Rio, Here We Come!


I was trying to figure out where we should go for summer vacation and I just got some great news! My husband just got invited to speak in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil at the end of this month. And guess who's going with him?

I'm going to fly on July 4th, which is my birthday. I'll be 45.

When I turned 40, we celebrated in New York City. Went to Le Bernardin, saw South Pacific (my favorite musical).

We'll stay right near Ipanema Beach, which is supposed to be one of the prettiest beaches in Rio.


I'm a little afraid of heights, but I might be up for the cable car.


It's supposed to be amazing.

I also want to take a surf lesson, do a little snorkeling, and maybe go on a hiking tour. (Yes! Matt Stone told me I would fantasize about exercise one day, and although I did not believe him at the time, he was right!)


Other than that, I just want do a lot of walking (still have my daily 10K step goal — I've lost 15 pounds since April) and work on my suntan.

Of course I'm looking forward to the food, and I promise to blog about it. I expect I'll be eating a lot of grilled meat as well as seafood, rice and beans, and of course, caipirinhas (the national cocktail).

Photo credits: Ipanema, Cable Car, Surf

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16 thoughts on “Rio, Here We Come!

  1. So jealous! My husband was unemployed for 4 years, so its been a while since we could go on a vacation. Heck, for a while there we could barely drive to the next town!! So go, AM, and take lost of pictures because I will be taking a virtual vacation through you!! Have fun!

  2. How fun! I feel refreshed just reading about it. Hope you are filled with inspiration as you plan and anticipate!

  3. Wow! You’re going to be the girl from Ipanema like in the song. So many we know are traveling to Rio right now for World Youth Day. That’s going to be one energetic place! Wish we were going. Have a wonderful time! And Happy Early Birthday!!!

  4. Hi there,

    Since I am from Brazil, I would like to recommend a few national favorites you shouldn’t miss:

    – Deep fried manioc chips – Mandioca Frita
    – Cheese bread – Pão de Queijo
    – Salted cod fish potato dumplings – Bolinho de bacalhau
    – Black bean pork stew – Feijoada
    – Condensed milk pudding – Pudim de Leite Condensado
    – Smooth chocolate balls – Brigadeiro

    I am not from Rio, so I am afraid I can’t provide any local tips. The historic city center is supposed to be unsafe at night, as well as areas near the slums.

    The beaches of Barra da Tijuca are famous for being very nice.

    Good Morning = Bom Dia
    Hello, how are you? = Oi, tudo bem?

    I hope you have a great time in my lovely country!


  5. Oh you lucky girl
    I can’t wait to hear about and see pictures of your trip……. that would be great. I have always wanted to go to SA. Eat lots and enjoy!!

  6. You lucky girl. As one who loves to travel, get a suntan, and try new foods, I am envious. Hope you have a great birthday! This Matt Stone business is intriguing. I am going to have to read the book. I have had trouble with my weight since being prego 4 times! I am a WAPF, Paleo, Nourishing Traditions, and Cheeseslave fan! I love to cook, and I homeschool so I pretty much live in the kitchen. But have been recently studying up on the endocrine system, as kind of the key to everything. My whole family loves to cook and eat, so it doesn’t help me. I have needed to drop 20 pounds for the last 5 years. We don’t eat anything refined, no white sugar, no milk unless raw, no unsoaked grains (and we are mostly GF). I think we do need GAPS though as I also have a son on the Autistic Spectrum. GAPS is so daunting. Anyway, hooray for your trip. Love the trip pictures so keep ’em coming. Hope in Spokane

  7. So exciting! I went to Rio a number of years ago and these things still stand out:
    Passionfruit (maracuja) juice! The most amazing thing in Rio is that every corner has fresh juice bars and the passionfruit is amazing. They have a machine that they put the fresh sugar cane stalks through and then combine it with the passionfruit. They also have great maracuja jam and soap (we may have become a little obsessed).

    We went to a soccer game featuring two local club teams so it was a real rivalry and so much fun! We sat in the fan section next to the big beating drums.

    Check out this samba club called Rio Scenarium. It is such a cool, memorable place – so unique and sophisticated. Check out the website!

    Have the best time!

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