-20 are PEGs. Steareth-21 and CETEARETH-20 are only PEGs if they are contaminated by ethylene oxide. They must be contaminated by ethylene oxide to be classified as a PEG. And there is no proof of that.

      Furthermore, according to one of the Market Partners in my upline, MONAT does small batch manufacturing and tests at four different points for a number of different factors, including contamination of primary ingredients (such as Steareth-21 and Cetereath-20)."

      2. Fragrance:

      "“Roughly 95% of all synthetic fragrance is derived from petroleum, crude oil.”

      This is true. Most fragrances are made from petroleum and yes, they are toxic.

      But MONAT does not use petroleum products of any kind in their formulations. Hence, based on logic, MONAT's fragrance formulations are not petroleum-based.

      Furthermore, note that although fragrance is allowed in Europe (see above), the EU is much more strict about which fragrance ingredients are allowed. There are many ingredients under the label of “fragrance” that are allowed in the US but banned in Europe.."

      Both of those are excerpts from my blog post:

      Finally, re: opinions. No, people do NOT have the right to spread "opinions" online if those "opinions" are false and defamatory. Reread the section above re: the definition of libel.

      1. MONAT uses NO toxic ingredients. None. The above statement is just another example of people spreading lies without knowing the facts. Isn’t that illegal?

    2. Not all fragrances are created equal. And obviously it wouldn’t be permitted in the UK if it was “loaded with toxic chemicals”. But ok. Arm chair scientists with their Google degrees. Please tell me more about these “PEGs” because I would LOVE to hear your input. Actually, I already know what you’re going to say so let me help you. There is a HUGE difference between PEGs and PEG ETHERs. Trideceth-12 is a PEG ETHER which reacts with another substance completely changing them both into something new. But I’m sure you knew that. 🙄 Formulation is more than what is on the label. Temperature, order ingredients are added, quantity, an ingredients that change in structure all have impact on what’s in the bottle. It’s more than reading a label and going to google.

      1. MONAT uses NO toxic ingredients. None. The above statement is just another example of people spreading lies without knowing the facts. Isn’t that illegal?

    3. KP’s comment is incongruent; paradoxical communication. Only worthy reply is to challenge Toxic claim.

  3. I believe a great many lawsuits are self serving and based on greed. Hair grows back, so to sue for hair loss seems like a reach for ill-gotten gain.

      1. I lost my hair. Like… By the handful. I eventually cut it all off to a pixie cut. The ONLY thing that changed in my life was that I started using Monat. I’m not suing and I’m not going around bad mouthing the company because obviously this isn’t everyone’s experience. That doesn’t mean it isn’t a valid one. I hope none of you find out the hard way.

    1. I want to reiterate what the other response said. I think you would feel differently if it were you. Have you tried to listen to these stories? Hair isn’t JUST growing back.

      Also, greed ?
      Class action lawsuits don’t pull in a lot of money it’s a very small amount because it costs so much to fight it. So many victims means that any money that is left over from the attorneys means it has to be divided up and that is assuming that the company doesn’t just claim bankruptcy to avoid paying.
      These women aren’t fighting because of greed. Most are fighting for awareness, to prevent this from happening to others.
      These people are monat customers and because monat is an MLM customer means that we were once friends and family. Most reps chose the company and their payday over the relationship with their friend.

      Don’t judge. Open eyes. Open heart.

          1. Obviously I haven't researched all of the women. But many of them have medical issues. Some may have allergic reactions.

            Again, some people can't eat peanut butter. But they don't start a hate group against Jiffy Peanut Butter.

            1. Hmm. Well we have talked about allergies and peanut butter. An allergy just doesn’t present this way. As you know. An allergy doesn’t cause sores, hairloss, change in Cycle, hot flashes, headaches. These are not allergic reactions.

              We are talking about thousands of women to whom I have had the pleasure of speaking to.
              Some had health issues but most had zero health issues before using monat

              The answer is simple, monats customers needed their help. Instead of helping us they turned us away. Because of that they are being sued. Some good old fashioned customer service could have fixed all of this.

              I really do wish you would be willing to an open dialogue.
              Until then good look woth everything

              1. Here’s how nut allergies present in my daughter: her throat closes up, she can’t breathe and she feels like she is going to suffocate. Because she is suffocating.

