Rawesome Raided Again – Raw Milk Protest Today in LA

I'm headed downtown this morning for a raw milk rally at the Los Angeles County Courthouse (215 W. Temple St, LA CA, 8 am – please join us if you are local) to protest the raid on Rawesome organic foods buying club yesterday.

Three people have been arrested and spent the night in jail, including James Stewart, the owner of Rawesome, Victoria Bloch, volunteer Weston A. Price Foundation chapter leader of Los Angeles, and Sharon Palmer, farmer and owner of Healthy Family Farms.

I don't have time to write a post but I will share with you some of the video that was shot yesterday on the scene.

I will be tweeting and posting on Facebook from the rally. You can follow me on Twitter or Facebook to keep up with what's going on.

What can you do? PLEASE retweet and post on Facebook! We need people to help spread the word!

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51 thoughts on “Rawesome Raided Again – Raw Milk Protest Today in LA

  1. “Rebellion to tyrants is obedience to God. Every generation needs a new revolution. God forbid we should ever be 20 years without such a rebellion. The spirit of resistance to government is so valuable on certain occasions that I wish it to be always kept alive. It is a medicine necessary for the sound health of government,” Thomas Jefferson.

  2. I got a post on this yesterday. Alex Jones (prisonplanettv) is raising money for this man’s defense. He is not allowed to use a bail bond and must come up with $123,000 to be free! They said if he DOES come up with that money he will have to disclose where it all came from. This is illegal 100%!
    I know this is NOT the place, but times they are a changin’.
    Americans LOVE freedom and would once stand up for it. That time has come again as America spirals into tyranny.
    I am very, very worried for all of us, we are running out of time and must stand to defend each other black, white, brown are all on the same team called humanity.
    The elites are running us over in the name of profit and greed! Say no to the new world order! We must stop them from their crimes against humanity as this is just the beginning!
    Godspeed to us all!

    1. Well said, Sophia! If anyone wants to know what is really happening to our country, see Alex Jones at infowars.com. Please, do not only dwell on information coming from CNN, FOX news, or other mainstream media channels. Those channels are merely controlled by the people of higher power who care very little about the people of America and the rest of the world.

      It is time for America to WAKE UP! As Sophia emphasizes, we don’t have much time left! Rebellion to tyrants begins with

      1. Thanks Erica! I cannot believe this is happening in America! I am just sick about all this bull! It’s very easy to ignore when they keep it to themselves or a select few….but when they strike out at such a small group of folks who like to eat raw and ARE NOT HURTING ANYONE, I just cannot stand for it any longer!! I know everyone has apathy from the fluoride but if we wait for the trucks to load us up and haul us away it will then be too late! Here is another informative blog as the “media” is not to be trusted.
        Let’s ALL get together! This must END!

        1. Yes, Sophia! We need more people to know about what is truly going on this world. Continue to educate others. We must all ban together, and create a non-violent revolution that will eventually give us our constitutional rights back. The question is, when shall we all begin?

          1. I hope we begin sooner than later……..wish there could be a NON violent revolt. From what I can tell in other countries and the last revolt in America there is usually violence. Tyranny does not respond to niceties. We can only hope.

      1. It isn’t their business!
        That’s tyranny for ya……heck you can’t even get more than $2500 out of your own account nowadays without the 3rd degree a fingerprint and a license!
        It’s getting uglier all the time!

  3. There are no polite words for what’s going on here. This reminds me of when Chinese Medicine doctors were being jailed in California for practicing medicine without a medical license. Many kept practicing between jail visits as their patients needed them. There was enough support that they were eventually licensed. Many have benefited from this history without even knowing about it. I just hope that we can look back in 5-10 years and remember the people that stood up for our food freedoms as we make choices freely. It doesn’t matter if it’s the choice for medicine or food, we need to stand up for our freedoms or watch them be stripped from us one by one. I wish I could be there to support the efforts Ann Marie!

