Where to Buy Raw Milk Cheaper in L.A.

Organic Pastures Raw Milk

We are lucky in California. Unlike some states in this country, raw milk is legal here. We can buy it at Whole Foods and other health food stores.

I believe so strongly in the nutritional superiority of raw grass-fed milk, we simply must have it. I refuse to buy pasteurized milk — ever.

Here are the two places I buy raw milk for less in Los Angeles:

1. The Los Angeles Organic Pastures Hub Store (Sean at the hub store, pictured above). Open every Saturday from 10 AM – 2 PM.

OPDC HUB Raw Milk Store
3040 Rosslyn St. Los Angeles, CA 90065
Cross Street: I-5 and Los Feliz Blvd.
Neighborhood: Glendale, CA

Raw milk at the hub store costs only $6.50/half-gallon, or $12/gallon. Plus if you buy 10 half-gallons (5 gallons), you get one free. This is the cheapest I have been able to find raw milk from grass-fed cows in Los Angeles.

To save on gas, I buy 20 or 30 half-gallons at a time and store it in our big freezer in the garage. I also buy butter, cheese, and cream there. It all freezes really well. (Cheese you should grate before you freeze because freezing changes the texture.)

UPDATE: It costs a little more now but it's still a bargain. And I buy 40 half-gallons at a time these days, and cases of the ground beef.

2. Santa Monica Farmer's Market (Wednesdays and Saturdays).

Organic Pastures Raw Milk

You can get Organic Pastures raw milk, cheese, butter, cream, and other products. The milk goes for $7/half-gallon, or $14/gallon. Not as cheap as the hub store but it's much cheaper than at health food stores.

Santa Monica Farmer's Market (8:30-1pm, every Wednesday)
Arizona Ave & 3rd Street
Santa Monica, CA

Hollywood Farmer's Market (8am-1pm, every Sunday)
Ivar & Selma Avenue
Hollywood, CA

For more information about buying raw milk in Southern California, or about shipping raw milk to other states, please call Organic Pastures Dairy at 1-877-RAW MILK or visit their website: https://www.organicpastures.com.

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30 thoughts on “Where to Buy Raw Milk Cheaper in L.A.

  1. Thanks Ann Marie. I believe the half gallons are a couple bucks cheaper than Whole Foods at the Santa Monica Coop as well – $7.99 I think. That might be how much they cost at the farmer’s market too?

  2. I thought OP did feed supplemental grain; has that changed? I’m allergic to corn and react to milk from animals fed corn, and I did react to their milk when I had it, but that was 2 years ago.

    If they’ve truly switched to grass-fed, WOOOO!!!


  3. Ok, here in South Australia we are paying $8.15USD per gallon (our Co-op price)which I thought was really good. But I had a visit from a farmer yesterday who told me that if you join his cow share program you pay $124.50USD per year and this gives you approx 3 gallons per week every week for the whole year!!! I was blown away, so we got a sample of the milk (from pastured cows) and the paperwork and will probably sign up next week – I cant believe the savings. Unfortunately we cant get cream or butter yet but he hopes to start this soon. 🙂

  4. I buy Organic Pastures milk for our family, too. Our local version of a small Whole Foods-style store (Jimbo’s Naturally) sells it for $7.25 a half gallon. But for some reason, the shelves were stocked up with quarts this week, selling for $1.89 each! I stocked up on those instead of the normal priced half gallons, which is also better for managing fridge space. My guess is OPDC is keeping the price on quarts low as an introduction to raw milk, to win over new customers. The quarts have stickers proclaiming how raw milk naturally deals with lactose intolerance.

  5. I’ve been buying from Sean for several months now, I’m so glad to see you getting the word out! And thanks for the reminder that it’s all freezable!

  6. I only pay $4 a gallon for my milk, but I have to drive 60 to another state to get it, so with gas and tolls I pay much more than that! I really have to start buying extra to freeze, especially with the weather getting so bad. Any special way to go about freezing and thawing milk?

    I really wish raw milk was legal in my state, but only for farmers to sell directly. Call me cynical, but I fear that if it was legal to sell in stores the government would make so many absurd regulations that it would make it impossible for small farmers to sell it themselves, and I’d worry about the quality coming out of a very large farm. Has this been an issue at all in California, or am I just being paranoid?

  7. theres local raw milk from the central pocket of connecticut, we get it from there. Yes its very pricy, but its very popular in the health food stores, i dont know if any of the whole foods in my area ( not close at all, 40+ minutes away) carrys it.

    once the demand goes up, i bet the prices will go down. our entire family didnt get sick from the stuff, so i dont see why it should be illegal, at all……

  8. Wow – never complaining again about my cow share and the 4.50/gallon I pay – with a drive of 80 miles roundtrip every 6 weeks because we’re in a milk-run group that takes turns picking up and delivering. We go right to the farm and right to the milk tank. Love.the.stuff!

  9. Forumpostar, freezing is nothing like pasteurization and does not affect the nutrient value. Dr. Weston Price tested butter that had been frozen for many months (perhaps it was a year?) and I believe he found that it had lost only 4% of the nutrient content.

  10. Well speaking of raw milk, the farmer who provides my milk just emailed me this link. https://www.change.org/ideas/view/legalize_milk

    Supposedly Obama’s team will take on the top ten ideas.

  11. I see the raw dairy issues as a microcosm in what is wrong with the national perspective on food production. I’m not encouraged.

