Vaccine Injuries: Will Your Child Be Next?

Vaccines Tend To Cause More Flu

“You cannot be in the presence of a profoundly vaccine damaged child and not know that child could be your own. And you cannot try to comfort a mother who has just buried a baby who has died from a vaccine… and not know that you could be the one standing over the grave. When it happens to your child, the risks are 100 percent.” — Anonymous (Source)

If you spend any time researching vaccines online, you’re bound to come across stories about vaccine injuries. I was stunned by the number of vaccine injuries I have found online, and felt the need to share them. It’s rare for doctors to warn parents about the risks of vaccines. People need to know that vaccines do have negative consequences, and they can be severe.

Vaccination advocates are fond of repeating that vaccines are safe and that the benefits outweigh the risks. My question to them is, how many children does it take to be killed or permanently brain damaged before you realize that vaccines are not safe? I don’t believe that a single child should have to lose his or her life in this Russian roulette game of vaccination.

As I read these stories, watch these videos, and look at the photographs of these precious, innocent children, I’m saddened to the point of tears. And I am outraged. This should not be happening to our children.

Before you decide to vaccinate your children, please read these stories. Watch the videos. Do your research first.

Vaccine Injuries: Will Your Child Be Next?

Brandon’s Story

Read Brandon’s Story


My son came along and he was hitting his milestones. He was normal, engaged, a rambunctious boy. Then at 15 months we got vaccinations (Year 2000. He received Tetanus, Oral Trivalent Polio, Hib Type B, MMR). It took a few months for the change. And it was so subtle. I didn’t even catch it.

First his eyes started to cross. Of course they told us it was muscle problem. I have since learned that it is a nerve problem sometimes caused by vaccinations. As I remembered back, I didn’t even really catch all the changes. But now when I look back at pictures, it is glaringly obvious. He got this remote look in his eyes. He went from being a clown in photos, to just looking out in space. In preschool he wouldn’t participate, he would just sit there in his own world. In kindergarten, he showed no sense of personal space. He would get under the desk and bark like a dog. He would use the other kids heads as braces when standing up.

He is twelve now. We still have to tell him everyday how to get ready for school. We have to follow him around and keep him on track. We can’t just give him an order to go clean up or whatever, we have to go with him and tell him every little thing that needs done. His memory is about 3 seconds. If he has something to say, and we are trying to get his attention for something else or it isn’t the right time, he will practically burst trying to hold his thoughts in. He says everything he is thinking whenever he is thinking it.

After going through his life in my head and looking at the before and after pictures, I am convinced it was caused by his vaccinations.

vaccine injury

Kirk’s Story

vaccine injuries 1

Read Kirk’s Story


Our son Kirk might never be the same. He was by all measures a normal healthy 6 month old that was reaching all his milestones. He was sitting, rolling over, saying da, ma, up, focused on objects and people, in short everything a healthy 6 month old baby should be doing.

Fast forward to more than a year later and he doesn’t say anything, can barely roll over, doesn’t sit unaided, doesn’t focus on any objects or people, rock’s back and forth, has distant vacant eyes and displays autistic tendencies. What could possibly have happened to the bright vibrant active child that was there 1 short year ago?

Eric’s Story

Read Eric’s Story


Eric was born completely normal and developed normally until he was 6 months old. When he was 6 months old, he received the DPT vaccine and within a few days he began to have seizures — up to 80 in 1 day! Other than the daily seizures, he developed normally until about 10 months of age — alert, learning to walk and talk, but the seizures took their toll. He is now 20 years old and the last time his father saw him smile was when he was 10 months old.

Remembering his 1st birthday, Eric’s father wished the seizures would leave him alone — at least for that one day. His parents had to hold his head up as they blew out the candle. Eric had tests after tests done, and no answers were ever given until he was 8 years old. When he was 8, a doctor confirmed that his disability was due to a reaction to the vaccines he received when he was 6 months old. He is 20 years old today and is severely disabled and in need of continuous care and support. He is approximately the size of a 5 year old and only weighs 45 pounds.

Max’s Story

Read Max’s Story


A family in the UK recently lost their baby boy, “22 months at death”, following post vaccination adverse drug interactions. Up until that point their baby had received the full slate of injections typical for his age group. At 6 months he began to experience ongoing convulsions/seizures. His neurologist then chose to prescribe him a set of experimental drugs (none of which are officially licensed for use in infants): ‘Sodium Valproate’ or ‘Valproic Acid’ (Anticonvulsant, antipsychotic – anti-seizure medication), ‘Keppra’ or ‘Levetiracetam’ (antiepileptic drug) & ‘Clobazam’ (benzodiazepine type anticonvulsant) – ostensibly to quell his seizures.

Initially he was put on a combination of Sodium Valproate & Keppra. A decision was then made to switch Keppra for Clobazam, as, per the neurologist in charge, “It was clearly making him worse.” There was speculation of possible Dravet’s Syndrome (severe myoclonic epilepsy in infancy). At no time during this phase were the parents ever consulted or briefed on the authorization of these drug combinations given to their child.

The parents, now estranged, marked the date of what would have been their child’s 2nd birthday in solemn remembrance of their son; born August 4, 2009, died June 21, 2011. The father duly noted “Each time he was given shots he seemed to have seizures… overdose symptoms were heart block, coma, death.” Max, may you rest in peace.

Scott’s Story

Read Scott’s Story


Marge Grant is the author of “A Stolen Life” and the mother of Scott Grant, who suffered severe irreversible brain damage as an infant in l961 from childhood vaccines. The profound vaccine injury rendered Scott a lifelong non-ambulatory, spastic quadriplegic that created indescribable challenges for him and his entire family. It literally gave rise to Marge becoming a vaccine heretic and pioneering a nation-wide vaccine safety movement.

Julia’s Story

Read Julia’s Story


Julia went in for her 12 month appointment the day after Christmas – 12-26-06… yes, TWO days before her first birthday. I was told by the nurse that we could not do her vaccines that day, as it was two days too soon. I looked at her with a face of irritation. I had taken the day off of work (I am a veterinarian)… and I KNEW that two days would not make a difference, so I asked to speak with the Doctor about the issue. I spoke to him. He said we had a “window” and that it was likely OK to give her her vaccines.

She got the proquad – MMR-V- from Merck (taken off the market six months later), and a hepatitis vaccine. She screamed and cried as to be expected – her big brother rubbing her head the whole time telling her it was to keep her “safe”. I will NEVER forget this day.

Eight days later, January 4th, 2007, Julia was sent home from daycare – not acting right, whining, inconsolable, febrile, etc… I was working a 12 hour shift that day, so my now ex husband picked her up from daycare… fed her dinner, bathed her, and put her to bed at 7pm. I got home at 830pm. Actually a little grateful that she finally got some sleep. Little did I know what was coming.

January 5th, 2007. I was in the shower, getting ready for work, and my then husband went to get Julia ready for daycare. He came running in from her room with her in his arms. He was SCREAMING… I got out of the shower, soaking wet and naked, and looked at our baby. I thought she was dead. Blue. Cold. Head arched to one side. No response to her name. Covered in feces and vomit. We put her on the bed and saw that she was breathing very shallow breaths… I called 911. Then the “circus” began.

Kash’s Story

Read Kash’s Story


On the 4th, Kash and Kerri had awoken early so they took a nap together. About 45 minutes after they went down I heard my wife scream my name along with the word “help”. I met her half way up the stairs with Kash in her arms and he was convulsing and unresponsive. I know this sounds terrible but at the time it seemed best and it was the decision I made, I put Kash in my lap and drove as fast as I could to the E.R. (about 5 miles from our home, I really felt I could get him there faster than an ambulance could arrive at our home).

The drive to the hospital felt like hours and I spoke to Kash… yelled a few times to try and get him to come to. We arrived at the hospital and I jumped out with Kash and ran in through the ambulatory entrance where the receptionist started to tell me that I would need to enter through the front door but I interrupted her with all I could get out, “help my son is having a seizure”

Madison’s Story

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135 thoughts on “Vaccine Injuries: Will Your Child Be Next?