  4. Let us all do whatever we can to protect our food supply from complete corporate takeover and protect farmers and consumers from the misguided harassment they now face. Clearly, the target here is unprocessed dairy and the farmer/consumer right to enter into a private contract. The raids and enforcement actions are always promulgated under the pretense of “food safety” — but when raw dairy is 35,000 times LESS likely than other foods to make you sick, and industrial food is routinely contaminated with pathogens, one can see industrial food is running scared and doesn’t want to lose market share to small-scale producers, so they enlist government agencies to do their bidding. It’s the status quo protecting the status quo, but it’s time to stand up for what’s right.

    1. Hi Beth,

      I don’t think the target was only raw dairy. In truth, they took away watermelons, coconuts, and other non-dairy foods away, as well. This raid truly signifies our very right of consuming, growing, or selling real, wholesome food being taken away from us right before our eyes as if we are living under tyranny.

      1. It’s sad that all types of food were confiscated. I doubt much attention would be paid to this or other private buying clubs if they were only selling fruits and vegetables (think of the countless veggie CSAs operating freely everywhere). It’s evident that these govt agencies have a bizarre obsession with raw milk (see David Gumpert’s blog The Complete Patient) and this is a primary target at the present time across the country. The bigger concern is the ability to access wholesome, local, non-processed farm foods of our choice. Today it’s milk as a primary target (and private contracts), but tomorrow it could shift to something else — hence the need for a paradigm shift, and soon.

        1. Hi Beth,

          If you look into Codex Alimentarius, merely dietary guidelines for destruction, you’ll witness that any food that provides nourishment to the body is deemed toxic. These guidelines are what the U.S. tried to implement in 2009. However, opposition from the people of America was too strong for them to pass Codex Alimentarius. This does not mean that our government won’t try to adopt these guidelines again. Our opposition must remain strong as we continue to fight for our natural rights.

          Here is info on Codex Alimentarius:

          1. Don’t forget to look into the Monsanto debacle as well. They are a giant propaganda machine to push toxic GMO’s on everyone!
            Who wants to eat food that can withstand poisonous chemicals (round-up ready) and pollute ALL non-GMO crops and the environment ?
            This makes me sick (no pun intended).

  5. If you are not local thier are still ways to help. This is one way if you are close to Knoxville TN.

    Farmageddon will not be out until at least December. We will be hosting a showing of Farmageddon on September 17th from 7 to 9 pm. The location is McBee Dairy Farm, 4317 Strong Rd Mascot TN 37806 (Depending on the weather it will be held outside if at all possible.) Adults $10, 11-18 $5, 10 and under are free. All proceeds benefit Farm to Consumer Legal Defense Fund. Bring your own drink and lawn chair if you have one. If you need any more information contact Marcie at 865-919-7098 or check out www.mcbeedairyfarm.com for more info and movie clips.

      1. Form a grass-roots group and bring Farmageddon to your town! Contact the filmmaker and her publicist/booking agent and book a showing or several.

  6. It’s all just so sad. 🙁 Being in Australia, I feel rather distant and helpless, but do have a desire to help. Thankfully you can give donations to help with legal costs, so I felt really good sowing my money early this morning. People should not have to put up with their hard earned dollars being thrown out – that is essentially what the LAPD did when they confiscated foodstuffs and poured out milk. I would be fighting for compensation… I pay $3.50 a litre here for raw milk – it is a precious commodity!! Fight to the end, America! Fight for your freedom once again. Oh, and don’t feel bad about asking for donations to help you fight – even people overseas want to help. 🙂

  7. Hi fellow cheeseheads……all this is weighing heavily upon me. Things are much worse than we even know. I have copied some more info on your food freedoms below. I find the comments interesting as well.
    I am not sure Americans have the strength, desire, or will to take back this once free nation.


    1. Hi Sophia,

      Thank you so much! Yes, we do have a lot on the table to handle in this country! People can’t take these situations lightly!

  8. If there is any truth to the investigations on this website https://www.unhealthyfamilyfarm.com/ then they deserve jail. The thought that people would be so fraudulant with people’s food and health makes me sick. I hope it’s not true.

