My 40th Birthday in the Big Apple

How many three-star Michelin restaurants have you been to in your life?

Me, I've been to exactly zero.

Until next Friday — when I get to eat at… (drum roll) Le Bernardin in New York City.

Le Bernardin is one of only three restaurants in New York awarded Michelin's highest award: three stars.

Le Bernardin

The Michelin three stars is arguably the highest culinary honor in the world. Yes, even higher than winning Top Chef America. 😉

The restaurant was voted 20th best in the world in the Restaurant magazine, and Top 50 for 2008.

Here's Chef Eric Ripert, with a whole lot of truffles:

Chef Eric Ripert

After a multi-course dinner, we're off to the theater to see “South Pacific”. What a perfect night it will be. I can't imagine a better way to celebrate my 40th birthday.

In addition to Le Bernardin, we will be dining at the following two establishments:

(1) H & H Bagels – Best bagels in the free world.

H & H Bagels

And (2) John's Pizzeria on Bleeker Street in Greenwich Village.

John's Pizza on Bleeker

Say what you want about Grimaldi's and Lombardi's. Yeah, they're good.

But John's is my first love.

I still have two more dinner slots to fill. (We'll go to H & H and John's during the day.) We are staying at the Palace Hotel for three whole nights!

For me, this is like going to Disneyland.

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7 thoughts on “My 40th Birthday in the Big Apple

  1. Ughh, I am so jealous. I *heart* New York. Not to mention I have a huge crush on Eric Ripert and his sexy french accent. I’m sure his food is insanely delicious. Lucky Girl!!!

  2. uhhhhh! I’m with you on the pizza and bagels thing mama. Every time we go back we have pizza as soon as we arrive, from my favorite childhood pizza joint. And then the bagels we save for our last day……don’t want to get too addicted too soon in our time there!

    I wish I had some recommendations for you on other restaurants.

    Have fun.

  3. Thanks you guys!

    Yeah I LOVE Eric Ripert (I mean from all the times I’ve seen him on TV).

    I am so lucky to be with Seth — when I was booking the hotel and the restaurant, he kept saying, “Whatever you want, it’s your birthday.”

    It will be fun to be with him in NYC too. He grew up on Long Island but spent many years in Manhattan when he was single. It will be fun to visit with him.

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