Our Trip to Spain and Portugal: Sevilla Part 2

Sevilla, Spain

Ahhh… Sevilla!

Sevilla is one of the most beautiful cities in the world.

Flowers everywhere.

Painted street signs.

We did a lot of wandering around, lots of walking.

The streets are so colorful. Everywhere you see the colors of food: orange, watermelon, cantaloupe, pumpkin.

You are reminded of food everywhere you go.

One of our very favorite tapas restaurants was Vineria San Telmo. We loved it so much, we ate there twice.

Here's my Trip Advisor review.

Wine and sangria.

A tower of layered tomato, egg plant, goat cheese & smoked salmon “au gratin” with a bowl of salmorejo, a thick, cold tomato & garlic soup.

Foie gras with apple compote and squid ink pasta.

Bacalao (salted cod), Spanish tortilla, and sashimi with seaweed.

I also loved the window shopping in Sevilla.

You see a lot of carcasses hanging in shop windows. This is not something you'd ever see in America.

I have never seen so many well-dressed babies and kids in my life.

Which reminded me of our little one, Kate.

Thankfully, her grandparents were sending daily updates — we got lots of photos from New York.

Stay tuned for the next installment — Sevilla Part 3.

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4 thoughts on “Our Trip to Spain and Portugal: Sevilla Part 2

  1. I studied in Sevilla in college and adored it…I could SO live there. =) Love me some Spanish tortilla.

  2. Spain seems to be the place for adorable kiddie clothes. Loving the series. DH is in Spain now as it happens (on business). Never been myself.

  3. Would love to follow your footsteps on a trip to Sevilla. You should list all the restaurants, motels/inns, sights, etc. The food looks fabulous! I could really enjoy eating my way through Sevilla!

    1. @Peggy

      We used TripAdvisor and had good success with restaurants and hotels

      I can’t list a lot of restaurants because we were only there 3 days and we only went to a few (we went back to our favorite tapas places over and over again).

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