  1. While I’m terribly sorry for the parents who have suffered this loss, it’s important to remember that correlation does not imply causation. Just because your child suffered seizures or any other problems after receiving a vaccination does not make that vaccination responsible for the illness.

    1. @Jane

      In Eric’s case, a doctor admitted it was the vaccine:

      “When he was 8, a doctor confirmed that his disability was due to a reaction to the vaccines he received when he was 6 months old.”

      Whether the doctors admit it or not, and whether the parents can prove it or not, I’ve met too many parents who experienced terrifying symptoms in their children within hours or days after vaccinations. Loss of speech/babbling, total lack of movement, inability to walk, autism symptoms, seizures, etc. I believe them when they tell me that in their hearts, they knew it was the vaccines. As parents, we know our children better than anyone. Better than the doctors, better than the nurses, better than the “experts”. We know when something just isn’t right.

      Please try to have some empathy for these poor parents. It’s one thing to watch a child get sick or die due to unforseen circumstances. But to know that you could have prevented it in some way. Nothing worse than knowing that the people you trusted, the people who were there to “do no harm” did harm your child. There is nothing worse for a parent.

      If you want to continue to repeat that “correlation does not imply causation,” that’s fine. Just keep it to yourself. Don’t tell it to the parent of a vaccine-injured child.

      Please heed this quote:

      “You cannot be in the presence of a profoundly vaccine damaged child and not know that child could be your own. And you cannot try to comfort a mother who has just buried a baby who has died from a vaccine… and not know that you could be the one standing over the grave. When it happens to your child, the risks are 100 percent.” — Anonymous (Source)

      1. Never trust someone who wishes to remain anonymous when it comes to vaccines or any other medical issues. How do you know what credentials they have? Do you know that anyone can write anything on internet and in no time they will have tens of thousands of followers who believe this person is teling them the truth even though they have no medical degree? And how do you know the doctor really said the vaccine was responsible? Did you read it on their blog again, or were you actually there?

        Sites like this cause lots of damage because many people that are scared of vaccines do not know what to believe, mainly thanks to people like you., who most likely have no medical degree and obtain their information mainly on blogs or websites written by people with no medical or scientific background. THanks to people like you, we will have diseases like polio or black plague coming back soon killing millions of people.

        1. Hi, Kate

          Thanks for your comment.

          people like you., who most likely have no medical degree and obtain their information mainly on blogs or websites written by people with no medical or scientific background

          That’s an ad hominem arguement, which is a logical fallacy.

          THanks to people like you, we will have diseases like polio or black plague coming back soon killing millions of people.

          In almost every disease, the vaccines were introduced AFTER the death rate dropped. The vaccines did not save us; hygiene and sanitation did.

        2. I’d like to add a few questions for you, Kate…

          How do you know that vaccines are proven safe? Were you involved in the studies that supposedly provided this proof? Did you read the studies? Have you ever seen a study that wasn’t paid for by someone who was either involved with, paid by, or otherwise funded by the manufacturer that held the patent on that vaccine? Were you THERE?

          Why do you believe that vaccines are the reason that the disease rates or death rates were reduced? Were you THERE? Or do you know this from looking at the edited charts provided by the CDC and FDA?

          Or… maybe you read it on a blog.

          I don’t know about you, but I read all the medical studies, all the independent ones, as well as those done by the manufacturers, by people involved with the CDC and FDA. I read the vaccine inserts that the manufacturers send along with the batches of vaccines to the doctors offices… you know, the ones that they never give you when you or your child is given a vaccine. The manufacturers have them all posted on their websites. And I looked at my family medical history. And so, yes, I was afraid of the vaccines. Not because of anything I read on a blog, but because of all I just said.

          And then I was bullied into letting my children get vaccinated. My oldest developed an autoimmune disease two weeks after. His immune system was attacking his platelets. I was told by the doctors that it was due to one of the vaccines, and the disease is even listed as a possible reaction in the vaccine insert.

          So I suggest you do some actual research before attacking those who are doing nothing more than defending a parent’s right to choose what is best for their children. If nothing else, read the inserts that actually come with the vaccines.

      2. Kate,
        That quote actually is attributable to a mother who’s child was injured by a vaccine. I’ve seen where that quote was posted, along with the name of the mother who said it. I’ll try to find it.

        Also, “Kate” is pretty anonymous. Just sayin’.

        1. I believe the quote is from Barbara Loe Fisher, one of the biggest advocates for a parent’s right to choose, and hardly anonymous.

          People keep talking about “acceptable risk”. Get back to me when it’s YOUR child that has a terrible reaction to a vaccine. To the mother of a child who has ended up hospitalized (for any length of time), has been permanently injured, or died as a result of a vaccine, there is NO acceptable risk. It’s simply not acceptable. Not ever.

    2. Jane you are heartless. Why don’t you investigate why the AMISH do not get these horrible reactions from NOT getting vaccines. Why they don’t have autism. Keeping your head in the sands of denial is not scientific.

    3. you will know better when one day you will end up in the same boat. till then everything is happy , peaceful and life is a celebration. Parents of Newtown tragedy now know that guns do kill people.

    4. Yes that’s true but when hundreds of thousands of parents are reporting similar symptoms in their children shortly after vaccinations, it’s time to take actions about vaccinations. It has been stated that the rise of Autism has risen with the number of vaccinations given. 1 in 50 children now have autism as well as autoimmune disorders. Our country has the highest number of unhealthy children in the world. Something is making them very ill. Many vaccines have thermosol,aluminum gmo,aborted fetal tissue, formydelidihide(sp). These are KNOWN substances that damage ones brain.Also there have been no studies done independently from Pharma companies. There are big bucks in the pharmaceutical companies. God forbid that would cease.

    5. You mean like how the only proof there is that vaccines prevent disease is correlation? Like that?

  2. I do understand the concern about vaccines. I must stress to generations who are not familiar with epidemics of polio, German measles, mumps, chicken pox and many other sicknesses, that people lost lives, suffered disabling conditions, lost hearing, vision, etc., and many more health problems BEFORE vaccines. When I was younger, we had these types of illnesses and they were dangerous to many people.

    The population is being placed at a risk by parents who decide they do not want to subject their child to the vaccines. While possibly endangering their own child, they are endangering others. I happen to think these same parents would not keep their child home if they were contaminated by one of these illnesses. I have happened across a parent like that who had their child out in public with mumps.

    Life is dangerous. No one likes to get sick, no one likes to see their child ill or disabled. No one likes to see their child die. While I personally believe a lot of disease risks are being allowed into this country from other countries, we must reasonably control what we can here.

    1. Sorry, but chicken pox is not life threatening. And my kids got it from *vaccinated* kids. When one of my daughters came down with a “live” case of measles (because it’s a live virus in the vaccine), she was contagious too, because of the vaccine. Also, I think it’s incorrect to say more lives are being saved today, we’ve just traded acute for chronic disease and it seems reasonable to suspect the ever increasing vaccine schedule as part of this outcome. Not to mention we really have no idea what injecting human cells (in some vaccines for the past 20 years or so, I believe) will do to recipients of those vaccines.

      1. I agree about chicken pox. My youngest got it (from me-I had shingles, which is getting more common with young adults because of the vaccine) and he got over it fast. A holistic MD can give helpful advice and supplements to support your immune system and make kids and adults more comfortable while their bodies are doing their job.

        That’s true about trading acute for chronic. I read in a book about lyme disease, CFS & Fibromygalia that polio and CFS share a common virus.

      2. Irene, I do not agree that chicken pox is not life threatening. You are forgetting about people that cannot get vaccinated either due to allergies, or for example those with weakened immunity due to cancer or chemo. My child has 2 girls in her class that are undergoing chemo right now, and if someone contracts chicken pox and passes it to them, they will die. People like you are obviously only thinking about themselves and lack the empathy to be considered about other children’s lifes.

        1. You have no idea what I’m thinking or even if my kids are vaccinated or if we happen to have a medical reason to not vaccinate. My point was that vaccinated kids can still spread disease. Kids who are immune compromised can also die from a cold or cough, God forbid. So I maintain chicken pox is not life threatening (except in rare cases as you pointed out, which is becoming less rare, ever wonder why?) It is always good to do everything you believe best to promote health, especially in children, our future, but anger does not promote health.

