Monsanto’s Agent Orange Still Poisoning Children in Vietnam

Monsanto's Agent Orange Still Poisoning Children in Vietnam

Warning: This post contains graphic imagery not suitable for children.

Agent Orange, made by the Monsanto Corporation and Dow Chemical, was one of the herbicides and defoliants used by the U.S. military as part of its herbicidal warfare program during the Vietnam War from 1961 to 1971. Dioxin, the toxic compound in Agent Orange, has been shown to cause cancer, birth defects and organ dysfunction.

Vietnam estimates 400,000 people were killed or maimed, and 500,000 children born with birth defects as a result of its use. The Red Cross of Vietnam estimates that up to 1 million people are disabled or have health problems due to Agent Orange. (Source)

Unfortunately, when you spray toxic chemicals, it's not something that goes away anytime soon. 40 years later, children in southeast Asia are still being born with birth defects from Agent Orange.

Children in the areas where Agent Orange was used have been affected and have multiple health problems, including cleft palate, mental disabilities, hernias, and extra fingers and toes. In the 1970s, high levels of dioxin were found in the breast milk of South Vietnamese women, and in the blood of U.S. soldiers who had served in Vietnam. (Source)

Monsanto's Agent Orange Still Poisoning Children in Vietnam

You won't see videos like this one on American news channels. Thanks to Aljazeera for this coverage.

This photo is of dead Vietnamese babies, stillborn and deformed as a result of prenatal dioxin exposure from Agent Orange.

Agent Orange - stillborn deformed babies in Vietnam

(There are plenty more images like this one online. Just google “agent orange children vietnam”.)

Are you outraged? You should be.

I know these images are horrible and nobody wants to see stuff like this.

But I think it's important for people to see them. Our news programs and newspapers do not show them. I'm sorry to have to publish them, and I wish they did not exist.

Sadly, they do exist. And we as Americans need to wake up and take responsibility for what these chemical corporations are doing to people.

We need to do everything we can to stop these chemical corporations from killing people, ruining lives, and destroying our planet.

Fight Back Against the Chemical Companies: Vote Yes on Prop 37

Proposition 37

Do you trust these companies with your children's health?

We wonder why we're getting so much cancer in this country, and yet we don't think twice about eating foods laden with pesticides and herbicides. Pesticides and herbicides made by the same corporations that created Agent Orange.

Right now there is something we can do to fight these chemical companies.

Proposition 37 is on the November ballot in California — and it would require labeling of GMOs (genetically modified foods).

Multinational corporations including Monsanto, Dupont, Dow, Syngenta have raised over $40 million to fight Prop 37. They don't want their GMO foods labeled because they know Americans won't buy them if they are labeled.

If GMO foods really are safe, why are these chemical companies shelling out so much money to make sure these GMO foods don't get labeled?

Help Get the Word Out: YES on Prop 37!

The chemical corporations have thrown $40 million to deceive voters with propaganda. We don't have that kind of money but we do have the internet.

We CAN make a difference. Please help us spread the word! Please share this post on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.

Tell your friends and family in California to get out and vote YES on Prop 37.

proposition 37

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Video credit: Aljazeera
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18 thoughts on “Monsanto’s Agent Orange Still Poisoning Children in Vietnam

  1. This is horrifying, but I agree people should see these awful things. Here’s an interesting and insightful piece from Mark Bittman at the NY Times on how conventional ag doesn’t need all the pesticides it using. Truly groundbreaking stuff:

    1. @Amy

      That’s a great article — thank you for sharing!

      These chemical corporations have gotten completely out of control. I still can’t believe that on Monsanto’s home page, they call themselves “A Sustainable Agriculture Company”. It’s INSANE!

  2. Anyone from out of state can help CA . Go to
    Volunteer to be part of the ” call bank ”
    Make calls to CA citizens to vote yes Prop # 37

  3. Many of Monsanto’s current strains of seeds have become resistent to Round-up and they are trying to discover new ways around this. How would they accomplish this? Dow is seeking approval for a new strain of seed pumped full of one of the chemicals used to make agent orange. Scary, scary stuff!!

  4. Thank you for this article and the graphics are needed to be seen by all who are concerned with what their food contains. Have been travelling to Vietnam each year since 1989 and on each of my visits make it me job to meet and speak to these tragic victims of Agent Orange.

    Itr is now 51 years ago that 80 millions litres of the herbicide were sprayed over areas of Southern Vietnam resulting in many thousands of abnormal births as seen on your site. Today the effects have gone into the third generation and soon if not already will entre the fourth.

    Yet those responsible for thre manufacture and use will not accept responsiblity or make any compensation to the Vietnamese victims. We must keep the presuure on until justice is won.

  5. To add to this, my two daughters have health problems that could be, in part, attributed to their dad’s exposure to Agent Orange while he was serving in Viet Nam. Years ago, when we tried to look into this, his records mysteriously disappeared.

  6. It’s interesting that you should talk about this. An old friend of my dad’s is a Vietnam veteran and he actually believes that the numbness in his arm is a result of agent orange while he was serving overseas during the Vietnam war. He can use his arm just fine but has no feeling in his arj whatsoever. So he can’t feel pain and it’s not a good thing, because he could injure himself and never know it.

    I live in CA and I”m definitely going to vote on Prop 37. I think this is so important. It’s amazing the commercials that are coming out against it. It makes me shake my head!!!

    Love and hugs from the ocean shores of California, Heather 🙂

    1. Please tell us there are some hard-hitting commercials airing that set the record straight. Us non-Californians are eager to know.

      The country is depending on you, California!!

      1. @Beth

        Unfortunately the opposition (No on 37) has raised 4 times more money than we did — they raised over $40 million. Those chemical companies have a lot of money.

  7. Here are some ways to help from Dr. Mercola’s latest article in support of Prop 37:

    It’s important to realize that getting this law passed in California would have the same overall effect as a national law, as large companies are not likely going to label their products as genetically engineered when sold in California (the 8th largest economy in the world), but not when sold in other states. Doing so would be a costly PR disaster. So please, I urge you to get involved and help in any way you can, regardless of what state you live in.

    – Whether you live in California or not, please donate money to this historic effort, through the Organic Consumers Fund.

    – If you live in California and want to get involved, please contact They will go through all volunteer requests to put you into a position that is suitable for you, based on your stated interests and location.

    – No matter where you live, please help spread the word in your personal networks, on Facebook, and Twitter. For help with the messaging, please see

    – Talk to organic producers and stores and ask them to actively support the California Ballot. It may be the only chance we have to label genetically engineered foods.

    For timely updates, please join the Organic Consumers Association on Facebook, or follow them on Twitter.

    1. P.S. Here’s the link to Dr. Mercola’s latest article on this. The Monsanto toxin is now found in EVERYONE’s urine.

  8. Monsanto certainly does not have a trustworthy record, to say the least. Can’t believe they still claim zero responsibility for the Agent Orange destruction of multitudes of people.

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