    David Gumpert reports on his blog, The Complete Patient, that Obama isn’t necessarily friendly to raw milk issues and freedom from excessive regulations for small food producers or even freedom of food choice (after all, the “experts” know best for us, right?), and he gives some good examples of evidence of Obama’s potentially unfriendly positions on food regulations, small farmers, and freedom of choice for those who want to opt out of industrial foods. It’s a good blog to read, not just about raw milk issues, but about the struggle that is taking place all over the country in regards to keeping the freedom to feed your family as you see fit. You see, the food regulators and TPTB think they know better for you and I’m afraid that includes Obama, at least on some important issues. I haven’t seen anything that encourages me he is any different than TPTB on these issues, in fact, the evidence so far is to the contrary; some of Obama’s quotes indicate he is very friendly to using government regulations to “keep food safe”. I suppose that might be necessary if one buys anonymous food from factories, but it isn’t necessary if one buys “food with a face” directly from the producer.

    I reluctantly voted for Obama, not because I don’t admire the man (I do), but my reluctance was because I heard nothing from him (or McCain) regarding “real” change in agriculture policy or easy restrictive food regulations on small food producers, which I consider fundamental issues facing us today. None of the candidates that had a chance at winning office addressed “real change” issues of food production and food choice (Ron Paul touched on the issues here and there, including interstate raw milk sales, but he didn’t have a realistic chance). To me, the Dems are the lesser of two evils. The Democratic party does NOT have a good track record on these food issues either, any more than the Republican party does.

    Obama’s pick for Secretary of Agriculture isn’t especially heartening, either. Agriculture in this country is about big business and wealth-building and both major parties support that view; agriculture isn’t about raising food and feeding people in a sustainable way that keeps families on the farms and keeps the nation healthy, because they see agriculture mostly as a commodities. The regulators and food “authorities” are pretty entrenched in their powerful positions as potentates who know better than us, and are quite busy throwing their weight around lately, using SWAT tactics to go after small co-ops and farmers who don’t toe the line (yet they somehow can’t manage to contain the contaminated factory food ingredients from China, go figure).

  12. Hi, Rita,

    My milk comes in plastic jugs so I just throw it in my deep freeze in the garage. It’s fine after thawing. My mom used to always freeze our milk and bread and butter when I was growing up. It works great!

  13. I grew up in rural Wisconsin and though my family considered milk a relatively expensive food (dinner always came with water, never milk) and were not farmers,I had the occasional Wisconsinite’s chance to taste raw milk still warm from the cow (talk about fresh…) and the memory of its richness has never left me. I am disappointed that today it seems to cost so much more than the pasteurized kind.

    BUT– regarding FREEZING milk: I have had re-thawed pasteurized milk many times in my life and I gotta tell you something happens when it gets frozen that makes it definitely not as good when it is thawed again. Perhaps raw milk doesn’t suffer like this when it is re-thawed, I don’t know– but I can tell you that regular milk does not survive the re-thawing process in tact and while it may not lose any of its nutritional value it definitely suffers in texture and flavor. Can anyone confirm that raw milk does not do this?? Or is my milk pallet just so refined that I am one of the few to ever notice this effect?

  14. Hi, Kirby,

    It isn’t exactly the same after freezing — it probably is slightly better when fresh.

    But it’s not noticable enough to make a difference, and for me the convenience of freezing is worth it, due to the cost and where I have to go to get it.

    I would take the taste of previously frozen raw milk over fresh pasteurized ANY day.

  15. I bought 10 jugs of raw whole milk today at the Hub Store, up in San Fernando. It’s a great deal. I think its really cool that they offer this for us here in the valley. I love the products so much, I can’t really drink any pasterized milk, which leaves my options pretty limited. Now I can buy there in bulk, once a week…I’m saving alot of money, with 3 kids and my wife..we drink alot of Raw Milk.

    Thanks Organic Pastures! We appreciate you and your cows. We’re milk nuts.

  16. i’ve just started buying raw milk on a regular basis after using it in fits and starts through the years. sadly, whole foods no longer sells it because they don’t want to take on the liability. since whole foods is huge and strong and has deep pockets, that’s kind of scary. i find organic pastures at sprouts for around eight bucks a half gallon. it’s delish and i’m thrilled. nice forum

  17. Hello! I have read this post before, but was unwilling to go so far for raw milk, especially since gas has gone up so much. I am in Palmdale and would have to drive down. I really want raw dairy though and need convincing! Are these still the prices for milk? I notice the post is a few years old.

  18. Jami-
    I live in Fresno and get my Organic Pastures raw milk at our farmer’s market. (The Pastures is 20 min. away) There has been a slight price increase recently. Your prices in SoCal include transportation costs so I cannot give you a price. At any cost the milk is worth buying. I have not had a cold or allergies in the 3 years I’ve been drinking raw milk!

  19. I wish I lived in a state where I could buy raw milk very easily. I’m still on a waiting list for a cow share.

  20. I buy Organic Pastures Raw Milk at Sprouts in Woodland Hills (Ventura Blvd between Canoga & Topanga Cyn.) $7.99 1/2 gal for skim or whole.

  21. Lately I’ve been buying Grassmilk, it’s only 5/half gallon. And I can taste the grass when I drink it.

  22. I have just become interested in makin Kefir at home. Does any one have kefir grains and/ or Kombucha rounds to share,,,,free of charge.

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