        2. Kate, what a choice is that, either its someone elses child’s health or my child. Do you actually realize what you are writing there? You want me to sacrifice my child for another persons child? On that level I may be very selfish, but my kids and my family comes first.
          How about prevention by a proper traditional diet?
          Do you know that cancer and other diseases rarely happen in people who live as hunter-gatherers? In 2000 they made an analysis on 229 studied tribes that are / were still living like that and came to that conclusion. So prevention goes a long way.
          Check Cordain, L et all. 2000
          American Journal of Clinical Nutrition Mar;71(3):682-92

        3. Sorry, but this argument does not work. I should place my children at risk by vaccinating them, just in case someone else’s child might be immune-compromised? (one of the things that CAN be caused by some vaccines, according to the package inserts that come with them) As a parent, it is my job to look out for the health and well-being of my children. (Oh, by the way, vaccinated children are more likely to GET childhood cancers than non-vaccinated children. They are also more likely to be shedding live viruses for diseases for which people vaccinate, as several vaccinations are live virus vaccines. A little girl with cancer is far more likely to catch measles or flu from a freshly-vaccinated classmate than a non-vaccinated one)

          1. If your children are compromised it is your job to keep them home quarantined. It is not your job to hope or force everyone take dubious medical measures to help your kid (maybe) and potentially harm themselves.

    2. The population Is NOT being placed at risk by those who are unvaccinated. If the vaccines work so well, then you are vaccinated against the things you think you are going to contract from an unvaccinated person. It is unvaccinated children who need to stay away from newly vaccinated children as they are shedding a live virus. It is because of shedding that the oral polio virus is no longer used in the United States.

      My son received all of his initial vaccines with no problems, thank God. But I think it was just luck that we didn’t have any issues. When I spoke with my pediatrician about not vaccinating any further, he said that he thought kids were over vaccinated anyway.

      Fast forward 7 years, when I gave birth to my daughter who had a stoke at birth and has since developed epilepsy. She has never received one single vaccine and she never will. I would never in a million years think it’s okay to vaccinate a child that already has a brain injury and risk doing further damage.

        1. Every child that ever has a reaction to the vaccine, has underlying (and usually unnoticed) issues, and would react to actual illness much worse then to the vaccine. Don’t forget that.

          1. not necessarily, as the reaction to a vaccine is not necessarily to the virus but could be a reaction to the thimerasol (mercury used as a preservative) or the aluminium which is used to provoke a stronger immune response. Or it could be a different germ altogether that is accidentally included in the vaccine. A vaccine can be made in a monkey’s kidney and some of these have been shown to be infected.

          2. I call b.s. on that line of “reasoning”. I was fortunate to have a pediatrician for a few years who had firsthand experience with a vaccine reaction in his third child. There was nothing “underlying” in his otherwise healthy baby. He witnessed direct correlation and stopped all vaccines for this child and the following five that he had. He also became a supporter of parental rights to choose and would indeed administer vaccines to children if the parents so desired BUT he recommended a delayed schedule, starting at age two.
            I asked him the “what if” questions: what if my child were to contract whooping cough… mumps… rubella… etc…? He was very confident in the capability to treat most people successfully.
            I had chicken pox and measles as a child and neither was more than an inconvenience. My grandmother had small pox when she delivered my father. Both stayed in the hospital after the birth for longer than a normal stay but both went home safe and healthy.

    3. when my older children were small we used to make sure that they got through their childhood infections by holding parties to spread the disease deliberately whilst the children were young enough to shake it off. The idea was that if children got through all their mumps, measels, chicken pox, etc whilst young they would be a lot better off than catching it later when mature. Once the child was over the illness, which was not usually serious at all, they were then immune for life. I never heard of anyone who had any permanent after effects at all until vaccines became available and it was part of the propaganda to get everyone vaccinated. Now the children get vaccinated and many suffer from side effects, and illnesses in later life like chronic fatigue and ME and other auto-immune illnesses. Then as adults they get their childhood infections when the vaccine immunity wears off, which are far more serious than they would have been had they got them as children.

    4. The science behind what you say is based on assumption because it cannot explain why the AMISH have no Autistic children or the cancers and organ failures the vaccinated children have. The countries that do not force vaccinate also do not have these problems. The denial that you use to IGNORE the many deaths and the misery caused by vaccines is heartless and obviously more concerned with the sale of drugs and vaccines than the VERY LIVES that are lost because of this method of health care. IS GOD AN IDIOT that he needs MAN to fix his CREATED immune system. The vaccines destroy our immune system. Where do you think all of these new auto immune disorders came from. GENES? NO VACCINES! Murder by medicine has to stop in America. The number of people lost to the practices of this insane medical profession are higher than all of our wars combined annually. Science is mad with greed and rejects the existance of God. Science will not research the CURES so they can push the DRUGS. VACCINES are DANGEROUS and not safe at any time. VACCINES ARE DRUGS that destroy the immune system. Do you think every kid in America who is vaccinated is healthy. They are constantly at the doctor (a good side effect for the greedy medical profession) because of ear aches, asthma, orgain failues, leukemias, cancers, brain tumors. Children are being overwhelmed with diseases because of the VACCINES the ONLY common denominator in the increase in the death and disease of children and people who deny this FACT are heartless and LAZY because they don’t do the research into what is said. They say thngs like this is a dangerous web site! Why becuase they don’t want anybody disturbing their denial and unbelief and FAILURE to investigate the cause. THEY ONLY SAY, “there is no evidence”, yet they don’t know why you get sick and stick their head in the sand of ignorance and blow off the murder of children through vaccines as NOTHING. This is a horror that must stop!

  3. This is extremely saddening. What is curious is most of these stories involve male children. Is there any correlation between these vaccine injuries and the sex of the child?

    1. Yes. Estrogen has a blocking effect on some of the injuries. While injuries seem to be more common with male children, death seems to be more common with female children (this is from reading stories from the 70s-present, especially the DTP vaccine).

  4. Vaccines will one day go the way of the Dodo bird. Either that or our species will first, due in part to well intentioned but misguided medical technology like vaccines.

    1. The problem in the mean time is that the pharmaceutical companies are quietly shifting to developing vaccines for everything since the general populace is becoming dissatisfied with pill-centric, drug-based medicine. In preparation for this shift, the pharmaceutical companies have already forced through legislation absolving them of vaccine damage liability.

  5. It saddens me when people read something like this and then say that just because the child was vaccinated and then got autism – or whatever – that there is no correlation between the two, and that vaccines are better than getting sick.
    To me, that’s like saying that just because children whose parents bring them to McDonald’s or Burger King every night for dinner get fat, doesn’t mean that fast food is fattening, it just means that these kids ate too much food while there, or some other excuse.
    Also, trading up to one lifelong illness to avoid one that *may* have killed a child is not an effective solution. It is at best a temporary bandaid on a problem that could be solved in better ways, such as focusing on gut health and natural immunity. This is the land of the free and parents who choose to avoid this potential vaccine mess should not be blamed for unhealthy VACCINATED children getting sick. If the vaccine actually worked, the child would not get sick, and the unvaccinated child would not pose a risk.
    Sorry if i come across as harsh, peace.

    1. Roxanne, a correlation has never been proven. The only time it was, was in late 70′ and it was already recalled. No other study has ever proven that vaccines cause autism. Obviously you are smarter than all the researchers combined, but the fact is just that.

      And your comparision with the fast food is just a sick joke. Sorry.

      1. Actually, there is a whole lot of research they don’t talk about on the TV news–and much of what they do report is simply not true. Andrew Wakefield is a case in point. Are you aware that far from being discredited, his research into the relationship between the measles virus in the MMR vaccine and digestive problems in autistic kids has been replicated several times, including in a much larger study at Wake Forest University? “Vaccine Epidemic” is a book that does a good job of delving into what the research actually says.