    1. As a member of rawesome I am greatly bothered by this site. Even if someone had a vendetta against James and Sharon, I do not believe they could conjure up this whole story including photos, her actual true criminal past and testimony of her very own son of repackaging eggs etc! I heavily support the raw milk campaign, wholesome food rights etc but you have to know exactly were you are getting your foods, the fact that these questions are raised about HFF makes me feel this is not the farm for me and my family. I have read Victoria’s responses to the above website and still do not feel that is enough of an explanation to make me comfortable, even if I walked through it and it was green and glorious, they still are the ones feeding the animals day to day, and it simply comes down to the fact you have to fully trust your farmer/milk producer. I think this article brings up many very legit questions that should be looked into before supporting this farm. Does she have hot water to clean the milk containers? This is a necessity as a raw dairy consumer as you MUST purchase clean raw milk. End of story is would you support a farmer with all your trust for your food and health as a good reputable farmer when their reputation is one of a past criminal? You must look at their reputation because often, all we have is trust (for those of us who live to far away to visit the farms and buy at things like farmers markets). I have bought from rawesome and cannot say the quality of the products were the high quality what I have experienced from other co-ops I have been a part of. It’s kind of hard to throw all your support at James and Sharon when they have info like this coming up against them. Her own son has applied testimony against her, I don’t feel regardless the reason that is someone I can purchase my RAW foods from.

      1. I’m sorry tina, that really sucks. It feels awful when you find out something you thought was true was really a lie.

      2. Hi Tina,

        What was the quality of your food like? Did the look, texture, or taste of them seem weird? Also, where did you hear about her son’s testimony going against her?

        1. Also,

          Not one person has reported any illnesses from consuming their products. I would certainly think that if the raw dairy products were anything conventional, people would definitely be sick. Even some people are using their products to battle diseases, and they are thriving: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qgeM7bBCWP4&feature=related (testimony at 4:15 of this video)

    2. Hi KR,

      According to NaturalNews.com:

      “James was handcuffed, was never read his rights and was stuffed into an unmarked car. While agents said they would leave behind a warrant, no one has yet had any opportunity to even see if such a warrant exists or if it is a complete warrant.”
      “James is now being held at the Pacific division police department at Centinela and Culver in Los Angeles. He is being held at $123,000 bail with no possibility of using bail bonds. Law enforcement has demanded that if he comes up with the money to cover bail, he must disclose to them all the sources of that money. (This is an illegal demand!)”


      I find these actions alone very alarming!

      Regarding license according to NaturalNews.com:

      “There are already misinformed accusations that Rawesome Foods was not licensed as a retail business. But that’s incorrect information: Rawesome Foods is a private buying club and not a retail business that’s open to the general public. People can’t just walk in off the street and shop there like a regular grocery store. Thus, Rawesome does not have to be licensed like a regular grocery store. They are a private buyer’s club.”


      1. Yeah it’s crazy. I’m just guessing that there is more to this case than just a conspiracy against raw milk.

        1. Guessing doesn’t prove anything unless someone is a witness of this situation, and even then it isn’t considered guessing. There are many key eyewitnesses who are absolutely outraged regarding the Rawesome raid, and see to it as just another malicious raid on real food. By the way, what makes you think that there is more to it than just another unfair food raid? Please share 🙂

          1. Good thing I’m not out to prove anything, I can guess all I want. 😉
            Just that website above and A.J’s about all the fraud that went on, it all seems pretty shady to me.
            I’m just saying I would be pretty horrified if I found out the farms for raw milk and pastured soy free eggs I buy really were just conventional repackaged stuff.

            1. Hi KR,

              Did your food items look or taste anything like conventional? There is certainly a difference between conventional vs truly pasture raised products. It appears that most people are greatly satisfied with their products, and have benefited from them. You shouldn’t wonder whether your products were anything conventional. It shows in the look, texture, taste, etc. There is definitely a HUGE difference.

