Monthly Drawing: Dutch Grass-Fed Cheese – $80 Value

Grass-Fed Cheese from De Kaaskamer in Amsterdam

Happy June, everyone! Are you ready for some cheese?

You guys are very lucky this month because I'm giving away a selection of 4 types of grass-fed cheese that I brought back from Amsterdam.

Grass-Fed Cheese from De Kaaskamer in Amsterdam

You are going to LOVE this cheese! I tasted all of it at De Kaaskamer (our favorite cheese shop in Amsterdam) and it is beyond delicious.

De Kaaskamer, Our Favorite Cheese Shop in Amsterdam

There are 4 kinds of cheese in all — all grass-fed. Two cow's milk cheeses (one raw milk/slow food and one organic), one goat's milk cheese, and one sheep's milk cheese.

Dutch Slow Food Raw Cow's Milk Gouda Cheese

Yes, they are all grass-fed. Every time I asked someone in Holland, “Do the animals eat grass?” they looked at me so strangely. “What else would they eat?” they asked.

Dutch Goat Cheese

But that's not all! I'm throwing in some nutrient-dense cod liver (purchased in Holland, imported from Denmark). Yes, cod liver!

Cod Liver from Denmark

Sally Fallon-Morell said once that cod liver tastes like tuna fish. I haven't tasted it yet but I thought you all might like to try it.

My assistant just posted on Facebook that she gives her kid sandwiches made with half tuna fish and half cod liver and nobody knows it's there. This could be an excellent way to get your family to eat liver!

I say the retail value of this prize is $80, but really it's more like $1200, since you have to add the plane fare and hotel room. You can't find this cheese very easily in the U.S. — you have to go to Holland to get it.

Sorry, this contest is only open to readers in the U.S. (too expensive to ship abroad).

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Good luck, everybody!

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    Thanks for all of your efforts.


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