        1. Andrew Wakefield’s study had a small number of participants and no controls. Journalist Brian Deer also showed that Wakefield falsified much of his evidence. Further studies did not show a link between gastrointestinal diseases, the vaccination, and autism, such as this one done in the UK, this one done in London with over 300 participants, this one done in Denmark with over 500,000 participants , and this one done in Japan with about 300,000 participants.

          1. Did this journalist have a degree in medical science? Because that’s the reasoning that is always shouted at me when I say I’ve read medical studies that have proven to me that my children shouldn’t be vaccinated. So, if this journalist hasn’t a medical degree, what makes him qualified to research a study, let alone call shenanigans on it?

            BTW, there were a whole slew of other studies, published in peer-reviewed medical journals around the world that support Wakefield’s findings. Have you actually read Wakefield’s study? Do you actually know the entire story behind that?

        2. Whoops, my links disappeared. Here they are:
          Falsification of data, Brian Deer:
          UK study:
          London study:
          Denmark study:
          Japan study:;jsessionid=4316D929CEE986E7FBF290EB724C67BF.d03t02

      2. Kate, your comment made me laugh 🙂 I thought you were someone passionately arguing your opposing view, and welcomed that. Then I read all your other comments and realized that you were probably a government paid troll spreading lies and trying to shame everyone by pointing fingers and not backing anything you say up with REAL evidence. See Heather’s comment below, that’s real evidence, and she didn’t feel the need to bash you over the head with her opinion.
        Have a happy day,

        1. I don’t think Kate is trying to disprove that. Instead, I think she’s trying to say that for her, the risk of vaccinations is less than the protection against the disease the vaccine gives.

  6. No vaccine is safe, no vaccine is 100% effective. WHY risk your child’s life? WHY inject them with these toxic cocktails? Looking at vaccine ingredient pamphlets was enough for me to decline ALL of them. I would never let my child EAT those ingredients, so why on Earth would I inject that crap into them?! I’d rather take the risk of allowing them to build a natural immunity. I believe vaccination is child abuse. Enough said. Thanks for sharing!

      1. there are people who claim that some chronic fatigue and ME are polio by another name, children who were vaccinated in the 1950’s and 1960’s have harboured the polio germs inside their bodies and it emerges when they have a health crisis in later life. If this is the case then immunity in childhood is traded against a chronic disability in adulthood. The statistics of polio were manipulated around the time the polio jab came out, and it was decided that the diagnosis of polio was then to be only used for paralysis, thus reducing the numbers who had polio.

      2. By contracting “a polio”? I don’t even know what that means…..

        Kate, your comments, when cohesive, are so completely out of touch, which either indicates that you are A) a dolt or B) a government employee. Which, ironically, often go hand in hand.

        It blows my mind that anyone could come onto a site, where like-minded people gather, and then insult their way of thinking. Of all the time I have spent on this site, I have found it to be not only well written, but well researched. The readers on this site are also well informed, and I have learned quite a bit in the short time I have been a follower of Ann Marie’s. One snippet of info from her, or her readers, and I am spending an entire day researching things I would have never imagined being interested in ten or fifteen years ago. Words can’t describe how much my life has changed since I switched to WAPF principles and began hanging out with the like-minded individuals on these sites.

        I understand that people have a variety of opinions, and that is why there is a variety of sites on the web. Something for everyone. Please Kate, find one that supports your ideals, and leave those of us who choose to live in health and happiness -without government interference- alone.

  7. There are reasons that some people (not just a select few) have damage and injuries from vaccinations. For my family and about 40 % of the population we have an MTHFR mutation that causes us to not me able to methylate folate and be unable to clear toxins and heavy metals. Many children and I assume adults with autism have this and other related mutations. It requires just a DNA test to find out if you are affected by this gene mutation. Much information can be found at . I have a compound mutation that was just found this month ( I am 51) and my family is being tested too soon as possilble because this is genetic.

  8. It never ceases to amaze me how touchy of a subject this can be. Some people can get so defensive, and it always seems to be the ones who are FOR vaccines. Interesting.

    If I could go back and do it all over again, I wouldn’t have vaccinated my 16-year-old daughter. And as I’ve learned more about them, I haven’t let her have a thing in 5 years. Her doctor is always encouraging Gardisil, and I will tell her, “No way in hell.”

    I suppose the biggest factor that made me realize that vaccines are nothing more than poison was learning that a portion of every vaccine administered goes into the fund to pay for those whose lives are damaged by them. Isn’t that the same as the government admitting they are toxic? It is in my book!

    And don’t even get me started on the fact that vaccines are supposedly made in China. That is enough to make me run without knowing any other thing!!

    1. You’re playing a Russian roulette with your child’s life. Not vaccinating itself will not kill her. If she will get the bullet (illness in this case), you will (hopefully) regret.

      1. Cervical cancer is actually essentially 100% preventable with timely pap smears. That always struck me as the irony of the gardisil vaccine. We’ve already developed a pretty fool-proof method to prevent cervical cancer from HPV.

        1. Pap smears don’t “prevent” anything. A pap smear tests for cancer. It can’t prevent cancer.

  9. Thank you Ann Marie for posting things like this and using your “voice” to try to encourage change- at least to take a closer look at vaccines. Dear Heavenly Father, please guide us in wisdom and truth.

  10. My daughter died because of vaccines, while she was on a selective and delayed schedule. To the skeptics-two specialists told us vaccines were the cause (including a pediatric hematologist, who told us that he has seen “hundreds of babies in San Antonio die because of vaccines.”)

    I understand ignorance, everyone is ignorant of something at some point. I didn’t know that vaccines could kill children without warning (my daughter had no fevers or seizures after any vaccine-those are the only things I thought to look for). What I don’t understand is the acceptance of injuries and death of children as a necessary evil. Vaccine-advocates are forcing babies and toddlers to be human shields. At the very least, don’t call yourself pro-life if you’re pro-vaccine.

    Vaccines don’t work like we’d been led to believe. Polio was related to DDT spraying. Whooping cough is also related to pesticide spraying.

        1. Yes, Heather! The government is able to hide all those hundreds or thousands of children that are supposedly dying each year as a result of vaccines! You must be a Ron Paul voter.

          1. Go to the VAERS site. Read all the reports of adverse reactions, including deaths. They’re also very under-reported, because many doctors simply don’t report, and many victims (and parents of victims) don’t realize they can report reactions themselves.

            I know a lot of people that have developed chronic illness over the years. I’ve seen sweet animals that have turned dangerously mean right after being vaccinated. And I’ve heard many stories (directly from first-hand witnesses) of children and adults suffering more severe reactions (such as getting mumps from a mumps vaccine, children who regressed right after routine vaccinations, etc.)

            The government set up the fund to pay for vaccine damage (paid for by taxing recipients of the vaccines), while passing a law to protect the makers of those same vaccines from lawsuits by those damaged. Knowing that, do you really think that the government isn’t above fudging the news?

    1. @Grace

      I’m very sorry you lost your daughter.

      What I don’t understand is the acceptance of injuries and death of children as a necessary evil. Vaccine-advocates are forcing babies and toddlers to be human shields. At the very least, don’t call yourself pro-life if you’re pro-vaccine.

      Well said.

      Vaccines don’t work like we’d been led to believe. Polio was related to DDT spraying. Whooping cough is also related to pesticide spraying.

      Wow, I had never heard that before but I just looked it up

      Thanks, I will write another blog post about this.

    2. Your statement that one cannot both be pro-life and pro-vaccine is patently offensive. Parents have their children vaccinated because they love them, and statistically, they are more likely to remain healthy as a result of them. Of course, you won’t agree with that, because you’re one of the VERY FEW who suffered the misfortune of a lost child.


    This is how useful vaccination is, it delays the childhood illnesses until they are adults and are much more likely to suffer a worst illness because they are mature. My son got mumps at uni, he had his MMR at 2 years old and got mumps at 22 years old.

