Q Resources

Q Resources

Here's a list of my favorite resources for following Q / QAnon. I will be updating this list on a regular basis… stay tuned.

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New to Q? Start Here

Here are the videos I recommend you watch first to get up to speed quickly — if the video gets banned on YouTube, search for it on Bitchute:

  1. Watch This Short Video First: Q's Plan To Save the World
  2. Watch This Video Series Next: Fall Cabal (Watch Episodes 1-10 first, then new episodes Covid-19 Parts 1-4 — she has these on Bitchute)
  3. Watch This Video Next: Out of Shadows
  4. Watch This Video Next: PLANDEMIC (This video was censored from YouTube and Vimeo — the current link is on Bitchute)

Read the Q Drops on the Q Board

  1. Read the Q Drops on QAgg.news.

Some of My Favorite Q YouTube Channels

Not in order — some of these channels have been banned on YouTube so search their names on BitChute and you will find most of them.

  1. QAnon Obiwan
  2. Amazing Polly
  3. Quite Frankly
  4. IPOT (In Pursuit of Truth)
  5. X22 Report
  6. GEORGE News
  7. Santa Surfing Beach Broadcast
  8. Liz Crokin
  9. National Notables – Analysis of GEORGE Magazine editions from the 1990s
  10. My Favorite Isaac Kappy Video – Brackets and Jackets EPSTEIN EDITION. May 1, 2019
Me with POTUS at Politicon in Los Angeles, October, 2018

Q Websites

Registration.info – Master list of over 12,000 resignations of CEOs and other high ranking officials globally since 2017 (and here is the YouTube channel)

Me with An0maly at Politicon 2017

My Q #GreatAwakening Playlist

Here's my Spotify playlist for Q #Great Awakening

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