How to Store Cod Liver Oil

Do you know the right way to store cod liver oil? There is a right way and a wrong way. For example, you can't store the cod liver oil capsules the same way you store the liquid oil. It's actually very dangerous to store fish oil capsules in the fridge, because they can go rancid and you would never know. In this post, I explain how to properly and safely store cod liver oil.

How to Store Cod Liver Oil

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I'm a big believer in the health benefits of cod liver oil but only if it's fresh and not rancid. Rancid oil is toxic and causes cancer, heart disease, and many other health problems. (See my recent series on the fermented cod liver oil to learn more about why rancid oil is bad for you.)
If not stored correctly, cod liver oil goes rancid very easily. Cod liver oil, like any fish oil, is a fragile, unstable oil. Unlike coconut oil, lard or other more saturated fats that have a longer shelf life, fish oil will go rancid very quickly if not stored properly.

How to Store Cod Liver Oil

When buying cod liver oil, it should always be in dark bottles. Fish oil is oxidized by light, air and heat.

Also, there should always be an antioxidant added to the oil. You should see an antioxidant such as vitamin E or rosemary in the list of ingredients.

How to Store Cod Liver Oil: Liquid

The liquid cod liver oil can be stored in the fridge or in a cupboard until you open it, as long as your house is not overly hot. Cod liver oil, unopened, should last around a year in a cool cupboard or in the fridge. It will last 2 years unopened in the freezer.

After opening, liquid cod liver oil must be refrigerated after opening, and should be used within 90 days or 3 momths. You can also freeze cod liver oil, for example, if you plan to leave town for a few weeks and can't finish it.

How to Store Cod Liver Oil: Softgels

Cod liver oil softgels should never be refrigerated. Softgels are not exposed to air, so there is no need to keep them cool. If you store them in the fridge, it actually compromises the softgel, and they can become permeable which will cause them to become oxidized.

Softgels will last 2 years at room temperature (in the cupboard).

Cod Liver Oil Brands I Recommend

The only brand of cod liver oil I recommend is Rosita EVCLO (extra virgin cod liver oil.

Rosita makes liquid cod liver oil and softgels. It is not sold in stores but you can order online. If you buy two bottles, you get free shipping. Click here to order Rosita EVCLO.

Read my post about which brands of cod liver oil I recommend and why.

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How to Store Cod Liver Oil

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  1. I would like to try this cod liver oil… but I don’t know if I can handle the taste. I have been taking the green pastures FCLO/High Vit. Butter blend-Cinnamon Tingle flavor for awhile. The cinnamon seems to help the taste, even my three year old willingly takes it! I need to find something that my little kids will be able to take… or a way for them to take it. Any tips?

  2. If you're still alive, Corrie, I suggest hold your nose when drinking it. Smell is more than 60% the source of taste.

  3. I forgot to put my cod liver oil back in the fridge last night after taking some. Should I throw it out now?

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