One Pot Meal: Gluten-Free, Casein-Free Creole Succotash

Creole Succotash with Christmas Lima Beans

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I found some dried Christmas Lima beans at the farmer's market and I wanted to try something different for dinner: Creole Succotash with Christmas Lima Beans. This dish is full of flavor, and it's super nutritious. And since it's a one-pot meal, it's easy to make without a lot of fuss or extra pans to wash.

It's also very budget friendly. I added shrimp and ham to make this a great one-pot meal that my toddler LOVES (you can leave out the shrimp or ham if you are pinching pennies — but I think they make it much more nutritious).

This meal is also gluten-free and casein-free. And it's made with homemade chicken stock, so you get all those minerals and other healthy benefits of eating bone broth (it really helps to heal your digestive tract). It also freezes very well. Make extra and freeze in smaller portions for future meals.

Creole succotash is a very traditional American (at least North American) dish. I'd call this New American cuisine, since it's a melange of North American traditions.

Succotash, consisting of corn and beans, is traditionally Native American and the Creole seasoning comes from Louisiana Creole tradition. Lima beans come from Peru (hence, the name, Lima). I used Christmas Lima beans, which are a special, very pretty variety, but you can use any type of Lima beans.

If you're on the SCD or GAPS diet, this meal is a great alternative for a filling and nutritious dinner or lunch — instead of rice or pasta. Lima beans are allowed on the GAPS diet, but corn is not. To make this recipe GAPS diet/SCD-legal, simply use frozen peas or green beans instead of corn. Not exactly a traditional succotash, but your kids won't know the difference!

This recipe is modified from a recipe by Chef Emeril Lagasse.

Creole Succotash with Christmas Lima Beans


Dried Christmas Lima beans (1 pound or more) — you an also use plain lima beans if you can't find Christmas Lima beans
Filtered water — where to buy filtered water
Organic or pastured chicken stock — homemade if you've got it — click here for my recipe
Duck fat, lard, bacon grease, chicken fat, olive oil, or coconut oil, you can also use butter or ghee (2 TBS) — where to buy olive and coconut oil; where to buy butter; where to buy ghee
Onion (1)
Garlic (2 cloves)
Creole seasoning to taste (recipe below)
Bay leaf (1) — where to buy bay leaves
Frozen organic corn (1 pound)
Cooked wild shrimp, peeled and deveined (1 pound) — frozen is fine, but do not buy farmed shrimp
Cooked nitrate-free ham, bacon, or sausage (1 pound) — I used leftover ham steak from dinner a few nights ago
Medium sized tomatoes, organic if possible (2-3)
Optional:Asparagus (1 bunch) — asparagus is in season right now so I added it in
Optional: Organic or pastured ham hock (1)


[easyazon-link asin=”B00004SBH4″ locale=”us”]Dutch oven[/easyazon-link] or heavy stockpot


1. Soak the Lima beans overnight in a pot of filtered water. Add a little water as necessary to make sure the beans stay covered with water. (I say a pound of dried beans but you can do more. You need 2 pounds of soaked/cooked beans for this recipe. If you want to soak more, just freeze the extras after you soak them overnight and you can use them for another recipe.)

2. The next day, rinse and drain the beans.

3. Add 2 TBS of oil or fat to Dutch oven or heavy stockpot and set on medium heat. When the fat is melted, add the chopped onion and minced garlic and cook until soft.

4. Add about a teaspoon of the Creole seasoning (recipe below). Throw in a bay leaf.

5. Add the soaked beans and cover with chicken stock (if your chicken stock is frozen into cubes, keep adding and melting them until the beans are covered). Add the optional ham hock.

4. Bring to a boil and then turn it down to low heat and simmer for 1-2 hours, until the beans are cooked through, but not mushy. (If you like, you can do this step ahead.)

5. When the beans are cooked through, throw in the rest of the ingredients (Seed and chop the tomatoes and asparagus, if using.) and cook until the flavors have melted, adding more Creole seasoning as you go. If you need to, you can throw in uncooked frozen shrimp — it will cook quickly. You can also just throw your corn in frozen.

6. Serve with crusty sourdough bread and butter. Or, if you're doing the GAPS diet, you can always make something gluten-free and grain-free: coconut flour bread or almond bread and serve it with ghee and/or coconut oil.

Creole Seasoning


Paprika (2 1/2 TBS)
Sea salt (2 TBS) — where to buy sea salt
Black pepper (1 TBS)
Cayenne pepper (1 TBS)

This is basically Emeril's recipe, without garlic and onion powder, dried thyme and oregano. I didn't have any of those things so I left them out. It still came out great! (I'm not about to run to the store for a dried garlic powder!)

If you have these spices, add 2 tablespoons of the garlic powder and 1 tablespoon each of the onion powder, dried thyme and oregano.

Mix together and store in a container in your spice cupboard.

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6 thoughts on “One Pot Meal: Gluten-Free, Casein-Free Creole Succotash

  1. Guess what!!! I have celiacs!!!!!!!! Did you know that women with celiacs often have miscarriages???? I have had 4!
    So guess what I am not eating ever again?

    You see, I decided to go gluten free, in hopes of finally getting all my extra weight off, and I was very surprised at how my brain function became so very clear.
    Then two weeks in, I had some gluten, and was slammed with body aches all the way to my finger tips and toes for 2 whole days, and an overwhelming deisre to sleep all the time.
    Further research finally showed me the final steps I needed to take to reach ultimate health and carry a baby well.
    Apparently, Celiacs also causes blood clotting disorders, which also cause mcs.
    Do not know for sure if I have one of those, so I will need to get a test.
    Regardless, I am walking on a cloud now.
    Keep up the occasional gluten free posts.
    I am hoping to not do to much replacements at this time, but I do make a mean rice flour waffle now!

    Paula’s last blog post..Passover 2009

  2. Can I just tell you that your tag line is the best ever…LOVE IT!
    I am so happy that you added this recipe in. One of my good friends just was told she needs to go gluten free and I am definitely going to send her your way to check out your archives.
    Thanks so much for joining in Tasty Tuesday. It’s been great fun. 🙂

    Jen@Balancing Beauty and Bedlam’s last blog post..Freebie fun…deals and steals

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