                But you don’t see me posting all over the internet that Jiffy Peanut Butter is evil.

                There are zillions of things that cause hot flashes, hair loss, changes in cycle.

                Soy milk latte have exponentially more estrogenic isoflavones than MONAT hair products.

                Let me prove it:

                Let’s say red clover and soy have around the same amount of isoflavones.

                There are 20-40 mg of isoflavones in a cup of soy milk. When you drink a latte you’re drinking at least a cup.

                When you wash your hair with MONAT, you’re using maybe a TBS AT MOST (including shampoo and conditioner). And the red clover in ONLY an extract, not the actual herb.

                If you average all the amounts in the chart in this study, it’s about 30-40%:


                So you are taking one TBS per day, putting it on your head (that’s if you wash your hair daily, which about 50% of the population does not) not even eating it. And In that TBS, there is only a small amount (5% or less) of the red clover extract, and in that red clover extract, there is only around 30-40% of isoflavones.

                We are talking trace amounts.

                Do you see how insane this is?

                1. The difference is Peanut Butter puts warnings and would never tell you to Push through the detox. Don’t you see the insanity of the lies told to sell a shampoo?

            2. You are delusional and lack empathy for these people who have suffered and co to ie to suffer at tha hands of this deceitful and unethical company. I hope Monat shuts its doors very soon. You don’t deserve to be seeking anything to anyone with the attitude that you have towards people who are suffering. Comparing a peanut allergy to hair loss and scalp sores is ridiculous! Get over yourself and wake tf up.

      1. Well I used it for 8 months and about 1/3 of my hair fell out. I don’t have any underlying condition that would cause the hair loss, and after I stopped using MONAT my hair loss stopped (coincidence?) and it is now growing back in again. It is a horrible experience and I think the truth of it all will come out in the courts (a still ongoing case btw).
        So anyways…. that’s MY truth.

        1. You go see a doctor about that? Do you have medical PROOF of that?! No? Then stop blaming your shampoo. Because it’s not your shampoo. Stress alone can cause hair loss. You don’t have to have a medical condition to lose hair.

          1. Yes, I saw my family doctor 3 times about it, and then a dermatologist. They all felt it was a reaction to the Red Clover (Monat). That was proof enough that I should stop using it.
            Then my hair grew back. *like magic*. And again, I am only speaking my truth.

            1. And again, again…. I’ll let the courts find the proof you keep requesting…. it’s happening. Stay tuned on that…

              1. @ A. Hallgren Yes very likely could be coincidence — many many things can cause hair loss from stress to malnutrition, etc. If your doctor and dermatologist said red clover extract caused hair loss they obviously know nothing about it. Google it. All the studies and clinical testing show red clover extract promotes hair growth, not hair loss.

                1. Ok then, your opinion of my medical assessment is totally valid (not!).
                  Say what you want and protect your “business” interests…. like I said, this WILL all come out in court, and I’m happy to wait….

                  But for the record…. these women are not ONLY complaining of hair loss, it is a snowball effect of issues that are all tied to Monat use. It IS the common thread. And just cause you choose to call us all haters and summarize our experiences as “not true” – shows how willfully ignorant you are choosing to be… again, to save/make a few more dollars and hope it doesn’t happen to someone YOU know…. or worse, and I truly wouldn’t wish it on you, having it happen you YOU.

                  I think you’d be singing a different tune if it was YOUR hair that was damaged/lost….

                2. " If your doctor and dermatologist said red clover extract caused hair loss they obviously know nothing about it. "

                  AKA as I don't care what proof you have, Google knows more than your doctors.

                  WOW for someone who messed up so much of this with lies and half-truths it seems bold to think you know any damn thing at all.

                  1. There are more isoflavones in a soy milk latte than MONAT products. The red clover in MONAT is an EXTRACT which means it's a much lower percentage of isoflavones than pure red clover (see link below). Also, there is only 5% max of red cover EXTRACT in MONAT products. Finally you are not eating it.


                    1. One more thing to add to this… when my daughter eats nuts, any kind of tree nuts, her throat closes up and she experiences anaphylaxis.

                      But she CAN eat food fried in peanut oil with no problems.

                      The AMOUNT DOES make a difference.