              1. By the way, their Facebook page shows many pictures of how the animals are raised: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Healthy-Family-Farms/218618885695

                1. Her sons testimony against Sharon is posted in the report that was submitted by a private investigator, the report is posted on the site above. The photos submitted of conventional foods being repackaged were submitted by prior employees of HFF. Can you honestly tell me you can tell the difference between a naked/cleaned organic chicken with no wrapper verses a conventional chicken with no wrapper? I doubt you could. There was also a family who was having their daughter tested for mercury and arsenic (due to long term illness) and as they were purchasing their foods from rawesome her mercury levels and arsenic levels went up significantly, they had the eggs and chickens tested and they had high mercury and arsenic (through testing in a independent facility). I am a HUGE advocate of RAW MILK/DAIRY and of getting all products as close to nature. We must fight for our rights I totally agree. I will not fight for this group as I highly feel there may be more they are being prosecuted for rather than just raw milk sales in general. For example employees complained that Sharon was not keeping up with her raw grade A license etc (something along those lines) so it could be linked to negligence of paying licenses needed or it could be linked to uncleanly standards (not having propane to heat hot water to clean tanks?). The dairy I purchased from rawesome was sour/off weirdly separated (I know raw milk separates from the cream) it seemed like it had been frozen and defrosted several times, it was very odd, no one in my house would drink it they said it was gross. Like I said before I purchased RAW dairy from several amish farms (straight from the farm) and have been a member of many co-ops, I didn’t feel their dairy met the standards these other farms had. Photos on facebook mean nothing to me, I am hardly going to trust my food source based on some facebook photos. The thing is if it is a solidly good farm, you would not have conflicting info like is being submitted about HFF and a owner with a criminal background of fraud charges. The photos of repackaged chickens are identical to the ones HFF sell at the farmers markets. Sharon has a criminal record that is easily accessible to the public. I do not believe simply because these people did not get *sick from these foods does not prove them to be the organic items they were paying top dollar for. Simply because people claimed to have been healed by these foods (changing the way you eat to healthier whole foods can remedy many illnesses). does not prove them to be organic either. I am saying as consumers of the raw milk industry we need to support our local farmers, yes. BUT we are putting our health in their hands which is why whenever you hear about going RAW it always says make sure you know your FARMER and all their practices. Are they of honorable character? Do they have a criminal history of fraud? Would you buy your RAW products from someone with a criminal past of fraud. I don’t feel comfortable with that. I will give 100% of my support to the RAW DAIRY movement and continue to fight for our rights. I will not back particular people with a shady past and questionable practices, as I feel there may be more to their arrests and this story than is being told at this point.

                  1. Hi Tina,

                    I can’t say much about Rawsome’s case since I’m not a customer. However, I didn’t like how the police and the FDA have handled this case. Rawsome is not being charged over how good or bad the quality of their food is. They are being charged over something totally different.

                    By the way, you can tell the difference between the pasture raised chicken vs the conventional one. The texture and even taste are very different. There is also a huge difference between milk from grass fed cows and milk from conventional ones. The conventional full-fat milk literally tastes like corn. For eggs, the look, texture, and taste are very easy to distinguish from a conventional egg.

                  2. Also,

                    People, even those with serious illnesses, will NOT be thriving on low quality foods. Conventional animal foods are not nourishing because the animals need to be out on pasture on rich soil in order to have high amounts of vitamins. When the animals are not out on pasture, the nutrients significantly decreases. In fact, eggs will contain hardly any vitamin D if the chickens are not out on pasture. This is why our ancestors saved rich foods from the spring and summer, like very yellow butter and fish eggs, for winter use.

            2. Please let’s stop speculating and guessing and spreading rumors — please read this post by David Gumpert


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  10. This is outrage! where the freedom, went in America? There is no question, about it. It has to be all about money. Welcome to the reality of capitalism. Do you like it? If they, would care about the health of people, especially, the health of our children,they would stop, all of those companies, that are plaguing the shelves of supermarket with junk foods. It sounds like a conspiracy, to wipe out an entire society.wake American! We deserve better than this. We can help to create a better world, I admire, those young people, from the occupy wall street movement. They, are for certainly, doing their part in creating a better world. What about you? What are you doing?Don’t buy junk foo. This is a good beginning. Thank you.take care of yourselves all. Gunesh.

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