  12. I had no intention of getting any vaccines for my daughter, so I was thankful my doctor recommended against it. She even wrote me a “no vaccines on doctor’s order’ to keep with me in case we have to go to the ER for some reason.
    It’s irresponsible for anyone to take their child out in public when they are ill. But I also thought it was irresponsible of a mother I know who got her child the whooping cough vaccine because she couldn’t imagine having take care of a sick child for 3 months. It sounded like a bargain to me. (compared to risking a vaccine)

    1. Amy, is your doctor a mainstream pediatrician? Did she advise no vaccines because of specific health concerns? Just curious because you almost never hear of doctors doing this.

      1. I had a mainstream pediatrician (he was actually a neonatologist) if by that you mean a real M.D. who received his training in a real medical school. He left mainstream when his daughter experienced a vaccine reaction. See my comment above.
        I have used two medical practices who both gladly signed medical waivers for my children stating that it would be injurious to their health to receive vaccines.
        There IS support in the medical community but you do have to look for it.

  13. I am so sad for those parents and I had to learn the hard way, my oldest is vaccine handicapped, so never again with a child of mine. The other 3 are fully vaccine free and are healthy.
    Our doctor wanted to report the whole near death ordeal, as it was clearly because of the vaccine, but of course the authorities refused to have it in their books. Not that it would have benefited us in any way as there is no compensation in the country where I live.
    I have since had long talks with a variety of doctors and I have found that there are quite a few out there that find it russian roulette. I also know of several scientists who are quite against because of the way it does or does not work.
    And people there is no need in attacking Cheeseslave over this, as these things do happen and people need to know about it, they need to know both sides of the story. Honestly I would have gone ahead and vaccinated when I would have known there would have been issues, as I would have never believed it could be my child, but it was and we nearly lost her due to the poisons injected into her bloodstream.
    I have actually been attacked over and over again for my choice as its “the easy way out”. No its not, in 17 years of living with a vaccine damaged child I have had the most ridiculous comments, but I am stuck between a rock and a hard place. If I vaccinate and one of my children gets vaccine handicapped again I will never forgive myself. If one of my children gets on of the diseases and gets handicapped I will never forgive myself. So no its not an easy choice, this world is very judgmental towards people who make an non-mainstream choice. And vaccines are the mainstream, but also russian roulette. You just never know when it will be your child.

  14. I have enjoyed this series and have really been reading up on both sides of the issue. Do you have recommendations for finding a no-vax doctor? I live in a very rural area and would be willing to drive a distance but don’t even know how to begin the search. Thanks

  15. I personally know two separate sets of parents with vaccine injured children. They say the same thing without knowing each other… “they were bright, happy and advancing… after the vaccines they were disconnected.. like someone pulled the plug”. So sad.

  16. My son has autism and he had a bad reaction to the flu shot that night he started to run a fever of 103. He was so sick that that he threw up and ran a fever up in till the next day was taken back to the doctor. At the age of 3 was told that he had autism after that we did not get give him a flu shot because of the reaction. Both kids have had them know but they are both much older.

  17. When my daughter was born we had decided on a delayed/selective vaccine schedule which we started at 6 months. At 9 months old my daughter was developing normally and could pull up to stand and was starting to crawl. She got her second dose of the Prevnar vaccine and within hours started crying incessantly and had a high fever. I immediately took her back into the Dr. who, at that point, refused to see us and the nurse sent us home with the instruction to give her a double dose of Tylenol. She did not get better. The injection site was very swollen and red and my daughter refused to straighten her leg. Anytime we would touch the affected leg for two weeks after she would scream. From that point on she would not put weight on her leg. The baby who used to roll around and around would just lay on her back. She then had daily diarrhea until she was 2 years old despite being almost exclusively breastfed. She didn’t start crawling until she was a year old and didn’t walk until she was 18 months.

    I feel very blessed that her reaction wasn’t worse than that and only caused a slight delay in her motor skills and digestive disturbances. I know that her reaction was caused by a vaccine and I will never give her or any of my future children another vaccine.

    1. You’re very lucky, especially since you gave her tylenol (a double dose, even), which prevents children from detoxing the vaccine properly. There have been studies showing a link between tylenol given post-vaccines and autism.

        1. That’s really lucky. Thanks to the recent research linking tylenol to asthma, I think thankfully doctors will become aware of the dangers of the drug.

    2. STudies have actually shown that giving tylenol for vaccines actually decreases the vaccine efficacy. I dont believe they are effective anyway, so basically vaccines are made even more useless when adding tylenol. Fever is the bodies way of fighting off infection. The body considers the vaccine as an infection so it is trying to fight it off. So why would a person want to give tylenol to the child? It is inhibiting the bodies ability to fight the toxins in the vaccine. This is why tylenol/ibuprofen should also not be used when a child has a fever while sick. Let the body do the work. It is not the height of the temperature that causes issues, it is the rate at which the temp rises that can cause seizures, and even those seizures are not considered dangerous. There have been many peer review articles on this.

  18. I significantly increase my risk of dying by driving my long commute to work each day, but that doesn’t mean that I should stay at home, afraid that today might be that one day that I’ll die in a car crash.

    1. I do not vaccinate for the same reason – I do not walk in fear of the disease that is supposedly going to kill me or my children if I do not vaccinate them. We should all make informed decisions, not decisions made based on fear or just going with mainstream thinking. If you choose to vaccinate, that’s your choice, but don’t ridicule those who believe it is more detrimental to do so.

  19. I think it’s funny how everyone who is vehemently FOR vaccines has not sympathy for or other ideas of how these children got sick–just that “THERE’S NO PROOF THAT VACCINES CAUSED THIS OR AUTISM!!!! BLAH!!!” and maybe a little “DON’T MAKE ME FEEL GUILTY FOR POSSIBLY SUBJECTING MY CHILD TO THIS!!!”. Well, until we KNOW what does cause autism, or what causes these TRAGIC injuries and illnesses, wouldn’t it be understandable to play it safe? Maybe you don’t want to play it safe, but don’t judge someone else for avoiding something that could possibly be dangerous.

    If your kid is vaccinated, they why worry about what I do to mine? Just as much as you think you could point the finger at ‘us’, ‘we’ could point our finger at you for putting children “in danger”. So the idea of “child abuse” for not vaccinating is quite the matter of opinion, not fact, obviously, or this wouldn’t be such an argument.

    Thank you, AnneMarie, for at least getting the information out there so people can use it to help them make an informed decision. Whether we choose to vaccinate or not, at least we can use our own brains to make that decision.

  20. I read with interest the following article on treating contagions, community illness and epidemics with homeopathy. All of it is fascinating, and of particular relevance is the sidebar about how Cuba successfully and inexpensively used homeopathy to address the annual scourge of swamp fever.

    Ann Marie, perhaps you could do a post about homeopathy “vaccines” — an entirely appropriate, affordable and historically effective approach. Maybe with a guest post or interview with Joette or others?

    1. On the subject of homeopathic vaccines, I thought I’d share this link in which a classical homeopath gives her view on the use of nosodes as a preventative.

      On top of the damage vaccines can cause, exposure to unknown substances (think sv40), exposure to known substances (human and animal dna) and chemicals; statistical evidence clearly shows that allopathic vaccines do not create true immunity and in many evidences flat out don’t work. Plus the fact that viral strains mutate constantly, we need to look at what REALLY works in keeping kids (and everyone) healthy.

      The paranoia about disease in a country that has proper sanitation and access to healthy foods is ridiculous. If you have a fundamental understanding that disease in not caused by the virus or bacteria itself but rather the condition of the body in which the pathogen has come into contact with, than fear should not be getting the best of us.

      We need to focus of maintaing health that allows for a fully functioning immune system which no vaccine or drug can ever replicate the power of. With children eating the crap they do nowadays, sure there should be concern for the potential severity of disease. But do we correct this by injecting toxic and foreign material directly into the body to confuse and damage the immune system more?
      There is nothing more powerful than the body’s natural and intact immune system to prevent disease. And we should clearly focus our attention on nourishing that system so it’s fully functioning rather than undermining it with metals, chemical and foreign debris (not to mention via an unnatural route). Heavy metals including mercury not only effect the brain but alter intestinal flora and damage the lining (a healthy gut being a big part of the immune system) causing dysbiosis. This plus diseased animal cells, chemicals and other foreign proteins aren’t a cocktail for health.