          2. I do have medical proof. I spent so much time in and out of hospitals and doctors offices while using monat. Bloodwork. MRIs. X-rays you name it, i did it. I even have a doctors email that said to stop using the shampoo that the ingredients in it are 100% causing my problems.

            1. I'm sorry you are experiencing medical problems. Hard to say what it was… since there are so many things that can cause hair loss.

              MRIs can actually cause hair loss (I covered this in the post above), so that may have exacerbated your hair loss.

              1. I used monat from September 2017 to January 2018
                My MRI was December 26, 2017. Pretty sure it didn’t cause any problems. Especially hairloss seeings I didn’t experience hairloss. I had hair breakage, a lot of it. But the reason I was told to quit monat was the effects on my hormones.
                It was the red clover in the IRT that I believe effected me and the red clover in the IRT that prompted my MD to have me discontinue use of Monat. I believe I shared this on your fb page but I may be wrong
                My issues were over stimulated hormones.
                Having an extremely heavy period nearly the whole time I used monat(went back to normal as soon as I quit)
                The MRI was for the horrible migraines, debilitating. The mri came back clear. Once I quit monat my migraines left.
                It was so interesting. I had other problems that also ended when monat use stopped

                Just my experience and my opinion.
                No shame in sharing our truths. If people want to try monat they will still try it. I’m just hoping that because of stories like mine and others they will know what to watch for in case they too start to have problems.
                I would hope that any one would want the same for their family and friends
                Thanks for your time

                1. There is less than 5% red clover extract in the shampoo and it is an EXTRACT not straight red clover. You're leaving it on your scalp for less than 5 minutes. There is no way that would impact your hormones.

                  There are tons of foods that contain high amounts of phytoestrogens, so it could just be what you're eating.

                  "Three different types of phytoestrogens can be found in over 300 foods, according to Cornell University. One class, isoflavones, is found in legumes — with soybeans being the major source of this form of phytoestrogen. A second class of phytoestrogens, known as lignans, is found in high-fiber foods, including flax, brans, beans and cereal. Finally, coumestans can be found in different kinds of beans, including pinto beans, split peas and lima beans. The richest sources of phytoestrogens in the human diet include soybeans, red clover, whole grains and flaxseed. Herbs with high concentrations of phytoestrogens include hops, thyme, licorice and verbena, notes NYU Langone Medical Center. Some herbs often thought to have phytoestrogens that in fact do not include saw palmetto, wild yam, chasteberry, ginseng, black cohosh and dong quai. These herbs may, however, mimic the effects of estrogen in certain conditions."


                  1. The IRT contains Red Clover doesn’t it? And that is a leave in treatment… so it stays on your scalp until your next wash….

                    1. It is red clover extract, and it is a trace amount.

                      Capixyl™ is an emollient blend that helps to protect the scalp, strengthen and thicken hair while supporting natural growth. Red Clover extract in the ingredient Capixyl is only a trace amount, and, when applied topically in cosmetic hair care products, will not have any impact on hormones.

                      According to our Capixyl supplier, Lucas Meyer Cosmetics Canada Inc., “Capixyl™, if used according to the recommended dosage, is safe, and has been evaluated with a battery of safety tests for skin irritation, skin sensitization, phototoxicity, and mutagenicity to support the conclusion of its safe use. There is abundant information in scientific literature that includes human clinical trial studies to support the safety of Red Clover extract when used as dietary supplements containing high levels Red Clover extract. Therefore Capixyl™ with its low level of Red Clover Extract can be safely used in cosmetic product applications including hair care formulations.”


                    2. Oh Aubrey Reisinger – the same person who personally attacked me online on my Facebook page? Wow, what is wrong with you people? You seriously have nothing better to do than waste everyone’s time. You are banned. Your comments will be filtered into the trash.

                    3. Here’s a study done on red clover extract – it is only WEAKLY estrogenic even at a 15% concentration administered by gavage (force fed):


                      Monat is less than 5% concentration and YOU’RE NOT EATING IT.

                      Your argument is WEAK at best.

    2. Though I don’t entirely agree, well stated anonymous!
      Unfortunate that your comment is followed by undesirable trolling activity; which leads to one needing to scroll at length to get to meaningful conversation.

