New Video: The Dream of the 90s Is Alive in Portland

Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, and all the Democrat leaders refuse to call Antifa and BLM what they really are: domestic terrorist groups. Ted Wheeler is defending Portland's tourism. Portland and other Democrat cities have turned into hell on earth.

Trevor Loudon was right — look him up; watch his videos from 2016 about the leftists who are actually communists. And of course, Trump was right. The Democrats don't call them out as terrorists because they want a Bolshevik revolution — they want to destroy America. They want to defund the police so they can bring in the globalist UN forces. Same communist playbook every time.

I really hope my friends will watch this video. The ones who attacked me a year ago for my “racist hate speech” when I said Black Lives Matter is run by George Soros and it's a communist plot.

But I know they won't. At least not until this is all over.

And then they will say, “Why didn't you tell us?” And I will say, because you called me a “crazy conspiracy theorist” and you laughed behind my back when I got banned on Facebook. Fun times. I remember them well.

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