      Let’s remember:
      “Bernard was right; the pathogen is nothing; the terrain is everything.” — Louis Pasteur’s deathbed words

      1. ” country that has proper sanitation and access to healthy foods” doesn’t mean that everyone sanitizes and eats healthy foods. It also doesn’t mean that you cannot get in contact with someone who just traveled from a place that has a disease outbbreak. For example, there was an outbreak several years ago of measles, which you say does not kill children, in Ireland, with several children dying. Irealnd is also a place that has proper sanitizing and access to healthy food.

        1. I’m sure I’ll get no answer but do you have a source for this information? It would be interesting to know if the children who died were vaccinated.

        2. Kate you will probably never understand what it is to live with or manage a damaged child on a daily basis , its like death by thousand cuts. I would rather have no child than a damaged child . Or may be you should try adopting one and experience the mental and physical toll it takes on one.

  21. I’ll be posting on this hopefully in the near future. While I can’t say for sure what happened, we delayed vaccinating our son for most of his vaccines until age 5 and after. He was an unusual child before that time, but at age 6 exactly, his behavior become unbearable. He was diagnosed w/ autism soon after. There is a mother who lives near me whose daughter died after her vaccines and she is a homeopathist now. This is a difficult situation. Very complex and muddled information.

  22. These are absolutely heartbreaking stories. I used to be tremendously involved in this debate, but haven’t been for some time now for several reasons – mainly, I can lose SO much time to it. But I wanted to pop on and say that not a day goes by that I am not so relieved to have been parenting at a time in history when I had access to the information I needed to make the decision NOT to vaccinate. My kids are 6 and 4 and have never been vaccinated. I could write pages and pages about my reasons and its implications, my concerns, and so on – but I know that the decision not to vaccinate was as important as my decision to breastfeed until my kids self-weaned, to keep them on a diet of whole, organic foods, and so on and on. It came down to that much-derided “mama instinct” – injecting my newborn made no sense at all and seemed abhorrent (the blood-brain barrier is not formed until approx. age 2, meaning that heavy metals cross easily to the brain before that time), and that feeling has never gone away, not even now that my kids are the age they are.

    My kids have never had an ear infection or strep throat – no allergies/sensitivities – no behavioural problems – nothing. They’ve never needed to be seen by a doctor for a condition and never been on antibiotics. I believe many things have contributed to their wellness (wellness my doctor says is unheard of these days – but I definitely feel their vaccine (non-)status is an enormous contributor.

    I’m another one who contracted all the childhood diseases (M, M, R and V) thirty years ago as a child growing up in NZ, and came from parents/grandparents who did the same. All without event. I’m pretty immune to related fear tactics and I believe the childhood diseases strengthen the immune system, preparing it for true assaults later on in life. I’m very concerned that my children will not have the opportunity to contract these diseases in middle childhood when they should, and that this will impact their future health.

    1. I also wanted to add that a year or two ago, “60 Minutes” had a piece on the survivors of the 1918 Flu. Apparently they had enjoyed extraordinary lifelong health and lived well into old age, and a study was being conducted to ascertain whether there was a connection. Also, in the WAPF publication “Wise Traditions” a few years ago was a story on the wide use of calomel by doctors in the early 1900s. Calomel is mercury, and was used as often as antibiotics are used today – infants were given calomel teething rings – calomel was the “go-to” medication. Yes, this is MERCURY we are talking about. The story definitely left you wondering whether all the deaths from the 1918 Flu had been because of the Flu, or because of the use of calomel/mercury (both before and with the Flu). Apparently Americans at that time were in SHOCKING health – there were eye-witness accounts by visiting Europeans and their descriptions of the average American they encountered were of people who looked sick – very pale and sunken.

      Also…I have read that the children who died from H1N1 a couple years ago all tested positive for MRSA – and that it was MRSA that caused H1N1 to be so deadly for them.

      I have read recently that MRSA is now silently rampant in American children due to cross-infection primarily from the routine administering of the Pneumococcal (PCV) Vaccine – in combination with post vaccination antibiotic and anti-viral drug treatment, an accumulative assault which strips a child of his/her natural antibiotic resistance whilst infecting them with a host of bacterial serotypes.

      So this is serious.

      I’m going to finish by saying that all of this put me under a vast veil of near depression for a couple of years. It was all too much for me – the state of our food, water, air, medicine – I couldn’t believe that I was waking up to this kind of world and that I had birthed two children into it. How could people be so evil? I’ve come through it now, determined to do what I can to protect my children, but equally determined to enjoy each day. Because I have no control over so much of this stuff – and if I let it, fear and stress will undermine all my best efforts to keep us all well anyway. It’s definitely a balancing act.

      1. MRSA is going to cause terrible, terrible problems for us soon. We’ve created this problem by feeding our animals antibiotics as if it were regular food, and now we have these drug-resistant bugs everywhere. I saw something on the news, perhaps 60 Minutes, a few years ago which talked about the astoundingly high rates of MRSA for those who work with livestock, or even live near the farms.

        We have a serious problem with antibiotics in this country. They can be very helpful and effective in specific circumstances. But we have abused them so much that they have lost their power. It’s going to kill us if we don’t course correct.

  23. Thanks Ann Marie for this series of posts to get me thinking about this. My first was fully vaccinated “for public good”, my second I had a bad feeling so I haven’t vaccinated after 4 months. I just quit taking them to the Dr all together, I was sick of paying hundreds of dollars just to be offered meds and ointments every time we went in and no real solutions for healing. So what do we do instead of vaccinate? We eat WAPF and my kids still get colds and tummy bugs every other week, I know we can’t avoid all illness, we are mortal, but on the surface I can’t tell that my kids are any healthier than their vaccinated, SAD eating cousins. There is so much out there on immune system boosting etc it is hard to know what things are really the most important.

    1. Great debate folks! Thank you for both sides of the dreaded vaccine story!
      And PS! Don’t bother “Kate” with the facts. I believe she has already made up her mind!”

  24. According to the federal government’s own data, vaccine injury is real. That’s why they created the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System that has paid out over $2 billion dollars in tax payer dollars to vaccine injured victims. Their own site states that VAERS receives around 30,000 reports annually, with 13% classified as serious (e.g., associated with disability, hospitalization, life-threatening illness or death) (CDC VAERS Master Search Tool, April 2, 2008). Since 1990, VAERS has received over 200,000 reports…

    There are definitely are risks involved with vaccinating, and the information is out there for those that seek it. What is so wrong with making and educated decision instead of blindly following the doctor’s advice? My doctor didn’t believe vaccines caused injury until she witness my son’s 12 day anaphylatic response to a DTaP. From that point forward she wasn’t willing to continue vaccinating him. Our allergist has also agreed, and stated that as a society we’ve basically irradicated diseases such as chicken pox, mumps, and measles but have created a whole slew of new ailments like asthma, allergies, and autism.

  25. The problem is that doctors refuse to report these as vaccine reactions or do not recognize them as reactions so fail to report them. I listened to a neurologist rant tonight about the mandatory flu shots and he stated that flu vaccines cause people serious damage and do little for immunity. He knows, like some of us, that vaccines are all about money. You can be sure that no one from pharma cares about your dead child in your arms. Collateral damage. Sad and sickening.

  26. My son was in this article (Brandon). It is real and true. I know many parents who have suffered the same issues around vaccination. It is real and true. We aren’t making this stuff up. Why would we make it up? We are out here trying to save other children and families from suffering.