  4. I’m so impressed by all the research you did for this article.

    I get frustrated when I hear people say anything about hair loss or breakage and Monat. I agree with you completely on the reasons. Unfortunately when I first started using it I didn’t listen to the tips or read up on it. I was using my professional styling tools on the highest heat and not using any styling aids in my hair. So bare naked silky clean hair and brutal heat. My hair STILL wasn’t breaking off or falling out but I did notice my ends were not improving. Since I started using the blow out cream AND turning down the heat I’m seeing a big difference. I try to make sure to tell everyone the tips now.

    Anyhow, luckily I haven’t had to deal with people throwing a lot of negativity at me when I share Monat BUT if I did, I could use this very well researched blog. Thank you for all the information.

  5. I appreciate your research and this is written very well. I’m glad you wrote this and more of us need to let out the truth. Thank you

    1. Thank you Nancy, I appreciate it.

      Three of the women from the original hate group are now messaging me on Facebook and asking questions about my husband (????), and making personal attacks against me.

      I blocked them.

      1. You put their private business out there in public, at least they have the common courtesy to ask you in private…just sayin’…🤷‍♀️

        1. Hi, Norma, are you talking to me?

          I didn't put anyone's private business out there in public – these are all public posts. If they didn't want people to see it they shouldn't have put it on Facebook.

          1. Norma – I deleted your last comment because it was a personal attack. I do not allow personal attacks on my blog per my comment policy. If you post another personal attack against anyone in the comments, you will be banned from commenting.

            1. Thank you for deleting my comment. 😊
              A question for you….Do you not consider calling and referring to a group of people as “haters” a personal attack? I personally certainly DO feel personally attacked when that term is used continuously when people have only spoken their truth. Just curious where your line is when it comes to personal attacks. Thanks!

                1. I saw a lot of went down on your Facebook page/comment thread yesterday and it seems a LOT of comment sof other users experiences we’re deleted…. although there was NO evidence of an attack – only personal anecdotes.
                  What gives? Is your policy pretty fluid? Do you consider poor experiences with Monat to be an “attack”?

                  1. Bald Gal –

                    Yes, every comment I deleted was due to a violation of my comment policy. If people just calmly report bad experiences, and don't attack anyone, their comments stay. Unfortunately ALL of them made personal attacks. I have all the screen shots. My policy is the same on Facebook as it is here on my blog. I'll paste it here for you:

                    My comment policy

                    I love to get comments on this blog! However, it is important to keep things civil. Please be kind and respectful. If you wouldn't say it in person, don't say it online. Spam comments will be deleted. Personal attacks will be deleted. I will ban you from commenting at my discretion if you make personal attacks or threats.

  6. Wow! That was long! I’ve never bought Monat and didn’t even know it existed. I have no intentions of ever buying it in future, not because of the controversy but because it is an MLM company (yes, i know, they call it direct selling now -different name, same game). I have yet to hear of an MLM company that doesn’t use unethical or at the very least highly questionable business strategies. The entire business structure is unethical.

    1. How is it unethical? In what way?

      I actually think network marketing is the best business model on the planet. In fact, I have a post coming up on that topic — debunking the idea that network marketing is scam.

  7. Wow, Anne Marie, thank you so much for putting in the time to research all of this and hanging in there with professionalism through all the comments. I’ve recently signed up as a market partner for MONAT and then started hearing the negative press about it. This article really helped me make sense out of all the conflicting information out there. Bravo!

    1. Hi, Danne, no worries on my name. Thanks so much for commenting.

      This whole process of researching and publishing this blog post was very illuminating for me. What was especially revealing was the people who commented and how they commented… not just here but also on my FB page and in FB messenger.

      I also got a lot more information about some of the “haters” — I haven’t had time to update but wow… just wow.

      For example, I have a whole Google drive full of screenshots about Vicki Nittinger… one of the hairdressers who started all of this. Screenshot after screenshot of people saying she duped them out of money. She has been sued a number of people for fraud/conning them out of money.

      Kind of needs a whole other post…

      Anyway, thanks again for your comment.

  8. Hi Ann,

    I am deeply offended by your inclusion of my full name and face in your article without my permission. My comment was pure speculation and I find it so incredibly boundary-crossing to use my web presence to discredit others. Please remove my face and name from this article immediately.

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