    As for us getting our info on blogs or websites……we get our info from many sources, researchers, doctors, and yes peer review medical journals. For example, British medical Journal has articles showing how many of the children in outbreaks of whooping cough were actually vaccinated for the same strain. Also, they have an article showing how the U.S. flu death figures are way inflated. JAMA, says that the Gardasil vaccine is not only ineffective but is unsafe. FDA says that most HPV actually goes away on its own. PubMed is an archive of studies, it is a government website that doctors and other medical professionals use and it has many studies showing that vaccine ingredients are unsafe. We also look at vaccine ingredients according to the FDA, CDC and pharm companies. Many contain thimerasol (13 vaccines) and thimerasol is 50% mercury. Many contain aluminum, and aluminum with mercury is deadly. Others ingredients are formaldehyde a known carcinogen, beta-propiolactone which is a carcinogen, gastrointestinal or liver toxicant, respiratory toxicant, skin or sense organ toxicant. More hazardous than most chemical. In 3 out of 3 ranking systems. On at least 5 federal regulatory lists and is ranked as one of the most hazardous compounds (worst 10%) to humans. And this is only the very very short list of toxic chemicals in vaccines. Some of the flu vaccines contain 25 mcg mercury, that equals 50,000 ppb of mercury. .5 ppb kills neuroblastoma cells, 2 ppb is the limit in drinking water, 200 ppb is considered hazardous waste by the EPA. And you get more mercury in one flu vaccine than you get in tuna.

    Do the research yourself, don’t rely on your doctors or nurses to tell you the truth. They don’t even do their own research.

    95% of cases of polio represent themselves as flu like symptoms, most people do not know they are infected. (info from Mayo clinic). The last known naturally occuring (wild)case of polio in US was in 1979, every other case has been vaccine induced polio. (info from CDC)
    Most outbreaks of illnesses occur in highly vaccinated populations (info from FDA).
    Most outbreaks of measles, mumps and whooping cough occur in vaccinated patients. (Info from CDC MMRW)
    Vaccination had nothing to do with the continued decline in the incidence of measles in the US. From 1958 to 1962, a year before the measles vaccine was introduced, the number of cases had already fallen 38%. More generally, the death rate from measles in United States and Great Britain had fallen by 98% from 1915 to 1958.
    Alderson, M International Mortality Statistics (Washington, DC Facts on File., 1981) pp. 182-183

    You have to do your own research and then make your own choices. I didn’t do my research and I had vaccine injured children. I chose not to vaccinate my next two children and they don’t have any ailments. My first had developmental delays, asthma and eczema. My son brandon has been diagnosed with autism, asthma, tic disorder, eczema. My other two kids are completley healthy.

    1. I didn’t do my research and I had vaccine injured children. I chose not to vaccinate my next two children and they don’t have any ailments. My first had developmental delays, asthma and eczema. My son brandon has been diagnosed with autism, asthma, tic disorder, eczema. My other two kids are completley healthy.

      Wow, thanks Marlene.

  27. There is an ongoing horror story in the US and it seems to be never ending. The children who are suffering, the parents who are suffering and yet the very system that is destroying the children DENY that the vaccines are the cause. America is under seige by the medical and drug cartels and they are at war with our bodies. They use weapons of mass destruction chemo (mustard gas which was outlawed during WWII because it was so INHUMANE), radiation, and biological warfare (vaccines). If Americans do not wake up to the enemy that is in their own camp they will remain the victim instead of the victor. Hosea 4:6 For lack of knowledge my people are destroyed. It is a HARD thing to admit that you cannot trust the doctor you once trusted. The betrayal is so strong many people choose denial and will never investigate the truth. Emotionally it is too difficult to recognize the BETRAYAL that the medical profession has and is doing to the American people. So many have died from the denial of using the REAL natural cancer cures to the FORCING of biological warfare onto our children. The powers of the FDA are owned by the drug companies and they should be charged along with the AMA and drug companies for war crimes against the American people. I use WAR because of the DECLARATION OF WAR (illegal war) of the President back in 1972. The WAR against CANCER. He did that because the medical research approached the president for MONEY and wanted wit without congressional approval. Now we declare real wars with congressional approval. When are we going to impeach those to do not uphold our constitution? We are self-destructing from the inside and the medical drugs and vaccines are killing millions each year. WAKE UP America!

    1. Same argument can be used for the other side, the drug companies that make drugs and medicine to treat the illnesses.

      1. Drug companies, for the most part, make drugs that treat *symptoms* not illnesses. And the drugs cause symptoms of their own.

  28. The parents who lost their children through death and disease caused by the vaccines don’t need some IDIOT scientist or doctor to tell them, “Well, we don’t know WHY your child died, but IT WAS NOT the vaccines.” The parents KNOW it was the vaccines and we are all sick and tired of you IDIOTS who are in denial. If you don’t know, just shut up. You babble your little scientific theories and as ALWAYS have no answers. People want answers not useless scientific babble about need more study, evidence, blah, blah, blah. The child was healthy, the child had a vaccine and DIED. You have to be STUPID to DENY it was not the vaccine. Parents are not STUPID but obviously the murders of these children like to remain stupid so they can sell their drugs. I am ready for a reveluttion against the medical profession. I have rejected the medical profession and all of their drugs and IF America would stop being led like DUMB sheep to the slaughter and take control of their own health, this problem would change quickly merely because of the lack of demand for their horror services. Insurance companies should be allowed to offer people insurance for natural cures irregardless of the opinions of doctors whose training is limited to drug pushing. My gosh, they don’t even learn about nutrition in med school, how in the heck can they understand the human body. God is NOT MOCKED a man reaps what he sows. God did not create a drug deficiency in the body and drugs are blocking what God designed within the body. If a person really did their research, vaccination was rejected from the beginning. But drug sales just like today overrides the value of human life. I challenge anyone to begin using diet to build up their immunity and see that healing IS just as God IS. Healing is constantly at work in the BODY, we have to be good stewards to build it up. Herbs are foods and people should use FOODS to protect their immunity, NOT TOXIC POISONS.

    1. People that call those that do not agree with their opinion, idiots or dumb, yet alone in caps, are not going to win me over, whether I would be on the edge or no. Quite otherwise, actually. Up until you came along, both sides were discussing issue quite peacefully. Just saying, hun. Thanks to you, i am done listening to the non sense arguments like these.

  29. And the correlation/causation argument does not hold water. Doctors diagnose by correlation every day. Ask your doctor how many cases of swine flu he documented in 2009 and then ask him how many of those cases were laboratory confirmed. Probably not many. That is correlating symptoms with illness. In fact, our hospital stopped testing for H1N1 when 95% or more of the lab tests came back negative. BUT they were still diagnosing influenza even without confirmation. To say that correlation does not equal causation may be true, but the medical establishment cannot only use it when it “works for them.”

  30. “correlation doesn’t equal causation”…this is a statement used by pro-vaxers in this issue.

    The government counts pneumonia deaths as flu deaths, even when not connected. That is how they inflate the number of flu deaths. You can read about this on this site: British Medical Journal article says American flu death numbers are more PR than science.

    So what they do is say is that the person dies of pneumonia, which in SOME cases was related to having the flu. Causation and correlation…even when the flu didn’t cause the pneumonia in the first place….they still count it in with the others. Inflated numbers used to get us to vaccinate against the flu.

    Now take vaccines. Get the vaccine…..have an injury or death……and no correlation? EVen when the child was completely healthy and then had a vaccine and had the injury or death? How can a person not say the vaccine caused the injury? Some of these children actually went from the vaccine straight into the injury, right in the doctors office. How can a person say causation does not equal correlation?

    Government and medical community thought……flu=pneumonia=death. Causation equals correlation.

    Vaccine=injury or death. Causation equals correlation.

    This summer alone, in August I know of two 6 month old children, perfectly healthy at the well child exam. They got their vaccines. One started seizures right away in the docs office, they rushed her to the hospital. She was put into NICU and never recovered. Two weeks later, they removed her from life support. The other child came home from the doc office, slept all day and about 10 pm he was not breathing when his mom checked on him. His grandfather did CPr until the ambulance arrived. They never revived him.

    How can a person tell these parents that the vaccine did not cause these deaths? EVen the docs in these two cases admitted they believed the vaccine was the cause.

    If you still don’t believe vaccines cause harm go to They used to have a photo gallery on the site. Now you can go in and look at time frames of this newborns life. He was healthy, got his Hep B shot and started with a rash. Then became so swollen, just like a blown up balloon. His body actually started to break apart, showing the meat and bones. He died.

    These are real issues, real children. It’s not just autism, but other illnesses and deaths.

    Hasn’t anyone thought it strange that in the last 20 years we have had such a large increase in asthma, autism, diabetes and other illnesses? Why is it that before vaccinations, these illnesses were not so prevelant? Why are more kids sick now than ever?
    Pesiticides being used on food
    Roundup ready seeds being used for fruits and veggies
    Pesticides in our water from these crops
    High fructose corn syrup being used in almost all food products
    Chemicals in our dishes and storage products
    Processed foods
    and the list goes on and on

    What do all these things have in common? Man made chemicals being used on man and man being told that the chemicals are safe to use.

  31. In 2009, I was pregnant and was suffering from multiple pulminary embolisms in both lungs (long story). I have asthma, my daughter and son both have asthma. Also, in the house is my husband and a two year old at the time.

    My oldest daughter got swine flu (lab tested positive).

    I didn’t get it. I would say that I was on the high risk list….asthma, pregnant and PE.
    Nobody in our house got it, except my daughter who got it from school.

    I was taken to the hospital because I collapsed with my PE. My friend took my daughter to the hospital to be diagnosed. Along in the van was 6 other kids, ages 1-15. They all sat in the van, in the doc cubicle with my “contagious” daughter. NOt one of them got sick with swine flu (H1N1).

    The nurses and docs knew my daughter had it, let her come to the hospital and visit and didn’t push a vaccine on me. Didn’t even ask if I had been vaccinated or if I wanted it.

    My point being…….the government was spouting about how contagious it was and not one of us caught it from my daughter.

    Also, two months later I was back in the hospital with issues related to the anti-coagulant they put me on and I was still pregnant. The nurse asked if I wanted a flu shot, I said no and they didn’t say one more word to me about having it done. They didn’t tell me how at risk I was because of being around other sick people and they didn’t tell me how I was risking others health.

    This just shows us how the government uses scare tactics to get everyone to vaccinate, and in truth it truly isn’t needed.

    From 1999-2006 the numbers of flu deaths ranged from 257-1,812. (info from American Lung Association). So how does the CDC get its figures of 34,000 flu deaths per year? INflated numbers because they add in pneuomonia deaths. Again see the link I gave in another post to the BMJ (British Medical JOurnal) (considered a peer review source).

    It was in the later half of 2002 that the CDC began advocating that all children receive the influenza vaccine. In 1999, 25 children died of influenza in the U.S. In 2000, 19 children died of the virus. In 2001, 13 children died of the virus, in 2002, 12 children died of the virus. Yet, in 2003, during the push to get all children the vaccine, 90 children died of the virus (a sevenfold increase). Several conclusions can be drawn here, such as the strain used in the vaccine may cause the person receiving the vaccine to contract the virus AND that the virus in the vaccine is more dangerous

  32. for ten years my dad told people about this

    everyone just says he is crazy

    I am twenty four and have no friends my brother is 16 and has no friends
    we read things like
    or canadian phd they have these huge super labs
    where YOUR GOVERNEMENT creates deadly viruses and mixes flu strains
    TO MAKE A WEAPON and we say nothing
    now americans can be DETAINED without a warrant without a lawyer
    you cant evens see america is being run BY THE TEN PLANKS OF THE COMMUNIST MANIFESTO
    when will north americans wake up
    WE never took a shot dad never got us the flu shots either
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    Twitter Singledad1234 if you want to donate or help everything is on my site

  33. This just came across my desk. Very good video of Nancy Banks, Ob/Gyn and award winning author.

  34. Love your Blog! Love this post. My first child got all of her immunizations until the age of 4 My second child until the age of 18 months. My third and fourth children are not vaccinated….. why? Because I kept having this sick feeling (common sense??) that was telling me to do my research. I set out researching vaccines hoping to prove that I was right to vaccinate my children. First I researched the individual diseases. Then I researched Vaccine ingredients, etc. I have read many books, news articles, and personal testimonies. I can say that I cannot vaccinate my children in good conscience. I am much more afraid of the ingredients being pumped straight into my children’s bloodstreams than I am of them contacting these diseases.
    FYI the government has millions set aside for children with vaccine injuries. Vaccine injuries exist. More parents need to RESEARCH!!!! We need to constantly question our Pediatricians and Doctors! Make them THINK!!! As a parent I take personal responsibility for my children’s health.
    Again, thanks for this post!

  35. My son was vaccinated fully. At his 4 year checkup, he was ‘caught up’ on his vaccines, and we went home. At the time, I had no idea that there was even any such thing as a ‘vaccine reaction’ beyond redness and possible fever within that 48 hour period.

    A little over 3 weeks later, he began complaining of his neck hurting. I checked him out, and both sides of his neck were severely swollen, just under his earlobes, all the way down. He could not move his head at all without crying. I had never seen *anything* like this before.
    I immediately called the phone nurse, and she asked me what I thought was a very, very odd question. “Has he recently been vaccinated?”
    “No. I mean, that was almost a month ago.”
    “Go to the CDC site, and look up the activation time for the MMR vaccine. I believe this is a vaccine reaction.”
    Sure enough, we were right in the ‘activation’ phase of his vaccines. I took him to the doctor, who ordered an antibiotic, and quickly dismissed the possibility of vaccine injury, but he could not tell me what was wrong with my son.

    That was the last time I set foot in his office, because I felt that he completely dismissed the possibility of vaccine involvement. I truly wonder how many reactions are reported. Doctors will not recognize injuries if they don’t believe that it’s possible for vaccines to cause injury. Honestly, from what Dr. Sears writes in the Vaccine book, most doctors know very little about how vaccines are made, and the risks involved in using them.

    My son is now 9 years old. His 4th year was THE worst year of his life. He became very sensitive to how clothing fit, started being very picky about what foods he would eat, and had constant meltdowns over minor things. His Kindergarten year, he would melt down on the way home from school, go to sleep as soon as we got home, and sleep until the next morning…he couldn’t even wake up to eat dinner. He seems to be constantly stressed and on edge. He would probably be considered ‘spectrum’. I am now homeschooling him, because I think it’s a much better fit for him. This experience has *completely* changed the way I view the medical community, and I no longer blindly accept medical advice without doing my own research first.

    There is a neurologist named Dr. Kendall Stewart, out of Austin, TX that believes that the ‘trigger’ for so many cases of autism are related to chronic viral infections, often (but not always) brought on by vaccinations. Viruses can colonize the nerve sheath, and cause immune and neurological issues. He can look at a child’s scans, and, because meylin builds up at a known rate in infancy, tell within a couple months when the damage took place.

    There are always going to be variables, as far as how vaccines are prepared, and even the body chemistry and genetic predisposition of the child that is receiving the vaccine. These factors are honestly NOT considered by most pediatricians. Vaccines are a crap shoot. Even with great odds, someone is going to get hurt eventually. Your child may not be injured, but mine was.

    Thank you for posting this, and encouraging people to dig deeper and ask questions. I cannot understand the hostility and rejection of personal experiences by people who wish to ‘trust’ vaccines. Choosing against vaccination is a personal choice, and does not put the vaccinated population at risk. I’m not making a choice for my children to get deadly diseases…I’m making an informed choice for their good based on our family history of vaccine injury.

    I am a firm believer in protecting a patient’s right to make informed medical choices, and that includes a parent’s right to make informed medical choices that they believe are in the best interest of their child.

  36. This website is made very well and the stories are so very hearbreaking. My husband and I have two very lively, healthy daughters (2 and 4), who have rarely ever been sick and are just so full of energy and fun. 🙂 They are not vaccinated, nor will we ever vaccinate them. If they so choose to get themselves vaccinated when they are 18 then so be it. But they will no the risks and why we chose not to. This website is extremely informative! I’m glad I stopped in because it makes me feel not so alone in my decision to not vaccinate my babies. Peace to all. Let’s love one another.

  37. Thank you for sharing these stories. You are correct that injuries and reactions happen, but are often not discussed with parents. Two of my children are injured, though compared to these stories their injuries and struggles are mild. However, our lives are still very difficult bc of a decision I had no right to make for them.

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